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Oh oh oh, Brett Pitman!
at 15:09 7 Nov 2015

You knoooooow!
Is Ipswich Player down?
at 15:00 7 Nov 2015

In before "probably"
When did the TWTD logo change to say Independent Ipswich Town?
at 09:51 6 Nov 2015

And what did it say before?
I can see it now....
at 16:40 3 Nov 2015

Murphy breaking his duck, then running to the fans, lifting his shirt to reveal a message saying

"Keep your nose out, Frank"
It could be worse...
at 14:30 3 Nov 2015
How did Murphy do yesterday?
at 23:39 27 Sep 2015

Last game I saw was Birmingham, thought we looked such a better side when he came on, holding the ball up for whoever was alongside him.

However, I see a lot of people are saying their preferred lineups start McGoldrick and Sears. I think we might struggle without a bigger character up front, and think Sears should be dropped, so McGoldrick and Murphy.

I understand this might sound harsh on Sears, but he hasn't scored in a couple of games, and has a real impact when he comes on.

Just my opinion though, feel free to debate of course. Like I say, last game I saw was Birmingham, before that I saw Brighton and Reading (Lucky me! Perhaps I should stop watching...)
Just seen the third goal again...
at 23:03 12 Sep 2015

Was at the game last night (unfortunately) and wasn't sure what the f**k was going on for the third goal, as it was up the other end.

Well, I've just seen it again, and I still don't know what the f**k was going on, but in a different sense. That has got to be one of the worst cases of indecision I have EVER seen, not just from Ipswich. Unforgivable.

Got to go 4-4-2 I think. We simply aren't good enough to play anything fancy, like one up top. We brought in wingers, to improve on our 4-4-2 from last season (or so I thought), and then we're playing Sears at right midfield? Poor b*stard never stood a chance at getting into the game.

Gerken needs to command his area better.
Knudsen needs to stop dilly dallying and clear the bloody thing.
Berra, while solid, is slow. Not much he can do about that.
Smith was just along for the ride.
Chambers blowing out his arse by half time, consistently left too far up the pitch when Reading were breaking.
Fraser, rendered pretty ineffective. Created the goal well though. Should shoot more given the chances he works on the edge of the box.
Skuse and Douglas, left a hole too consistently in the middle of the park for Reading to attack, Douglas in particular. Far too similar to be playing together, the sooner Bru is back, the better.
Sears, see above.
McGoldrick, never looks like losing the ball (apart from their fifth - dear oh dear, what was that pass??) but unfortunately never looked like creating anything either, particularly in the second half.
Pitman, not too much to say. Don't remember much of a contribution besides hitting the bar.

Having said that, upon watching the highlights, we did seem to have more of the ball than I remember. Not too much of a consolation though...

Can only get better though, right?
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