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Leeds United 2-1 Town - Match Report
by Akaroablue at 03:33:59

The common thread appears to be that MM is stubborn to the core, plays players out of position, has favourites who can do no wrong, has no plan B, leaves attacking minded
players on the bench or not included, recruits midfield players who cannot score goals.

I wonder if the Wolves supporters were saying similar things about his style before he got the 'hump'.

Any good Manager could see there was a need to recruit in Jan, but alas not our Mick!!

I'm 12,000 miles away and it is as plain as the nose on his face!!
McCarthy: We Should Never Have Lost
by KiwiBlue2 at 02:31:27

Very disappointing result. Was surprised when I saw the starting line-up but assumed that Sears and Murph would play the whole second half.
We need to be more attacking. For Brentford I would suggest the following:

Gerks (Bart has made too many mistakes lately)
Parr Chambers Berra Mings
Anderson Skuse Bishop (if fit) Connolly or Stewart
Wood Sears Murphy
McCarthy: We Should Never Have Lost
by guentchev at 02:11:46

Tabb is an essential component of our squad given our tactics (hoofball). He feeds the ball back to the defence who can then pass it across to Chambers (hence his need to be at right-back). Chambers can then hoof it forward. For next game;-

Chambers, Smith, Berra, Mings, Parr (back 5)
Anderson, Skuse,, Hyam (if fit), Tabb (midfield 4)
Varney (to be replaced at 60 by Wood or Murphy)

Tactics: Hoof...Hoof...Hoof....
Leeds United 2-1 Town - Match Report
by bluesince84 at 02:03:04

in a season of twists and turns and a barmy league there is only one guarantee. That we will play 442 next game, and Tabb will be the first names on the team sheet.
Leeds United 2-1 Town - Match Report
by guentchev at 01:56:11

Thought Varney and Wood was actually a good combination.

Simply outplayed by a better team on the night. Our hoofball has become routine and every team in this league knows how to play us now.

Chambers and Tabb are essential ingredients for our team given our style of play. It is also essential that Chambers plays on the right. MM's team selection is a good one and he's doing all he can with the players that we have. To criticise someone who has done so well with this team is unbelievable. MM has performed miracles as has TC. What a season we have had!

Which player most deserves to be dropped from Town's starting XI? by The_Last_Baron at 01:50:04
Just got home
by C_HealyIsAPleasure at 01:43 5 Mar 2015

I officially hate the A1, not to mention the time of year when various councils are frantically using up their road maintenance budgets

As for the footyball not really sure what to make of tonight's game really. It was a rather dull, tepid affair, and yet I'm befuddled as to how we managed to come away without at least a point

Most worrying aspect is the errors and general sloppiness creeping into our play, which is evident all over the park

Bialkowski clearly at fault for the opener and maybe time to be given a break, his confidence looks like it's diminishing by the week. All of that said, no idea what Mings was doinbr trying to take the player on then giving away the foul in the first place

Second goal nicely worked, happens unfortunately

As for us, hard to pick out anyone as playing particularly well other than Sears once again when he came on, even allowing for the fact there's no way his goal should have been let in. Of the two loan strikers, I actually thought Varney was the livelier of the two - Wood looks well short of full match fitness to me

Finally Murphy's penalty...the less said the better really. F*ck it

Must get back to business Saturday
McCarthy: We Should Never Have Lost
by Mr_Evans at 01:41:48

I wish the local media would stop pussy footing around with MM and ask him the following questions:
Why does he unbalance the team by playing Chambers, a CB, at RB to accommodate Tommy Smith.
Why is Parr, our full back, either not making the starting 11 or being played at RM.
Why does Tabb take our corners!? Any professional footballer who cannot beat the first man from a corner should be club fined. It's unbelievably slap dash.
Why have we not been properly informed to the seriousness of McGoldricks injury.
Why after stating that, and I quote, "I will only sign players that are better than what we already have", you then go and sign Varney and Chaplow? Who clearly do not offer anything more than what we already have.
Why do you travel to Leeds and quite clearly set up to play for a draw?
Why revert back to the hoof ball tactics that didn't work at the start of the season? When we changed to 433 we went on our best run of results since the Joe Royle days. Why change back? And still insist on packing the midfield with central players?
McCarthy: We Should Never Have Lost
by StowTractorBoy at 01:00:42

