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MM and TC;s wages....
at 20:58 8 Apr 2017

If, and I think we will lose them this summer, their wages would be a huge release on teh club's finances.

They are on probably the highest wages at the club.

An upcoming manager would cost much less and we could reinvest that spare wage budget into a player or two.
Brexit, Brextremist...I have another....
at 10:07 29 Mar 2017

There seems to be a penchant for joining two words together.

We're having a granny annex put in our house, the architect called it a "Grannex".

Mick Out could be......Mexit
Evans Out, EExit

Expectations, expectations, expectations.
at 11:41 22 Mar 2017

Milne makes a very, very good point.

“Playing squad, coaches and academy costs as a percentage of turnover is now running at 91%. I am pleased to say that all non-playing squad costs remained static by saving costs and efficiencies.

“To expect the owner to not raise ticket prices when he continues to support an ever-increasing playing squad spend is not reasonable."

I can't recall the amount ME puts in to cover the annual loss, but it's not a small amount.

Look at it this way.
If we regularly finished in the middle of the Prem would we all be happy?
Well, we are in the same position.

We are stable and should be thankful of that.

You only need look at Wigan who were regulars in the Prem and then blew it.

If we stayed in the Champ for another 5 years, but played decent stuff, bought through and sold some young guns, and maintained a sense of stability I would be happy.
Tickets for free
at 11:32 18 Mar 2017

There is a BBC documentary discussing airports. It quotes one airline owner as saying that everyone should fly for free as they can make enough money from the shops at the terminal.

If we found a way of getting people into the ground for two or three hours before and an hour or so after, we may be able to radically reduce the cost.

The big money is from the families and groups of fans. I would bring my 4 year old if there was a supervised indoor area they could use whilst I watched the game. I'd spend a lot more money at the club as well.

Maybe put a large marquee on the astro pitch, warm it up, have bbq, family fun, big bars, tv's and other well priced stuff.

They would also reduce the cost and increase the quality of food. That would drive up revenue.

There are loads of ways to extract money from us AND give us more fun.

The price of the ticket is one thing, it is not the WHOLE.

Maybe a letter to Ian and Sally to offer that economic model.
I'm doing a great job....
at 17:20 15 Mar 2017

It's easy to see how he can rub some people the wrong way. Half my family is from Barnsley and you don't go to them for sympathy!

I do think there is some truth in the fact that he has done a decent job with the resources at his disposal.

Should we expect more? Of course, we are optimists after all.


Should we accept that within the constraints it would take a wonderful manager to get us fact, the manager would be so good he wouldn't be at Ipswich and want to work within the constraints MM has.

He does have a point.

He is probably the best manager we can expect to get.
Another player out for the season
at 10:16 4 Mar 2017


Ruptured distal bicep tendon. Had surgery on Thursday. Ouch.
No cricket this season......
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