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Worrying times on TWTD
at 20:00 3 Mar 2014

It seems there are many on TWTD who never ever have anything good to say about Ipswich. Do they think that makes them sound more passionate about the club?
Does it Bolllox! Its easy to throw criticism from the safety of your comfy cushion on your fold out chair in front of a computer screen. At the end of the day there can only be one manager but there can be hundreds of know-it-all anonymous critics who ALWAYS have a better idea.
Nobody on here knows the day-to-day happenings behind the scenes and nobody on here has to carry the burden of expectation that MM has despite the clear fact that our fantastic little club has been in the sh1t for so long we are lucky to be in the Championship never mind in contention for the play offs. So many feel it's our God-given right to play Brazilian style pass and move on a cut up soft pitch using the best players you can get for nothing. Ridiculous. We were like sh1t down a shore until MM came in and sorted it out. Next steps are to develop what we have but it does not happen overnight. We are making steady progress and still 'fans' want to throw the baby out with the bath water. It makes zero sense.
I'm a staunch Ipswich fan since the mid 70's and I have enjoyed reading TWTD since probably 1999 when I became aware of it, but I'm about to pack in reading it. It's become a hang-out for irrational and unreasonable people who really should just go follow Spurs or Chelsea.
I'll keep on Singing the Blues for Ipswich. I'm not even from the area and yet I feel unbelievably proud to say I love my team and support them through thick and thin. I walk around a city in a different country wearing my Ipswich colours and our proud crest with the Suffolk Punch Horse, representing the club far far away from the incredible little town itself. I truly don't think I could be prouder if I came from there. But I'm ashamed of the comments coming from some quarters about management and players alike who do not deserve the abuse they get on here.
If you believe that we have a great club with proud tradition and values, a little bit of decorum and dignity would be a great way to show it.
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