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German football clubs welcoming migrants
by Superfrans at 15:50 3 Sep 2015

I'd be immensely proud of my nation and football club if they followed this example. This is how a civilised country behaves.

From BBC Online:
'German football giant Bayern Munich has announced a 'training camp' for asylum seekers, in which children and young people will receive German lessons, meals and kit. At the next home game on 12 September, the players will enter the arena holding the hand of a German child and an asylum seeker child, the club said.
One million euros from a friendly game will be donated to asylum projects.
"FC Bayern sees it as its social responsibility to help the refugees, needy children, women and men to support them and to accompany them in Germany," said club chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.'
Waterford Branch of Supporters Club Launched
by Steve_ITFC_Sweden at 15:36:30

Great to see how international we are as a club. The Swedish supporters are having their AGM in Stockholm same afternoon before watching the match.
Prediction Logged by by bluevein at 15:28:51
Reading v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Good te see that
by factual_blue at 15:28 3 Sep 2015

A much-needed charity has got new premises
getting in the sea
by BLUEBEAT at 15:28 3 Sep 2015

what's that all about then?
Interesting question at work
by Micknosehowtodoit at 15:24 3 Sep 2015

Well not really interesting but ended up into an interesting discussion.

Why do we pay to use the toilet in some places.

Surely we have no choice but to go for a pss or a sht, if required we can go where ever we please, but no, it's against the law and we must use toilets.

So, why is it ok for London stations to charge? granted it's not a lot but why should they be allowed to charge for something that we're being stopped from doing anywhere we want?
Looking a friend since 20 years from Ipswich (Jenny Atkison)
by Yael at 15:08 3 Sep 2015


My name is Yaël.
Hope someone can help me because my request is serious and true. I´m looking a very long time friend who worked in LE MANS (FRANCE) at pair 20 years ago. Her name is Jenny Atkison. She lived in Preston and i believe born in Ipswish. When i quit France, i lost all data contact in a travel plane, the father´s adress, phone etc. i try a lot of things. Someone can help me? I know, Jenny after Le Mans went to Corse for work, but after i lost trace. Sorry for my bad english.
Oar Unused Sub as Australia Win
by AlexGreen at 15:05:43

Long way to go to be an unused sub! Hope he gets on for the next one
Seeing as there a loads of property experts on here.....
by BigBluBen at 15:00 3 Sep 2015

.....have got an offer accepted on a house which has a 999 year leasehold (less the 101 years since it was built).

Nothing to worry about is it?
Cricket: Barney Ronay on the demise of cricket in Lewisham
by Steve_M at 14:45 3 Sep 2015

and the risks of cricket becoming a sport for the already converted is a nice whimsical piece of writing.

Android TV boxes
by Johnny_Boy at 14:38 3 Sep 2015

So after lots of research & a few suggestions - I opted to purchase the MX3 2GB TV box.
It arrived last night, fully loaded with KODI/XBMC. Cost me $65.

First impressions? It's tiny. Too wee. Seriously, it fits snugly in the palm of your hand.
Set up was straight forward. Remote control isn't as bad as I was expecting.
AC power cord was a little on the short side, it must be said.
Having problems getting AirPlay to work with Media Centre (not connecting) & issues with AirPlay not working properly with KODI (apparently after the last Apple update, only audio can be used with the current AirPlay - if you have an Android device, the Miracast should be fine)

So I only had 2hrs to browse the thing before I collapsed to bed.
Favourited a load to UK channels & a crap load of sports channels (UK - all Sky Sports 1-6 + F1, BT Sports) as well as USA (Fox Soccer 1 & 2, BeIn Sports 1-???, NBC Sports, PPV channels)

Plus all the regular UK + US TV channels.

I thought to myself at midnight, "This is an impressive bit of kit" - weird, because at the time I'd just stumbled upon Homes Under The Hammer on BBC2.

Well worth the money folks.
So 76 years ago today
by factual_blue at 14:32 3 Sep 2015

Britain declared war on Germany, and so joined the European War.
FAO Londoners who aren't going to Reading
by bluethroughnthrough at 14:17 3 Sep 2015

What does it take to get a 1 star restaurant review?
by hype313 at 14:08 3 Sep 2015
I hear a lot of work went on behind the scenes to get Oar
by Dolly_Verbiage at 14:02 3 Sep 2015

Apparently we really pushed the boat out.

Sorry, I'm bored.
Help needed pls. If you were to work at Heathrow...
by Truce at 13:36 3 Sep 2015

Where would you be looking to live. 4 bedrooms, schools preferably less than £500

What are the following like and how long would the commute be by car?

High Wycombe

Waterford Branch of Supporters Club Launched
by Currie10 at 13:32:33

Well done all.

As a member of the SW crew thanks to Tony and the gang I've met some absolute legends who I attend games with.

Being based in Bristol I have had to invite many a friend over the years to games with them not being hugely interested but now it's so easy to go games with people.

Also, every town game is shown in our designated pub in Bristol often with 20-30 people attending and it's rising. Helped massively by having 10+ games on the box last season.

Then there is meet the players - will meet Skuse tomorrow, met Marcus Stewart, we had Mings down last season and Terry Butcher.

It's been absolutely class.
Waterford Branch of Supporters Club Launched
by Dyland at 13:07:58

Good stuff folks. The pub to visit for any Town fan anywhere near the area. Up the Waterford and up the Town. COYFB :-)
Want a room in London? How about a shed in a house...
by MarcusEvansReborn at 12:52 3 Sep 2015

Only £530 a month to live in a shed in someone's living room
Migrant issue
by kizaitfc at 12:50 3 Sep 2015

As much as it pains me to see these devastating pictures

The truth is if we really were to open up our borders, the amount of migrants we would have come through would be astronomical, as the migrants would admit, and many have stated we are by far the most appealing country to migrate to due to our generous system.

The issues need resolving but opening our borders is most definitely not the answer we are one of the smallest countries and could not deal with it.

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