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Unity and Quality
by bbg at 16:07 9 Aug 2017

There is no mistaking the current signs of players, management and administrators all being all on the same page. It is particularly good to see the first-team manager acknowledging the work of the academy coaches in recent days.
Back to the Old Firm
by Mullet at 10:26 7 Aug 2017

That "drive” Mick referred to on Saturday night, was clearly the one from north of the wall not outside his house if today’s news regarding the impending signing of Martyn Waghorn from Rangers is to be believed.
You're the Bunn for ME, Harry
by Mullet at 16:43 1 Aug 2017

After freelance journalist Alan Nixon threw the social media space of ITFC fans into turmoil, the expectation of a striker from a Premier League club predictably sent cynics and dreamers into action.
'Gay Footballers? No, the Fans Wouldn't Have It'
by Tristan90 at 15:40 1 Aug 2017

There has been a lot of coverage of late of the anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England in 1967 and much of it celebrates how far we have come in this country in terms of equality and acceptance.
A Crossroads
by TBT at 19:26 30 Jun 2017

Let's make the assumption that Marcus Evans wants this business to flourish and ignore the theories about having a dying subsidiary over a long period of time somehow bringing a tax advantage to the ME Group.
Play Our Guys Or Take on Loan?
by Mullet at 10:52 17 Jun 2017

I first noticed Bersant Celina a couple of seasons ago, he is one of a handful of names which get mentioned regularly by various fan and sportswriter accounts on Twitter and in the Manchester Evening News. He is the sort of talent that locals up here hold in high regard but haven’t seen too much of.
A Play-Off Tale from the Northlands
by Von_Lager at 10:12 13 Jun 2017

It’s been an interesting 10 days for me reading the articles on 29th May 2017 vs 2000 and Huddersfield or Blackburn?. Interesting for me as I was at Wembley for both the 2000 and 2017 finals and both times supported the winning teams.
Climate Change
by Slambo at 18:16 11 Jun 2017

The real root cause of Ipswich Town’s descent into obscurity.
You Little... Garner?
by Mullet at 16:56 11 Jun 2017

The slow crystallisation of next year’s squad began with first the departures of several key figures spanning the reign of McCarthy, to make way for the securing of fresh faces. Typically, it was the familiar look of Jordan Spence which came first and unsurprisingly as Town look to bounce back from a dismal season.
Desperate Data – the Extreme Numbers That Defined Ipswich Town’s Dismal Season
by realprojection at 23:02 2 Jun 2017

Think Ipswich Town’s 2016/17 Championship record redefined tedium? Think again. Despite a low mid-table finish, set against a background of increasing supporter discontent at insipid management and directionless ownership – Town actually topped (or tailed) the league for many key attributes. Not the characteristics of a mundane team.
Huddersfield or Blackburn - Which Do We Want?
by Brownie at 17:34 30 May 2017

I sat through the play-off final yesterday, it wasn't enjoyable as one of the teams had basically set up to not get beat and as time went on the other looked as if they accepted that. Huddersfield winning was at least a victory for positive intent if nothing else.
29th May 2017 v 29th May 2000
by TimS at 20:24 29 May 2017

What were you doing on Monday 29th May 2000? What have you been doing on Monday 29th May 2017?
On a Wing and a Prayer
by minesapint at 16:11 21 May 2017

Many TWTD users are convinced that Mick is a tactical troglodyte uninterested in attractive, attacking football and happy to grind out a bore draw even at Portman Road.
Three Players Town Should Sign
by bluecobblers at 14:47 10 May 2017

It is obvious for anyone that has watched Ipswich Town play this season that our squad lacks the quality and cutting edge that teams above us possess.
McCarthy - Ready for Season After a Disappointing Holiday.
by monty_radio at 20:34 8 May 2017

Flight crew announced at just before 2pm, same old; same old! Anyway, supped up and went off to check in. Several armed guys stood about, but was told it was to keep people in, not out. Nipped up for a coffee, but queue would have meant the flight would have started before I got served.
I Think I Need Some Help (Pt 1)
by cornishblu at 21:59 7 May 2017

Well this horrendous season is now officially over and it is one that I know I and many supporters will want to forget very quickly.
There is Something to Be Excited About!
by LFBNITFC12 at 10:03 6 May 2017

The majority of our fans seem to think that with Mick McCarthy in and Marcus Evans in control next season will only go one way... badly! However, from my ever positive view of my club, Ipswich Town, I'm predicting a lot more from the 2017/18 season.
We Need to Talk About Kevin
by Pickersblue22 at 16:57 4 May 2017

After such a disappointing season in so many ways for Ipswich Town, there are post-mortems being written left, right and centre.
My Summer 'Massive Rebuilding'
by Rowski at 11:27 4 May 2017

Usually around this time of year I'm dusting myself down after the usual disappointing season and fervently daydreaming about the potential squad that I would construct to get us promoted to the Premier League.
The Need For a Great Summer at Ipswich
by BaltachaFanClub at 09:51 26 Apr 2017

Let's be honest, this season has been one to forget for us Ipswich fans.
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