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Now don't feck it up this time Town (n/t)
at 21:36 19 Aug 2014

Fecking get in (n/t)
at 20:52 19 Aug 2014

Was the goal Mings fault or is he just scapegoat of choice now? (n/t)
at 20:37 19 Aug 2014

Grauniad Obituary of JAG
at 08:19 19 Aug 2014

Glad I'm going to the cricket tomorrow and not on Sunday
at 11:34 15 Aug 2014

Should see a full day's play that way.

India 3/1 after 3 balls.

For those of you who subscribe to Ipswich Player
at 07:26 14 Aug 2014

and pay by annual Direct Debit.

The DD for this year says Perform FLI then a number and the cost. That looks different to last year but, in any case, I'm posting it here as it's taken me a few minutes to work out what the payment is for.
The Lake District from the air
at 13:46 13 Aug 2014

It's all been a bit fractious on here today so there are some stunning photos here for anyone who is interested:

I'm not glad we're out
at 07:55 13 Aug 2014

Predictable as defeat was last night, I'm still bloody annoyed about it. That our recent record in this competition is poor we already knew but I really wish we would stop making it worse. An extra couple of games and a chance for younger players to get more experience should not be a hardship for this club.

A lot's already been said but a few thoughts:

- Berra and Chambers looked a class apart last night. Crawley huffed and puffed but weren't a threat until two chances right at the end of 90 minutes. Not sure exactly what happened with the goal, scrappy one with strong appeals for offside.

- Clarke made a very assured debut, definitely the highlight of the night. Without a cup run his next opportunity in the first team will be in January. It's one thing for players to be younger than me but he's less than half my age!

- Henshall looked bright, ran at defenders, worked hard but rarely looked up in possession and consequently made poor use of some excellent positions. Young enough to improve.

- Wordsworth and Bru worked hard, passed the ball well but created very little of note. Wordsworth's glorious throughball for Nouble the stand out moment. WIll one of these two alongside Hyam or Skuse really give us an extra dimension? It would help a bit though.

- Nouble. Well I'll defend Frank and give him the benefit of the doubt but he was really poor last night. One awful miss, and lots of abysmal control. He is still young enough to improve but that was so far away from the Derby performance in April.

- Taylor. Reading back many will disagree,but it was a game when Taylor had a chance to impress, looked good with the ball at his feet but didn't really achieve anything. The usual headdown, lack of awareness is too much of a flaw. Even when he had chances he made a mess of them too, the one just after half time one he should have scored from. I still think he flatters to deceive.

- Marriott. Hard to judge on one match but he did nothing to suggest he should be pushing for a start. Another loan spell is surely the best thing for him at present.

If our first choice side lacks creativity and relies too much on the strikers for goals then it isn't surprising that those flaws are much worse in notably weaker side. Nevertheless I thought we were doing enough to win the match within the 90 minutes and, with a little more composure, we might well have done.

Extra time on the other hand was a non-event, we got more tired and more ragged and Crawley got stronger. I still couldn't see a goal coming at either end but I suppose we were spared another defeat on penalties. It is disappointing that we couldn't show any more than we did.
[Post edited 13 Aug 8:24]
If anyone wants to watch a supply module dock with the Space Station
at 13:45 12 Aug 2014

then Nasa TV now is the place to be:

It's definitely more interesting than reading documents for a meeting with IT.
Anyone else going to the Beer Festival this week?
at 12:50 12 Aug 2014

I would offer to report any particularly good ones but not sure I'll remember.

The beer selector might be useful for those interested in finding random beers.
League Cup Record + who is going tonight?
at 08:14 12 Aug 2014

It really is poor in recent years, I worked it out after losing to Stevenage last year:

02-03: Liverpool 4th round
03-04: Notts County 2nd round
04-05: Doncaster 2nd round
05-06 Yeovil 1st round

06-07 Peterborough 1st round
07-08 'MK Dons' 1st round
08-09 Wigan 3rd round

09-10: Peterborough 2nd round
10-11: Arsenal, semi final

11-12: Northampton 1st round
12-13: Carlisle 2nd round

13-14: Stevenage 1st round

Only three runs of any note, and 08-09 was so memorable I had forgotten about it, and even when we got to the semi-final we made hard work of beating Exeter and Crewe.

It is quite an extraordinarily poor record, eight exits to lower division teams in 12 seasons.

Is there any chance of that improving tonight? It depends largely on how e play in the centre of the pitch, for all the criticism of Skuse and Hyam (mainly as a partnership granted) we were a lot better with them than without them on Saturday. On the plus side, the defence should still be strong and Marriott will have something to prove.

If that fails, then at least it's a new ground.... Who else is going then?
Always good for a player to scoreon his debut
at 12:30 10 Aug 2014

Even more so if he's playing in goal:

Some great photos from the EADT here
at 08:28 10 Aug 2014

Murphy enjoyed his goal:

and I love this too:

But this may be the best of the lot:

Morning everyone
at 10:12 9 Aug 2014

All week I've been thinking that it's a bit early for the season to start, the World Cup finished barely a month ago.

And then, this morning, it feels a bit different. Really looking forward to 17:15 and the sense of anticipation as the teams come out; always so much more at the start of a season than for any other match.

We might not have improved the team over the Summer but we go into the second consecutive season knowing we have a competent and competitive team and an outstanding manager. Now, if we can only add a little more quality in the next few weeks we might be a little better than competitive.

Basically though, 'Come on you blues!'
I hope Cotty's got an umbrella
at 14:44 8 Aug 2014

Looks pretty grim for the afternoon in Manchester.

Smith is fit but Parr is out then
at 14:07 8 Aug 2014

Shame Anderson is out too, although it might give Hewett another chance at right midfield.
How many of you will be getting the ITFC sticker album then?
at 18:33 7 Aug 2014

Nice idea, it looks far more interesting than a World Cup one.

I bet we run out of programmes now....
India all out for 152 then
at 16:02 7 Aug 2014

Six wickets for Broad.
Happy IPA Day everyone
at 09:12 7 Aug 2014

Obviously a little bit of a gimmick but given the, general, love of good beer on here one we can enjoy.

Guess who we signed five years ago today?
at 15:07 6 Aug 2014

Bloody hell, five years?

Priskin Deal Done 6th Aug 2009 22:34
Town are understood to have completed the signing of Watford striker Tamás Priskin for a fee believed to be £1.7 million plus top-ups. TWTD was first to break the news of he Blues’ interest in the 22-year-old last Thursday. 90

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