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Scott Duncan's Managerial Record at Ipswich Town

League Division Two421038372813172064
Division Three (S)3941163843384228485198215353
FA Cup2772427162481634
* Please note that the away stats contain games played at a neutral venue. See results list below for individual matches.
Longest winning streak:823 Sep 1953 - 31 Oct 1953
Longest streak without loss:1416 Sep 1953 - 28 Nov 1953
Longest losing streak:104 Sep 1954 - 16 Oct 1954
Longest streak without win:114 Sep 1954 - 23 Oct 1954
Average goals scored:1.510
Average goals conceded:1.562
Win with greatest margin:5
Wed 26 Apr 1939Ipswich Town7-2Aldershot
Loss with greatest margin:7
Thu 9 Sep 1948Notts County9-2Ipswich Town
Most goals in a match:11
Thu 9 Sep 1948Notts County9-2Ipswich Town
30 Apr 1955League Division TwoNotts County2-1Ipswich TownL
27 Apr 1955League Division TwoLincoln City1-1Ipswich TownD
23 Apr 1955League Division TwoIpswich Town1-1Swansea CityD
18 Apr 1955League Division TwoIpswich Town2-0Hull CityW
16 Apr 1955League Division TwoPlymouth Argyle2-0Ipswich TownL
11 Apr 1955League Division TwoStoke City3-0Ipswich TownL
9 Apr 1955League Division TwoIpswich Town1-0Bristol RoversW
2 Apr 1955League Division TwoWest Ham United4-0Ipswich TownL
26 Mar 1955League Division TwoIpswich Town2-1Derby CountyW
19 Mar 1955League Division TwoDoncaster Rovers1-1Ipswich TownD
12 Mar 1955League Division TwoIpswich Town1-0Port ValeW
9 Mar 1955League Division TwoIpswich Town2-1Nottingham ForestW
5 Mar 1955League Division TwoFulham4-1Ipswich TownL
26 Feb 1955League Division TwoIpswich Town1-1Blackburn RoversD
12 Feb 1955League Division TwoLeeds United4-1Ipswich TownL
5 Feb 1955League Division TwoIpswich Town2-3BuryL
1 Jan 1955League Division TwoLuton Town3-2Ipswich TownL
27 Dec 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town2-0LiverpoolW
25 Dec 1954League Division TwoLiverpool6-2Ipswich TownL
18 Dec 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town2-2Rotherham UnitedD
11 Dec 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town0-1Notts CountyL
4 Dec 1954League Division TwoSwansea City6-1Ipswich TownL
27 Nov 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town2-1Plymouth ArgyleW
20 Nov 1954League Division TwoBristol Rovers4-0Ipswich TownL
13 Nov 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town0-3West Ham UnitedL
6 Nov 1954League Division TwoDerby County2-0Ipswich TownL
30 Oct 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town5-1Doncaster RoversW
23 Oct 1954League Division TwoPort Vale3-3Ipswich TownD
16 Oct 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town2-4FulhamL
9 Oct 1954League Division TwoBlackburn Rovers4-1Ipswich TownL
2 Oct 1954League Division TwoNottingham Forest2-0Ipswich TownL
25 Sep 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town1-2Leeds UnitedL
22 Sep 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town0-1Stoke CityL
18 Sep 1954League Division TwoBury2-1Ipswich TownL
15 Sep 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town1-2Birmingham CityL
11 Sep 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town1-2Lincoln CityL
8 Sep 1954League Division TwoBirmingham City4-0Ipswich TownL
4 Sep 1954League Division TwoHull City4-2Ipswich TownL
1 Sep 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town6-1MiddlesbroughW
28 Aug 1954League Division TwoIpswich Town3-1Luton TownW
25 Aug 1954League Division TwoMiddlesbrough0-1Ipswich TownW
21 Aug 1954League Division TwoRotherham United3-2Ipswich TownL
1 May 1954Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Northampton TownW
26 Apr 1954Division Three (S)Newport County1-2Ipswich TownW
24 Apr 1954Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Swindon TownW
19 Apr 1954Division Three (S)Crystal Palace1-1Ipswich TownD
17 Apr 1954Division Three (S)Southampton1-1Ipswich TownD
16 Apr 1954Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Crystal PalaceW
