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Clegg Calls for End to Alcohol Ban
Tuesday, 15th Jan 2013 23:17

Town chief executive Simon Clegg is calling on the Football Association and Football League to back a change in the law which would allow football fans to drink alcohol while watching games in the manner of supporters of other sports. Currently, fans are prevented from drinking "within sight of the pitch” 15 minutes from kick-off under a law passed in 1985 at the height of football's hooliganism problems.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Clegg wrote to David Bernstein, the chairman of the FA, and his Football League equivalent Greg Clarke with the letter subsequently having been circulated at a Football League meeting.

In part the letter reads: “We feel that the time is right to review the current restrictions on alcohol in football stadia and consider whether such decisions could now not be delegated down to the local safety advisory group.

“The restrictions within the 1985 Act are not applied to any other games or events, including both rugby codes, cricket, the recent Olympics Games in London and music events, even when they are performed in stadia which are predominantly used for football.

“Based on this evidence we see football as being unfairly targeted and forced to remain in a position of subjugation that is no longer warranted.”

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alexharban added 23:33 - Jan 15
Clegg In

Michael11 added 23:40 - Jan 15
Go on Cleggy!! Totally agree!

mattraisin added 23:42 - Jan 15
Always thought it was a ridiculous idea to just target football. People who want to get massively drunk just load up beforehand which causes more problems. Well done Cleggy,

rosseden added 23:43 - Jan 15
If a two thousand fans had two pints extra each at 25 home games. Based on a low margin expectation of say 60%gp, we're talking additional cash margin of £200k a season. That's £4k a week on a new player or two. . . . . . I'll take that. . . . . .

mike5ta added 23:45 - Jan 15
Top man !

Stourbridgeblue added 23:53 - Jan 15
I love you Cleggy. You're my besht mate.

NSL added 23:57 - Jan 15
Don't tell Liz Edwards!

itfc1981 added 00:09 - Jan 16
Glad Evans has him working on "important" matters.

Fingers crossed Evans does the contracts these days.

rosseden added 00:18 - Jan 16
I'd say increasing match day revenue was pretty important. . . . Especially with ffp coming in. . . .

MyBlueHeaven added 00:19 - Jan 16
i'd rather he worked on getting standing areas back.

itfc1981 added 00:28 - Jan 16
If you recall Clegg said the club could not give away free beer the other week, I think working to get into the PL would be classed as a better way to increase the clubs revenue.

itfc1981 added 00:35 - Jan 16

rosseden added 00:36 - Jan 16
And if Clegg was the manager I'd agree with you wholeheartedly. As he isn't. He's got to stick doing what he's employed to do. This is one of those things. Increasing revenue, keeping costs in line and giving Mick the money and tools he needs to get the team sorted. Sergeant major Clegg runs the business.Mick runs the football. . . . . . No?

Deep_Blue added 00:37 - Jan 16
Maybe he is good for something after all!

itfc1981 added 00:50 - Jan 16
I dont see many other clubs campaigning for such a regressive policy, for example If clubs go three nil down early some fans will get tanked up and no doubt await opposition fans at the end of matches.

Football does not need it, why bother. Even the Tories have managed to promote the reduced use of alcohol, trust Cleggy to attach importance to this.

rosseden added 01:00 - Jan 16
I bet they'll all do it if it goes through though and take the extra cash. . . .

mattraisin added 01:57 - Jan 16
ITFC1981 Why would people do that? Those sorts of people are a minority and already cause trouble in the pubs before the games, where they get absolutely tanked in a very short space of time. I have been to watch cricket and non league football where beer is drunk in view of the pitch and it is a damn great idea.

Blue_Armee added 07:01 - Jan 16
I think Aliens abducted our old Cleggy and he has been replaced by a new improved Cleggy.

Micks signings IN with little fuss and now he wants to let us DRINK BEER while we watch the match BRILLIANT.

apm_77 added 07:06 - Jan 16
This would never work. Are you telling me that the attitude to drinking in this country is better than it was in 1985? The police and stewards have enough trouble managing people who've had a pre-match drink already, without then expecting them to keep track of a crowd able to drink through the match. Also, the demographic of football crowds is totally different; its no longer just a majority of working class blokes who go to matches. Football is finally at a point where families can attend without worrying too much about the atmosphere around them, and in safe environment. Allowing drinking in the stands at Rubgy matches only works because the attitude towards drinking is different (for the vast majority), and much more cordial in the first place. I like a couple of pints before a match as much as anyone (thanks for the free one, Cleggy!) but can't imagine standing in the North stand for a whole match sinking pints. The aftermath of that instance doesn't bare thinking about. Nice idea in principle but just inviting trouble if you ask me.

Dissboyitfc added 07:26 - Jan 16
Sorry" DONT AGREE" at all and i will explain why i dont, b4 you all mark me down, it is only my opinion based on my experiences ok!

Firstly, and i am of course one of them, football supporters are a different breed and do behave differently around the side of a football pitch, change the goals to rugby posts and you get in the main a different type of customer. I went to see England V Ireland in the six nations, drinking was prevailant b4 during and after the game, not one sign of trouble, not even any bad language of any description, well mannered banter throughout. Now from a sporting spectacle point of view, it was my first trip to twickers and i wanted to watch, absorb and enjoy the game, not a chance! every 2 or 3 mins i kept having to stand up to allow another spectator passed either with a tray of alchohol or a trip to the loo, saw very little of the game because of this and was getting very annoyed at the yo yo experience.

So on this one i am affraid, its a massive no from Me......COYB

Korrupt added 07:34 - Jan 16
In Germany they allow beer to be drunk during the game. good idea. Also it will help with the atmosphere and get people singing more.

Elizabeth added 07:50 - Jan 16
Concentrate on the football Mr Clegg and not something that will more than likely have an adverse outcome! Not against having a drink at a football match but some will take advantage and behave inappropriately !

beerhelps added 08:48 - Jan 16
Unlucky Dissboy - three weeks ago at Twickers I only had to stand once for late-comers, and enjoyed a couple of beers during the match. During the summer at the Oval vs SA we sat and watched England toil all day and only manage to take one wicket, several pints of Peddigee helped.

My user name was inspired by our Keane period, during which I realised that the only reason I was attending games was for the pre and post match pints, however, due to the 'quality' of fare on offer - I can't see me drinking during a game at PR!

buryblue77 added 09:06 - Jan 16
Itfc1981 I very much doubt this is the only thing he's working on. As he is in charge of finances a way to create more revenue and ultimately more profit can benefit the club.
I don't drink when I go to the game because its pointless, trying to throw a pint down your neck before the game starts doesn't work for me but if I could have a couple during the match I would and so would many others.

bluey123 added 09:23 - Jan 16
What another idiotic idea from this buffoon lets get focused on football shall we Mr Clegg this man is beyond belief after the seasons we have had let him get back to what he does best NOT THINKING

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