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Huddersfield Town v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Pulis bids £10m for Livermore.
at 16:49 16 Jan 2017

A decent enough Prem player, but it highlights the financial world in which moderate but established Premier clubs are trading - the knock-on of which sends long-established Championship clubs to look at such as Jordan Spence as cover, or more.

Let go by relegated MK Dons at 26, hopefully, he can still kick on. But the size of that hope may prove almost as big as the aforementioned financial gap.
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Ipswich Town v Blackburn Rovers prediction logged
Nearly had a giant-killing on our hands............
at 17:19 7 Jan 2017

.........shame we couldn't quite pull it off!
A Belated Christmas Carol of Sorts
at 15:59 6 Jan 2017

The Marley deal was dead, no doubt about it. Scrooge looked again as the knocker smiled in a kindly, fair-play sort of fashion, then slowly faded away. He turned the key and entered his very own gloomy arena. A large chunk of ceiling, disturbed by the mere turning of the key, struck him as he climbed the rickety stair to the upper section.
open question on rumour sources
at 10:57 5 Jan 2017

Posters in an earlier thread discussed unreliable websites, debating whether passing on a rumour from such a site constitutes actual rumour-mongering.

Please don't re-hash that actual argument, but my question is: can anyone recall or find a transfer rumour from a generally acknowledged poor website which actually turned out to be accurate and to have got in there first?
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Queens Park Rangers v Ipswich Town prediction logged
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Ipswich Town v Bristol City prediction logged
2016 points per game
at 09:35 23 Dec 2016

Is Marcus a saviour or a slick operator? Is Mick a dinosaur or a savvy pragmatist? Are they both our best hope or our millstone? The arguments rage on, and sides are taken to the extent that a fan's perspective, if expressed too firmly and too often, mark him or her down as a raver, a dullard, a bore, and, even in extremis, part of ITFC's problem.

But I just find that I don't remember being bored at a football match so very frequently before this.

People often come on here and solemnly pronounce that the table doesn't lie. Well, In a table of points per game for all clubs, published in the Telegraph today, Town, with 1.3 points per match across 2016, sit above only QPR and Rotherham in the Championship. It seems to illustrate what my eyes tell me, but doubtless I may have misunderstood.
[Post edited 23 Dec 11:12]
Mick praises Jewell back in the day
at 22:12 21 Dec 2016

While watching the less than gripping Newport v Plymouth I was looking up the Plymouth sub, David Goodwillie, as I seemed to remember Town being linked back in 2011. Now, only still at 27, not even starting for Plymouth.

And I happened on Mick, while at Wolves, praising Jewell as the man to make it happen

McCarthy: Town Have a Chance With Jewell in Charge 1st Aug 2011 08:28
Wolves boss Mick McCarthy says Town have a real chance of promotion back to the Premier League with Paul Jewell as manager. The former Ireland chief has a lot of time for his Blues opposite number, who like him has previously taken two clubs from the Championship into the top flight. 31

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Ipswich Town v Fulham prediction logged
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Wigan Athletic v Ipswich Town prediction logged
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Wigan Athletic v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Mick's reported argument that Jan to May is a difficult intro
at 09:45 16 Dec 2016

While agreeing that buying in January window is not ideal, I would have thought, given the write-off which is this season, it would be an ideal intro and opportunity for an important team component to bed down. The alternative is an intro to a new area, team, managerial expectation etc having to take place after a long summer break.

If January to May is considered too short a period to be up and firing, wouldn't possibly missing out on a potentially strong start to a new campaign while we build up over 4 months be even more significant?
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Birmingham City v Ipswich Town prediction logged
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Ipswich Town v Cardiff City prediction logged
Murphs one good season changed everyone's opinion - did it?
at 10:03 9 Dec 2016

It didn't change mine, except it made us all very happy, of course. But he didn't seem to me to do very much different. His hold-up play had got slowly better over the seasons., but his ability in the air was always clear. And for a big man, he had always been pretty mobile. Playing as a no 9 certainly gave him the right platform, but his strengths were consistently evident.
at 16:51 6 Dec 2016

Watching the Blackpool cup highlights I thought that Potts looked swashbuckling as he crossed for the winner, although, when you look like a raiding Viking and you're playing against Brackley, I grant it's possible to overestimate these things.

As there was no-one in the room for me to turn to and say, "here, that Potts looks worth a shout" and the thought vanished with the next highlight up, imagine my surprise to find that Town actually have an interest, allegedly. It would be nice though if there was a scouting network that noticed before the TV turned up and had made ready to talk to the club concerned. Maybe we did and have, but the fact that I learn that he's already changed hands previously for £250k suggests you probably don't need a network to pick up on him.

Cue Vivaldi while we learn how many places down we are in the queue.
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Bristol City v Ipswich Town prediction logged
Players that have given Town fans a buzz
at 08:43 1 Dec 2016

The holy grail of football is often seen as players who bring a buzz when on the ball. Best and Messi are at the pinnacle of such players. But who has given Town fans a similar buzz?

In my lifetime Hegan, Broadfoot, Woods, Muhren, Thijssen spring to mind. More recently: Gio, Petta, Fraser. Other suggestions or definitions?
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