10 Apr 1954Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Queens Park RangersW
7 Apr 1954Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1SouthamptonW
3 Apr 1954Division Three (S)Exeter City1-2Ipswich TownW
27 Mar 1954Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-0Shrewsbury TownD
25 Mar 1954Division Three (S)Northampton Town1-0Ipswich TownL
20 Mar 1954Division Three (S)Norwich City1-2Ipswich TownW
13 Mar 1954Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-2Newport CountyL
6 Mar 1954Division Three (S)Aldershot3-0Ipswich TownL
3 Mar 1954Division Three (S)Watford1-0Ipswich TownL
27 Feb 1954Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Bristol CityW
20 Feb 1954FA CupPreston North End6-1Ipswich TownL
13 Feb 1954Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-3Brighton and Hove AlbionL
6 Feb 1954Division Three (S)Southend United3-1Ipswich TownL
30 Jan 1954FA CupIpswich Town1-0Birmingham CityW
23 Jan 1954Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-1ReadingL
16 Jan 1954Division Three (S)Leyton Orient1-2Ipswich TownW
12 Jan 1954FA CupOldham Athletic0-1Ipswich TownW
9 Jan 1954FA CupIpswich Town3-3Oldham AthleticD
2 Jan 1954Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1MillwallD
26 Dec 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-1Coventry CityW
25 Dec 1953Division Three (S)Coventry City1-3Ipswich TownW
19 Dec 1953Division Three (S)Colchester United1-2Ipswich TownW
5 Dec 1953Division Three (S)Queens Park Rangers3-1Ipswich TownL
28 Nov 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1Norwich CityD
21 Nov 1953FA CupIpswich Town4-1ReadingW
14 Nov 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1Exeter CityD
7 Nov 1953Division Three (S)Shrewsbury Town1-1Ipswich TownD
31 Oct 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-0WalsallW
24 Oct 1953Division Three (S)Swindon Town1-2Ipswich TownW
17 Oct 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-0AldershotW
10 Oct 1953Division Three (S)Bristol City2-3Ipswich TownW
3 Oct 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0WatfordW
30 Sep 1953Division Three (S)AFC Bournemouth2-3Ipswich TownW
26 Sep 1953Division Three (S)Brighton and Hove Albion1-2Ipswich TownW
23 Sep 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1AFC BournemouthW
19 Sep 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1Southend UnitedD
16 Sep 1953Division Three (S)Gillingham1-1Ipswich TownD
12 Sep 1953Division Three (S)Reading3-1Ipswich TownL
9 Sep 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town6-1GillinghamW
5 Sep 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-1Leyton OrientW
2 Sep 1953Division Three (S)Torquay United1-1Ipswich TownD
29 Aug 1953Division Three (S)Millwall1-2Ipswich TownW
26 Aug 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Torquay UnitedW
22 Aug 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-0Colchester UnitedW
19 Aug 1953Division Three (S)Walsall0-2Ipswich TownW
1 May 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1AldershotW
25 Apr 1953Division Three (S)Swindon Town2-0Ipswich TownL
22 Apr 1953Division Three (S)Crystal Palace1-1Ipswich TownD
18 Apr 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-1Queens Park RangersL
15 Apr 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1Swindon TownD
11 Apr 1953Division Three (S)Shrewsbury Town2-2Ipswich TownD
7 Apr 1953Division Three (S)Northampton Town2-0Ipswich TownL
6 Apr 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1Northampton TownD
4 Apr 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town5-0WalsallW
28 Mar 1953Division Three (S)Gillingham1-1Ipswich TownD
25 Mar 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-1Leyton OrientL
21 Mar 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-6MillwallL
14 Mar 1953Division Three (S)Bristol Rovers3-0Ipswich TownL
7 Mar 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-1Exeter CityL
