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Some celebrities are better than others...
at 21:19 11 Jun 2022

A beautiful response to one family's traumatic evacuation from Ukraine from John Cena (a very big star in WWE wrestling).

If you don't cry a little bit then you probably need to ask the doctor to check your compassion glands!
The House Panel investigating the Capitol invasion
at 01:39 10 Jun 2022

Has the first of a box set of US Prime time Live TV presentations of the evidence that they have examined over the past 11 months.

Tonight's is the Introduction. Lots of "In the 3rd session you will hear person x say this".

Liz Cheney (Republican) is taking the lead on the presentation tonight.

Everything being laid at Trump's door. "Corruptly pressured" officials, telling State electoral officers to "find votes".

It's clever the way they are doing it. By making it a "box set" there will be a drip-drip effect, and people will have time to go on a journey and change their minds. The aim will be to try and get 70%+ of Republican voters to accept that the vote wasn't rigged, Biden is legitimately the President, that Trump acted corruptly and illegally, and that the invasion of the Capitol was "sedition".
Live View of PMQs
at 12:02 8 Jun 2022

Angela Eagle first up.

"Demonstrated just how loathed this PM is, and that's just in his own party!"

"If 148 of his own MPs don't trust him, why should the country?"
The end of Boris Johnson- what the 148 votes really means...
at 18:17 7 Jun 2022

I haven't heard this said by any of the Political Journalists, because they are so busy breathlessly reporting LIVE!!!!!!!!! that they don't have time to stop, think and reflect.

But the fact that around 3/4 of Tory Backbenchers have declared that they have No Confidence in Johnson as PM makes it highly likely that at least 1 of the 4 Tory members of the Standards Committee is included in their number.

Johnson's conduct regarding Partygate, both breaking the Law and misleading Parliament, has been referred to the Committee. They will report to Parliament, and if they find that Johnson has breached the standards expected of a Prime Minister then they can recommend punishment including suspension from the House of Commons for a period of time which would automatically lead him to lose his job as PM (and potentially lead to a recall petition in his constituency).

The Tories have 4 of the 7 votes on the Committee. There has been a fear that they could then squash a recommendation of heavy sanctions.

Crucially, Labour hold the Chair of the Committee, and as the usual Chair, Chris Bryant, has recused himself as he made statements regarding Johnson's fitness for office, it is expected that Harriet Harman will Chair. The Chair writes the main report which the Committee vote on. The 4 Tories could vote it down, or vote to edit it substantially, if they feel it is too critical, but this is what the "148 vote" has changed. They will know that they will have the backing of most of their Backbench colleagues if they decide not to go easy on Johnson.

And when the report goes to Parliament, possibly with recommendations of serious sanctions, assuming that all Opposition MPs (apart from possibly the DUP and UUP, but they aren't happy with him either because of the implementation of Brexit in Northern Ireland) vote to uphold such sanctions, Johnson will need to persuade some of the people who had "No Confidence" in him last night to move fully back into his camp. And it is quite possible that the Committee will publish a LOT more photos, and maybe even find out a little bit more about the ABBA party.

Summary: the chances of Tory members of the Standards Committee voting to sanction Johnson have gone up dramatically, and should that happen there is now the likelihood of enough Tory backbench MPs voting to approve the report and sanctions.

Conclusion: Johnson is fatally wounded and will bleed out agonisingly slowly, having the ignominy of his own equivalent of Impeachment played out in Committee, and he could be punished in such a way that a recall Election in his Constituency becomes an odds-on certainty.
Gove may have given Boris some of his "Confidence and Supply arrangement&qu
at 21:40 6 Jun 2022




Unfathomably upbeat.




He even did a silly voice!
[Post edited 6 Jun 21:41]
If the "Payroll"
at 21:28 6 Jun 2022

That is, Cabinet and Junior Ministers who are given their jobs (and extra pay) by the Prime Minister and who are bound to either support him in this vote or resign, number around 170.

Then 41 Tory backbenchers voted that they have Confidence in Johnson, and 148 voted that they don't.

Less than 22% of Tory backbenchers support the Prime Minister.
Inanimate objects inextricably linked to Town players
at 15:51 31 May 2022

Let's have a thread where we have to come up with inanimate objects that are inextricably linked to one, and only one, Ipswich player.

Objections may be raised, like in Just a Minute, by buzzing in with your challenge.

Objections may be:

1. There is a better inanimate object for that player, namely...

2. There is more than Ipswich one player inextricably linked to that object, namely...

3. Whatchoo on about, Willis? That object isn't linked to that player.

Ok, here goes:

Electronic tag: Gary Croft

(Is this a Football thread? It feels like a football thread...)
3 Russian anti war protesters
at 14:53 26 May 2022

Brave women. The power of silent protest.

A beautifully constructed, meditative film.

[Post edited 26 May 14:53]
Jack Monroe speaking about the reality of budgeting on the breadline
at 14:50 26 May 2022

I have a lot of love for Jack Monroe. Jack has consistently spoken out on behalf of Food Bank users, and others in poverty in the UK, as somebody who relied on them to put food on the table in the recent past.

I have a lot of love, but many people have a lot of hate. It may be that you have a negative opinion of Jack already.

If so, please watch this video and tell me that this isn't just a pretty decent, but also a bit broken and vulnerable, person who is just trying to do their best to help others.
A reminder to those who support the "Anti-Woke" agenda.
at 12:39 19 Apr 2022

Shefki Kuqi was a refugee.

