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Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by mow_the_lawn at 09:46:49
Chambers and Smith simply can't deal with balls over the top. When they both play in the centre together we expose ourselves to conceding Sunday league goals at most opportunities. And when Chambers and Smith play right back and right centre half its apparent from the teams we play that they've all identified the ball inside the full back as their best attacking option. Just look at the cause of most of the goals we've conceded so far. We desperately need a proper experienced right back and only ever one of chambers or smith on the pitch at the same time. And please, please don't play Gerken again. He bring the defence so far on to himself it's hard to believe he's been professionally coached at times. How about coming out of your 6 yard box at times.
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by Sospiri at 09:45:09
BrightonEye: Thanks for the feedback.
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by BrightonEye at 00:42:25
I came to Portman Road expecting a bit of a tonking, to be honest, 2-0 or worse. Instead, I was astonished to witness the best performance by a Brighton side for many months. Reading your reports, I can't help feeling you're being overly hard on your own side – how many teams would be unaffected by losing so many first-team regulars?

Despite those early setbacks, the performance and work-rate of Sears and McGoldrick took the eye. But it was surprising to find Mick of all people fielding such inexperienced players on the day. I'm sure you'll be fine for the rest of the season and look forward to our encounter at the Amex in December.
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by ChestnutSe at 11:53:33
An entertaining game. Shame to lose but Brughton deserved it. Town were roasted a bit and out fought in midfield. I thought Josh Emmaneul did ok but he had a tough job. I was disappointed not to see Bart in goal but I could understand Micks thinking. I thought Douglas looked knackered. miles was remarkably quiet. Sears was good and Pitman did ok. He is deceptively good in the air but we obviously missed Murph up front. Fraser had another decent game and Tommy was excellent as usual. Onward and upwards. It's a long season and we have made a good start with a much stronger squad than we had last year.
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by finleyitfc at 10:38:55
That match showed how important Berra is to the defence. Losing him to injury is going to make this month tough.
Knudsen, Sears, Fraser and McGoldrick played well.
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by rachelsdad at 10:21:03
great fight back second half but in truth we were never a match for a good Brighton side. playing against a pacey attack and midfield just shows our shortfalls in defence. For all their efforts Smith and Chambers just have not got the pace or skill to match. Badly missed Berra, Emmanuel struggled on his home debut and Naitland -Miles played as though he had been out on the Town the night before, no interest or effort. Fraser and Sears played well and bringing on McGoidrick at half time improved things but a peformance well below what is needed to challenge in this league. Early days, just a hiccup,better things to come.
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by RegencyBlue at 21:11:31
We just never turned up, simple as that. Brighton are a good side but we made them look like world beaters today.

2-3 makes it sound like a close game but in reality we were never in it! Could easily have shipped 5 or 6 today and that first half was the worst I've seen from a Town team in a long time. Defensively we looked disorganised and the midfield was completely overrun.

Gerken worried the hell out of me every time a long ball/cross came his way and overall this was a game to forget.
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by LegendofthePhoenix at 20:29:46
Gerken's reluctance to come off his line pulls the whole team back. instead of a defence that can push up the field, they have to play in their own half to interlink with Gerks. That puts pressure on the midfield. Sorry, but he just ain't good enough. Playres like AMN and Fraser are great going forward, but they're not made for dropping back into defensive midfield roles.
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by Rammo at 18:10:00
This game was something of a reality check after the good start to the season, we looked like we missed the authority of Berra at the back and the combination of our lack of midfield authority and good Brighton defending meant we offered little going forwards for long periods.

Gerken looked shaky and seems to have an issue with shots across his body, although I don't think he can be blamed for the third. The two youngsters (Emmanuel and AMN) on the right were totally over run and it was no surprise when they were replaced, however it wasn't until after half time that there was any real cohesion in the back four.
Midfield was stifled first half and no one was winning anything, the probing of McGoldrick second half at least got us going and allowed Fraser to get a little more space. Pitman huffed and puffed without really getting anywhere but it was Sears who looked the most likely to create anything and his work ethic was plain to see yet again.

