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at 11:03 3 Nov 2021

How's your lad doing?

Hope he's making good progress and that last night's result put a massive smile on his face!

(I'm putting this in the Football Thread because it is about a footballing injury)
Time to stand up and be counted
at 18:52 30 Oct 2021

Please sign the petition and share where relevant. Facebook, Twitter, family WhatsApp groups- start the conversation and open people's eyes to what is about to happen.

We all know somebody who has had their life saved or transformed by the NHS. We probably all know someone who has received treatment or care under the NHS that they wouldn't have been able to afford if they lived in the USA.

The NHS free at point of need will genuinely be in a critical condition if the new Health Bill is passed.

It needs us to do everything we can to save it and show that we care now.

Once you sign the petition you will be given the link to contact your MP.

Thank you.
I've just checked...
at 00:42 20 Oct 2021

Still Four NIL...

at 23:48 19 Oct 2021

I'm broadly pro-Cook. I would have been reluctantly content with a draw tonight.


That'll do.

I've got a neat 25 year history of point on here with various user names.

I think this is my first UTTERLY p*ssed post.

Join in boys and girls! Enjoy!



Least appropriate headline quote ever?
at 14:42 9 Sep 2021

Prediction Logged by at 00:02:13
Ipswich Town v Bolton Wanderers prediction logged
Top bit of Cowley trolling by Cook and Ashton
at 15:29 9 Aug 2021

Cowley: I hate Ipswich they keep spending money.

Ashton: Do you want some of our money?

Cowley: Yes, yes I do.

Ashton: Ok, I'll give you some of our money if you go and tell Jacobs he's not your friend any more.

Cowley: I'm not sure about that.

Ashton: Well, think of what you could do with the money.

Cowley: Michael Jacobs I hate you.

Jacobs: *sadfaceemoji*

Cook: I love you, Michael.

Jacobs: *smileyemoji*

Cook: Only joking, and Cowley still hates you.

Jacobs: *verycrossemoji*

Cowley: Where's my money?

Ashton: Whistle for it, mate.

Cowley: *verycrossemoji*

Edwards: *holdsshirtupsmileyemoji*

Cook: *smileyemoji*

Ashton: Lol

Prediction Logged by at 15:08:31
Ipswich Town v Morecambe prediction logged
Ultimate kids cartoon as Live Action Remake
at 01:46 1 Aug 2021

You know, for kids!
Three days
at 20:22 21 Jul 2021

of sore throat and sneezes. Wasn't sure if it was Hay Fever, but have played safe and stayed at home. Due to be going on holiday tonight so did the test. Positive for Covid. 10 days isolation for me. And wife and son.

I've had two jabs, second more than a month ago.

I've followed the rules re mask wearing, etc. It's very catching.

Entirely down to Boris' decision to keep India off the Red List in order to get a trade deal.

If only we were an island and had control of our own borders.
[Post edited 21 Jul 20:22]
Apologies if already posted
at 19:06 20 Jul 2021

But for those of you who run the town down, this will come as a surprise!

Many of us from outside Ipswich know that every town centre has suffered since the 2008 crash and that, in contrast to many, Ipswich has had regeneration in that time which has made a positive impact.

This is quite an accolade!
Anyone else noticed
at 20:37 3 Jul 2021

Ukraine taking on water regularly, but England going for Powerade. Isotonic, innit?

It's the little details, aggregating small gains as Brailsford or Woodward would say.
Nice of Prince Harry
at 23:39 1 Jul 2021

To fly all the way from America to formally unveil that statue of Jill Dando.

I'm sure her family were very touched by that gesture.

Apologies if posted before
at 21:02 26 Jun 2021

but I've dug out Macauley Bonne's goals video from his 19/20 season in the Championship with Charlton.

According to Transfermarkt stats here:

he scored 1 in 3 in the Championship, just over a goal every 200 minutes, in that season.

In the National League with Orient he averaged 1 goal in 2 games, taking less than 200 minutes per goal across 2 seasons.

Here's the Charlton video:

Some nice finishes there, at a level above.

Here's the goals for (then) National League Orient:

So, yes, Hancock again
at 00:21 26 Jun 2021

But for any Partridge fans, Olaf Falafel (one of the funniest people on Twitter) has added the perfect soundtrack:

Feelgood news story of the day
at 18:47 6 May 2021

Well done, little man!
For all of us thinking
at 17:01 10 Apr 2021

I can't believe I paid £10 for that s%&*.

At least it wasn't £30 million!
He's gone: Viral.
at 15:23 8 Apr 2021

Thought I'd be first with that one.
A great long read on the BBC Sport website
at 17:39 31 Mar 2021

about promising young footballers and the chances of making it.

It follows two players who went to England Under 16 trials together.

It doesn't tell you who they are until the end, so no spoilers, but long-term TWTDers will recognise names.

Quite a few players with Ipswich links mentioned at the end, too.
Good First Half of football
at 19:50 9 Mar 2021

Two good sides. Looks like a decent Championship game. Referee is letting it flow, which helps. Lots of skill from us.

Don't be downhearted!
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