I too cannot believe the team MM put out tonight. I know it is easy to be wise after the event but the dropping of Sears to me is plain ridiculous. Also for heavens sake why can't a manager with the experience of ours not see that Chambers has got to play centre back with Berra al though he is worryingly wobbling a bit now. Despite the aforementioned our real problem is creativity from midfield and if Bishop is fit for Saturday he has to start and not on the flank MM but in central midfield. There has also got to be question marks over Bart now. Yes he does come for crosses but as a shot stopper and anticipating balls that come towards him he is looking shaky. I honestly believe we have hit the buffers and it will be a momentous task now to get into the play offs. Look at our run in and then look at that of Brentford. Saturday is so very important now and anything less than a win and our season could be coming to an early end. Tonight was disappointing enough for our fans and I have stupidly bought tickets for the trip to Middlesbrough. Once a blue always a blue and you never know in football but it does not look good at the moment.
Wigan's line-up tonight at Norwich
by Mach_foreignBlue at 00:38 5 Mar 2015

Looking at it and I wonder who are their Skuse, Tabb and Chaplow to 'stop Norwich playing'?

I see the players like Pennant, McClean, Bo Kyung-Him + two strikers. Hardly defensive approach, isn't it?

Seems like they went for it. Wonder why McCarthy couldn't have done the same last Sunday.
Best and worst fans in the top 2 league home and away...
by The_Romford_Blue at 00:35 5 Mar 2015

On a more light hearted note after tonight, who do yous think are the best and worst fans at home and away in the prem and the championship.

Based on combined atmosphere and banter and if they behave like pr1cks.

I'll go for..
Best home fans (Premiership) - Crystal Palace - those palace ultras are great I think
Worst home fans (premiership) - Sunderland - no atmosphere apart from Derby day with Newcastle
Best away fans (Premiership) - The two merseyside teams
Worst away fans (premiership) - west brom
Best home fans (championship) - Us (probably bias) or Derby
Worst home fans (chanpionship) - fulham - literally the quietest home support I've ever heard. And I have a dagenham season ticket...
Best away fans (chanpionship) - Middlesbrough (not Leeds cos they can be be11ends) - decent numbers across the country from where they are and not a huge club either
Worst away fans (chanpionship) - millwall - still some nutjobs there. As seen at Rotherham.

It should also be noted that these ratings are from what I've been to ground wise and TV games (I watch a lot of football) etc.
Also, I only wrote this thread cos I am bored. What do we reckon then folks?
McCarthy: We Should Never Have Lost
by Samassi100Abou at 00:31:52

He's stuck in a rut he now doesn't know what's he's best side due to the players he's brought in, varney? I mean come on he's ok for back up but to bring him in a massive away game when we have our top scorer and a pacey lad who's scoring on the bench?!! Par is a full back not a winger, tabb however hard he tries I don't think he would get into any top half of the tables starting 11, and punching the air chambers is the only good thing he gives us, trying to fit him in, he's a center half not a full back, hes not confident in precession ping ping ping, I have always defended mick as he's done a fantastic job but I must admit I'm scratching my head
Very poor tonight
by Mach_foreignBlue at 00:31 5 Mar 2015

It's hard to stay calm. For the first time ever McCarthy took over he truly angered me with his team selection. I'd day that was probably the most bizarre line-up ever. Said to my mates from Northern branch who I arrived with we might be better come back home.The line up with no pace, no creativity, no width, no invention. That proved to be the case in the dreadful first half. Apart from disallowed Varney's goal Leeds keeper Silvestri had an extremely quiet evening.
I can't question players' endeavour. They put a shift in terms of effort. However we played with zero tactical thought. Just hoof it forward and see what happens. Horrible hoofball. Long balls and looking for flick-ons.

We were a bit better and slightly more adventurous from the beginning of second half and Mings' header was well parried away by Silvestri. Seemed as if we could have snatched a winner as players were trying despite hopeless hoofballing tactics.

People have seen goals on TV. Time for Bialkowski to be back on the bench. Gerken hasn't done anything wrong to lose his place in the team. But in truth it shouldn't have been a free-kick but for stupid Mings' dance with the ball in front of the box. Why was he doing it? Totally needless free-kick.

And then Mr.McCarthy makes a panic substitution and sends Sears on. All of sudden the game's picture changes and we become a threat. Once again Sears was our best player as he'd torment their defence with his electric pace. Good goal though their keeper made a mistake too.

Leeds' second goal ridiculous too. How on earth Sharp got so much space from Smith and Berra to convert good delivery he got. Yet another of Smith's countless f**k-ups since the start of new year

Panic and desperate attacks but hardly any tactical thought in it. Even though that was a good save the Murphy's penalty was still weak.

To be honest Leeds young midfield deserves the credit. They sensed their chance given how hopeless tacticallly we were and went for it.