My big bugbear today however was the lack of closing down, the space given to Brighton players in dangerous area's was ridiculous at times. Would have been an undeserved point in the context of the whole game but it may have been different if we hadn't conceded so soon after the equaliser.

The referee had a poor game with some puzzling decisions and a slightly strange idea of what deserved yellow but he can't be blamed for us losing as we were below par.
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by gippeswyk at 18:06:40
Really poor first half. We were lucky to only be 2 down. Better after the break and looked like we might get something out of the game but we didnt create enough chances up front and our defence and keeper were just not good enough without Berra.
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by dalianwasexciting at 17:34:27
Had I written his at half time it is likely to have been more cutting and vitriolic. The previous posters could perhaps be forgiven for turning a match report into a single sentence.....

In terms of an overview we were shambolic throughout but the second half was a huge improvement on th forst 45. The team selected simply could not cope with pace and power from Brighton who looked decent but down their left tore us to shreds. We stood off them the whole game and how we only conceded three is a mystery. The midfield was non existent and Sears and Pitman had no service of any sort, The gamble to play MaitlNd Niles and Emmanuel together was obviously not working after just a few minutes. Brighton did get nearly all he run of the ball and the refereeing can best be described as amateurish with Mr Hill clearly wanting to be centre of attention. I shall leave my thoughts on th goalkeeping situation to myself but clearly it would not agree with today's selection.

Ratings. Luckily based on two halves. Gerken 3. As well a being hesitant, distribution poor, slow off his line, and th defence seems to have no confidence with him behind them. Emmanuel 2. Totally taken to th cleaners and should possibly go out on loan to gain experience. Knudsen. 5. Huffed and puffed but not his best performance. Smith. 6. Some good works but again beaten in the air for the Broghton winner. Chambers. 6. Some excellent covering for missing colleagues and it could be said he might have done better with the first. MaitlNd Niles. 3. Early yellow from a card happy ref seemed to sap all his confidence, should have been taken off earlier. Skuse. 5 only assume he was injured when he went off, not one of his better games. Douglass. 3. What does he actually offer us. Fraser 8. Every time he got the ball on the ground you felt something would happen, quick and tricky and could have had a second penalty. Pitman, 6. tried hard and is a threat but agin not brilliant with littl d cent service. Sears. 9. If everyone had Freddie's desire we would be in a better place tonight. Didz 7. Should have started, perfect spot kick.
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by rkl at 17:29:57
Hope Bart is back for the next game! Gerken's lack of confidence seems to spread into the defence.
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by nysully at 17:14:01
As long as we have Tommy and Luke at the back we wont go anywhere, the ball on the deck simply is not their friend. Chambers has to cut out the ball for the first goal
Ipswich Town v Brighton and Hove Albion Your Report added by kozmik at 17:09:43
we should have kept stockdale and rosenior
Doncaster Rovers v Ipswich Town Your Report added by runningout at 10:43:26
I'm always hunting for constructive criticism, but it sounds too cruel ... concerned about our keeper situation
Doncaster Rovers v Ipswich Town Your Report added by Mullet at 01:17:06
Top of the league and back to the League cup tonight for a trip up to Doncaster. Every time we visit the Keepmoat Donny seem that little bit poorer, after tonight they might give up selling tickets and just go straight for £2 a month subscriptions and a meeting with Angela Merkel. At a ground that has swallowed up the Grahams and Lawrences of this world in brief cameos, while the likes of Wickham shone in games gone by Mick unleashed kids and fringe players aplenty. You can’t win owt with kids apparently.
Gerks had Emmanuel and Kenlock at full back and Yorwerth partnering the captain Smith. Tabb sat not-that-wide left with Coke partnering McDonnell as Touré was nominally a right winger. Pitman and McGoldrick were the elder statesmen and focal point of a fairly orthodox 4-4-2 side.
Town started brightly in a half and match they really dominated, winning a corner on six after Touré and Emmanuel combined for the first of many times. A bit of afters from the resulting set piece followed smart saves and goalbound strikes from Yorwerth and Pitman. Both were notable targets of physical treatment throughout the game.

