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The Need For a Great Summer at Ipswich
by BaltachaFanClub at 09:51 26 Apr 2017

Let's be honest, this season has been one to forget for us Ipswich fans.
Bronze For the Price of Gold
by OohArrPaulGoddard at 09:25 26 Apr 2017

Many of us get the feeling that ITFC ticket prices are very high but I thought I would see if this is actually true by looking at the club websites to compare season ticket prices.
Step Back, Deep Breath and Honesty - Won't Happen!
by Balders at 13:18 21 Apr 2017

The 2016/17 season has been a very disappointing one, never hitting the heights we, as fans, wanted or expected it to.
Kundai Benyu – The Golden Shot?
by Haarlem_Blue at 18:49 18 Apr 2017

Having now returned to the UK from the land of the clog, I thought the Easter break would be a good opportunity to head off to Aldershot, around 15-20 miles from where I now live, to see how Kundai Benyu is progressing.
Mick's Confusion
by SpiritOfJohn at 10:39 15 Apr 2017

Most Town fans who have seen the EFL Team of the Year will be scratching their heads wondering how the brilliant Bart was overlooked, but spare a thought for Mick McCarthy who probably had someone else in mind for the top honour.
Win Some, Lose Some
by TimS at 13:03 10 Apr 2017

So, when is this season going to end? It seems that it is just going on, a slow drip to the start of May when we all head off for a welcomed football-free summer not quite sure what is going to happen at Portman Road.
Attendances? We've Never Had it So Good
by CherryHintonBlue at 10:22 6 Apr 2017

There’ll be a lot of pointing towards the number of spectators against Wigan being under 15,000, and therefore the lowest home league crowd since 1999, but we need to remember that consistent attendances of the levels we see nowadays are far from typical in the club’s history. Since 1960, there have been nearly 300 home league matches with attendances lower than 15,000.
Ode From Mick
by SpiritOfJohn at 19:14 4 Apr 2017

Mick McCarthy has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism lately, some of it justified, some less so. I was wondering what he thinks of his current situation and thought it might lighten the mood a little to put those ruminations into verse.
A Plea
by BackTheBlues at 14:28 24 Mar 2017

This isn’t your usual please for unity, I think the ship has sailed on that venture! But rather a plea for the sake of the status of our club.
From Nothing to Something - And Back Again?
by monty_radio at 12:56 21 Mar 2017

On the diamond jubilee of the rise of Ipswich Town from the old Third Division (South) we tremble on the edge of the abyss into which Coventry City have already fallen and have not yet hit the bottom.
It Really Could Be Worse
by Superfrans at 19:42 18 Mar 2017

Instead of trekking all the way to Cardiff this weekend, I decided to go and watch my local team. Leyton Orient were playing Doncaster Rovers, bottom vs top in League Two.
Views of a Young(ish) Town Fan
by tractorboy2000 at 12:55 18 Mar 2017

After seeing the new season ticket prices, I felt like writing something would be a good form of therapy to get some things off my chest about Ipswich.
Two Defensive?
by rickw at 15:40 10 Mar 2017

After our most recent bore-draw against Wolves I wondered if playing two defensive midfielders (DM) was just a personal gripe of mine and we actually got better results playing them or the stats backed up what I and I'm sure many other fans think - we shouldn't play two defensive-minded midfielders together.
An Appeal to All Ipswich Town Fans
by itfctrent at 20:43 9 Mar 2017

Following Tuesday night’s dire performance and result against Wolves, I think that I speak on behalf of the majority of Ipswich fans here when I say enough is enough. Positive action is required and necessary if we are to oust Mick as manager.
Shall We Sing a Song For You?!
by Slambo at 19:38 22 Feb 2017

I am writing this blog to try and gauge interest in starting a dedicated and organised ultra group.

I’m a season ticket holder in the North lower and try to start/get involved in singing at matches as much as possible.
Has Mick Found a Formula?
by Pickersblue22 at 09:49 14 Feb 2017

On November 22nd, Exeter City were bottom of League Two, bereft of confidence, ideas, and without a home win since April, all the signs were pointing to a season of struggle. A 1-0 win at Leyton Orient that night was the start of an marvellous 12-match unbeaten run, containing 10 wins. That run took them from below the dreaded dotted line to the fringes of the automatic promotion places, and was only ended by defeat in the Devon derby at Plymouth on Saturday.
The Question We're All Asking: Is Relegation a Serious Possibility?
by Superfrans at 15:33 3 Feb 2017

With a pretty horrible run of five matches coming up, I know I’m not the only fan to have serious concerns about the possibility of relegation.
Another Post-Christmas Carol (Nightmare on Portman Street)
by dusth at 22:38 2 Feb 2017

Christmas had passed and the sales, when all good folks looked for a fair bargain, were no longer in full swing. In fact they were over. Poor Mick McCratchitt was still at his desk at old Scrooge's Ticket and Footballing Agency, looking on his iPad at the bargains that might have been when young Tel his assistant brought him a bowl of warm water and a teabag. "This'll cheer you up boss!" "Thanks, old lad," said Mick and plunged his hands into the bowl. It instantly froze.
The Rebuild Conundrum and Inevitable Humdrum
by BaltachaFanClub at 09:34 2 Feb 2017

Regular readers of my posts and occasional blogs will know a few things about me, firstly I am not a kneejerk reaction kind of poster, secondly I have progressed through all the stages of football fan and am now whatever is considered the final stage, where although I still love the game, I have seen it, done it and have gone all 'more important things'.
A Death of Our Club By a Thousand Cuts
by radiogaga at 21:10 1 Feb 2017

Around this time a year ago, I posted a blog on TWTD with concerns that we would fall further behind our rivals as every transfer window came and went, unless noticeable changes were made.
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