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Wilson POTY by SouperJim 7 May 11:13
That's a fair result tbh, amongst a shower of sh!te he's done ok. I
185927 May 20:24
by Steve_M
Conservatives predicted to win Hartlepool by-election [ 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ] by pointofblue 4 May 18:15
22977287 May 20:23
by Clapham_Junction
Penny Farthing.............A woman i know who is always letting one go!! by ericclacton 7 May 16:13
https://youtu.be/Nv0nz12EOY8 [wave]
101317 May 20:21
by StochesStotasBlewe
Friday night useless trivia thread by GlasgowBlue 7 May 18:32
Gary Numan is older than Gary Oldman.
202427 May 20:21
by NthQldITFC
This kit'll do for next year... by glasso 7 May 17:53
Dunno if this fella's on here. Freelance kit designer who supports Ips
126477 May 20:19
by Swansea_Blue
Gainsborough (Ipswich) turns blue. by Trequartista 7 May 19:19
The only time Gainsborough or Chantry or similar areas are usually men
42367 May 20:19
by jontysnut
Well I guess Kier Starmer should resign? by The_Flashing_Smile 7 May 19:31
Not been on here much (actually been working) so apologies if someone'
122667 May 20:15
by Swansea_Blue
Season tickets.... by BlueBertie 7 May 20:13
Why don't the club offer under-12 season tickets everywhere in the gro
Random 'Did we really sign him' 11 [ 2 ] by Keno 7 May 16:38
I mentioned Kevin Bru earlier and it got me thinking, I know thats not
327647 May 20:02
Turkey on red list then.. by Perublue 7 May 17:38
Portman road .. get those paint brushes out. changed opening post..
113387 May 19:54
by Perublue
My stilton has gone mouldy by GeoffSentence 7 May 17:14
can I eat it or not?
101957 May 19:34
by Bent_double
Keir Starmer's abysmal interview on BBC One by pointofblue 7 May 16:10
Completely unable to even give a straight answer or plan - then wonder
145967 May 19:28
by Clapham_Junction
Ian Marshall supermarket trolley style injuries by artsbossbeard 7 May 16:24
I've managed to pull my calf by simply walking down a hill earlier.
172927 May 19:11
by Vic
Bury St Edmunds LOD convoy mystery solved by factual_blue 7 May 19:00
The LOD style police convoy I saw in Bury on Thursday was in fact one
11527 May 19:00
by gtsb1966
Gill's gone then [ 2 ] by Steve_M 7 May 10:35
https://twitter.com/IpswichTown/status/1390600991448473600?s=20 M
4426967 May 18:54
by unstableblue
Norwood in for a shock? by chrismakin 7 May 18:26
Doesnt see 11 out 11 in I'd very very surprised if we havent move
145187 May 18:54
by chrismakin
Ed Sheeran Sponsorship Effect [ 2 ] by Kropotkin123 7 May 10:45
So I was just chatting to my sister. She lives in the states, is marri
2717407 May 18:51
by Mullet
So Chambers and Skuse will not be here next season by Vic 7 May 13:28
Cook says as much when he says that it’s a pity their families and f
1711237 May 18:37
by saffers12
Oi Lagos by Coastalblue 7 May 9:03
Odd question for you. Was working the other night and stopped for a
112617 May 18:29
by Swansea_Blue
WTF is Norwood on about here [ 2 ] by Cheltenham_Blue 7 May 15:14
“It’s very easy for fans to say that about players when they have
4317307 May 18:16
by Churchman
Cook's player meeting on Monday - anyone care to guess [ 2 ] by Keno 7 May 12:02
what he will say.......?
2811367 May 18:15
by WeWereZombies
Lineker VS HMRC over £5mill tax bill by Keno 7 May 9:09
https://www.ft.com/content/20bc9609-5f9e-448a-8882-1c31fc6e41cd I d
129217 May 17:29
by Swansea_Blue
Franny Jeffers by portmanking 7 May 10:46
Coming in as part of Cook's new backroom staff.
2319517 May 17:14
by monty_radio
Norwood: The Issue Comes When People Start Talking About Personal Lives by NewsTWTD 7 May 17:10
Signed merchandise by Coastalblue 7 May 17:06
I see they're trying to clear it out, get it gone before the players,
Norwood: A Massive Disappointment If I Don't Hit Double Figures by NewsTWTD 7 May 13:30
21607 May 16:56
Fifa an example of promoting gambling with young people. by JackPITFC 5 Jun 2020 11:24
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krgcnNMbbjc Just thought i'd post t
1510887 May 16:40
by Giant_Midget
Arsenal fans calling for Wenger as next manager by Smithy 7 May 10:23
couldn't make it up
104997 May 16:27
by stonojnr
You know your f#cked when...... [ 2 ] by BanksterDebtSlave 7 May 8:08
Starmer begins a party election broadcast with "I love my country
4211937 May 16:24
by BanksterDebtSlave
Techies - BBC iPlayer no longer available on my (2014) Sony smart TV by Ryorry 5 May 11:46
A complete pain. Apparently I now need some kind of stick or set-top
216527 May 16:18
by StokieBlue
Pinter - Home Brewing kit by itfcjoe 6 May 14:58
Has anyone got one? Look a decent price and something to try.... ht
196607 May 16:09
by Sharkey
Some expectation management stuff from the SNP this afternoon by Steve_M 7 May 15:56
Which does suggest that some of the Labour navel-gazing today is a bit
The Profile of Ipswich next season will be huge..... by Pippin1970 7 May 7:36
After yesterday's announcement, American owners and fans back in the
1210487 May 15:55
by Lord_Lucan
Ipswich Wanderers very salty about the new sponsorship... (n/t) by abracaDOBRA_ 6 May 15:56
1822807 May 15:35
by southnorfolkblue
LOD comes to Bury St Edmunds [ 2 ] by factual_blue 6 May 18:37
Ambulance being escorted through the town earlier: a total of four mot
2913967 May 15:29
by IpswichKnight
Snowdonia - anyone hiked the big mountain (Snowdon?) there? [ 2 3 ] by The_Romford_Blue 1 May 12:24
En route Wales for a few days and we were looking at hiking it on one
5926527 May 15:16
by The_Romford_Blue
Bart Player of the year for Millwall by chrismakin 7 May 12:57
is that 5 POTY for him in a row?
53847 May 15:00
by TractorCam
Cook Aiming to Maintain Unbeaten Home Record as Blues Host Fleetwood in Final Game by NewsTWTD 7 May 15:00
Isn't Brian Eno from Ipswich or thereabouts? [ 2 ] by HalifaxBlue 6 May 20:17
missed opportunity...
3411977 May 14:56
by blue62
We just made the ITV national news (n/t) by Keno 7 May 13:51
13457 May 14:41
by BlueBadger


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