28 Feb 1953Division Three (S)Coventry City2-0Ipswich TownL
21 Feb 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-0Newport CountyW
14 Feb 1953Division Three (S)Brighton and Hove Albion1-4Ipswich TownW
7 Feb 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1WatfordD
31 Jan 1953Division Three (S)Torquay United4-1Ipswich TownL
24 Jan 1953Division Three (S)Southend United2-0Ipswich TownL
17 Jan 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1AFC BournemouthW
14 Jan 1953Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-2Torquay UnitedD
10 Jan 1953FA CupEverton3-2Ipswich TownL
3 Jan 1953Division Three (S)Reading1-1Ipswich TownD
26 Dec 1952Division Three (S)Leyton Orient3-1Ipswich TownL
20 Dec 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-2Colchester UnitedD
13 Dec 1952Division Three (S)Aldershot1-1Ipswich TownD
10 Dec 1952FA CupIpswich Town5-1Bradford CityW
6 Dec 1952FA CupBradford City1-1Ipswich TownD
1 Dec 1952FA CupIpswich Town3n2AFC BournemouthL
29 Nov 1952Division Three (S)Queens Park Rangers2-2Ipswich TownD
26 Nov 1952FA CupAFC Bournemouth2-2Ipswich TownD
22 Nov 1952FA CupIpswich Town1-1AFC BournemouthD
15 Nov 1952Division Three (S)Walsall1-3Ipswich TownW
8 Nov 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1GillinghamD
1 Nov 1952Division Three (S)Millwall3-2Ipswich TownL
25 Oct 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-5Bristol RoversL
18 Oct 1952Division Three (S)Exeter City1-1Ipswich TownD
11 Oct 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-0Coventry CityW
4 Oct 1952Division Three (S)Newport County1-3Ipswich TownW
1 Oct 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Crystal PalaceW
27 Sep 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Brighton and Hove AlbionW
24 Sep 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Shrewsbury TownW
20 Sep 1952Division Three (S)Watford1-0Ipswich TownL
17 Sep 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Bristol CityW
13 Sep 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-0Southend UnitedD
9 Sep 1952Division Three (S)Bristol City4-2Ipswich TownL
6 Sep 1952Division Three (S)AFC Bournemouth2-1Ipswich TownL
3 Sep 1952Division Three (S)Norwich City1-0Ipswich TownL
30 Aug 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-2ReadingL
27 Aug 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Norwich CityW
23 Aug 1952Division Three (S)Colchester United0-0Ipswich TownD
3 May 1952Division Three (S)Torquay United2-0Ipswich TownL
29 Apr 1952Division Three (S)Southend United5-0Ipswich TownL
26 Apr 1952Division Three (S)Bristol Rovers1-0Ipswich TownL
23 Apr 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-3AldershotL
19 Apr 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-0WatfordW
14 Apr 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1GillinghamD
12 Apr 1952Division Three (S)Aldershot1-1Ipswich TownD
11 Apr 1952Division Three (S)Gillingham1-1Ipswich TownD
5 Apr 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Shrewsbury TownW
29 Mar 1952Division Three (S)Walsall1-3Ipswich TownW
22 Mar 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Leyton OrientW
15 Mar 1952Division Three (S)Swindon Town1-2Ipswich TownW
8 Mar 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1Crystal PalaceD
1 Mar 1952Division Three (S)Colchester United1-0Ipswich TownL
23 Feb 1952Division Three (S)AFC Bournemouth2-2Ipswich TownD
16 Feb 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-4Exeter CityL
9 Feb 1952Division Three (S)Plymouth Argyle2-0Ipswich TownL
2 Feb 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-1AFC BournemouthW
30 Jan 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Torquay UnitedW
26 Jan 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1Bristol CityD
19 Jan 1952Division Three (S)Port Vale0-0Ipswich TownD
5 Jan 1952Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-2Northampton TownW
