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Wolverhampton Wanderers v Ipswich Town Your Report added by billlm at 16:36:35
Ok game good point at this time
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Ipswich Town Your Report added by aljames at 16:15:50
Competent defensive display & hard working throughout the side. Quality of passing & goal scoring creation a long way from Premier quality, but MM & all the fans would love that to be a concern prior to the start of next season. We are in pole position & 2 games to hold onto it.
Ipswich Town v Cardiff City Your Report added by unstableblue at 21:19:10
Well that was good wasn't it? No, I mean was it? was it?! I just can't tell anymore. Certainly the 17k fans for such a critical game suggests something is not quite right, combined with what I thought was a relatively subdued atmosphere until Fabiogate, then the 48% possession stat at home, plus being walked through with abandon, oh and a dodgy player choice, and of course sustained hoofing from the usual suspects - it all left one feeling a little odd at times.

But do you know what who gives a feck about these worries! The aesthete blue tribe (of which I WAS a fully paid up member, but now only a sympathiser) will continue to not buy-in to this Mick project. But last night the work rate of the Town players was just absolutely phenomenal! the purchase of Sears and also how Freddie has bought-in to Mick's ethos of everyone defends is just brilliant.

But let's just clear away some of those niggling concerns before the gushing. Hunt was atrocious, truly he had no touch whatsoever, and wasted his chance and place in the team. Anderson looked completely shot when he came on, he has nothing to give currently (well apart from the mandatory closing down). Our Polish keeper was looking decidedly unsteady to boot, his Cardiff peer completely steady in contrast. Also Chambo and Smith, whooooa, stop the fecking hoofin, "WHY DO THEY KEEP DOING IT?" (said the neutral mate I'd brough along). And yes why do you persist? It’s Freddie Sears mostly on the end of them, it brings the ball back on us, and in the case of Cardiff with pace and guile.

So yes Cardiff were good. Just dynamic, pace, short passing and movement. Everything we have in only 2 or 3 players only. What Cardiff lacked was a Freddie Sears and a Daryl Murphy. Mings and Berra stood up to the onslaught very well. Smith less so, but he still did what was needed.
This was a much better performance all round, yes some headless punting, but Berra showed how to be direct in the right way. I was right behind our first goal, and Berra really did look up before launching long. And of course Sears is just in the groove, albeit a handy deflection actually beat the keeper rather than Freddie’s strike.

But there were 3 things that stood out for me in this game, 3 MEN, Skuse, Bishop and Parr. These guys worked so frickin hard. I swear Parr was on steroids the amount of the game he was covering. But do you know the difference with these 3?? They also have touch, move and possess a short pass. It worries me when Mick lauds Varney in his post-match comments and hankers for his return. Yes Varney has added value, I like him, but it’s just too one dimensional. It encourages punting.

Probably the best game I’ve seen Berra play in a town shirt. Yes he had the wunder strike. And mein gut he hit that sweetly. But it was the interceptions, the spraying of the ball – sadly sometimes to Chambo/Smith for an aimless punt. But often to the excellent Mings.
Oh Mings – please don’t leave. He’s played better yes. But his athleticism and growing calmness shone out. And yes he does punt forward to get out of trouble sometimes, but he also breaks forward or finds the pass into central midfield.

Oh Daryl, yes he was up against a LARGE and also on form adversary in his Cardiff centre back marker, but he had his touch firing, and his partnership with Sears is growing by the game. His finish for the third was I thought superb, one of those stabs, which was him thinking faster than the keeper and giving him no chance.

