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Surely the way to do this
by Cheltenham_Blue at 15:51 25 Jun 2024

Is for MA and KMc to go through every single player in the top leagues, find out which ones are Ed Sheeran fans, or which of their wives/girlfriends are.

"Join us and we'll get Ed to play a set at your/your other half's Wedding/Birthday/Bar Mitzvah. Reduce your wages, and we'll get him to wake you/her/them up every morning with a rendition of any song you like"

We'll have a top 6 squad in weeks.
Planet Blue closed "for decorating" tomorrow
by GeoffSentence at 14:44 25 Jun 2024

Yeah, right, come on ITFC we ain't fooled it's the Ben Johnson, Omari Hutchinson, Garbriel Batistuta triple signing tomorrow, isn't it?
Most valuable ITFC memorabilia?
by Heathlander at 14:27 25 Jun 2024

Watching that sports memorabilia documentary on Netflix. What do you think would be the most valuable ITFC item of memorabilia?

I’d go for Roger Osborne’s match worn cup final shirt?

What else?
Can a disgraced Canadian sprinter really cut it in the Prem? (n/t)
by homer_123 at 14:11 25 Jun 2024

Jimmy Dimly arf
by factual_blue at 14:09 25 Jun 2024

I think the current metaphor for rishi and his tories is of a man lying in a pub car park after a bit of a beating.

Whoever comes out of the pub, his friends included, give him another kick just as he's about to get up.
Johnson joining tomorrow/thurs (n/t)
by Ansty at 14:07 25 Jun 2024

Ben Johnson
by catch74 at 14:06 25 Jun 2024

Some good analysis here.
For those who were there
by itfc_bucks at 13:39 25 Jun 2024

Which was the better "I was there" moment.

Sarmiento's last gasp winner against Saints or Alun Armstrong climbing from his sick bed to beat Inter?
Hladky news doesn't sound too positive
by itfcjoe at 12:04 25 Jun 2024

A friend put his interview in Czech through subtitle generator, then translator so it;s not easy to read but you can get the gist of it:

Nothing signed, due back on Monday, has to weight up options, KM wants him to stay and surprised at how powers that be have negotiated with his agent. But he'll have to sit down with wife and weigh up offer etc

It's Monday the 24th.
June, that means in 6 days, at least according to
to the Transformarkt server, your contract ends, you will be out of a job.
Is it true?
It's true, I'm already finding out the address of the employment office
here in Brno and I'm on my toes. 1.
In July, as they say, preparation begins in earnest
England, but you don't know if you will be part of it.
I don't know, I don't know.
and I don't even know when I'll know.
No, I think that such a deadline is real
on the 36th, when my contract ends and that's it
I think Saturday, if I'm not mistaken, and actually Monday
we are starting training, so it's like
it blends nicely, or builds on each other, and I think
that within this week I should know 100%
if it will be Ipsilic, or if it will be something else.
I'm from VNM, but I've had a successful season, I think
if I have such and such a value, I would like to
scrolled here and here, I like such and such
countries choose from this or is it that simple?
I think that there are several such strategies and
each person, each player is actually completely different.
Just like you said, everyone has a preference
another country, another rating, etc.
If I took it specifically as myself, then
we've had it since...
What we started dealing with Ipswich o
new contract in January, that's it
given clearly that we preferred Ipsvitch that
I want to stay in Ipswich, I want to extend.
And at this moment the situation is a little
she changed because the negotiations are tough.
and not exactly how we expected it to play out.
So at this moment we have that strategy
set up so that any offer will land on us
table, so we'll sit down for a few days and evaluate
you have practically everything for and against.
And it's not like...
and I would prefer this or that destination or league.
It really is that whatever comes,
so we just sit down and on the one hand with the managers
and on the one hand, my wife and I will evaluate it.
So you are a little surprised that the votes from the party
The Ipswich ones are a little different now than the ones you had
maybe they were hinted at after the season ended.
You probably had a one-to-one with a manager who you
did he say outright if he counts on you or not?
Even the 10.
In June, when I was there in person, I am with the manager
lined up and we explained for a long time how we see it, how
he sees the following season as he sees my role, but the result
of it is that he wants me to continue at 100%.
And he was a little surprised how the club.
he conducts the negotiations with my manager, so he too
he took, or rather told me he would talk about it
with the management and will actually clarify the things from which
circumstances should I continue and so on.
So let's see, I would divide it into two halves.
We and the coaching staff are united and that's it
but in fact we still can't find common ground with the club.
Our reputation for developing young players
by whymark4lazio0 at 11:50 25 Jun 2024

might be about to pay dividends. Ben Johnson's motivation for seeking a move is "career development". Footballers know that if they come to Ipswich they'll be brilliantly coached and, if they work hard, they'll get their chances in the first team.