29 Dec 1951Division Three (S)Reading4-0Ipswich TownL
26 Dec 1951Division Three (S)Norwich City2-0Ipswich TownL
25 Dec 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-2Norwich CityL
22 Dec 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-1Newport CountyW
15 Dec 1951FA CupIpswich Town4-0Exeter CityW
8 Dec 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-2Bristol RoversL
1 Dec 1951Division Three (S)Watford1-1Ipswich TownD
17 Nov 1951Division Three (S)Shrewsbury Town0-2Ipswich TownW
10 Nov 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-1WalsallL
3 Nov 1951Division Three (S)Leyton Orient2-0Ipswich TownL
27 Oct 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-5Swindon TownL
20 Oct 1951Division Three (S)Crystal Palace3-1Ipswich TownL
13 Oct 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-2Colchester UnitedL
6 Oct 1951Division Three (S)Exeter City2-1Ipswich TownL
29 Sep 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-2Plymouth ArgyleD
22 Sep 1951Division Three (S)Bristol City0-2Ipswich TownW
15 Sep 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Port ValeW
12 Sep 1951Division Three (S)Brighton and Hove Albion5-1Ipswich TownL
8 Sep 1951Division Three (S)Northampton Town1-0Ipswich TownL
5 Sep 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town5-0Brighton and Hove AlbionW
1 Sep 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-2ReadingW
29 Aug 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-0MillwallW
25 Aug 1951Division Three (S)Newport County2-1Ipswich TownL
22 Aug 1951Division Three (S)Millwall4-0Ipswich TownL
18 Aug 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-1Southend UnitedW
5 May 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Bristol CityW
28 Apr 1951Division Three (S)Norwich City1-3Ipswich TownW
21 Apr 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Newport CountyW
18 Apr 1951Division Three (S)Bristol City2-1Ipswich TownL
14 Apr 1951Division Three (S)Brighton and Hove Albion4-0Ipswich TownL
11 Apr 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-1Norwich CityL
7 Apr 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1Crystal PalaceD
31 Mar 1951Division Three (S)Bristol Rovers1-1Ipswich TownD
26 Mar 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1WatfordW
24 Mar 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-0Colchester UnitedW
23 Mar 1951Division Three (S)Watford0-2Ipswich TownW
17 Mar 1951Division Three (S)Swindon Town2-0Ipswich TownL
10 Mar 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town5-2AldershotW
3 Mar 1951Division Three (S)Torquay United0-1Ipswich TownW
24 Feb 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-3Nottingham ForestL
17 Feb 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town5-1GillinghamW
10 Feb 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-0Brighton and Hove AlbionW
3 Feb 1951Division Three (S)AFC Bournemouth2-1Ipswich TownL
27 Jan 1951Division Three (S)Walsall2-0Ipswich TownL
20 Jan 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Exeter CityW
13 Jan 1951Division Three (S)Southend United1-0Ipswich TownL
6 Jan 1951Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-1WalsallW
30 Dec 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-2ReadingL
26 Dec 1950Division Three (S)Millwall4-0Ipswich TownL
25 Dec 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1MillwallW
23 Dec 1950Division Three (S)Plymouth Argyle2-1Ipswich TownL
16 Dec 1950Division Three (S)Northampton Town2-1Ipswich TownL
9 Dec 1950FA CupBrighton and Hove Albion2-0Ipswich TownL
2 Dec 1950Division Three (S)Newport County1-2Ipswich TownW
25 Nov 1950FA CupLeyton Orient1-2Ipswich TownW
18 Nov 1950Division Three (S)Crystal Palace1-3Ipswich TownW
11 Nov 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-3Bristol RoversL
4 Nov 1950Division Three (S)Colchester United2-3Ipswich TownW
28 Oct 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-1Swindon TownW
