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What a waste of cheese
by intercept12 at 04:50 23 Sep 2014

He was in the wrong job
Missed the game
by factual_blue at 03:08 23 Sep 2014

Didn't arrive in Philadelphia in time. Intercourse took longer than we all expected, and after a charming lady gave us a tour of the local back roads, we all did Intercourse again.

Sounds like a good game.

Our first goal...
by SitfcB at 02:45 23 Sep 2014

...from the beginning of the move to the ball hitting the net it was a bloody good goal. If Chelsea or Arsenal had scored that it'd be analysed and analysed to the death.

Hyam started it, help out in the middle of it then finished it off after a great cross from Mings, not that dissimilar to Chelsea's goal v Man City although ours started a bit higher up the pitch.

Not bad for a 'hoof ball' team. Let's hope for more of the same...!

So good to see pace all round the pitch
by Ryorry at 01:26 23 Sep 2014

Something we've lacked for a long time (tho must admit I haven't been to a game for quite a while with the house renovations having taken over my life for the past 13 months).

Well done to the fitness coach & TC too, that looked like a mile a minute game, and withstanding the onslaught at the end must have really tested the players, mentally and physically.
Interesting night
by bluesfranc at 01:04 23 Sep 2014

So I was ready to go to the pub to watch the game tonight when the fire alarm went off in my halls of residence, obviously I left everything in my room thinking ill be back in with in 5,10 minutes... That was 6pm, I'm still not allowed back in my halls as there is a potential for a chemical explosion across the road... I therefore missed the game as I had no money.instead of watching town win, I've spent my evening not knowing if I have somewhere to stay for the night, not what I wanted from my night!
Got back from Wigan
by Mach_foreignBlue at 00:49 23 Sep 2014

Chuffed as f**k as our performance merited 3 points.

A few thoughts. Before that I need to make a special praise for Skuse. I've always been very quick to slate him but today he was really good. Real calming influence in the middle and quite active until he got subbed.

This time last month I was very frustrated and unhappy with performances against Reading and Birmingham. What an utter contrast today where yet again (Derby 2nd half was the previous one) we dominated proceedings against them who is widely tipped to finish in the top 6.

Even if we had lost today I wouldn't have been too upset as our performance was really good.

Mick has changed his approach ever since Norwich game. We no longer restricting ourselves to hoofball and defensive 4-4-2. Even his 'haters' and Paul Taylor brigade have to admit that.

It needs to be said that todays game has proved yet again we aren't reliant solely on McGoldrick. He himself actually hasn't had one of his good days today.

Murphy and Mings my MOTM. Sammon, Bishop and Skuse not much worse.

Wonder if certain members are going to keep telling us how wrong Mick was to get rid of Taylor. The best thing is to sell him in January as we don't need him in the team.

Most of people have seen the game so everyone has his own opinions.

I've been one of those who has been bemoaning lack of quality in midfield. Ever since Norwich game I honestly don't know what to think about that. Do we need Williams then? Or Collison?

All of sudden Mick has a selection headache and long may it continue.

Well done
by JimInGreensboro at 00:36 23 Sep 2014

One way or the other, we are a dramatic team in the final 10 minutes.
Big ups to Gerks for his positioning, to Mings for making it look easy, to Sammon for his rugby goal and to the whole side for determining to take all 3 back home.
We need more stops in midfield, but loads to like out of today's game. COYB!
So I missed the game cause I was working late so I sky +'d it..
by Blueastheycome at 00:11 23 Sep 2014

Did a complete news blackout and switched my phone off..arrived home from work around 10pm with a few beers and the sky remote in hand...watched the game intently until the 82nd minute when Wigan scored...and I must admit.. I CAVED and google'd the score!! In my defence I must admit in my heart and hearts I know I wouldn't be able to deal with the anxiety and stress of the last 10 mins so bit the bullet and got the result over and done with!!! Well done lads cracking result and safe journey home to the town fans heading back to East Anglia tonight
Uwe Rosler - “Ipswich came with a clear plan and tried to rough us up"
by MaySixth at 23:43 22 Sep 2014

Make mine a pint of bitter

I do hope Town fans analyse the Domino's team photo on the bus
by callis at 23:42 22 Sep 2014

as much as they did the Taylor photo where he had a Subway and a bottle of Coke.