As was McG, Town’s wizard waltzed through the game and unlike Pitman was able to ghost past players before they could fell him all too often. Audacious and wayward in equal measure at times his whole evening was spent entertaining himself as much as us it seemed. While MOTM Touré supplied chances for others he also aped the talisman with a baffling shotcross on the outside of his foot which if we’re being kind caught more of the wind than the eye.

Pitman was getting the better chances to score and rarely the better of his man, as aerial duals and grounding tussles saw him receive little protection from a referee who was comically unsupported by two of the most inept flagbearers seen in many years.

Neither side knew if a decision had gone their way and from throw to foul, and for 120 minutes the ref often received barrages from players in both shirts. Such as would gift Donny the lead against the run of play. Conned by a diving Andy Williams, the precious few home fans were soon swinging and crooning his name. The resultant kick was met with a swish of Gerks’ wrist across the Ipswich box and a wave of cowardice engulfed the defending players. Statuesque as the ball dropped to the Donny players and Williams had all the time in the world to bury a header from Wellens’ wonderful delivery, unchecked or challenged.

In a game where Gerks was rarely tested as Rovers’ only class came from former Town players in Chaplow and Wellens, it was the young but well-versed Smith who stood out in the back line. As you’d expect from two young brutes versed in Kiwi-Welsh culture, any physical battles were relished and the ball despatched down the line and out for as many yards as possible. Tommy looked a player much older and wiser tonight and grew into the armband as time went on.
Kenlock looked nervous from the off and misplaced his first couple of crosses early on. He needn’t be. While he was targeted and left to take a booking for the team after a mix up with Tabb let Rovers get in behind the young charge, there’s a player in there. One who maybe hasn’t quite got the head or the shoulders for Championship level defending yet, but certainly the potential.

It was the left side that sent Pitman clean through soon after the card. Looping the #11 in the clear he improvised delightfully to fool the onrushing keeper and chip against the woodwork. Dids did fly in but off balance and out of grass, he span an effort wide. The equaliser, let alone the lead Town deserved was being squandered time and again.
While Rovers had been forced to make one change after roughly 20 minutes Town had fallen flat before the break, and desperately needed to change something of their own. The game had swung back towards Donny after the goal, and there was enough familiarity to steer it back our way it seemed. What Town did have besides youth and willing was fight.
McDonnell saw his best effort go wide, which is where he often chose to pass the ball instead of shooting when perhaps he could have had a go. It contrasted to his play lower down the pitch where he showed himself to be so game he should have his own season to be hunted. Maybe it will be the next one. A lovely brain ticks in his slender frame, neat and simple football from a lad who likes to put a foot in as much as a direct 5 yard pass. Had he had more of the ball tonight he might have caught the eye in a move obvious fashion.
Touré on the other hand stood out throughout the game and first half for so many reasons. Rampaging down the right, he and the cocksure Emmanuel looked to be having fun going forward. The man Bru brought in, is the type of bloke you’d want on your side in a fight. Chasing every ball, man, blade of grass you sense he might challenge any one in touching distance just for looking at a Town player. But the boy can definitely play a bit when allowed to, as the opposition did tonight.
As the second half got underway it was the unchanged side and unchanging attitude across the park that raised the tempo and Town’s chances. On 47 minutes the impressive and ever-pressing Emmanuel won a corner and Touré was firing it in across the floor before anyone was ready for Pitman to snatch at from close range and force a save.
Doncaster immediately rallied kicking forward and winning setpieces that failed to really test Gerken or young back line eager and excitable. Wellens did try and lob Gerken from miles away only to see it caught safely.
Town got forward and were back on level terms in predictable odd fashion. Touré decided Dids didn’t need to wait for the looping ball to come down and made sure neither got anything but in each others’ way, Pitman duly obliged and slammed the loose ball home past a stranded keeper.
In the weirdest match I may ever have seen and one of the lowest crowds, the relatively massive away end went ballistic. Still expectation and uncertainty lingered. When the goalscorer Pitman went off for a straight swap for Alabi soon after we nearly got more of the same in a very different fashion. A player who is around 6 feet of beef and so raw he serves up the football equivalent of carpaccio. Alabi charged at the ball and had he met it a yard nearer his first touch would have been a goal and not smothered by the keeper. Exciting, he just might be.
Within just two minutes the new recruit’s hulking frame cannoned a Tabb “cross” that was far too hard past everyone and nearly yielded another breakthrough. What the former Potter hasn’t got in craft he makes up for in work ethic. The referee awarded decisions against him more than once before realising defenders were diving for cover rather than face his powerful and unguided efforts to get himself or the ball goalwards.
Dids was unlucky not to win it for us, or at least a corner as the keeper tipped a delicious shot on the run past the post narrowly. The goalkick which was given even amused the stopper who was barracked by nervy blues in the North stand behind. He was then charged with catching the fizzing shot from Touré’s weaker left boot as the man who runs like a rabid ferret locked on to finding the lead with a corner-hunting effort well saved.
As full time came, no winner was decided. The man who nearly found it moments before clearly got caught up in the moment or lack of translation. Waving to Town fans and handing his shirt to the crowd, as his colleagues left him there and headed to Mick. The winger had to be repaid and redressed for extra time to start. He and Town came back refreshed and scrubbed up much better.