So all in all a wonderful victory against a surprisingly strong team for their position. Bring on the Wolves. I think Skuse, Parr, Sears, Murphy are coming into form at just the right time!
Ipswich Town v Cardiff City Your Report added by dalinghooblue at 11:37:00
Great performance which lifted the crowd who, in turn, lifted the team. Terrific 'I Was There' moment from Cole Skuse, our most underrated player. As a former class 1 referee and assessor, I thought the referee was a disgrace, the worst in a long line of poor officials we have had this season. He wasn't fit to officiate in a Sunday Pub League ( no offence intended to any players in those leagues)
Ipswich Town v Cardiff City Your Report added by Sospiri at 09:20:05
Great that Mick picked an attacking team today. Why doesn't he always do this? We play so much better when he does. Hasn't he noticed yet?
Ipswich Town v Cardiff City Your Report added by Pilgrimblue at 08:40:35
Best I've seen from Skuse. Hope that gives him confidence for more!
Ipswich Town v Cardiff City Your Report added by harlingblue at 00:02:26
A great nights entertainment, thankyou to the whole team....and what a strike from Skuse, now that's a first goal for the club to remember.
Ipswich Town v Cardiff City Your Report added by ericclacton at 23:36:25
Wonderful night, best game I've seen for a while, still high, bye.
Ipswich Town v Cardiff City Your Report added by chrisbobs at 23:20:03
One of the most enjoyable matches of the season - Skuse, Berra & Freddie all outstanding, though everyone played a part, best atmosphere for a while, and what a goal from Skuse!!! And to cap it all, a comedy ref. Outstanding evening's entertainment!
Ipswich Town v Cardiff City Your Report added by bluelady at 23:08:57
Tom were you drunk Saturday? We were diabolical!!! Great performance tonight a total contrast toSaturday
Ipswich Town v Cardiff City Your Report added by TomJamesLW at 22:48:48
Didn't think we played much differently than we did on Saturday. Only negative I can say is Stephen Hunt IMO rarely puts in a good display and lacks much ability. He can't even get a corner past the first man! Rest of the team put in their usual shift and played some clever stuff. Good performance and great result.
Ipswich Town v Blackpool Your Report added by ChestnutSe at 21:33:43
Really great entertainment today. Whoever writes the scripts needs to take more account of the workload at Ipswich A&E, especially as heart patients usually end up at Norwich hospital.
Ipswich Town v Blackpool Your Report added by ericclacton at 19:33:34
Sears, what a classy player, good signing, the game was completely mental to watch, still in there.COYB.
Huddersfield Town v Ipswich Town Your Report added by Mach_foreignBlue at 23:40:20
We've been proud of this team throughout the season and rightly so. Unlike to what we had to endure under Magilton, Keane and Jewell players seem to be wanting to play for the shirt. Take that factor out and what else can we offer? Not much. We're really harmless and that proved to be the case today.

Yet another baffling team selection from Mick and first half brought back all nightmares of Jewell era. I wonder whether he was in the dressing room to set the team up. Except Chaplow and Varney rest of our players seemed to lack passion and we made so many stupid errors. Add to this frightening lack of quality.

We were architects of our downfall today. Our worst enemies. There was literally nothing in the game when Fryers gave the ball way and Wells duly utilised this gift.

Murphy wasted a glorious chance as after rounding Smithies their defender clear the ball off the line. Except that no threat from us.

Second goal was ridiculous too. You can see goals like that on the training pitch. Perfect header from Vaughan as he was unmarked. Shocking defending.

0-2 at half time against the opposition who have had nothing to play for. Performance brimmed with individual errors from us + terrible defensive lapses. One of the worst games from us I've ever seen.

And what did Mick do? Two changes and one of them in taking Chaplow off and leaves terrible Tabb on was astonishing as former was our best player. The only good thing was taking that horrible donkey Wood off.

Bizarrelly it was Tabb who delivered the ball to Varney that ended up with the goal. We were full of hopes but it was clear to see we sadly lacked quality. Horrible hoofing and completely unable to make simple passes that could have unlocked their defence.

Big ovation when Williams was introduced. Unfortunately he seemed unfit and not the same player we know. Unlike the first half we had a few attacking minded players in the second one but we lacked organisation and tactical thought throughout. Total chaos.

Loads of Town fans including myself were far from happy with Fryers' performance. He had a mare indeed and I'm not going to spend the time to slate him. Why? Because other players had a bad day too and Tommy Smith gets away with his long catalogue of horror mistakes since January as some people keep defending him.

The rest of defence was poor too. Chambers dear me he was shocking too. Completely useless and inaccurate even in hoofing. The day to forget for him without a shadow of doubt.

Skuse? Scared of ball, unable to make a good pass....... but he gets away with that as this is his role on the pitch isn't it?

Tabb - very poor. In the first half he kept giving away the ball every time he got it.

Chaplow and Varney - players who wanted it most today. Unwanted at their parent clubs so they're fighting to win a contract with us.

Murphy - he looks totally jaded and knackered. Really harmless except that one chance in the first half.

Sears and Wood. This is what truly annoyed me. When the f**k McCarthy is going to understand that Sears HAS TO START EVERY GAME? He's earned the place in the starting '11' yet for some reason Mick doesn't see that. What was his reasoning in leaving Sears on the bench? Huddersfield had one day less to rest than us so don't fathom why he didn't start.

As for Wood this useless donkey can go back to Leicester for me. Total waste of space and little wonder Leicester don't need him in their relegation battle. He's done literally sod all since arriving.

The conclusion is obvious after what we've seen today as WE AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH. We had a 'perfect' opponent today to play. The opponent who had nothing to play for and less time to recover after weekend games than us. Yet we lacked quality throughout to cause them real problems. If you want to make top 6 you need to be beating teams like them.

Probably everyone has a Blackpool game as an 'sure win' in their league calculators. The funny thing is that if we beat them people will keep screaming that we're back in it, we have a chance to make play-offs. The reality is that we aren't good enough no matter if we somehow get top 6 place.