Ahhh, good times.
Rosler - WOT???
by Smithy at 23:29 22 Sep 2014

Uwe Rosler: "I completely disagree with Mick McCarthy about them dominating the game, I do not know which game he saw." #itfc

So was tonight our smallest away following since who knows when?
by ITFC_Forever at 23:28 22 Sep 2014

Haven't seen the official figure, but couldn't be more than 300 at most.
My love for Berra grows each game...
by bluesym at 23:24 22 Sep 2014

Great business from Mick...
by Liastro_3109 at 23:12 22 Sep 2014

What makes our performance tonight and start to the season all the more satisfying is the fact that the entire 18 man squad tonight cost just £10,000 in transfer fees! Incredible stat, and just shows how accomplished Mick is in terms of working on a budget.
To all the Norwich idiots who go on about us being such a dirty team...
by radiogaga at 23:11 22 Sep 2014

These statistics make interesting reading don't they...,,10794~20147,00.html
Two goals from home and too near the bone
by Mullet at 23:08 22 Sep 2014

A year to the day since our last visit to the DW and the oddities of fixture fate proved inconsequential to another changed Town. With all the world watching at home, bar a few phonebox loads inside the Wigan ground Mick made two changes to the personnel and many to the approach for tonight.

Not afraid of the unpopulist vote, Sammon came in to lead the campaign alongside Murphy. Didsy sat just behind in the hole. The introduction of Hyam saw the midfield become a V-shape with Skuse in the sweeping sweet spot. The perfect receptacle for loose balls and the cut and thrust one might expect of a night out in Wigan. The strawberry blonde fluff of Hyam and Bishop provided cover in front. An unchanged back five meant that both fullbacks had acres of space and plenty of wingers to attack without the sickly Jay to help keep Tabbs on errant runners.

Wigan would come at Town with all the pace and robust attack we've come to expect from them. An early dive conceded by Murph would be flicked downwards inches from goal and over. These fussy forays early on soon gave way to more muted and measured passing from both sides.

The tangerines of Town would take time to truly threaten but a long range drive from Murph produced a smart stop before being followed by Mings' first run at goal. The rapid rise of Tyrone saw McG scoop high but the lack of right foot from the left back meant a lack of rasper to ripple the net as he ended up near the far byline.

Skuse made himself available on the right end of a loose ball fairly often, when he did so just before the break to set Murphy through, he added a highlight from the best of the bunch. With the energy of the two academy graduates ahead it showed that for all Wigan's countering and cantering forward off the back foot, Town were content to pull and push with the best of them tonight. A poor linesman and officious official gave an edge to the first 45. Some dodgy deflections and decisions irking hosts more than us all too often but it always looked to provide controversy. Before that though came class.

Murphy ran, defender bounced, Hyam flicked and ran. McG made his body open, passed no-looky to Mings, a run inside and as bodies came together in the far end, Hyam emerged from the carnage arms aloft in celebration. Ball despatched, lead snatched. Mmm, tasty. Had Sammon's rear sent the ball en route to goal from good McG work shortly after it'd have been double joy, alas Wigan would break.

At the back Town looked solid if not all that serene. Berra in his new Mogga vogue put a new twist on an old chant when Wigan looked to break down the right, with the ever dangerous McManaman. Charging forward with longshanks pumping it was leg up, man up, you're over the line. A lucky yellow and no throw in as the first of two talking points were planted in the ground.

The second came again in rather bizarre fashion. Mings' commitment to the cause often leaves space behind and as he sought to chase down a free runner, the striped shirt skidded to the turf, having looked cannily to cross the #3's path. A certain red, was again yellow and Town's potential 9 lived on with both defenders avoiding early baths. A decision the ref might need to explain in the morning.