With one captain early replaced by another Town had just one more throw of the dice to make. McDonnell could just about cope with 90 minutes and with his legs giving in to cramp, Tabby shifted in next to the stop-start Coke and Fraser went out wide. It was that little injection of quality and the finished article that really set Town apart as Rovers flagged and floundered.
The lead came when McGoldrick popped up yet again, this time to despatch a wickedly wonderful Touré cross. 2-1 and the game looked ours a little later than necessary. With Emmanuel almost a wingback for some time, Touré and Fraser switched wings, sometimes on purpose. Coke’s passing was often too clever even for own team mates and his shooting equally unable to find its mark despite clear signs he can work with the ball on either foot and opponents on his tail. With the greater space and freedom he and his work bore more impressive fruit.

Alabi would soon torque hip and instep awkwardly but in perfect time for a simple tap in and Town’s third after neat build up across the attack. Thanks to the speed and dynamic running of Scot Fraser and Irishman McG for the build up. There seemed little time or point in Doncaster doing much as the final 15 minutes lurched into view and tired eyes drooped with tired legs. McGoldrick again went for the glamour option with a cheeky chip easily claimed, no chance of catching the keeper napping.
The hosts best side fell to one of their worst players in the shape of the unruly and unsporting Mein. Having irked Yorwerth, Chambers and Smith throughout the night for his nasty and needless inability to play football, he failed to bother Gerks with a vicious off target shot.
All would be left, to the little loanee on the left. Stabbing home at the back post, across keeper and area the fourth was Fraser’s and the game ours. Serenades and salutes to the fist pump was the last hurrahs and rites of a Town following and team who deserved their victory. Even if it wasn’t as easy as it should have been.
Doncaster Rovers v Ipswich Town Your Report added by deliasplums at 00:21:16
Great workout for the lads who played. Some really exciting prospects and a couple of potential cult heroes emerging in Toure and Alabi who is a real handful. Well worth the trip.
Preston North End v Ipswich Town Your Report added by Letchworth_Blue at 07:41:51
Gerken - Good game, couple of good blocks.

Berra - constantly beaten in the air. Not one of his best performances.

Smith - ok on the whole, but poor distribution.

Chambers - sound performance, solid.

Knudsen - more than just good with thrown-ins. Has a good brain, cool under pressure and looks to get forward. Just needs to make the tackle a little earlier.

Fraser - great goal, worked hard.

Skuse - good performance, but he and Douglas are too similar.

