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[One for the gentlemen] Any hot tennis ladies to keep an eye out for this year?
at 19:25 29 Jun 2015

Bit un-PC but anyway.....

Anyone got a few fave tennis playing ladies that are easy on the eye ?

Someone fill me in on Pitman and Fraser
at 19:49 25 Jun 2015

I've heard of Pitman, don't know Fraser.

How much were they involved for Bournemouth this season past ?

Any good basically ?
at 16:17 20 Jun 2015

Callaway X Hot Driver 10.5

Anyone have one of these in their bag ? Any good ?

Thinking about a new driver as my current one has just about had it.
The Long Good Friday
at 01:29 20 Jun 2015

I went to the premiere of the launch of the remastered/restored Long Good Friday tonight at BFI.

Shamefully admit it was the first time I've seen this film.

Excellent - really enjoyed it.

Anyone else like this film?

Anyone read any good books recently ?
at 19:55 17 Jun 2015

I read a lot of books on my Kindle commuting to/from work mainly.

Has anyone got any really good recommendations for good books they've read ?

at 17:01 29 May 2015

Why do I feel so passionately about this situation ?!!

I cannot believe that they are continuing with this farce of an election. I've just been watching the live coverage on BBC News of the voting - what a bunch of old crones they all are.

Surely, if Blatter is re-elected it only goes to reinforce what a disengaged body it really is.

I'm kind of hoping that Platini backs up his bravado by getting UEFA to tell FIFA to sod right off.

It's just all extremely unsavoury and so blatantly obvious what's been going on over the last couple of decades.

Thoughts anyone ?

[Post edited 29 May 17:08]
I hope Skuse is taking notes
at 21:26 6 May 2015

....from Lionel 😉
To all the happy clappers worrying about their playoff tickets
at 22:57 28 Apr 2015

We're going to need a point on Saturday - make no mistake.
It's all in our own hands.....
at 17:11 11 Apr 2015

.....which is probably the most concerning thing ;)
and what a fecking sh1te performance that was......
at 17:59 6 Apr 2015

and hence the result.

A bit woeful, a little sad.
Any good April Fools today ?
at 19:21 1 Apr 2015

This one from my home town page was particularly poor..
[Post edited 1 Apr 19:21]
Well, what do I know....
at 17:17 21 Mar 2015

I stood to win a lot of money today when Watford scored 5+ goals and Troy Deeney bagged his hat-trick.

What the feck do I know?!! Nothing is the answer and thank god for that.

Massive massive win today - that is going to create such a massive boost in confidence throughout.


Blurred (not footy thank feck)
at 16:15 14 Mar 2015

Was wondering what all the fuss was about with that Blurred Lines/Marvin Gaye plagiarism row.

This is worth a listen

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Horror Movies - recommendations ?
at 22:23 12 Mar 2015

I do like a good horror film. The scarier the better.

Any recommendations for some decent ones ? Most of them are cack if I'm honest.
I don't care what happens to Ipswich Town ever again
at 20:52 3 Mar 2015

now I have seen a weasel riding on a woodpecker
Crikey - not a night to have lost then !!
at 21:40 24 Feb 2015

Just noticed we would have been 8th had we lost !!!

[this is a post related to how all our rivals got a result - not critical of ours in anyway]
[Post edited 24 Feb 21:41]
Who was at the ITFC v. Barnsley play-off final - memories
at 20:00 19 Feb 2015

Who was there ? What were your memories ?

Me & my mate Dave were there - had it all planned out.

Few beers beforehand, travel to Wembley, watch game then get the hell out of there for a serious p!ss up whatever the result.

The reality was we had a few beers, went to the game, we won, emotionally drained from the best day ever, went home for something to eat with a plan to go back out, crashed and burned from the sheer reality and effort of it all.

It remains my most special footballing day out ever. Good times.

TOGAF - Anyone here done the exams for this ?
at 19:32 18 Feb 2015

Really boring post - sorry :(

I'm on a TOGAF course this week and due to take the exams on Monday.

Has anyone on here done this ? How did you find it ?

I have to admit a lot of it is passing me by !!
Xmas Period Fixture Congestion ??????
at 19:46 22 Dec 2014

Why does everyone get a hard-on about the dreaded Xmas fixture list congestion?

It's no different to any other month is it ?

We've got 5 games in December which we've had in most other months. What's the big deal about this ?

** I should add that I look forward to the festive period on the premise that there are more games but that doesn't seem to be the case. Perhaps it's the way Christmas and Boxing Day fall this year - I can't be bothered to go into the stats of Christmas yore.
[Post edited 22 Dec 19:54]
Kevin Doyle
at 17:25 30 Aug 2014

Come on down.......
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