Am I TURNING against McCarthy? No way as he's been our best manager for years but his baffling team selections cost us games. WHY ON EARTH HE DOESN'T PLAY WINGERS? Just because they negate his defensive philosophy?
Poor Cameron Stewart, quick skillful winger can't get a game. Young promising Alex Henshall. I saw the latter earlier this season against Derby and what difference he made then. He played quick wingers like Kightly and Jarvis in his Wolves team years ago. Why doesn't he use this system here?

The middle of midfield?? Utter despair. Can anyone imagine players like Skuse and Tabb to be key ones in any other promotion chasing teams? No ball distribution, no playmaking. The only good thing about Tabb was his desire and graft as he chased every ball. Nothing else.

Defence........ central back continues as right back and we play two left footed CB's in the middle where one of them (Smith) ought to be dropped. Nothing is getting changed and only Mick knows why.

What's his reasonable explanation in dropping three influential players tonight? Rest? If that's the case why his beloved boy Skuse never get dropped when fit? How on earth doesn't he get 'rested' when others do?

If I had the chance I'd like to ask Evans or McCarthy what the clubs vision is. Lack of transfer activity last January, team selections are bizarre and subsequently results keep worsening.

We were 2nd in the league at New Year and three months later we play Varney upfront. Comedy !

Very downbeat and resigned tonight. For the first time ever Mick has let me down. And now he tells us in his post-match interview how he's 'pissed off'. It's his decisions, his team selection and tactic has cost us yet another game. I have always been one of his staunchest fans but I'm not going to blindly accept every his decision. Just want him to change his apprehensive approach.

Perhaps some people may be scolding me and telling 'keep the faith as the season isn't over'......... That faith? What should it be based on when team selections are bizarre to say the very least?
Leeds United 2-1 Town - Match Report
by NITFC at 00:28:16

The annoying thing is we actually went for it tonight and I enjoyed the game. We played better football than we have done for some time but some individual errors and the bizarre decision to drop Sears and Murphy cost us the points. Long midweek trip for no points. The pressure is really on now
Meanwhile tonight
by Garv at 00:23 5 Mar 2015

"The bottles coming out of the bucket didn't help me".

If we went up from this position ...
by Darth_Koont at 00:20 5 Mar 2015

... it would be one of Mick's lesser miracles for Ipswich over the past 2 years. Probably wouldn't even make the top 3 in fact.

1. In his first season, he keeps us up from a diabolical starting position.
2. A little over two years later we go top of the table even if it is just for an hour or two.
3. We have a side that is worth millions in potential transfers but cost thousands.
4. While improving the performances and results he also lowers the wage bill.
5. Achieves promotion despite being six points off the top with 11 games to go.

Keep the faith.
McCarthy: We Should Never Have Lost
by Suffolk_n_Good at 00:19:55

Please accept my apologies @michael11 I think my disappointment may have got the better of me!!
Leeds United 2-1 Town - Match Report
by Notts_tractor at 00:19:36

Beech, I'm sure there is a big difference, but even so it makes absolutely no difference because McCarthy likes to play the contrary, bloody-minded Yorkshireman who knows best even when things are staring him in the face.None of us mere spectators have any idea about the game and can't possibly have an opinion. And I think that's what most annoys me about McCarthy - his lack of humility and failure to acknowledge he might get things wrong sometimes. He builds a good team, finds a winning formula, but then seems to suddenly decide that it's too popular and he must resort to the dour, negative tactics which are his hallmark,and piss everyone off with bizarre team selections and rigid loyalty to under performers playing in alien positions.
McCarthy: We Should Never Have Lost
by andreuserisonside at 00:10:24

I went and just got back home . We could well have got a point after an even first half - where the offside apart we didn't have a shot . The sears and Murphy prep landed subs did bring more threat ... But too much long ball . I felt Mings had a decent game but chambo lacks delivery and the midfield rarely passed on the ground or forward . Average fare . The penalty miss costs us a bit of momentum and what might be a crucial point plus the chance of a grandstand finish . This month has started very badly , several tough games to come now and confidence ebbing .
Sure there will be more dropped points from all the teams ( thanks Wigan ) but I would amazed if top 2 is still a possibility soon . 6 th place now ? I'd take it without getting on the bus . Plus points ? Mings , Sears and a committed performance but overall precious little quality from either team . The championship is competitive but has a dirth of players who are skillful . 2 stars at best . Onwards to the bees , but the buzz is faint tonight
Leeds United 2-1 Town - Match Report
by beech1972 at 23:56:23

This may sound a stupid, half a bottle of Port drunk question.

Has anybody added up the points we got played 433 and 442 and seen the difference?

Just wondering if there is a big difference, as in starting out the game 442 or 433
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