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Here We Go
by tractorboykent at 14:09 8 Apr 2021

For a club recently described as Britain’s unhappiest, it may seem odd that Town fans are suddenly awash with optimism now that the deal is done.
One of the Strongest Squads?
by NormEmerges at 11:46 21 Mar 2021

I keep hearing that ITFC has one of the strongest squads in League One. It’s certainly true that we have one of the biggest squads, but strongest? I would assume ‘strongest’ to mean ‘includes higher quality players for this league’. What do the facts tell us?
Tractor Boy on a Mission
by wadey at 10:28 7 Mar 2021

As some of you may be aware, we lost our little boy Tyler on 1st April 2012, aged just 15 months old. There was no cause declared and he just passed away in his sleep. Since then, I’ve tried to raise as much money for charity in memory of him.
Damned Lies and Football Statistics?
by bluesman at 11:28 3 Mar 2021

Football is possibly the most observed sport of all time, and there is plenty of statistical information available in the public domain to make some informed observations about clubs and managers, and their performance over the years.
From Marcus's Side of the Fence
by essexccc at 18:47 25 Feb 2021

Most of the thinking, including my own, around the possible sale of the club, has quite naturally focused on the possibilities from the club's and supporters' points of view.
Something Rotten
by Tristan90 at 14:20 17 Feb 2021

Marcellus, a guard at Elsinore Castle, is a bit-part character in Hamlet yet utters one of the play’s most famous lines: "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."
Be Careful What You Wish For
by Broganonthewing at 11:03 17 Feb 2021

This phrase has been bandied about quite a bit recently, even Marcus Evans has quoted it.
Two Directions
by bbg at 22:01 15 Feb 2021

Fans, media and pundits always seem to target the manager, even Bobby Robson was targeted in his time. However, he was rightly allowed four of five mediocre seasons before starting to make real progress.
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
by Theipswich at 08:50 13 Feb 2021

Given the circumstances in which we supporters find ourselves at our lowest point in 64 years and with a level of communication befitting Lord Lucan, I have penned an open letter to our president Marcus Evans, as I am certain I would not have the courtesy of a reply if I were to write to the club:
Lambert's Cat
by Moggasknockdown at 12:15 1 Feb 2021

Remember goalkeeper-coach Jimmy Walker’s ill-conceived tweet back in November? “If we don’t finish in the top four minimum we might as well wrap up”?
Musings of 2021
by MJS83 at 09:17 24 Jan 2021

January 2021, Ipswich Town lie in ninth place in League One, three points from the play-offs and 10 points from the top of the table.
Pegasus Reflects
by pegasus at 17:21 4 Jan 2021

One of the outcomes of the extraordinary year that has just come to an end has been that I have been able to watch Ipswich Town, home and away, on my computer screen for £10 a game.
We Need to Go Back to the Past to Go Forwards
by chrismakin at 18:48 22 Dec 2020

There have been some amazing news pieces recently from past players and current coaches and it really got me thinking about what is best for ITFC.
It's All Going Wrong, Again
by sam_n1 at 12:51 15 Dec 2020

There seems to be a pattern emerging of a consistent fall in form as this season starts to get up and running, especially during the Christmas fixtures. But who or what is down to?
The Grim Experience of Becoming a Socially-Distanced Supporter
by chazza at 17:36 13 Dec 2020

Second only to the terrible the footballing performance against Portsmouth comes the grim experience of becoming a 'socially-distanced' supporter.
Season's Beatings
by Moggasknockdown at 18:08 25 Nov 2020

It is a bitterly disheartening experience supporting Ipswich. At every sliding doors moment in our recent history we have taken the wrong path, at every opportunity for schadenfreude an ex-player will decisively score, or create or generally remind us all that they are happier now, away from the depressing, soul-destroying experience that was their Ipswich career.
Cycle of Hurt
by Steve_M at 11:45 25 Nov 2020

It's hard not to see a club that has got nearly every big decision wrong and come out on the wrong side of almost every promotion or relegation fight over 19 years as being in anything other than terminal decline. The very obvious exception to that pattern of failure was the appointment of Mick McCarthy and his first few years here.
Climbing Up the Walls
by Mullet at 09:43 29 Sep 2020

The world has undoubtedly changed and with it, until some indeterminate point, football has done too. Not only have we seen another club disappear as the fans of Macclesfield joined those of Bury in being locked out of the game, we might count ourselves lucky to only be locked out of Portman Road for our own good.
A Head in the Right Place
by NormEmerges at 09:29 14 Sep 2020

A nice victory against Wigan, well played the Town, and you achieved it without what many consider our best player. For the second match in a row, Flynn Downes was left out because “his head wasn’t in the right place”.
Pyramid Strong
by Mullet at 13:30 9 Aug 2020

On Friday the members of League One voted by majority to instigate a salary cap. In doing so they not only limit everybody in the division to spending £2.5m per season, but they limit themselves in making the transition to established second tier side or beyond.
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