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Leon Best
at 10:00 18 Jan 2017


Surely he was drinking in the 'Last Chance Saloon' last night, at any other club he wouldn't be getting a look in again, but we are so woefully short of options.

Looked uninterested for the majority of the time on the pitch and was slow to react to absolutely everything.

I know it's a thankless task playing the lone striker role for us, but I'm not sure he gave their defence anything to think about and probably won't have many easier 90 minutes than that all season
My review
at 09:53 18 Jan 2017

Having not been much this season I though I would make the trip to see if we really have been that bad and whether the atmosphere is as bad as has been reported.. hopefully providing an unbiased rating..

Gerken - 6 | Other than his kicking, didn't do much wrong. Got dog's abuse from some fans, which is unacceptable
Emmanuel - 5 | Started ok, atleast wanted the ball, but look shot of any confidence or ideas when he got it
Chambers - 4 | Another who got abuse from fans, but never looked comfortable & took too many easy options of row z or down the channel
Berra - 3 | Harsh score perhaps, but possibly the worst performance I've seen of him or any CB for number of years, was completely bullied by their fat lump and looked like bambi on ice when in possession, the least 'technical' player we have.
Digby - 4 | Started ok, looked like he wanted to pass it out rather than hoof, but without many options got progressively worse as the game went on
Knudsen - 4 | Willing runner, just not got enough quality and looked completely short of confidence or belief when in possession.
Skuse - 3 | Might as well not have been on the pitch, game passed him by completely
Douglas - 4 | Willing runner, but never able to put a glove on their midfield and again, the game passed him by (although there were 2 occasions when he was the only player running beyond the striker, although at far too slow a pace)
Ward - 5 | Same as JE, started ok but looked so short of confidence & belief, probably should have stayed on longer
Lawrence - 5 | Looked ok 1st half, but Not sure he had more than 5 touches in 2nd half.
Best - 3 | May as well have left his pyjamas on as he looked like he'd just rolled out of bed, barring 2 or 3 decent touches he was so slow to react & offered practically nothing

Subs - 4 | Not sure they had many touches

There were plenty of things to be embarrassed about, the overall performance as well as a couple of things that stuck out: Skuse (unchallenged) lazily trying to lob the ball down the line but it coming off his two and going square into the crowd as well as Skuse laying a simple pass behind Knudsen who instantly swiveled and kicked into touch under no pressure. The match probably summed up with Digby throwing the ball straight to their unmarked player then going over and fouling him. No tempo, no desire and players desperately trying to hide.

But the most embarrassing (I thought anyway) was the abuse aimed at Gerken and Chambo in the 2nd half. I was frustrated, annoyed, embarrassed etc. etc. but other than calling for Mick "sort it out" I can't understand the need for such vitriol toward our own players. There has only been one player who deserves that and that was Chopra. There are far more things in life that infuriate me than Gerken kicking the ball out from a goal kick & the abuse he got for it was ridiculous
Bid rejected for Bogle..
at 16:21 9 Jan 2017

.. From Rotherham.

£850k apparently.

Maybe they are trying to get that deal finalised before Ward can leave..

Maybe we could cut out the middle man and just sign Bogle instead of Ward.
Supposed targets..
at 10:28 9 Jan 2017

All played at the weekend..


The only one missing was Woodrow, who hasn't been involved much at all this season..

Just shows that nothing has been, or is remotely close to being completed otherwise they wouldn't have been playing.
[Post edited 9 Jan 10:30]
Huddersfield sign Rotherham striker
at 16:38 6 Jan 2017

Izzy Brown (The lad who was on loan from Chelsea) has been recalled and instantly sent back out again to Huddersfield.

Not sure where that leaves the Ward situation, with Huddersfield previously being one of the favorites to sign him, as well as Rotherham being short of a striker now he has gone.
[Post edited 6 Jan 16:38]
Ghostship Crisps
at 14:21 4 Jan 2017

Bloody horrible...

Starts off quite inoffensive and quite pleasant but by the end of the packet it's a real struggle to finish.
New Signing...
at 11:37 3 Jan 2017

Who and what day & time?

