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by Vic at 22:47 22 Apr 2021

Have just watched Berke’s interview with Andy and Stu - really impressed with his passion for football, his realism about the task ahead and the promise of appropriate resources.

Actually really impressed with all the new guys. All of them have a great football background. O’Leary comes across really professional and Ashton is a really well connected, no nonsense CEO.
Song idea
by Bobbychase at 22:29 22 Apr 2021

We’ve got Bakay
Berke Bakay
I just don’t think you understand
He came from Istanbul
His wallet’s nice and full
We’ve got Berkey Bakay
by scotdoc at 22:17 22 Apr 2021

I just want to be proud of being an Ipswich Town fan again.
Years of mismanaged drivel,and frankly being a mockery.
Turning up at rocking PR with my missus and having a great weekend.
That is all.
Interview with Berke Bakay...well worth a read - EADT transcript
by ArnieM at 22:15 22 Apr 2021

Interesting, Johnson met with Ed Woodward last week
by Steve_M at 22:00 22 Apr 2021

Was the ESL discussed then and, if so, was he as against it then as now?

Just re-watching Magilton interview with Blue Monday
by Cheltenham_Blue at 21:10 22 Apr 2021

from 2020, and something he said struck me.

"If you're forcing players, to do something [style of play] that they're not particularly good at, it just eats away at their confidence."
One for you clever lot...
by rkditfc at 20:05 22 Apr 2021

To help my OCD brain, can anyone break down the new hierarchy, businesses and owners in some form of family tree with percentages? It will help me sleep at night.

- Owner- Three Lions %? Gamechanger20 including Evans' 5%? ITFC PLC? ORG? Have I missed one?
- CEO- Ashton
- Chairman- Mike O'Leary

Would love to see the break down with how Brett Johnson, Berke Bakay, Mark Detmer and Ed Schwartz are placed within the array of companies. Listened to all the interviews etc, but I am a visual learner!
Destination Country Pubs in Suffolk
by Marshalls_Mullet at 19:57 22 Apr 2021

Hit me with the best destination country pubs in Suffolk.

Ideally with large grounds and plenty of parking.

Views / nice settings preferable.

Luke Matheson
by MillsTash at 19:49 22 Apr 2021

Is he still with us?
A question for the more mature Town fans.
by MattinLondon at 19:13 22 Apr 2021

When we signed both Frans Thijssen and Arnold Mühren what was the initial reaction? I’m guessing signing two foreign players back then was unusual. But was a lot know of them and did people get quite excited about them signing straight away? Ta.
I don't really give a frig about who takes us forward
by Warkystache at 18:51 22 Apr 2021

Just as long as they all work together to do what we need. I hope a lot of these players depart, I hope we have a plan in place to replace them, I hope.... Sorry if this reads like Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption, but I seriously, seriously hope we have a plan in place and that this plan will make us great again. At least as far as League One/Lower Championship is concerned.

F**k the other surmising. It helps no-one. Let's please become at least a competent team....
King's Of Anglia
by greyhound at 18:26 22 Apr 2021

Take a bow, that is an incredible sh#thouse against talking town who absolutely slate your journalists on a frequent basis.

Feel sorry for those that went and paid for a talking town membership to ask a question. Pay walling question asking on the show that's by the fans, for the fans is beyond hilarious.
League Calculator
by Cheltenham_Blue at 17:34 22 Apr 2021

(Which I notice has now been unpinned)

I've us finishing 10th

Top six:

1. Peterborough
2. Hull
3. Blackpool
4. Sunderland
5. Lincoln
6. Charlton Athletic

7. Oxford
8. Portsmouth
9. Gillingham
10. Town
11. Accrington Stanley
Les McKeown RIP
by gainsboroughblue at 17:14 22 Apr 2021

Not really my taste in music per se but saw him at the request of a friend a couple of years ago. Performed well despite there not being a huge turn out, but more strikingly, happily posed for pictures and chatted with fans afterwards for well over an hour. Lovely bloke.
Before anyone jumps off the 'pile on' wagon, I'm just interested
by Cheltenham_Blue at 17:10 22 Apr 2021

Why Scott Barron as head of recruitment? I've cut and paste Brentford's job description for the same role.

The Role of Head of Recruitment
The main responsibility of the Head of Recruitment is to enable Brentford FC to identify and recruit undervalued players faster and more effectively than our competitors.

That involves being able to:
• Lead a team of scouts
• Understand how and when to apply objective and subjective scouting methods
• Build relationships to key stakeholders in the market place: agents, clubs etc.
• Use technology where it makes the scouting process more effective
• Translate a recruitment strategy into specific actions and weekly targets
• Structure information and presenting it in a effective way

Essential Personal Characteristics

• Excellent at creating structure and run processes
• Outstanding people skills. The ability to build relationships is essential in this role.
• Great communication skills
• Open-minded towards new and sometimes unconventional ideas that can improve current practices

General Club Accountabilities
• To ensure compliance with all relevant Club policies, including health and safety policies.
• To ensure compliance with all relevant legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements.
• To build and maintain good working relationships both internally and externally, maintaining a professional image at all times when representing Brentford Football Club.
• To keep confidential any information gained regarding the Club and its personnel.
• To maintain a flexible approach to work at all times.

Clearly, his experience with his business gives him all of the personal characteristics and some of the club accountabilities, but I'm not sure I can see anything to give him the main skills for the role. I would have imagined someone with more experience of scouting to lead a new recruitment team?
pc + new owners
by HarryB at 16:57 22 Apr 2021

i wonder how the meeting went today. also i wonder which players were targeted.
Man City doing themselves no favours here
by bluelagos at 16:50 22 Apr 2021


Defending the case and possibly using a convicted paedophile as a witness. Not like they can't afford to settle the case and limit the trauma suffered.
"Its Nae Normal"
by Cheltenham_Blue at 16:49 22 Apr 2021

Why is it an insult to be obsessed with Ipswich Town?
by BlueWorldOrder at 16:48 22 Apr 2021

I understand I am very unpopular here but after just being attacked for my obsession for Ipswich Town I feel terrible. I have to admit I do live my life around my football team, when the team fails or when things aren't going well I feel every moment of it and I came here to try and express that. I don't need to be made to feel like I have no life by fellow supporters. I know it. I don't need reminding. This lock-down has been hell.
👏 The 👏 Players 👏 Are 👏 Not 👏 Fit 👏
by wkj at 16:22 22 Apr 2021

Why does this fact seem to be overlooked?

- Lambert had a strong start
- Lambert started to slide
- Town's medical department has long been a laughing stock by all
- A bunch of the players have routinely played better
- We just had a half-season hiatus

Fair enough. the last one applies to all - but the medical department being a joke has not been a common issue for many clubs as long as it has been for us.

That and apathy from the players... this isn't a problem that Cook or anyone can fix until the summer.

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