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Sarah's law
at 15:32 24 May 2017

I may be wide of the mark with what I'm saying here, purely as I've not done the research into it, however I believed Sarah's law was brought in so that parents could recognise a threat to their child within their neighbourhood/town etc (if I'm wrong please correct me)

Now, if there's 3500 on a terrorist watch list, they are watched for a reason, could this list be incredibly important to us all? So could they advise of threats in your area?

Just an idea
Is henshall still our player? (n/t)
at 12:53 24 May 2017

Mings was so desperate to play football yesterday
at 09:27 24 May 2017

As he wrote on Twitter, that he accepted the invite from a random Bournemouth fan to go play a bit of 5 a side lol
8 years old, 8!
at 21:44 23 May 2017

she would have known of no hate, not known this kind of evil could even be a thing, to quote a line from the film Trolls ( having a 5 and 2 year olds ) that little girl would have known life as being all 'cup cakes and rainbows'

I hope that poor little girl felt no pain, or heard the mayhem that went on.

8 years old
RIP (to all)
So then, is it Harry Wright that's caused a stir with his snap chat? (n/t)
at 13:26 23 May 2017

Surprises me
at 10:16 23 May 2017

That there's never been an attack like we are seeing at a football match.

I'd imagine many have been sniffed out before they could happen and we just haven't hear s about them, but with all those people in one place, the chance to cause utter mayhem must Ben so tempting for the terrorists.

Thank god we have the security services we do in this country
Whale on Felixstowe beach
at 20:44 21 May 2017

No she wasn't local, but a proper whale, Jeeeez the sea front stunk, anyone else down there and see/smell it today?

Poor old thing

However Felixstowe, lol, what a mess of a place
Found out something I didn't know yesterday
at 06:52 21 May 2017

Player A received a £1m bonus to remain with us when a large bid came in a couple of years back, a sweetener to stay here. Taking said players wage to approx £25k a week. Not bad if you can get it, then sit injured most of season (not that it's his fault)

How much do the club make from the Elton concert? (n/t)
at 10:57 18 May 2017

Huddersfield are the complete opposite to us aren't they
at 07:42 18 May 2017

Young intelligent exciting manager
An owner with an actual idea of what he's doing
A real togetherness within the club

Compare that to the mess ITFC are in, it really ia Million miles away

And I think I saw their budget was the same as Rotherham this season.
Wife just said
at 21:45 17 May 2017

'The commentator just asked 'is he brown?' That's a bit of a weird thing to say isn't it'

Commentator was in fact mentioning Hudds player 'izzy brown'

Sheffield Wednesday or Huddersfield...
at 19:48 17 May 2017

Who you wanna see win this?

Me... sheff weds, and win the final.
17 years ago, 17 friggin years ago!!!
at 11:08 17 May 2017

I was at school, unable to concentrate all day!

What was your build up to the game? The day? The pubs etc...

After school we were straight down the westgate ward social club so the grown ups could get suitably pissed, and me and cousins played football in the car park.

'Oh what a night
Year 2000 and the month was may
Jim magilton scored and saved the day
What a memory what a night'
Bolton playoff 2-2
at 12:21 15 May 2017

What I wanna know, is when Matt holland done his knee up then kick up, did he think, 'I'll put that infront of Stewart and he can shoot'
Or did he just simply think he was passing it to him?!
Ipswich star are running a story on should boys be allowed to wear dresses
at 12:08 15 May 2017

At school.


(I already know most of the views that'll be taken on this by certain posters, especially Bentley who is probably in a nice frilly frock as we speak)
And whilst on the subject of the Andre Dozzell song
at 21:41 13 May 2017

When we play them the words should be changed to

'His dad was fcking class
His uncle kicked ya arse'
2000 down, dress it up however you want, that's bad
at 20:55 11 May 2017

Add to that the 1000 from previous season...

I'd suggest we are now at hardcore level (many will have their own opinions on these 10,000 I know. Words such as deluded blind loyal mad crazy could be used) and to be honest I've no idea what I am in all that

But another season of sht investment, keifer Moore signings and terrible football and I'm sure even herby and something will agree, that level will drop further!

If ME wouldn't listen to the board with ST price ideas will he listen to them for match day tik and bundles to be offered? I think not.

Future is very very worrying
Rip crazy kenny (Ipswich town centre character!)
at 18:26 11 May 2017

If you grew up in Ipswich or shopped in town centre in last 30 years you'll have seen the old boy walking around happily chatting to himself!
Have I missed the 'RIP to the 56 in Bradford disaster' post today? (n/t)
at 17:59 11 May 2017

Struggled to pass the ball or keep it in play all season
at 09:22 9 May 2017

His attitude in interviews summed up what I felt many players thought also

He won't be missed

Can't wait to see smith now show MM he was the better option all along
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