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Happy Dappy Doo
by paulthebluealien at 13:54 24 Nov 2014

Right, let's cut straight to the chase. There are far too many people posting happy stuff on this forum; it's annoying me so I'm going to bring us all crashing back down to earth by being negative.
Isn't This Lovely?
by Luka at 21:53 20 Nov 2014

We have a headache, though we don't need paracetamol. The headache is one of selection. Who to put in? Where? How do we line up?
Mick McCarthy: Man-Management 101
by everhopeful at 17:34 18 Nov 2014

It’s October 2012. We knew it would happen the second Stephen Henderson's error saw Derby go in level at the break.
Time for a Change?
by therealtractorboy at 21:13 13 Nov 2014

For the last seven years of my life I have made the trip to see Ipswich Town every other Saturday. Every August, I hope. Every Saturday at 2:55, I hope. This season, for a very much welcome change, these hopes may not be shattered.
by paulthebluealien at 18:45 6 Nov 2014

Ladies, gentleman and Ipswich Town fans everywhere may I present to you bogeyland. Which for all you cryptic geniuses out there means only one thing.
Patience, Sweet Patience
by Blueray at 15:24 5 Nov 2014

Right out at the outset, I want to make it clear that I don't believe we are potential league leaders, nor even automatic promotion contenders come to think of it. In fact, if we make the play-offs, I think it would be a remarkable achievement and one that we don't fully appreciate.
Happy Anniversary: Or Thank You
by Kropotkin123 at 20:42 1 Nov 2014

Two years have flown by, and it is easy to forget what a mess we were in when Mick McCarthy joined. I can no longer make it to home games, but occasionally make it to away fixtures. So whilst my experience of how we play is not extensive, I do see the merits and criticisms that polarised opinions expressed on the forums.
The End of the Eight
by paulthebluealien at 14:31 22 Oct 2014

So, Town's rather heroic run of unbeaten games has come crashing to an end.
More Marmite than Marmite - an Evening with Roy Keane
by Superfrans at 13:45 21 Oct 2014

Whether Roy Keane should go down in history as the worst manager to helm Ipswich Town is an arguable point - but it is hard to dispute that he is the most divisive Town employee in the club's 136-year history. 
A Moment With Roy in Sainsbury's
by TimS at 20:26 19 Oct 2014

It had been a relentless week at work with endless emails, continuous meetings and a phone that never stopped ringing. Come 5.15pm on Friday, I needed to do some shopping and I did not quite have the energy to drag myself around the aisles.
A Daryl Murphy Revolution
by paulthebluealien at 18:00 9 Oct 2014

Or, should that read a 'Daryl Murphy revelation?'
When The Keane Machine Broke Down
by Pessimistic at 12:08 8 Oct 2014

The American journalist and satirist Ambrose Bierce once said that in each human heart there is a tiger, a pig, an ass and a nightingale and the diversity of character is due to their unequal activity. I suppose in the sad case of Roy Keane we were left with a bit of an ass who turned out to be pig ignorant!
Derby Day Defeat a Good Thing
by paulthebluealien at 17:59 29 Sep 2014

Wow, that really does make for some horrific reading, does it not?
An Assessment of Mick McCarthy's Management So Far
by KBsSocks at 02:57 28 Sep 2014

Having passed the total days-in-job of Paul Jewell and The Dark Lord (and Jackie Milburn) and now fast-approaching 700 days in post, Mick McCarthy's next target is Jim Magilton's and John Duncan's 1050-odd days, which is in a year's time, more-or-less.
A Reflection
by paulthebluealien at 14:36 17 Sep 2014

I would love to be the one to say I told you so. But that is just rude, is it not?
Doom and Gloom – But Why?
by paulthebluealien at 15:01 10 Sep 2014

It cannot just be me but we seem to have been here before. A few defeats and we have, perhaps unsurprisingly, been left with a horde of moaning and whinging Ipswich fans.
Marcus Evans and Mr John
by HarryfromBath at 16:59 2 Sep 2014

Watching the shenanigans of yesterday’s transfer deadline day unfold, my mind turned to Mr John and I wondered what he would have made of the carnival.
Success Vs Attendance
by WindsorBlue at 21:07 1 Sep 2014

With the transfer deadline imminent, and not much coming in, and potentially our best player out, we can only sit on the edge of our seats hoping for the best. There is not much we, as supporters, can do to directly impact the day-to-day running of the club.
The Long Ball Hump
by Ipswichlove at 21:55 30 Aug 2014

Does it work? Some say yes. Some say no.Where are you? For one thing though, while Mick McCarthy is in charge of town this will be our way of playing football.
How Would We All Like the Club to Move Forward?
by Luka at 14:42 30 Aug 2014

As I write this short blog we are hearing reports that Leicester want to sign David McGoldrick for £8 million.
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