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The ITFC Crest: time for an update?
by oshilling_coyb at 17:00 3 Dec 2021

So, Norwich have a new crest (apologies for the provocative image, but it’s a conversation starter). Objectively, it's an overdue refinement, and as an Ipswich fan I can see us following suit before too long, with new owners keen to make upgrades throughout the club.
Thoughts On the Squad So Far and the Best Formation
by ForrestsFingers at 10:25 3 Dec 2021

This season has seen a lot of comings and goings player-wise at the club.
A Scarf of Blue and White Bars
by SpiritOfJohn at 11:30 20 Nov 2021

Things were different in the 1970s. Glam Rock and Chopper bikes were cool, there were strikes and power cuts and only three channels on the television.
Up and Down, We Follow
by Jamiebed at 16:32 16 Nov 2021

Having supported Ipswich home and away since the late 1970s, I was somewhat surprised that our recent trip to Wycombe scared and scarred more than any previous.
The Professional Footballers Who Never Play Football
by Broganonthewing at 14:18 28 Sep 2021

There have been many changes to the English game in the last 40 years. The majority of these changes, if not all of them have all been influenced or dictated by money, both the making and saving of it.
by LegendRay at 15:12 19 Sep 2021

How many others on the site remember April 15 1961, the day, as TWTD recalls, when Town last beat Lincoln away in the league?
Cook is No Gamechanger
by BossMan at 14:05 12 Sep 2021

I was 12 when we won the FA Cup so saw early success in my early years as a Town fan. How spoilt I was to see Beattie, Wark, Muhren Thijssen et al.
Building a High Performance Team at ITFC
by Jaime_Clapham at 15:00 18 Aug 2021

Change is hard. Building a team is hard. Just reflect on what it’s like within the organisations that you work in, or when you are kicking off a new project. A football club and team are no different.
Marathon Blues
by wadey at 16:00 12 Aug 2021

As some of you may be aware, we lost our little boy Tyler on 1st April 2012, aged just 15 months old. There was no cause declared and he just passed away in his sleep. Since then, I’ve tried to raise as much money for charity in memory of him.
Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative and Don’t Mess with Mr Inbetween
by dusth at 17:50 2 Aug 2021

Tracking through the forums and reading the comments on TWTD is a weird rollercoaster these days, more extremely polarised and more vitriolic than I can remember. We’ve never fallen so far and regretted it so much.
League One Preview 2020/21
by tractordownsouth at 19:40 25 Jul 2021

Each summer, football pundits comment on the big names that find themselves in the third tier – clubs which wouldn’t look out of place in the Championship or even the Premier League.
The Best PM in My Life
by essexccc at 18:08 10 Jul 2021

Being born in 1957, I think I have lived through the leadership of 12 Prime Ministers. I don't know which of them I regard as the best, although I regard the current one, the amoral, lying and self-seeking one, as without doubt, the worst.
Reflections On the Change of Ownership at Ipswich
by PhilR at 15:12 14 May 2021

I am in my late 50s and have supported the club for as long as I can remember.
Power of Motivation
by LegendRay at 16:03 27 Apr 2021

The strangest and most disappointing aspect of this season has been lack of bounce.
Demolition Man
by tractorboykent at 15:35 16 Apr 2021

Paul Cook isn’t a man to mince words. Even though we are all sick of the continuing spiral of underachievement at Town, it was nevertheless still a bit of a shock to hear him lay into the 18 that capitulated to Wimbledon in what he described before kick-off as a season defining match.
Here We Go
by tractorboykent at 14:09 8 Apr 2021

For a club recently described as Britain’s unhappiest, it may seem odd that Town fans are suddenly awash with optimism now that the deal is done.
One of the Strongest Squads?
by NormEmerges at 11:46 21 Mar 2021

I keep hearing that ITFC has one of the strongest squads in League One. It’s certainly true that we have one of the biggest squads, but strongest? I would assume ‘strongest’ to mean ‘includes higher quality players for this league’. What do the facts tell us?
Damned Lies and Football Statistics?
by bluesman at 11:28 3 Mar 2021

Football is possibly the most observed sport of all time, and there is plenty of statistical information available in the public domain to make some informed observations about clubs and managers, and their performance over the years.
From Marcus's Side of the Fence
by essexccc at 18:47 25 Feb 2021

Most of the thinking, including my own, around the possible sale of the club, has quite naturally focused on the possibilities from the club's and supporters' points of view.
Something Rotten
by Tristan90 at 14:20 17 Feb 2021

Marcellus, a guard at Elsinore Castle, is a bit-part character in Hamlet yet utters one of the play’s most famous lines: "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."
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