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We won't sign them from the beaches............
at 12:09 11 May 2017

While Tel was unfolding my deckchair I've just checked TWTD - I never look at it, mind. Seems that fans are gasbagging about players I'm supposed to know about. Here's what I think of that lot! :

Bryan Smeets - is this more Dutch propaganda?

Marley? - Dickens told me he was dead and Terry Butcher seems to know about that anyway.

Luke Berry? - sorry, couldn't get my head around "Berry-y"

Tom Adeyami - his song of Adey's Ami might threaten my own

Ward - Marcus says we've already signed him

Paterson? - Terry thinks we've already signed him

Bart? - They love me at Wolves; they wouldn't do that to me

Wish you were here


P.S. - did you know I've been promoted twice from this ol' league?
McCarthy - Ready for Season After a Disappointing Holiday.
at 20:34 8 May 2017

Flight crew announced at just before 2pm, same old; same old! Anyway, supped up and went off to check in. Several armed guys stood about, but was told it was to keep people in, not out. Nipped up for a coffee, but queue would have meant the flight would have started before I got served.
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Rafael Benitez: Newcastle United 'business as usual' despite HMRC investigations
at 19:24 27 Apr 2017

Could turn out to be an unfortunate turn of phrase.
SNP not to endorse two sitting MPs as election candidates - BBC
at 17:04 26 Apr 2017

Well, SNP only play at home so MacSkuglas would be a wee bit defensive, wouldn't it?
Criticism according to position on the Mickometer
at 13:42 23 Apr 2017

So, a long journey, and a return to artless set-up and punchless performance. Some major on the "damned if he does, damned......" line of response; some blame 9 changes; others bewail squad depth; yet others major on criticising the critics. To add to the good old mix, there's a conspiracy theory too - that Mick threw them all because he knew M.E. was coming and wanted to demonstrate the depth of dross he had been dealt.

Yet still some actual facts remain :

• That defence, if Bart had been injured, and Smith not injured, could have passed without comment as a selection in earlier matches
• Diagouraga and Samuel needed looking at if a bid is being contemplated, and Mick's caution had seen no real opportunity till now
• Bishop and Dozzell are regularly touted on here as success in waiting
• Pitman is a proven goalscorer at this level

No way would Mick's caution gone with putting all that together till we were safe, and, if the ST sales were not to be damaged by possible large defeats v Forest and Sheff Wed, yesterday's game was all that remained. Yes, that adds up to 9 changes which seldom delivers, but the fact that the least experienced at this level, Rowe, was the standout is enough to explain Mick's anger with the rest.

When the dust settles the game was not untypical of many this season. Pay your money and make your choice. It's inescapable that we're not very good. Damning those who say so because they seem over-eager to say so changes nothing. Arguments on here may continue to rage around how to best play the cards we've been dealt, but without new dealers I fear we're in for more of the same.
[Post edited 23 Apr 17:25]
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"what both of us are thinking"
at 19:05 30 Mar 2017

“I think both of us are thinking ‘Well, if we can’t be competitive, what are we doing?’. And whatever competitive is at our level when there’s hundreds of millions being spent.

Does this actually mean anything?

And if it's really indicative of anything significant, is it just saying we are in agreement that it's all so tricky - so we're not the ignorant ones? Next please!
forum hush descends
at 17:43 27 Mar 2017

It's understandable that as the international break drones on towards its close debate on here gets progressively more muted. Any result against Birmingham will see a temporary reigniting of passion, but a 0-0 or 1-1 will quickly restore the cloistered hush till Tuesday.

There seems to be a sense of hopelessness: fans openly agonising over renewals; some calling time on it all; one or two still breathing scorn on the naysayers, but, most significantly - a club that seems to have set its face against communicating in an engaging manner and offering any real glimmer of encouragement beyond the fact that the 92 club will have some new grounds to visit and chalk off.
From Nothing to Something - And Back Again?
at 12:56 21 Mar 2017

On the diamond jubilee of the rise of Ipswich Town from the old Third Division (South) we tremble on the edge of the abyss into which Coventry City have already fallen and have not yet hit the bottom.
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McCarthy's hopes
at 15:02 27 Feb 2017

In Mick's latest reported comments he speaks of a "broken" relationship, and of winning back the fans. Of course, results speak for themselves; they win fans over.

But I note he talks only of "our" relationship with fans, not "my". General perception during the darkest days of January, saw fans gradually nailing M.E. as the ogre while thinking of the team itself as struggling - although there was perhaps a game-and-a-half where team morale was questionable. Mick received a lot of sympathy.

But regarding Mick's own presentation, while supporters might be won round again, there is, to my mind, a failure really to connect. This is the more significant when faced with an invisible Evans and a platitudinous Milne. SBR talked of "the club", but the only face and voice of our club today is Mick's, and he is apt to be genial when not being threatened, but to turn hostile and aggressive if he smells criticism, and to demonstrate a regrettable streak that likes to get his retaliation in first.

In a time when we fret over the club's leaden-footed status and its increasingly peripheral reputation, linking perceptions only to last week's result is a nil sum game when there is a league table that can always be relied upon to give a more stubborn interpretation of the overall state of things.

We are a small team in pool of financial big fish. If that's what it's to be, then we need a community approach, informed and led by a management team that relates to the club and the town in a more holistic way. Certainly better results will paper over the cracks, but if (no disrespect to the big lad) we continue to shop mainly at Forest Green and Loan Rangers, then more community engagement would better prepare for the disappointments that must lie in wait.

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