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Dear Thorntons
at 00:39 2 Jan 2017

And other makers of chocolate selection boxes.

No one likes the bloody coffee ones. No one.

And I'm not convinced anybody would willingly swap a hazelnut for one of those horrible strawberry flavoured things either.
US throwing out Russian diplomats
at 21:03 29 Dec 2016

Tit for tat coming up then.

It's like watching the world going backwards at an alarming rate.
When you know you're getting old
at 01:43 29 Dec 2016

I was at the kiosk in Tesco earlier and this pretty little brunette came and stood next to me, putting her lunch onto the counter.

There was a ham sandwich, processed ham in white bread, orange squash drink and a bag of crisps.

I looked at her choice of food in disgust, and thought, "Well, there's no nutrition in that is there?"
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Film buffs
at 00:58 29 Dec 2016

Blue is the Warmest Colour is about to start on Film 4 +.

Useful for those learning French.
E pub file thing
at 16:51 27 Dec 2016

I need to open and use some epub audio file on my laptop and I don't know how.

I Googled but I don't really know what I'm doing. Some app or other?

Any assistance appreciated.

Thank you please.
How do you feel about Christmas?
at 01:04 25 Dec 2016

How do you feel about Christmas?

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at 16:55 17 Dec 2016

Solar lights
at 00:38 15 Dec 2016

That work in winter.

Yes I realise there's less sun this time of year.

That's why I'm asking just in case there's one out there, a certain low powered spec etc that does a job.

I had to listen earlier to some patronising moron in B&Q explain to me that they need sunlight to charge and the complexities of finding one that will work all year round.

That's why I'm asking isn't it mate. I know that much.

Edit: Being vague. General garden type things I'm after if anyone has recommendations plz.
[Post edited 15 Dec 0:46]
at 11:24 30 Nov 2016

As there's a few of you, may I ask for any sensible Xmas dinner vegetarian options for the main.

I'm not certain who's going to where this Xmas day yet but my nephew is a steadfast vegetarian so in case I end up cooking for him I'd like to find something decent and not just fob him off.

Any ideas please. Just for the main subbing turkey thing.

I know nut-roast was the rage for years but wondering beyond that really.
Stupid things you've done
at 00:34 22 Nov 2016

Or in this case, I've done.

Unfamiliar road, didn't even see the flood until too late. Wasn't going fast either but when it's that deep I guess it doesn't matter.

I liked that old car too.
Mannequin challenge
at 20:09 18 Nov 2016

I'd never heard of this until 10 minutes ago so did a quick Google...

What the hell is wrong with us? Are we seriously so bored with our lives we just keep coming up with meaningless sh*t?

Planking. Ice buckets.

These aren't challenges! They're just stupid things.


And I don't like Xmas.
Japanese sink hole fixed in 2 days.
at 13:57 15 Nov 2016

Imagine if that was here. What we talking? Months 'til someone comes out with a can of yellow spray paint...
at 18:06 13 Nov 2016

Anyone struggle with this? I get a bit from time to time but right now am going flipping crazy.

Had a stressful couple of weeks so putting it down to that.

Anyone any practical solutions? I don't want to be traipsing about trying to locate some rare plant in the woods etc.
More drownings in the Med then.
at 03:09 4 Nov 2016

For those who give a sh*t.

Automatic renewals
at 01:49 25 Oct 2016

How are these even legal? I swear when I'm asked I say no. Always have, as a matter of course.

I also know that on this occasion, not only did I say no, I was so put out by the suggestion that I blocked any future payments going out from source. Just in case. The payment's gone out regardless.

In this instance, the RAC have helped themselves the past 2 months without my say so or knowledge.

Then they wanna argue when I demand an immediate refund.

How the hell has it come to this?

They raid your bank account now, not after a hard copy renewal notice through the post, but apparently via some email that goes straight to your junk folder.
Bears, torches, and adverts.
at 23:00 21 Oct 2016

Why would I want to blind a bear?
Go Burton
at 21:23 21 Oct 2016


Russia Today
at 11:57 17 Oct 2016

UK bank accounts frozen.

What's that's all about, anyone?
Mosul assault.
at 02:59 17 Oct 2016

A lot of brave people are about to die here. Many innocents will be caught up in it.

They deserve our respect. Let's be nice if a few show up asking for help. Their lives must be so difficult.
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