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Time For Our Fate to Be Decided
by paulthebluealien at 19:08 30 Jan 2015

We are now over halfway through the season which can mean only one thing.
If Statistics Won Games: Ipswich 2-1 Wigan
by Kropotkin123 at 10:54 28 Jan 2015

After last week’s tepid edition, a rejuvenated If Statistics Won Games pulls no punches with a brand new, season-defining, phylogenetic branch of statistics – The Wider Context.
How Do You Think Ipswich Should Go Forward? (Mk II)
by Luka at 14:23 21 Jan 2015

It was a dull, gloomy day in September and two teams were bidding for our prised assets. My how we have progressed since.
What Do Stewards Actually Do?
by TimS at 19:15 20 Jan 2015

Have you ever spoken to a steward at a football match, or barged passed these marshals desperately trying to find your seat, or your place to stand? Stewards are the people who are dressed in shockingly bright and bulky clothes.
If Statistics Won Games: Brighton 1-2 Ipswich
by Kropotkin123 at 20:35 19 Jan 2015

Tired, ill and worse for wear, If Statistics Won Games returns for this bite-sized edition that feels as packed out as an Ipswich bench!
If Statistics Won Games: Millwall 0-2 Ipswich
by Kropotkin123 at 10:48 12 Jan 2015

Welcome back to the fallacious blog that inspired audiences worldwide to believe we had a chance of beating Derby, predominantly because it managed to finally get a prediction correct. After last week’s forecast turned out to be the biggest let-down since The Matrix Reloaded hit the cinemas, If Stats Won Games returns the once again back the Blue Army!
A Decade Apart: 2005 v 2015
by wadey at 22:33 11 Jan 2015

On January 1st 2005 I was sitting (well standing) in what has been known as the North Stand or Sir Bobby Robson lower to you newbies. West Ham were the team coming to Portman Road. Being an East London boy, this was my biggest game of the season due to childhood abuse (banter) from school-mates. Sadly we lost 2-0. They ended getting promoted and we didn't.
Derby Defeat a Good Thing - Ring a Bell?
by paulthebluealien at 21:57 10 Jan 2015

Remember the last time that we lost 1 - 0 at Portman Road? It was, I remember, a sunny, warm day on August 23rd. Those unpleasant lot from up the road came bustling their way down - their forums spoke in eager anticipation of another thumping that they were going to deliver on us. Fortunately, that didn't occur. But we lost. Again.
Ambrose And Bent Reunited Face To Face
by Pessimistic at 16:12 7 Jan 2015

They were teenage mates playing in the Town youth team I recall. I once saw them over here in the Netherlands in an under-18 tournament and Lewis Price was in goal.
If Statistics Won Games: Ipswich 2-1 Derby
by Kropotkin123 at 10:06 7 Jan 2015

As the residents of Hell continue to complain of frostbite, and pigs continue their post-flight feather preening, If Statistics Won Games returns from the uncharted waters of a successful scoreline prediction.
The Battle Continues
by paulthebluealien at 18:22 3 Jan 2015

January, a month that will define our season. This is not me merely swaying from the obvious - not by a long shot, for obviously even if Ipswich win all of their games in the upcoming month they will not be promoted nor will we have won anything.
The Next Three - Part Two
by Ipswichlove at 01:11 3 Jan 2015

Since the last time I wrote, Town have produced three very good performances and also three very good results giving us nine out of nine points.
Mick The Builder (& TC)
by yorkieblue at 20:27 2 Jan 2015

As a northern Town fan since the seventies I have experienced the ups and downs the joy and pleasure that is familiar to all Blues.
Present and Past
by tcolley93 at 16:51 1 Jan 2015

As we begin 2015, we can only applaud the side's efforts so far and humbly admit that we did not expect that they had this kind of football in them. The Tractor Boys may have become not only play-off hopefuls, not even promotion candidates, but title contenders.
The Media Doesn't Like Us, But Should We Care?
by JollyJourno at 15:30 1 Jan 2015

Jose Mourinho claims there is a "media conspiracy" against Chelsea. Most pundits scoff at such a suggestion, but I'd like to argue that he is almost correct in his assertion. It's just that the team being unfairly treated is Ipswich Town, not Chelsea.
How to Win Promotion With 22 Games Left... Statistically Speaking
by wkj at 11:30 31 Dec 2014

Inspired in part by Kropotkin123's fantastic If Statistics Won Games I decided to have a look at what we need to aim towards for the end of this season to remain in second place.
A Happy New Year for ITFC
by Steve_M at 10:09 31 Dec 2014

Well, 2014 comes to an end with ITFC in a position that not even the most optimistic of us would have predicted. True, we finished 2013 in the top six but that was a fleeting stay for only three days and we never looked too likely - three minutes at Watford apart - to finish there. Now, however, failure to finish in the top six would be disappointing and it's impossible not to wonder if we might just manage more than that.
Three Prerequisites for the Play-Offs
by Arch98 at 14:08 30 Dec 2014

Ipswich Town Football Club, perhaps the surprise package of the season in the Championship.
If Statistics Won Games: Ipswich 3-0 Charlton
by Kropotkin123 at 11:33 27 Dec 2014

“You can’t do that!” enthused Feed The Bish. “It’s meant to be the feel-good blog: you write a home-truth here, spin a curveball there, but then it’s 2-0 Ipswich or a solid away point and we all leave happy that the stats Gods are on our side. And on Boxing Day no less, [you predict a defeat] against a side that has not beaten a team beginning with ‘I’ since 1956!”. Fresh from violating its own premise, it’s the renegade blog - If Stats Won Games!
Should We Stay Or Should We Go?
by cornishblu at 11:00 24 Dec 2014

As a lifelong Ipswich fan now exiled down to Cornwall my son and I make as many games as matrimonially and financially allowed.
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