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Your worst ever Ipswich team
at 16:09 30 Nov 2016

A lot has been written about the clubs best ever players – but on the flip-side who would you consider to be the clubs worst ever signings?

I’ve considered Le Pen but he was injured so I’m going to discount him. Be interested to know who makes the grade. I may well have been harsh on Harewood but I still haven’t forgiven him for missing an open goal from a yard out (if that)

Think the only rules will be that it has to resemble a first eleven plus subs (you can play players out-of-position Roy Keane style but nothing too drastic) –so you cannot have [for example] Bywater, Marshall, Sereni in the same team.

1. Stephen Bywater
2. Amir Karic
3. Kevin Muscat
4.Mark Fish
5. George Santos
6. Drissa Diallo
7. Stuart Slater
8. Vlado Bozinoski
9. Lee Martin
10. Frank Nouble
11. Lee Chapman

12. Andy Marshall. 13. Marlon Harewood. 14 Finidi George. 15. Adrián Paz. 16. Vermund Brekke-Skaard 17. Jerrome Sobers 18. Ivan Campo
Whats wrong with a little bit of magic -even if its a lie
at 11:40 25 Nov 2016

Time for the UK to go fully metric.
at 11:09 25 Nov 2016

Just read a story in the Metro about a 82yo man who travels the length of the UK and destroys any signs he sees which are in metric.

I understand (but not agree) with why people want to leave the EU, the same can be said for the death penalty etc etc but not with metric system. If you were to place the metric and imperial systems side by side metrication would win hands down. It’s easier and better. A bit like the decimal system again pounds, shillings and pence (which always sounds ridiculous).

It can’t be a British thing as miles are based on the Roman unit of measurement. Maybe the chap in the story is just a bit insecure about his nationality.

We as a country should have gone fully metric decades ago – the fact we didn’t is just a complete balls-up.
Adam McDonnell
at 15:58 17 Nov 2016

I remember when we signed him if it wasn’t for paperwork issues he would have been included in the first team squad. But this season his name hasn’t really cropped up. After apologising to MM Benyu could be included in the match day 20.

Is Adam McDonnell still in the reckoning for first team football?
Book recommendation.
at 16:01 11 Nov 2016

Just finished ‘The Circle’ by Dave Eggers and I would recommend it to anyone who likes dystopian novels. It’s not an outwardly bleak or graphic novel but it contains satire as well as being quite sinister in its treatment of surveillance technology upon a willing population. All in all a very good read.
How long would it take for a super power to corrupt you?
at 11:23 10 Nov 2016

If you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered you had developed a superpower - for argument sake The Jedi Mind Trick - how long would it take before you do something unethical?

Being honest I would say it would only take me a matter of minutes - not sure what it would be but it would be a downward spiral from then on.
at 14:03 7 Nov 2016

I've just found out that Gibrator isn't an island but part of the mainland of Spain (not as in Spainish but part of the landmass).

I felt quite foolish.
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