T20 World Cup - Afghanistan
by ChorleyBoy at 11:31 25 Jun 2024

Congratulations to Afghanistan for reaching the semis.
First they beat the Aussies in the Super 8s and then they knock them out of the competition.
Well played Rashid Khan and Co.
More good environmental news
by StokieBlue at 11:29 25 Jun 2024

Historically the sea level given by models after past ice ages has tended to be too low and thus it was thought by some researchers that some component was missing from the models.

It seems this possibly could have been identified as being seawater intrusion into the ice causing cavities which then expand causing a feedback loop increasing the speed and volume of the melting:

“[Seawater intrusion] could basically be the missing piece,” said Dr Alexander Bradley of the British Antarctic Survey, who led the research. “We don’t really have many other good ideas. And there’s a lot of evidence that when you do include it, the amount of sea level rise the models predict could be much, much higher.”

Previous research has shown that seawater intrusion could double the rate of ice loss from some Antarctic ice shelves. There is also real-world evidence that seawater intrusion is causing melting today, including satellite data that shows drops in the height of ice sheets near grounding zones.

It's quite possible that all the horrible looking maps showing the expected coastlines in 2100 are actually too conservative.

Seems to be a change in the new Pioneer Boxes configuration
by unstableblue at 10:31 25 Jun 2024

The original plans had a continuation of the boxes in the same format, and then a set of toilets at the North Stand end with frosted windows behind the North Stand end behind J block.

In the new seat plan there seems to be 3 new boxes and then two wider ‘lounges’ that take up the footprint of 4 boxes.

I wondered what these are? Perhaps areas for larger groups to dine, then sit at the front?

This perhaps means that those to the North Stand end of J block with in the end have to sit through the match. As per the rest of the Pioneer middle section.

Apologies if already discussed!
Johnson joining according to WHU source
by le2blue at 10:28 25 Jun 2024

ExWHUemployee is pretty reliable source at West Ham.
Rabbi Matondo
by Bluenc at 09:50 25 Jun 2024

Car spotted Tesco Copdock!!!! RM I8ROX car reg - Just a guess
Who finishes top...
by Bent_double at 09:49 25 Jun 2024

If England draw 1-1 tonight, and Denmark win 1-0?

Both will have 5 points, 3 goals for, 2 goals against, 1 win and 2 draws each. 1-1 draw between the 2 teams.

Denmark, because it begins with 'D'?
Any news on any Austrian or local games/tournaments around the training camp?
by unstableblue at 09:45 25 Jun 2024

I fancy a blast to the continent for another Champions of XX tournament.

Surprised no more pre-season dates announced with Fortuna only a month away.
In amongst the CUFC wallpaper and Hearts mono kits - a new Umbro logo?
by unstableblue at 09:40 25 Jun 2024

Good thread on the CUFC Umbro ‘wallpaper’ kit yesterday, and the more subdued Hearts kit

I actually like them both.

But have you noted the subtle change in the Umbro logo on both kits? With the centre diamond becoming solid.

Apologies if already mentioned or a little too niche a topic.

I personally would like no patterning in the blue this season.

Assume will be the same for Town? I did also see reference to the Town logo being on a crest for a Town in the Premiership retro vibe - not sure if that works for me.

New nuclear reactor prototype to be built by the peoples favourite lizard
by StokieBlue at 09:38 25 Jun 2024

Given it's often cropped up in debates around future power generation I thought I would mention a project backed by Gates (microchips not compulsory) which sounds like it might be part of any possible solution.

Gates founded a company around 10 years ago called Terrapower [1] with the aim of making nuclear power cheaper, safer and more useful as a baseline source. They are now preparing to build their first power station using their new designs which has the following benefits:

- High pressure water has been replaced by molten salt which reduces the safety requirements a lot as many are around maintaining the high pressure water.

- Molten salt can maintain heat for a lot longer than water and thus you can ramp up quickly to supply baseline power when needed.

- The reactor is far less likely to meltdown as the molten salt used to cool the reactor doesn't require the high pressurisation of water or the continual pumping of water (which caused a lot of the issues at Fukushima).

- The power generation turbines are located away from the reactor reducing the complexity of the design as many of the safeguards now only need to be in the reactor building.

- The design is small enough to be build in the location of decommissioned coal plants and then connect up to their existing grid infrastructure and connections.

Obviously there is a very valid debate to be had around whether nuclear should be a part of ongoing power generation but if it is then something along the lines of the above distributed at locations of old power plants might be the way to go about it.


EFL Fixtures out tomorrow
by quirkie at 09:37 25 Jun 2024

Looking forward to seeing who we haven't got?
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