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TWTD - does this now mean This Week's Totally Derby? (n/t)
at 10:28 23 Jun 2015

Advance notice from the club
at 00:30 21 Jun 2015

For any season ticket holders that may be affected by the decision for the home match on the 19th December 2015, to offer the whole of the Cobbold stand for the away support, and those that have an unhealthy interest in the opposition club. They apologise, but trust affected supporters will understand that this decision has been taken to avoid extra moaning from those that might otherwise have to support their own club if the additional seats were not made available.
at 11:12 19 Jun 2015

As it seems the current trend is to start as many threads as possible on this subject, thought I'd join in...

Anyone going to miss the two derby matches this coming season with them having gone up?
Season Review: Graphic content
at 13:41 12 Jun 2015

Would be interested to know, before next season what thoughts are on this feature - if it is liked, should be kept, a waste of time... etc. We know that some have perhaps worked better than others, but would like to gauge overall opinion.

For those that have been involved in doing them, it has often taken a fair amount of time to do each one, so should we do them again next season? If so, and if anyone else wanted to contribute any, then feel free to say. If they are generally thought of as a waste of time, then we needn't bother.


The Iron Throne

The Lion Slayer

ITFC Recharged

Sorry We're Closed

Forward Thinking

"They need to increase the speed limit to 30 round here."

50 Shades of Mick

Invincible Five

1.... 2....

Welcome to London - traffic warnings on the A12

Here's Johnny!

I was there...

(Don't think I've missed any, have I?)
I had an email from the O2 this morning...
at 11:20 11 Jun 2015

It was promoting tickets available for upcoming events or additional dates...

The subject heading was "Bring on the stunts with Clarkson, Hammond and May"

I couldn't help thinking there was a spelling error in there somewhere...
Minor irrational irritation or does it go deeper?
at 11:28 10 Jun 2015

I just called in at McDonalds to get a coffee on the way to the station, and while waiting for the coffee to come, someone stood alongside me to place their order and said "Can I go large with a Big Tasty with bacon, no tomato, large fries and I'll have a chocolate milkshake with that?"

I just thought "Yes, you probably can, and will."

It really annoys me when people ask "Can I get...?" or "Can I go..." When asking for something or buying something, not to mention the lack of manners. I suppose I should just not let it, but it's not that easy.
FAO HarryFromBath
at 13:33 8 Jun 2015

Do you have a break during the summer, or do you still like to retain an air of busy c***ishness?

For instance, when there's been a few links and a story such as "Murphy top of Cardiff Wish List" etc... have you had a peek at the Cardiff forum to see what their comments are about him and the links?
Are we due any kind of top up...
at 10:52 1 Jun 2015

With it being 10 years, are we due anything further from Charlton now?

If not, we should've had that built into the deal... Sheepy out.

Four-Year Deal for Bent 1st Jun 2005 12:37
Striker Darren Bent is expected to sign a four-year deal with Charlton later today. Town have accepted a fee of £2.5 million rising to £3 million fee plus a sell-on for the 21-year-old. 0

Just checking...
at 12:20 29 May 2015

I've not missed the announcement of when the Lazio pre season game is yet, have I?
So next season.... Champions?
at 17:00 16 May 2015

Isn't that how Mick does it after losing in the playoffs?
Anyone see this last night from Sky?
at 09:26 16 May 2015

Let's do this today.. COYB
So then, putting tomorrow aside for a moment...
at 16:08 15 May 2015

Who do you think will prevail in tonight's tie and be awaiting tomorrow's victors for Wembley?

Will Middlesboro hold onto their lead from the first leg, or will Brentford manage to do it?
at 16:05 15 May 2015

Just wondered... Have you ever thought of having a go in a time machine. No reason I ask - you just seem the sort that might give it a go...
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