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Bombscare outside our office in Shoreditch today...
at 16:45 23 Mar 2017

Suspect package was reported 10 feet away from our office entrance. The point of this post is to commend the response units that took control of the situation. 3 community officers were on the scene in moments on their bikes and police arrived minutes later and cordoned off the area before clearing pedestrians to a safe distance. Bomb disposal weren't long behind them and there was a large police presence at every major access point plus a helicopter in the sky all in the space of ten minutes...

Incredible response to what turned out to be nothing. A hypersensitive and vigilant London but a hyper responsive and well coordinated police effort.

Relegation third spot on current form...
at 21:23 18 Mar 2017 us. Is the 5 point cushion going to be enough? Can we scrape another two wins and a draw to get to the 52 point mark? What a joke this is even conversation.
The Irish Olympic ticket scandal...
at 17:54 17 Mar 2017

...anyone know the latest on this? Its been very quiet this year. Can't find anything on Google. Last i read in the Irish Times was that Hickey and Mallon had been charged and released on bail pending a return to Rio in the New Year to face criminal proceedings.

Does anyone know anything further and whether there's been any more links to the THG Sports/Marcus Evans Group?
Mark Warburton is still free...
at 12:17 8 Mar 2017

...thoughts on him replacing McCarthy? Ideal replacement for me and a big mistake if he's not made an offer. Discuss.
The calibre of those signings...
at 23:12 31 Jan 2017

...are the type of signings I'd expect a side to make who'd already been relegated and we're balancing the books ahead of a stint in league one. Even the likes of Ward, Watkins and Hugill aren't good enough.

Last Jan was dire. This Jan is just backward.
I can't get over what I saw from Douglas last night...
at 06:34 18 Jan 2017

It's etched in my memory. I posted this last night but I'm still in disbelief this morning and I can't stop thinking about it. On 80 minutes last night, Douglas did this..

...had a touch on a loose ball that dropped from defence, turns in 10 yards of space and instead of knocking a simple ball forward 15 yards to a blue shirt with pace, he launches it 50 yards back to the Lincoln back four.

For anyone who's ever had the ability or the pleasure to play the game at any level, you'll know, as a midfielder this goes against every natural instinct you have as a footballer in that position. It just feels wrong. It's not football. Why Douglas? I can't forgive you for this. You should never play in our shirt again. It beggars belief that this was the decision making of a professional footballer on National television in the greatest domestic cup competition on the planet...
In the wake of humiliation...
at 22:58 17 Jan 2017

...Roy had the dignity to leave his position straight away knowing the fans would never forgive him. There's no way back for Mick now, it's the final nail in the coffin so we should be reading his resignation headline to deflect some of the humiliation away from the club tomorrow morning.

Will we? Will we f**k!

The worst thing about tonight for me was that MM resorted to what he knows best now that he had a big man up front again despite a new formation and in spite of some recent good performances. What a complete farce. Terry Butcher summed it all up for me, "that performance was an utter disgrace". Someone still cares...
80th minute, Douglas...
at 21:52 17 Jan 2017

...has a touch on a loose ball that drops from defence, turns in 10 yards of space and instead of knocking a simple ball forward 15 yards to a blue shirt with pace, he launches it 50 yards back to the Lincoln back four.

This is why he shouldn't be anywhere near the starting line up. Far from an isolated incident in this game either. Sunday league.
18 more points...
at 08:34 15 Jan 2017

For me, the target for the rest of this season is to pick up enough points to remain safe in this division. Anything else is a bonus. Any hopes of the play-offs are a pipe dream so this season needs to now be treated as a rebuilding one.

Looking at yesterday's line-up, i was genuinely excited for the first time in a long time and on the back of the performance at Loftus Road, i was actually optimistic. If you look at all the criticisms that have been levelled at MM, he's finally begun to address them, belatedly, but never the less, they're being addressed: football on the deck; blooding youngsters; playing players in their natural positions; changing up the system and the approach to substitutions. For all his belligerence, there's a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. If he can maintain this and get the backing from ME we badly need in this window, then what more can we ask?

The next two-weeks dealings in the transfer market are pivotal. MM needs the cash to rebuild for next season. Get the 52 points and then look to experiment and blood more youth. No doubt Lawrence will leave a chasm in that side when he leaves but with only one loan player in the squad, its not a disaster. Lets just hope we have a better plan in place than we did when Murphy left.

Sign a right back / wing back (if we're going to adopt this system), a creative link between the midfield and attack, a new striker and offer Chambers a new contract. Achieve all this in the next two-weeks and there's genuine cause for optimism next season, at last...
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