21 Oct 1950Division Three (S)Aldershot0-1Ipswich TownW
14 Oct 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-1Torquay UnitedW
7 Oct 1950Division Three (S)Nottingham Forest0-0Ipswich TownD
30 Sep 1950Division Three (S)Gillingham0-1Ipswich TownW
23 Sep 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0AFC BournemouthW
16 Sep 1950Division Three (S)Exeter City2-0Ipswich TownL
13 Sep 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-2Port ValeD
9 Sep 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Southend UnitedW
4 Sep 1950Division Three (S)Port Vale1-0Ipswich TownL
2 Sep 1950Division Three (S)Reading2-0Ipswich TownL
31 Aug 1950Division Three (S)Leyton Orient2-0Ipswich TownL
26 Aug 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Plymouth ArgyleW
23 Aug 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-2Leyton OrientD
19 Aug 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1Northampton TownD
6 May 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Port ValeW
29 Apr 1950Division Three (S)Aldershot5-0Ipswich TownL
22 Apr 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-1Torquay UnitedW
15 Apr 1950Division Three (S)Swindon Town0-3Ipswich TownW
10 Apr 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-3Southend UnitedL
8 Apr 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-3MillwallL
7 Apr 1950Division Three (S)Southend United2-2Ipswich TownD
1 Apr 1950Division Three (S)Walsall1-3Ipswich TownW
25 Mar 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-2Brighton and Hove AlbionD
18 Mar 1950Division Three (S)Bristol City4-2Ipswich TownL
11 Mar 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Newport CountyW
4 Mar 1950Division Three (S)Norwich City1-1Ipswich TownD
25 Feb 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-2Northampton TownD
18 Feb 1950Division Three (S)Nottingham Forest2-0Ipswich TownL
11 Feb 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0AldershotW
4 Feb 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Exeter CityW
28 Jan 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-1Swindon TownW
21 Jan 1950Division Three (S)Leyton Orient4-0Ipswich TownL
14 Jan 1950Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0ReadingW
7 Jan 1950FA CupWest Ham United5-1Ipswich TownL
31 Dec 1949Division Three (S)Watford6-0Ipswich TownL
27 Dec 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-4Notts CountyL
26 Dec 1949Division Three (S)Notts County2-0Ipswich TownL
24 Dec 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-4Crystal PalaceD
17 Dec 1949Division Three (S)AFC Bournemouth4-0Ipswich TownL
3 Dec 1949Division Three (S)Torquay United2-2Ipswich TownD
26 Nov 1949FA CupIpswich Town2-1Brighton and Hove AlbionW
19 Nov 1949Division Three (S)Millwall3-1Ipswich TownL
12 Nov 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-5WalsallL
5 Nov 1949Division Three (S)Brighton and Hove Albion2-1Ipswich TownL
29 Oct 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-0Bristol CityD
22 Oct 1949Division Three (S)Newport County1-0Ipswich TownL
15 Oct 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-0Norwich CityW
8 Oct 1949Division Three (S)Northampton Town1-2Ipswich TownW
1 Oct 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-2Nottingham ForestL
24 Sep 1949Division Three (S)Exeter City1-1Ipswich TownD
17 Sep 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-4Leyton OrientD
10 Sep 1949Division Three (S)Reading3-1Ipswich TownL
5 Sep 1949Division Three (S)Port Vale2-2Ipswich TownD
3 Sep 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1WatfordD
31 Aug 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-1Bristol RoversW
27 Aug 1949Division Three (S)Crystal Palace2-0Ipswich TownL
22 Aug 1949Division Three (S)Bristol Rovers2-0Ipswich TownL
20 Aug 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-2AFC BournemouthL
