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Typical Championship
at 17:47 21 Apr 2014

This league is so close when it comes to squad talent and ability, everyone can beat everyone. Brighton will be just as annoyed about dropping points against Blackpool, there may only be a couple of matches left but there are still plenty of twists to come.

It was in our hands today but that's what The Championship is like, it changes so often. How many weekends have we all had to read the moaners go on about how our season is over, but the fact of the matter is that we're still fighting. I don't buy that we have a team who 'choked' or 'don't want it enough', they seem like the most committed bunch of players we've had for ten years, it's just that they're so evenly matched with almost all the other squads out there.

I can see us giving it a good go at Burnley next weekend, they will definitely be celebrating this week, look at how Leicester imploded v Brighton the week after their promotion was confirmed It really could all come down to a home tie v Sheff Wed with nothing to play for.

The league predictor is hard at the best of time but this close to the end of the season it's impossible!
Where's Chopra?
at 19:36 18 Apr 2014

Injured, loaned out or just not picked for Blackpool today?

Last I heard of him was his tweet when we beat them early in the season, saying that they're still above us,
The purchase of Nouble...
at 18:02 18 Apr 2014

It's a testament to MM & TC that not only can they find great players out of contract or released, but they also know a bargain when they see one, even if it's not immediately apparent.

With the record of clubs he's had as well as his scoring ratio I certainly didn't expect him to become an integral part of our team like he has, and the way he's been moulded into a supplier / frightener of defenders more than an old fashioned striker is brilliant work from the coaching staff. He could've been doing all this for Wolves if they'd given him a chance.

It's great to see a real success story like this playing out, similar to Kuqi I suppose, and I'd love to see him grace the turf of Wembley for us - he certainly deserves it.

at 21:12 23 Nov 2013

I think we'll be able to get his loan extended for the rest of the season.

We obviously want to but the question was always whether Man Utd saw him as a squad player for the second half of the season. I think his panicked moments in front of goal are what's really holding him back - he should probably be on five goals this season and would then have started to come to Moyes' attention but until he starts converting chances, he's all ours!
Who's won something during half time at a football match?
at 18:26 18 Nov 2013

I won the Golden Gamble at Portman Road when I was at uni. £500, was well happy. That was 12 years ago and I've never won anything since.
Garvan was right then!
at 17:36 23 Oct 2013

Anyone follow him on Twitter? Would love to know if he mentions it!
at 16:06 21 Oct 2013

It's a shame he's not had a look in - it's not like he was an inherited player, MM went out and paid money for him, something he's not been able to do very often!

Another one who got injured at the wrong time and then really struggled to get back in, I think he has all the attributes to become a good player for us, but with zero opportunities to prove why he should be picked, it's going to be very difficult. The fact he can't even play with the U21s doesn't help.
Taking the Ireland job now
at 14:54 15 Oct 2013

I know he's not been offered it and hopefully it'll never be offered, but with all the speculation, I was thinking - What would be the point in MM taking it now, from a career development perspective?

It's literally ages until the next tournament and if they don't qualify for that one (which could happen, even with MM as their manager, as the team is just not very strong at the moment), then it's years and years wasted with nothing to show.

Managers rarely come out of an International job with much credibility anymore, it's hardly going to result in him getting a top management job at the end of it.

Maybe it would be his heart ruling his head if he did agree to it, but he's never struck me as someone who would think in that way.

Regardless of whether he's offered it, I think he's staying.
Link up with Valencia
at 09:14 14 Oct 2013

Remember a few years ago some of our coaches were spending time at their training facilities? Think it was under Keane.

Did anything ever come of that, remember being excited at the time, did that all die when Keane left the building?
Veseli and first team football
at 13:24 8 Oct 2013

How can someone be 20 (21 next month) and have only played one professional match in their entire career, that being against Stevenage in the League Cup. It's great to have been brought up with the youth team facilities of the Manchesters but it's incredible for a player of his age (and apparent calibre) to have not played anything at a senior level ever.

With him now third choice right back, there must be a League One or Two club who would benefit from taking him until January? Can't see him making the grade with us if he only plays once per month for the U21s. Anyone know Kiwomya's number at Notts County?!
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