It's quite depressing. We sat firmly 2nd at New Year. We knew what was required to have a chance to sustain it and now even 6th place is drifting away but I'm not surprised at all. You can't rely on dreadful hoofing all the time. 'Sometimes' we need different solutions particularly from midfielders, we need plan B and C.
Huddersfield Town v Ipswich Town Your Report added by chorltonskylineblue at 23:09:40
An atrocious first half against a bang average team, shown by how they went into their shell when under the cosh after the break. Scannell, Wells & Vaughan are handy, especially Wells who troubled our defence all afternoon. But other than them Huddersfield should have been no bother for us.

But then a baffling starting 11. We spent all of the first half knocking it long into the far corners with no wingers on the pitch. We won the odd knock down, but with no one on the end of it. I know Chris Wood has come with a big reputation (presumably from his Leicester promotion) but maybe he works well with pacy wingers, which we lack. He added mothing for us, which seems to be the case since he joined. We were also getting ovverrun in midfield with no one prepared or capable to out their foot on the ball and pass to someone in the same coloured shirt. Half-time really was a relief.

The change in our style after the break was startling. Suddnely we started passing through the middle, just as Huddersfield had done in the first half. We looked all over them in the first 10 minutes or so. But we seemed to lose momentum too quickly. They put 10 men behind the ball and too many players had an off day - Murphy really didn't have a good game. I saw him limping once or twice (a knock?) and he really wasn't at the races.

As for the rest. Struggling to see why so many teams have paid good money for Fryers. I guess with only 2 games at Palace since he signed (both cup games I think) he's understandably going to be off the pace. He was poor and we have to hope Mings' enforced break has rejuvenated him.

Can't see why people are criticising Berra. He headed balls into our end away all afternoon and looked the one steady presence when all were losing their heads at the back.

In short, too small a squad to sustain a challenge meaning we've had to assimilate loan signings throughout the season, but especially now. Don't get me worng not all of them have been bad, but some would not have looked out of place in the late Jewell era.
Huddersfield Town v Ipswich Town Your Report added by Ryorry at 22:23:29
Scannell - excellent - MotM - can we buy him pls ME ...?

Why didn't Sears start?

Our back 4 were shocking beyond belief esp in first half, thought Fryers the best actually - anyone would have struggled to cope with Scannell, and Fryers did at least manage to get a few good challenges & interceptions in on him.

Our passing was absolutely woeful, I'd be surprised if completion rate was more than about 30%!

After their first goal went in any confidence drained out of us, and sideways/backwards passing was the norm about 80-90% of the time...
Huddersfield Town v Ipswich Town Your Report added by dalianwasexciting at 21:18:27
The only positive is that being a Yorkshire based blue, its only an hour home! A first half so dire I cannot recall anything as bad, even in the Duncan days. Defensively naïve, tactically inept, impotent up front and non-existant in midfield. I felt at half time that we needed to work out were actually playing in Orange. The Huddersfield team was efficient, pacy and more importantly up for it, Before the game the side picked seemed to be a typical "away point" line up, and it proved even worse.

I don't want to castigate any individuals but Fryers looked out of his depth, Wood like a carthorse. Chaplow was neat and tidy but ineffectual.

After the break we perked up, initially looking good with Varney scoring an excellent far post header from a Tabb cross (the only one I can recall us putting in). I also am amazed just how difficult it is for Town to take a throw in, so many times there was no movement.

Man of the Match for us, Freddie Sears - oh why oh why did he not start????
Huddersfield Town v Ipswich Town Your Report added by Mullet at 19:32:51
The sun beatdown like early 90's LA cops on this Easter Monday clash, as Ipswich looked to emulate a past side of a roughly similar vintage. But the sinister chill in the air forewarned of things that would soon have Town fans in the foetal position. Wood, Murph and Varney the preferred attack, whilst Fryers again deputised for the suspended Mings and Chaplow took to the starting line-up. A back three for the home side suckered Town into a clear 4-3-3 for much of the opening moments. The incongruence of the shapes of both sides was leaving plenty of empty space, but Town were limited to sweeping up a mess of their own doing.

The early play was bright enough. A great counter attack contrived to give Tabb a decent chance at the back post from a lovely cross. The Terriers managed to block and squirm the ball away however to keep deserved parity.

Fryers looked excellent for all of 12 minutes, dealing with being outnumbered calmly one minute before turning heroics into horror. Undercooked pass was gleefully taken by Wells. With still plenty to do, Berra parted for him so he could apply a slick finish past Bart. Disaster, feint alarm across the near 1500 behind the goal chimed amid the din of celebratory Terriers.

Tabb again had a hand in Town's best chance of the game. Flicking forward, the loose ball was taken by Murphy. Bearing down on goal, he rounded the keeper with class. The manner of which took him too far wide for too long and his finish was soft enough to be kept off the line. Hope, deadly hope sprang forth but the nature of the miss was lost on no one.

