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GOAL, Berra (n/t)
at 16:51 8 Apr 2017

14 shots, 10 on target
at 09:01 5 Apr 2017

That's a bit more like it. I'd still like to see us take more shots from outside the box though. Just have a bit of confidence!!
Phil/Gav, what are your views on the club at the moment?
at 13:16 1 Feb 2017

Would love to see a blog post. Apologies if you've already done one, or similar.
Berra and McCarthy
at 23:16 17 Jan 2017

Berra - What has happened to him? Absolutely lost the plot. Confidence looks shot to bits after his few mistakes and is actually causing him to make more. He either needs a rest, or to move on. Simple as that.

McCarthy - the less said the better I think. Just one point - I hope he's harsher on his players in the dressing room than he is in the interviews, because if he's pussy footing about saying that Lincoln deserved it, they've done really well, tough place to come etc rather than telling them they were straight up sh*te then there lies one problem.

Don't suppose Hearts are after a new manager as well are they?
Knudsen's volley
at 16:42 15 Jan 2017

Travelled at about 70mph, give or take
An ode to Mick
at 18:53 31 Oct 2016

Draw nil nil, lose 0-1
Lets go on a winless run
Mick Mac, load of crap, find him a new home
Town are sinking like a stone
This season's stats according to Squawka
at 17:49 22 Oct 2016

Top Goal Scorer: Grant Ward (4 Goals)
Top Assists: Freddie Sears (2 Assists)
Highest Pass Accuracy: Teddy Bishop (75% Pass Accuracy with 92 Comp. Passes)
Highest Shot Accuracy: Brett Pitman (75% Shot Accuracy with a Total 6 Shots)
Most Completed Passes: Luke Chambers (320 Completed Passes with a 60% Pass Accuracy)
Most Chances Created: Tom Lawrence (18 Chances Created: 1 Assists and 17 Key Passes)
Most Cards: Christophe Berra (4 Yellow Cards and 0 Red Cards)

Would you be happy for Mick to go to Villa, all things considered?
at 21:09 3 Oct 2016

Would you be happy for Mick to go to Villa, all things considered?

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I hope Mick is watching Spurs
at 14:56 2 Oct 2016

Play a pressing game, with a rock solid foundation, but when they have the ball, players are given the freedom to play in a fluid formation. All this while not conceding from open play yet this season!

We are so far off the premier league, its unreal.
Anyone else experience very jerky scrolling on TWTD?
at 12:05 19 Aug 2016

I'm using a Surface Pro 4, and the type cover. Scrolling on any other site is butter smooth, and I can stop practically on the pixel I want. It's a whole different story here - words move an inch down the screen at a time.

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