My Guess.. Woodrow on Loan, tomorrow morning at 10:17am
[Post edited 3 Jan 11:37]
It will be fascinating on here...
at 11:12 19 Dec 2016

.. If we beat Fulham next week.
Another Film thread.. Desert Island (DVD) Disc
at 09:46 17 Nov 2016

After the number of film threads I though I'd ask this question, which was asked of me a few weeks ago.

If you are stranded on a desert Island with a TV and DVD player, what 5 movies would you take with you (assume reliable power supply to run said appliances)

Without too much thought I blurted out these 5

Back to the Future I
Back to the Future II
Back to the Future III

I'm sure with a little more thought my list would look a little different, but what would your 5 be? *Only rule, Movies only. No Series Boxsets.
Football badges
at 14:42 10 Nov 2016

There have been a number of clubs changing their badges in recent years and Brentford have officially announced their new design today... (There certainly committing to the Bees nickname)

I think it looks quite good, but the new Man City one is a bit carp and the Sheff Wendy one made me double take last weekend, very unusual.

When do you reckon we'll get round to changing ours.. Whihc I'll predict now to be a rampaging white horse on a blue circular background
Rooney to start on the bench..
at 14:39 10 Oct 2016

Is the main news article on the BBC Sport website.. Why do people care so much (I get the irony in this post)

No player, captain or not should be immune to being dropped or rested and the media have made a royal pigs ear of all this by constantly holding him to different standards.

fwiw, I would drop him, but certainly don't get the big hubbub of the past 6 months of where and whether he should play..
A Sensible FA Chairman?
at 11:11 7 Sep 2016

After the circus that was Greg Dyke, I haven't really paid any attention since Greg Clarke got appointed, but he makes some very interesting points here..

My favourite being this paragraph (something that I have harped on about for some time, that solutions can be found when looking at other sports)

Clarke revealed that he was already canvassing opinion from within and beyond the game – including from Great Britain’s Olympic set-up – about how to give England the best possible chance of success.

"We’re trying to bring in best-in-class expertise from all sports to give us a bigger view, because football doesn’t have all the answers," he said.

“And one thing we know about sport is the top sport 20 years ago may not be the top sport in 20 years’ time. We have no right written in stone that allows us to be the national game."

[Post edited 7 Sep 11:24]
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Wolverhampton Wanderers v Ipswich Town prediction logged
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Ipswich Town v Barnsley prediction logged
ROI to beat France?
at 09:16 23 Jun 2016

I have a sneaky suspicion that Ireland may well go and knock the hosts out.

If nothing more than to inflict some justice for the Henry handball that gave France the win in the 2010 world cup qualifying play off.

Plus, it would be incredible to see an England Vs Ireland match in a major competition
Fringe Player... (?)
at 14:24 21 Apr 2016

Who is this "Fringe player" that Mick has said he will look at playing this Saturday?..

“I may have a look at one, possibly, and the view would be that if he’s involved in the squad and he’s got to play at some stage we need to know [if he's up to it] and it’s a good game to find out, that’s for sure"

With McDonnell being offered a new contract, it might well be him (also with midfield being a glaringly obvious issue this season)

Other contenders:

Will be interesting to see 1) who it is.. 2) whether they take the opportunity
[Post edited 21 Apr 14:24]
Warnock the best manager in the league?
at 16:53 18 Apr 2016


You can't really argue with his record, or his honesty.. it's very refreshing to see a manager accept their 'level' by saying he didn't really enjoy the premier league and accepts "that the Championship is his level,"

Wouldn't be surprised to see him managing someone else next season (probably battling at the other end of the table)
[Post edited 18 Apr 16:54]
Cycling Herbets
at 16:08 18 Feb 2016

Is anyone taking part in the Suffolk Sunrise 100.. or has done so in the past?

I used to be a (fairly) regular commuter cyclist, doing 13 miles each way across the Leicestershire countryside, though haven't cycled seriously since 2014 due to chronic laziness

Is this event any good? Worth giving it a go?
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