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The second half of Palace - Liverpool has been great stuff
at 15:10 23 Nov 2014

End to end on a wet pitch. Jedeniak has just scored a wonderful free kick to out Palace 3-1 up.

Anyone else watching?
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at 11:15 23 Nov 2014

He may have scored a great goal yesterday but he'll always be remembered for the event that inspired this song:

Excellent: MOTD still includes Norwich conceding a goal (n/t)
at 23:19 22 Nov 2014

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Footballer's giving something back pt 582
at 11:48 20 Nov 2014

Yes, he has enough money etc, etc but it's nice to see.

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Barney Ronay on England fans in Glasgow
at 08:03 20 Nov 2014

When he says he's more offended by the lack of imagination, he has a point.

Jimmy Ruffin has died
at 22:19 19 Nov 2014

I'm guessing Facters is too busy watching 'Im a celebrity' to have posted it.
I wonder who his role model is
at 10:33 19 Nov 2014

This is really dragging all the idiots into the open.

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More on this day - from 2006
at 08:33 19 Nov 2014

Undoubtedly the highlight of Magilton's first season, a lovely move for the equaliser and Danny Haynes doing what he did best.

Town 3-1 Norwich City 19th Nov 2006 16:01
Derby goal specialist Danny Haynes was once again the hero as the Blues deservedly recorded their first home win over Norwich since 1998. In the first half the Canaries went ahead through Luke Chadwick, but Town equalised via Sylvain Legwinski, before late sub Haynes netted twice. 0

I don't think I've seen this video on youtube before but, despite the awful picture quality, it is well worth watching too:

Oh dear
at 20:00 18 Nov 2014

Has anyone posted Tony Barret's piece on ticket prices and atmosphere?
at 13:05 15 Nov 2014

It's worth a read.

Ah, Nouble's goal then
at 15:48 13 Nov 2014

Decent, but flappy goalkeeping:

Main point being that defenders hate players who can run at them with the ball. It's why Williams gets kicked so much.

I would like to see Ekstrand try and kick Frank like that; he would probably end up with a broken ankle.
Cricket: Rohit Sharma is currently 236 not out in a ODI
at 11:38 13 Nov 2014

Impressive stuff, although I can't see it being much of a match.

No idea on the state of the pitch but it's at Eden Gardens so there should be some big boundaries somewhere.

Comet watch: All looking nervous at the ESA
at 15:50 12 Nov 2014

Crunch time is very soon.

Xkcd have almost live-drawn it.

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Jose Riga on Blackpool
at 09:28 12 Nov 2014

This is an interesting read, although he remains fairly candid:

Oyston remains an utter loon.
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On an hour's time the ESA will be trying to land a spacecraft on a comet
at 07:36 12 Nov 2014

Live updates from the ESA here:

So, half-season tickets then
at 14:35 11 Nov 2014

Good to see ITFC have got these out promptly:

360 degree aerial view of London
at 12:54 11 Nov 2014

This is pretty impressive:

There are definite echoes of 2004-05 at the moment
at 08:44 10 Nov 2014

There is a long way to go before this season can match up to the heights of that one but there are certain similarities, not least in the way a close-knit squad seems to be quietly building momentum.

It's easy to forget how hesitantly the 2004-05 season started, Royle was not just trying to get Pablo's wages out of the club but also trying to flog Shefki. Despite that, the team we started that season with was very much Royle's team; he may have had a more talented squad when he took over but they remained collectively weakened by relegation.

I think many fans felt another play-off spot was a realistic target but there were few thoughts of automatic promotion as the season got underway, going behind early at home to GIllingham on the opening day didn't help that. We recovered and a superb winner from Bowditch got us going but momentum was slow to build.

Two games stand out as being ones that indicated we might just do more than we were expecting: the 3-2 comeback win against Plymouth after Fab's periodic red card against them in September and Matt Richards' late, long-distance equaliser at home to Burnley a few weeks later.

That season's results:

There is something about the last two matches that gives a similar impression: Wolves was as good as we've played all season, solid and competent with some great football on top but Saturday was a real battle against a good side (when they weren't diving around and being thuggish). It could well have gone either way as the game got stretched but we kept going and forced the win.

Despite the disappointments of Norwich and Cardiff, good wins against Fulham, Wigan, Watford and (almost) Forest suggest we can match anyone in this division if we play well. That's a step up from last season when Burnley, Leicester, Wigan and QPR all had a bit too much for us.

There are a few things we would need to demonstrate to show we are genuine contenders:

- Recovering from conceding goals. Royle's team made implausible comebacks almost a regular event, but this side hasn't shown that ability yet. We've been behind in six games and drawn three of them.

- Streaks of form: four wins, five games without a win, three wins is a little odd. Admittedly we could have won three more of those matches but we'll also need to demonstrate that we're not just playing in streaks of form.

- Away wins. For all the general excellence of our home form, we haven't quite won enough away games under McCarthy. The team set up this year should allow for more success though.

Whether we are good enough to sustain a serious promotion challenge, or even a play-off one, remains to be seen but there are some very promising signs at present. Take four points from the next two away matches and the Leeds game on 6 December should be something to look forward to.

Most importantly football feels fun again, the dire years of Keane and Jewell seem to be well and truly behind us. It's lovely having a team we can call our own and properly identify with again. Aside from anything else, that seems to be a key factor in any periods of success, relative or otherwise, that his club has had.

One last thing about 2004-05, when us and Wigan were falling over each other to throw promotion away in the Spring the side that took advantage was Mick McCarthy's Sunderland - perhaps not the most talented of the three but definitely the most consistent when it counted.
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This looks an ideal way to mark the centenary of The Great War
at 07:48 10 Nov 2014

Utterly short-sighted thinking.

I wonder if the IWM have done this deliberately to get the funding cuts reversed.
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