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If you're not sure where you are, then ask...
at 00:14 17 Feb 2017

Why wouldnt you?
Town DoF
at 14:29 4 Feb 2017

What does he actually do?


I bet many don't even realise there is one.
It's worse than we thought.
at 07:40 3 Feb 2017

Much worse. Only 3 per visit.

I may have to start switching vehicles.
Fortitude. TV series.
at 01:16 3 Feb 2017

Just seen 2nd series advertised but I've not even seen the 1st.

Watchable, anyone please?
at 18:49 25 Jan 2017

Likes of Guthers and Unbelievablue maybe?

I wonder of one of you fine people could just give me a brief run down what exactly was 'in it' for the various classes?

I can see in the 6 main points of the Charter the reasoning for the middle classes wanting more power/say so; I suppose the vote would be an obvious point.

Better access to the political system itself? I.e. only the wealthiest could become an MP etc?

But the movement itself contained a right mixture of people from various backgrounds and much of the drive seemed to come from a want for more equality. Well that's understandable from the view of 'have nots' but why would the middle classes side with the poor? Much outrage because of the Poor Law amendment et al, not just from those who suffered because of it.

Was the simply a human element to it? The likes of Cobbett for example, just a jolly decent chap?

Basically, the push behind it seemed to have the working classes and poorer in general at heart, industry etc, but the 6 points of the charter itself appeared more to be directed towards the kind of goals the middle classes may have desire.

Advise s'il vous plait.

Dear Thorntons
at 00:39 2 Jan 2017

And other makers of chocolate selection boxes.

No one likes the bloody coffee ones. No one.

And I'm not convinced anybody would willingly swap a hazelnut for one of those horrible strawberry flavoured things either.
US throwing out Russian diplomats
at 21:03 29 Dec 2016

Tit for tat coming up then.

It's like watching the world going backwards at an alarming rate.
When you know you're getting old
at 01:43 29 Dec 2016

I was at the kiosk in Tesco earlier and this pretty little brunette came and stood next to me, putting her lunch onto the counter.

There was a ham sandwich, processed ham in white bread, orange squash drink and a bag of crisps.

I looked at her choice of food in disgust, and thought, "Well, there's no nutrition in that is there?"
[Post edited 29 Dec 1:44]
Film buffs
at 00:58 29 Dec 2016

Blue is the Warmest Colour is about to start on Film 4 +.

Useful for those learning French.
E pub file thing
at 16:51 27 Dec 2016

I need to open and use some epub audio file on my laptop and I don't know how.

I Googled but I don't really know what I'm doing. Some app or other?

Any assistance appreciated.

Thank you please.
How do you feel about Christmas?
at 01:04 25 Dec 2016

How do you feel about Christmas?

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at 16:55 17 Dec 2016

Solar lights
at 00:38 15 Dec 2016

That work in winter.

Yes I realise there's less sun this time of year.

That's why I'm asking just in case there's one out there, a certain low powered spec etc that does a job.

I had to listen earlier to some patronising moron in B&Q explain to me that they need sunlight to charge and the complexities of finding one that will work all year round.

That's why I'm asking isn't it mate. I know that much.

Edit: Being vague. General garden type things I'm after if anyone has recommendations plz.
[Post edited 15 Dec 0:46]
at 11:24 30 Nov 2016

As there's a few of you, may I ask for any sensible Xmas dinner vegetarian options for the main.

I'm not certain who's going to where this Xmas day yet but my nephew is a steadfast vegetarian so in case I end up cooking for him I'd like to find something decent and not just fob him off.

Any ideas please. Just for the main subbing turkey thing.

I know nut-roast was the rage for years but wondering beyond that really.
Stupid things you've done
at 00:34 22 Nov 2016

Or in this case, I've done.

Unfamiliar road, didn't even see the flood until too late. Wasn't going fast either but when it's that deep I guess it doesn't matter.

I liked that old car too.
Mannequin challenge
at 20:09 18 Nov 2016

I'd never heard of this until 10 minutes ago so did a quick Google...

What the hell is wrong with us? Are we seriously so bored with our lives we just keep coming up with meaningless sh*t?

Planking. Ice buckets.

These aren't challenges! They're just stupid things.


And I don't like Xmas.
Japanese sink hole fixed in 2 days.
at 13:57 15 Nov 2016

Imagine if that was here. What we talking? Months 'til someone comes out with a can of yellow spray paint...
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