7 May 1949Division Three (S)Brighton and Hove Albion6-1Ipswich TownL
30 Apr 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-1AldershotW
23 Apr 1949Division Three (S)Bristol City2-0Ipswich TownL
18 Apr 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-3Southend UnitedL
16 Apr 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-2Exeter CityD
15 Apr 1949Division Three (S)Southend United1-1Ipswich TownD
9 Apr 1949Division Three (S)Leyton Orient1-1Ipswich TownD
6 Apr 1949Division Three (S)Aldershot2-0Ipswich TownL
2 Apr 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-2Swindon TownW
26 Mar 1949Division Three (S)Millwall0-0Ipswich TownD
19 Mar 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-1Port ValeW
12 Mar 1949Division Three (S)Norwich City2-0Ipswich TownL
5 Mar 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-2Northampton TownW
26 Feb 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0AFC BournemouthW
19 Feb 1949Division Three (S)Watford1-2Ipswich TownW
12 Feb 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-2Brighton and Hove AlbionD
5 Feb 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-2Crystal PalaceW
29 Jan 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Bristol CityW
22 Jan 1949Division Three (S)Reading2-1Ipswich TownL
15 Jan 1949Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Swansea CityW
1 Jan 1949Division Three (S)Newport County3-0Ipswich TownL
27 Dec 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-2WalsallW
25 Dec 1948Division Three (S)Walsall2-1Ipswich TownL
18 Dec 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-1Bristol RoversL
4 Dec 1948FA CupIpswich Town0-3AldershotL
20 Nov 1948Division Three (S)Exeter City1-3Ipswich TownW
13 Nov 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-2Leyton OrientD
6 Nov 1948Division Three (S)Swindon Town4-0Ipswich TownL
30 Oct 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0MillwallW
23 Oct 1948Division Three (S)Port Vale1-2Ipswich TownW
16 Oct 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-2Norwich CityL
9 Oct 1948Division Three (S)Northampton Town1-1Ipswich TownD
2 Oct 1948Division Three (S)AFC Bournemouth4-2Ipswich TownL
25 Sep 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-2WatfordL
18 Sep 1948Division Three (S)Crystal Palace1-1Ipswich TownD
15 Sep 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-2Notts CountyW
11 Sep 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-2ReadingW
9 Sep 1948Division Three (S)Notts County9-2Ipswich TownL
4 Sep 1948Division Three (S)Swansea City2-0Ipswich TownL
1 Sep 1948Division Three (S)Torquay United1-1Ipswich TownD
28 Aug 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town5-1Newport CountyW
25 Aug 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town5-1Torquay UnitedW
21 Aug 1948Division Three (S)Bristol Rovers1-6Ipswich TownW
1 May 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-4Bristol RoversL
28 Apr 1948Division Three (S)Bristol Rovers2-0Ipswich TownL
24 Apr 1948Division Three (S)Northampton Town4-2Ipswich TownL
21 Apr 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town5-2Northampton TownW
17 Apr 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0AldershotW
15 Apr 1948Division Three (S)Notts County0-1Ipswich TownW
10 Apr 1948Division Three (S)Crystal Palace2-1Ipswich TownL
3 Apr 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Torquay UnitedW
29 Mar 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Leyton OrientW
27 Mar 1948Division Three (S)Swindon Town0-1Ipswich TownW
26 Mar 1948Division Three (S)Leyton Orient1-1Ipswich TownD
20 Mar 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Port ValeW
13 Mar 1948Division Three (S)Queens Park Rangers2-0Ipswich TownL
6 Mar 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-3WatfordL
21 Feb 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-1WalsallW
14 Feb 1948Division Three (S)Reading1-2Ipswich TownW
