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Sheff Wed away
at 14:58 19 Jul 2016

Apologies if someone as already asked but when we play Sheff Wed away will we need a forth kit?

Last season we couldn’t wear the Barcelona kit as it was deemed to clash with their kit and for similar reason we can’t wear the home blue or away white kit.

Will we be keeping the old orange kit or is it playground rules and we will be skins.
Roys statement
at 16:49 28 Jun 2016

Does anyone think that Roy's resignation speech was quite fluid despite the fact that the team had only been knocked out a few minutes before? Last night it seemed to me that he must have practiced it a few times as the words came out too easiliy.

Nigel Farage
at 14:56 28 Jun 2016

Today at the European Parliament - Listen to what he has to say, clap when he has ended his rant and sat down and move onto the next topic whilst politely asking him when he is going to leave.

Think his ego would have been bruised if simply ignored – I fully understand why people want to boo him but by doing so it simply fed his own self-worth.
Article 50
at 11:14 24 Jun 2016

Apparently when the next PM goes to Brussels he or she will revoke article 50 which will start two years of talks regarding break-up.

What happens if the EU play hardball within these talks and we end up worse off? It will be like being taking to the cleaners by your ex-partners lawyers and being left to live in a rented bed sit.

If boris is the next Tory leader then I think he'll go to Brussels, claim that he has gotten a damn good deal and we will have an other referendum - sort of EU lite.
Immigration by EU people's.
at 10:33 24 Jun 2016

I'm mixed race, I have been the victim of racial abuse from time-to-time and it's not very nice.

I understand that some people don't like people who are different in terms of look or culture. What I don't understand is why immigration was such a great issue within the referendum. Someone from Eastern Europe looks exactly the same as someone from east England. Apart from language and accent Europeans are the same as British people's.

All the evidence shows that immigration is good and is not a burden on the country. And do I don't understand why European immigration is such an issue. Are people so scarred of other people's languages? If people who voted to leave really don't like foreigners didn't they realise that commonwealth immigration from Africa and Asia will need to replace EU nationals. Also if we want to stay in the common market then we will have to accept free movement. So nothing will change.

But hey, at least we won the war and all that jazz.

Independence for London.
at 10:22 24 Jun 2016

London a world class successful city attached to a backward poor country obsessed with immigration. Time for independence for the capital or at least greater power for itself.
There will be no winners
at 15:58 15 Jun 2016

I’ll be the first admit that the ‘in’ campaign has been a car-crash. Considering that they have had almost a year to sort out a cohesive positive image their campaign has been awful. It has always been pretty obvious that the ‘out’ campaign would have been centred on immigration. Also it was pretty obvious that the right-wring press would have been strongly out and would have played the race card at almost every opportunity. Playing on people’s fears that one billion Eastern Europeans are set to rampage through the countryside, stripping and raping every woman whilst working eight hours a day for 50 pence.

As I said the ‘In’ campaign has to date been awful. They should have been a lot more positive and stated the case for increase prosperity rather than going on about all German Shepherd puppies being shot on sight or the sky falling down on everyone. However I will still be voting in – I believe that the European project will carry on regardless of whether or not the UK is in or out. It’s ridiculous to suggest that the whole organisation will fall apart like a house of cards if we were to leave. The EU will be in no rush to do ‘new deals’ with us. And I don’t think the rest of the world will be rushing to offer us new concessions etc.

Anyway I have been quite surprised by some of the actions of both campaigns. The sheer arrogance of the PM in thinking that the populous will believe most of his scare mongering is quite shocking. I’m no Tory and don’t think that much of him but at a time when I wanted him to sound compelling and (dare I say it) honest I have been quite deflated by his actions. Also the inability for both Labour and Conservatives to work together on this issue and put it above party politics has been quite childish at times.

I have also been quite surprised by just how unsecure a lot of peoples sense of nationality is. Burning EU flags, banging on about the second world war and stating that having the ‘European Union’ written on your passport makes you feel less British just baffles me. I suppose the more confident a nation is of their identify the more of it they are willing to concede. Are the Germans, the French, the Spanish less of that nationality simply because they are in the EU/ Euro? Of course not.

Regardless of the vote, if we were grown-ups, the country will need to accept if we leave then we need to accept it and move on. Inners like me will need to admit defeat and try to get the best possible ‘divorce’ terms as possible and not be childish and stamp our feet. If we stay in then much the same. Call me cynical but I can’t see this happening. I don’t think there will be any victors at all.
Things which still annoy you from previous jobs
at 13:05 10 Jun 2016

Years ago when I was at uni I worked on the checkouts at tescos and some things still annoy me which is odd as I don't tend to get angry. Anyway I just was wondering if any things still bug people from previous jobs - despite the fact that you haven't worked there for years? My top two are.

1. People seriously trying to barter the price at the tills.
2. People stating that they will be calling the CEO the following day (as if he would have spoken to them).
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