Dalian Atkinson was a black man killed illegally by Police Officers.

Kevin Beattie struggled to live on Benefits with his seriously ill wife.

Being "woke" just means treating people like Shefki with decency when they are in desperate need through no fault of their own.

Being "woke" means Police Officers treating all people in mental distress with decency, and not treating Black people with more violence than a White person showing similar distress.

Being "woke" means believing that all people should be able to eat nutritious food and live in safe, warm accommodation, and not have to choose between the two.

If you struggle to empathise with refugees, think of Shefki as a small kid having to escape from bombs and ethnic violence, and then start afresh in a school surrounded by people who spoke a totally alien language.

If you keep saying "All Lives Matter" when people mention "Black Lives Matter", think of Dalian undergoing a paranoid episode and being met with a sickening amount of violence, rather than a community mental health team.

If you condemn those on benefits as "scroungers" or "cheats" without knowing their story, think of how Kevin's commitment, which we applauded and demanded, led him to play on with injuries and receive constant pain-killing injections, and that the cumulative effect of both almost crippled him. And remember that the illness which randomly hit his wife could also, out of the blue, enter my life, or that of one of my loved ones, or your life, or that of someone you care about.




Put a face to the words. Humanise them. See people, not a problem.
Yet another farmer bemoaning Brexit
at 12:25 12 Apr 2022

Tons of organic beetroot left to rot...

Could literally turn swathes of the countryside red with the Council Elections coming up.
Dream dreams...
at 18:14 26 Mar 2022

Who would you most like to see upfront for Ipswich next year?

Jackson will be out of contract, Bonne's loan will have ended. Norwood's contract ends this summer, though the club have an option of another year. Pigott and Chaplin will both still be under contract here. Simpson has a year clause.

So, which of them would you like to remain, and who would you like us to sign?

Parameters are that you can't pick regular starters from Championship or above, just squad players, but you can pick regular starters from League One or Two.
And this is why Bitcoin etc will be seen by future generations
at 10:16 21 Feb 2022

As a collective "Darwin Award" level act of self-harm and stupidity.

Crypto currencies annually consume as much energy as Norway.

Leaving aside whether they are fascinating technologies, or just the latest bubbling, tax avoiding, organised crime facilitating, pyramid schemes, they are an unforgivable squandering of resources and creators of pollution.
A headline for you to screenshot
at 15:57 13 Feb 2022

About a one-sided match yesterday.

Ulla- thoughts?
A silly time to post it as it will probably get lost in post-match chat
at 18:02 12 Feb 2022

But many of you read my thread about Jack Monroe explaining price inflation and cutting of basic ranges in supermarkets.

Please read this account of price inflation by ArnoldMoorhen 21 Jan 14:52
For the poorest in society.

It will take you 3 or 4 minutes to read the whole thread (not replies from others) but the big reveal comes in the middle.

If you, like me, have noticed a few things getting more expensive but can cope, this explains why, and where the price rises have been focused:

As Jack says, the majority of members of the media come from very similar backgrounds, and wouldn't have a clue that this is the story that they should be reporting, because they haven't noticed.

Well today Jack has posted the following twitter thread. Absolutely amazing. Tears in my eyes here!

People can still make a difference in this world!
What with everything in the world being a bit bleak
at 17:30 1 Feb 2022

Here's a lovely heartwarming story that I stumbled on.

It's a few days old, but well worth reading if you haven't seen it before, and is a Twitter thread, so you'll need to click on the Tweet and open replies.

You'll be rewarded with some sunshine for your soul...

A tip about the quality of Journalists
at 19:15 31 Jan 2022

Any journalist who says that the Sue Gray Report/Update is 12 pages long hasn't read it.

There's a title page, two pages left blank and several pages only half-filled.

A bloke on Sky just said "One of which, by the way, is left blank." Nope. Two.

Anyway it is very hard to find, so here's a link:
Read between the lines (Part 7,362)
at 17:39 26 Jan 2022

Rees-Mogg on BBC News Channel repeating "my view" that "because the Constitution isn't codified" if the Prime Minister resigns then "there should be a General Election".

Which could be viewed as a threat to Tory backbenchers not to trigger a Leadership election, because it could lead to a General Election and put their seats and jobs at risk.
"Explosive" Gray report published here:
at 14:30 26 Jan 2022

Unprecedented impact.

What will remain when the dust settles?

Admit it: it makes a change from a photo of a sign, doesn't it?

It's genuinely interesting, and raises questions about the impact of space junk with the proliferation of privateer launches.

An article on it here:
Peter Dinklage isn't holding back...
at 18:45 25 Jan 2022

Lays into Disney over the new Snow White live action movie.

“I was a little taken aback by [the fact] they were very proud to cast a Latina actress as Snow White,” Dinklage told podcaster Marc Maron, “but you’re still telling the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

“You’re progressive in one way but you’re still making that f***ing backward story of seven dwarves living in the cave. What the f**k are you doing, man? Have I done nothing to advance the cause from my soapbox? I guess I’m not loud enough.

“They were so proud of that, and all love and respect to the actress and the people who thought they were doing the right thing but I’m just like, ‘What are you doing?’”

Dinklage added that had a “cool, progressive spin” been put on the fairytale, he would have been “all in”.

I think it's fair to say that he is not going to be Happy when the film is made.
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