As the ball seemed to evade the Town midfield, only Chaplow really looked happy to play a pass, but he did so hurriedly and wastefully too often. After his golden chance Murphy failed to shine, while the always busy Varney had a lot of touches but couldn't make his presence felt deep enough as Town slipped back into each others' paths too often.

If the opener had been careless, the second was crafted from our own deficiencies. Pushed back and crowded. A box full of orange wasn't enough to make Ipswich immune from a well worked looping movement that saw Vaughan nod past a stranded Bialkowski on the half hour. Dejection. The fact that the assist had come from another former Canary in Butterfield salted the wounds of a sluggish Ipswich.

All the signs had been there earlier and when the former budgie flew unchecked and produced an overhead kick from close range which the Polish stopper kept out with his chest. It was a moment that lacked fireworks but sparked belief amongst the Terriers that they might hump us. The poor Berra picked up another needless booking, returning a short ball toward Fryers it was intercepted by the ever impressive Scannell. Chopping him down as the half and byline intersected the Scot knew what he was doing and what he was getting.

The heads of the whole side seemed to drop and it was the vain flicks of Wood and Varney that yielded little other than clear evidence of Town's play at either end being criminal. A lad of Wood's size can not be fed on scraps alone, and the chips were very much down as half time came and one wondered what might be said. The tongue can taste both sweet and sour and Yorkshire ones were dishing out words of both flavours no doubt.

A rest can be as good as a change, so Mick made two during half time. Sears had been called for by the congregating mass throughout most of the first half. He appeared alongside Bishop and they seemed to be the twin engines on which McCarthy's rocket had been placed. Electrifying the whole support from the off, they combined sweetly with those already in situ to find Tabb on the left. The little man wandered inside and a wonderful cross was crashed home by Varney. Relief, sweet as belief, it quenched the thirst of those fearing we'd been hung out to dry after just one half.

For all the excitement of the run in, Town were chasing a game needlessly and the exertions of Friday gave way to foul mouthed exhortations in the stands. We looked to have taken a heavy toll on all. If the sleepiness of the Suffolk side plagued the first half, it merely sickened the second. Despite better movement on and off the ball, a more pleasing passing game was few and far between.

When Tabb was removed for the eagerly anticipated Williams the fairly subdued Town support rose physically and spiritually. If the second wave of changes had any hope of resurrecting us, Williams was the man to inspire belief and devotion.

Before that a excellent double save from a corner meant Bartman kept us well and truly in the game and singing the praises of another fine act of gloving from the Pole. It's hard not to make the case that Ipswich might have been dead and buried there and then. The game rocked back down the other end as momentum shifted with the neon flashes of Bishop, Sears and Williams the trinity of all attacking purpose and intent today.

The introduction of the Welshman meant that bar Skuse in his shielding role the midfield was not only expansive but costing us defensively. Huddersfield were quite happy to absorb pressure knowing that a wealth of men who need space to run could be nullified with disciplined herding and harrying.

Williams won the odd free-kick knowing exactly where the opposition's legs were. A training ground routine that saw Chambers fire straight into the first man, summed up all the good such rare chances to be direct might do. Long ball, more like wrong ball all too often today. With two goals to chase McCarthy's men simply gave themselves too much today, and nowhere near enough time to do it in.

Scannell may have tormented a skittish looking Fryers but the impressive Gobern did enough front and back and to say in Ipswich faces and phase out much of our intent on equalising. As time ran out, Huddersfield trotted out defenders and packed the back end to leave themselves comfortable. The time it took them to make such changes didn't go unnoticed by a whistling and jeering chorus from the Suffolk side of the ground.

The hosts still troubled our goal with set piece and long drives that forced more good work and good fortune. Smith at the other end had one of the better efforts. Trying to repeat goalscoring form of old by curling from distance. Celebrating as it went toward goal, did no good as it bounced harmlessly wide.

Town fans are not adverse to a bit of nostalgia and while the 1st half might have seen us wind the tape back to the month before Mick got here, we never got it as far forward as the months were Town were indomitable this season. Much like Birmingham earlier in the season we gifted two goals and as a team conspired to throw Berra and the ball aimlessly up front in the hope of a late draw. The plan did not come together.

There is little place to hide and few numbers one can throw up to deny the significance of today. All credit must go to Huddersfield who battled and bit at town throughout and earned the win. One might be forgiven though, that in a race so tight and close to the wire Ipswich tipped themselves up today.

Huddersfield Town v Ipswich Town Your Report added by dannyrr at 19:26:42
Not worth rating players as it was an awful performance and the team selection was pointless. Murphy and Woods are the same type of players and do not complement each other. When will we be creative?
Huddersfield Town v Ipswich Town Your Report added by brazil1982 at 19:03:35
The worst 1st half I've seen this season. Terrible, terrible result.
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