Town would look to work the space behind Wigan's width and did so with mostly good results. The middle V, tight and tidy for the most part allowed us to pick and pull at our recent bogey side. It was however, the simple law of possession which kept us on top as the half came to a close. Wigan having to sub dangerman McManaman well before the break came, signalling that the opening was not all that grand as far as they were concerned.

A second half with Town firing right us travelling few, erupted. Perch nearly knocked his side out of the game, selling Carson short. The once bearded stopper rushed out to meet McG, who post injury lacked the yard to do him. A close call and a sign of things to come. With the game poised nicely the hour came and our midfield composure left the field. Skuse made way for Bru as the central 3 held a flatter more fluid line.

Soon after it would allow Town to stream forward and the nearly fouled Sammon, returned the ball to McG who did the weaving which allowed the former Latic to almost join the ball in the net as he walked home instinctively. 2 up, all up, a mighty noise from the tiny travelling contingent.

Town looked likely to make it three as tonight's MOTM showed it was Murphy not Murdoch who would run the channels like a boss. Causing havoc to the home side's backline with a lot of front to try beat Carson before his touch eluded him. Soon after good work from Didsy would produce an unusually poor finish. Bending the ball wide with the outside of his right to muted growls of frustration. With that, a new look Town bid Teddy a goodnight and said hello to an old face finally. Yellow boots emerged on the chalk and crossing the line to replace the cramped up Bishop was Ambrose. For a brief second the DW became dustbowl, I'm sure.

The hosts weren't dead or buried just yet and with Town finding a third all too hard the Lancastrians showed us how it was done in spectacular style. A missile from the left hand side blasted towards goal hit former Fox Waghorn on the way in and Athletic poached one off us. The numerous corners they kept winning, finally shaped up to put the game back on a knife's edge.

Larynx and heart muscles straining in the stands as Town legs looked dead in the face of persistent Latic build ups. Tense shouts in the final throes saw Wigan toss a good chance away with a tame header down Gerken's throat. The big boys of Murphy and Sammon left McG the sole point of the Town side up front as we backed up and blocked up every hole we could see. Soon that would change with Smith adding height and numbers to the dam they were trying to bust apart.

With the final whistle, 3 points secured at the cost of many nails and many miles for some tonight. It's another win and no small ask. Tonight was all about the magic of TV it seems.
I love Mick McCarthy
by Fixed_It at 23:06 22 Sep 2014

Sammon celebrated joyously after netting against one of his old clubs and McCarthy says he’s no fan of the modern fad for players not to celebrate against their previous employers.

“I think it’s bollocks that, personally,” he said. “I think it’s the biggest load of nonsense ever. Are you ever going to go back to that club?

“My club’s Ipswich, I’ve had a few, but let me tell you I’m not bothered about who we’re playing against. If we win I’ll be giving it large, and that’s from every club I’ve been at. My loyalty is to Ipswich.”

Our most interesting result and performance for some time
by SomethingBlue at 23:03 22 Sep 2014

That was quite something really. You're always going to ride your luck at some point, and we did at the end (if we're to be critical, the substitutions were not the best I think) but it's impossible to look beyond the positives tonight. We totally outfought and, when needed, outplayed one of the division's better teams on their home turf and came away with the kind of result we haven't managed in recent years. We have a long way to go, and I for one felt more pessimistic than I had in years on the morning of the Derby game, but with this management team you keep on feeling that anything might, by hook or by crook, be possible.

A word for Hyam – regardless of the goal, that may have been his best performance in an Ipswich shirt. Mings seems to be thriving on the extra expectation, too. It is nice to be talking about players like this.
Tongue in cheek from Berra
by Waffer at 22:54 22 Sep 2014

Berra had tongue in cheek literally when he took Mcmanan out.Thats the way to stop oppositions only threat.
Just a shout out for Gerks.
by homer_123 at 22:54 22 Sep 2014

That's three matches on the bounce that he has played a positively pivotal role.
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