7 Feb 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Bristol CityW
31 Jan 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-2Norwich CityL
24 Jan 1948Division Three (S)Brighton and Hove Albion4-1Ipswich TownL
17 Jan 1948Division Three (S)AFC Bournemouth4-0Ipswich TownL
10 Jan 1948Division Three (S)Aldershot0-1Ipswich TownW
3 Jan 1948Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-2Swansea CityW
27 Dec 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-0Newport CountyW
25 Dec 1947Division Three (S)Newport County3-1Ipswich TownL
29 Nov 1947FA CupSwindon Town4-2Ipswich TownL
22 Nov 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-0Crystal PalaceW
15 Nov 1947Division Three (S)Torquay United3-0Ipswich TownL
8 Nov 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-1Swindon TownL
1 Nov 1947Division Three (S)Port Vale4-1Ipswich TownL
25 Oct 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Queens Park RangersW
18 Oct 1947Division Three (S)Watford2-3Ipswich TownW
11 Oct 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-0Brighton and Hove AlbionW
4 Oct 1947Division Three (S)Walsall1-2Ipswich TownW
27 Sep 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0ReadingW
20 Sep 1947Division Three (S)Bristol City4-0Ipswich TownL
17 Sep 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Exeter CityW
13 Sep 1947Division Three (S)Norwich City1-5Ipswich TownW
10 Sep 1947Division Three (S)Exeter City1-0Ipswich TownL
6 Sep 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1AFC BournemouthD
3 Sep 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-0Southend UnitedW
30 Aug 1947Division Three (S)Swansea City1-1Ipswich TownD
27 Aug 1947Division Three (S)Southend United3-2Ipswich TownL
23 Aug 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Notts CountyW
31 May 1947Division Three (S)Northampton Town2-2Ipswich TownD
26 May 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1AldershotD
17 May 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-2Notts CountyL
10 May 1947Division Three (S)Bristol Rovers1-1Ipswich TownD
3 May 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Southend UnitedW
26 Apr 1947Division Three (S)Cardiff City3-2Ipswich TownL
19 Apr 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1AFC BournemouthW
12 Apr 1947Division Three (S)Swindon Town2-1Ipswich TownL
7 Apr 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Mansfield TownW
5 Apr 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-2Bristol CityW
4 Apr 1947Division Three (S)Mansfield Town4-3Ipswich TownL
29 Mar 1947Division Three (S)Port Vale1-0Ipswich TownL
22 Mar 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Exeter CityW
15 Mar 1947Division Three (S)Brighton and Hove Albion0-0Ipswich TownD
15 Feb 1947Division Three (S)Torquay United0-0Ipswich TownD
8 Feb 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1Crystal PalaceD
1 Feb 1947Division Three (S)Reading1-3Ipswich TownW
25 Jan 1947Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1WalsallW
18 Jan 1947Division Three (S)Watford2-0Ipswich TownL
11 Jan 1947Division Three (S)Bristol City1-2Ipswich TownW
4 Jan 1947Division Three (S)Norwich City0-1Ipswich TownW
1 Jan 1947Division Three (S)AFC Bournemouth1-1Ipswich TownD
28 Dec 1946Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-0Leyton OrientD
26 Dec 1946Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1Queens Park RangersD
25 Dec 1946Division Three (S)Queens Park Rangers1-3Ipswich TownW
21 Dec 1946Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-1Cardiff CityL
18 Dec 1946FA CupIpswich Town0-1WalsallL
14 Dec 1946FA CupWalsall0-0Ipswich TownD
7 Dec 1946Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-1Swindon TownW
30 Nov 1946FA CupIpswich Town2-0Torquay UnitedW
23 Nov 1946Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Port ValeW
16 Nov 1946Division Three (S)Exeter City0-0Ipswich TownD
9 Nov 1946Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-2Brighton and Hove AlbionL