Douglas - Great second half. Won everything in the midfield battle.

Pitman - should have swapped with Didz. Won every header/flick on when he did.

Didz - he is not a target man, so why play him there?

Sears - my man of the match.

Niles - should gave started. We were totally overrun in the first half.
Preston North End v Ipswich Town Your Report added by backintheday at 23:53:46
Gerken- Not a lot to do, however pulled off a couple of good saves but overall not a bad game.

Chambers- Chambo was by far our best defender, pulled off some vital blocks.

Smith- Smith had a soild game, however I do wish that he would learn to pass the ball on the floor more often.

Berra- Berra was having a nightmare defensively, he wasn't being his normal self in the air, also had a stupid challenge in their half for the goal. Berra was also getting beaten to a lot of headers by Joe Garner.

Knudsen- Knudsen looks like a brilliant find again, these left backs are becoming a habit and long may it continue. Knudsen made some important blocks and stopped what was going to be a goal.

Fraser- Fraser took his goal very well, he made a few bursting runs down the wing but it wasn't really his kind of game, however he needs to improve his corner taking.

Douglas- Douglas is too similar to Skuse. I personally think we miss Bishop or Bru as there is no creativity in the centre of the park. However Douglas was not bad by any stretch.

Skuse- Skuse was our best player along with Chambers. Skuse was very solid again and sat in front of the back four and picked up the ball and played it out but also made some good tackles.

Sears- Freddie was outstanding again, he played very well and created some good chances and put in a brilliant cross for Pitman's goal.

Pitman- Pitman looks a very cool customer in front of goal and took his goal brilliantly. The football they played in the build up to both goals was outstanding and it was nice to see Pitman being involved in both goals.

McGoldrick- Mick set up with the stupid idea of trying to use Didz as a target man. Every Ipswich fan knows that McGoldrick's a player who doesn't win headers and has never been able too. I personally don't think McGoldrick deserved to be taken off, he needed to be swap with Pitman and be played where Pitman was in Midfield.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles- Enjoy watching him while he is here cause this lad is going straight to the top, you can see it in the way he plays, he's a premiership footballer playing at championship level and I will be very surprised if he is not in Arsenal's team when he goes back at the end of the season. He plays like a lad that is a lot older than 17. He looks like he's got masses of experience with the way he plays.
Preston North End v Ipswich Town Your Report added by dalianwasexciting at 23:20:38
Well after a fair hike from the station to Deepdale, we settled in on the steeply banked stand with around 1000 other blues. The loss of Bart was a blow, and with Maitland Niles on the bench it felt like it would be a bit of a challenging afternoon.

Its best to sum it up as a whole with some observations, we struggled to play the ball on the ground and create throughout the game, Gerken made some good saves, but still looked ill at ease, as did the defence with him too. Chambers led from the front again, and seemed to be much further forward, again his defending and his leadership shone through. Berra looked out of sorts and was beaten to headers countless times by the much shorter Joe Garner (except when he was on the floor, which he was for a large percentage of the match). Smith had one of his better games, but his distribution is still quite predictable. Knudsen continues to impress, and made one phenomenal second half block after Gerken had made a spectacular looking save. Skuse was once again excellent, some vital interceptions and in the second half he was the man with time to get the ball down and pick a pass. Douglas is industrious, but I think the future will see him a key squad player rather than a first choice. Fraser impresses, he has moments of brilliance but could do with improving his corner delivery, his goal was sheer class and worth the admission money on its own. Sears is our golden boy, no goals today but he has a footballing brain and it was his ball in that saw Pitman header us into the lead. Pitman looks and out and out goalscorer, quite why he was the midfield man and not Didz. McGoidrick made very little impact today, but we did persist in pumping long balls up ton him - which with the best will in the world he is unlikely to win many of. Maitland Niles came on for Didz and really is a player, more chasing, a superb run halted by a trip and actually looking a class above the average champtionship player. All in all a hard fought victory and one where we did not play as we can but got three wonderful points.
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