2 Nov 1946Division Three (S)Aldershot4-1Ipswich TownL
26 Oct 1946Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-2Northampton TownL
19 Oct 1946Division Three (S)Notts County1-2Ipswich TownW
12 Oct 1946Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-1Torquay UnitedD
5 Oct 1946Division Three (S)Crystal Palace1-1Ipswich TownD
28 Sep 1946Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0ReadingW
21 Sep 1946Division Three (S)Walsall4-2Ipswich TownL
14 Sep 1946Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0WatfordW
12 Sep 1946Division Three (S)Southend United1-1Ipswich TownD
7 Sep 1946Division Three (S)Ipswich Town5-0Norwich CityW
4 Sep 1946Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-2Bristol RoversL
31 Aug 1946Division Three (S)Leyton Orient2-2Ipswich TownD
15 Dec 1945FA CupIpswich Town0-2Queens Park RangersL
8 Dec 1945FA CupQueens Park Rangers4-0Ipswich TownL
6 May 1939Division Three (S)AFC Bournemouth0-0Ipswich TownD
3 May 1939Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1ReadingW
29 Apr 1939Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0WalsallW
26 Apr 1939Division Three (S)Ipswich Town7-2AldershotW
22 Apr 1939Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-0Leyton OrientW
19 Apr 1939Division Three (S)Southend United0-0Ipswich TownD
15 Apr 1939Division Three (S)Aldershot3-1Ipswich TownL
10 Apr 1939Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Queens Park RangersW
8 Apr 1939Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-0Bristol CityW
7 Apr 1939Division Three (S)Queens Park Rangers0-0Ipswich TownD
1 Apr 1939Division Three (S)Crystal Palace3-0Ipswich TownL
25 Mar 1939Division Three (S)Ipswich Town5-1WatfordW
18 Mar 1939Division Three (S)Port Vale0-0Ipswich TownD
11 Mar 1939Division Three (S)Ipswich Town3-1Swindon TownW
4 Mar 1939Division Three (S)Torquay United1-1Ipswich TownD
25 Feb 1939Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-2Notts CountyL
18 Feb 1939Division Three (S)Newport County3-2Ipswich TownL
11 Feb 1939Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-0Brighton and Hove AlbionD
4 Feb 1939Division Three (S)Bristol Rovers3-3Ipswich TownD
21 Jan 1939Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Northampton TownW
18 Jan 1939Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-1Crystal PalaceW
14 Jan 1939Division Three (S)Cardiff City2-1Ipswich TownL
11 Jan 1939FA CupIpswich Town1-2Aston VillaL
7 Jan 1939FA CupAston Villa1-1Ipswich TownD
31 Dec 1938Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-2Exeter CityD
27 Dec 1938Division Three (S)Mansfield Town0-1Ipswich TownW
26 Dec 1938Division Three (S)Ipswich Town5-1Mansfield TownW
17 Dec 1938Division Three (S)Leyton Orient1-1Ipswich TownD
10 Dec 1938FA CupIpswich Town4-1Torquay UnitedW
3 Dec 1938Division Three (S)Bristol City3-2Ipswich TownL
19 Nov 1938Division Three (S)Watford0-0Ipswich TownD
12 Nov 1938Division Three (S)Ipswich Town2-0Port ValeW
5 Nov 1938Division Three (S)Swindon Town1-1Ipswich TownD
29 Oct 1938Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-0Torquay UnitedW
22 Oct 1938Division Three (S)Notts County2-1Ipswich TownL
15 Oct 1938Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-4Newport CountyL
8 Oct 1938Division Three (S)Brighton and Hove Albion2-0Ipswich TownL
1 Oct 1938Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-0Bristol RoversD
24 Sep 1938Division Three (S)Reading2-1Ipswich TownL
17 Sep 1938Division Three (S)Northampton Town2-0Ipswich TownL
10 Sep 1938Division Three (S)Ipswich Town1-2Cardiff CityL
7 Sep 1938Division Three (S)Ipswich Town0-2AFC BournemouthL
3 Sep 1938Division Three (S)Exeter City3-0Ipswich TownL
29 Aug 1938Division Three (S)Walsall0-1Ipswich TownW
27 Aug 1938Division Three (S)Ipswich Town4-2Southend UnitedW
27 Nov 1937FA CupYeovil Town2-1Ipswich TownL
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