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Second Hand Weights
by chrisswailes at 20:54 29 Sep 2020

Anyone have any recommendations? I’m just looking for a couple of 10/12kg.

Seems we are now second favourites, behind Sunderland.
by Pinewoodblue at 19:57 29 Sep 2020

Supporting the EFL (sorry it’s a bit long)
by bluefunk at 19:50 29 Sep 2020

So Sept 30th is the day the Premier League (PL) meet to decide whether they will help out the EFL with some crumbs off their fully laden table. The debate has been held so far across the media, both social and otherwise and has been illuminated with some memorable interventions, but none as spectacularly entitled as the interview given by Sean Dyche.

To summarise, for those who may not have seen the full text, Mr Dyche tried to encapsulate one element of the Premier League’s reluctance, namely that there are many clubs in the EFL which have been badly run and they (the PL) shouldn’t have to bail them out, by likening football to hedge fund managers, the successful ones being those in his metaphorical Premier League and the unsuccessful ones languishing the the hedge fund lower divisions - leaving no one in any doubt that there would be no hedge fund manager bailouts (which is pretty accurate to be fair).

What is so grossly offensive about Dyche and his opinions is the total lack of self awareness he displayed, since Dyche’s background is a summary of the reasons why the Premier League should bail out the EFL. Dyche earned his living at EFL clubs, got his first coaching job, his first assistant manager’s and his first manager’s job at an EFL club, and only made his way to the PL because he got promoted. Now that last achievement isn’t to be derided, but it was the EFL and the football pyramid that gave him that opportunity (yes, another one). Short memory eh Sean?

So, no need to frame this “appeal” to the PL as a moral imperative, although there is a moral dimension, it’s really about self interest. Let’s just list the current PL players who’ve had some of their development supported by an EFL club, or who started there. From Raheem Sterling and Harry McGuire to Harry Kane and Kyle Walker at the top level, to Maddison, Fraser, Vardy... well you get the picture.

Will the PL do the right thing, will they give the EFL a sum which represents a little over a quarter of the amount they will apparently spend on just 22 players, or will they sit in their ivory towers, comfortable in the success they believe they have earned - for anyone who believes in the power of football and it’s place in local communities we can only hope that sense prevails.
Player of the Month
by Basuco at 19:47 29 Sep 2020

Just seen on twitter that Town player of the month is between Dozzell, Toto, Nolan and Bish, I really can't choose one above the others, and harsh on Freddie not to be put forward as well. My first thought was Toto but then decided I could not put one above any of the others, so a five way joint winner for me. Indecisive? No I'm just not just not sure.
Town’s U18s win in the last minute against Norwich.
by Bergholt_Blue at 19:40 29 Sep 2020

In the modern age who are we allowed to critisize?
by hampstead_blue at 19:27 29 Sep 2020

It seems the Gov can be slammed 24/7
People can be vile toward Tory MP's.

Who else? Norwich are fair game. That's a given.

However, when I dared to criticize a muslim the post was removed and a few people showed a dislike.


I guess I stepped on a 'woke' landmine.
It's sad when you can't offer-up genuine and polite criticism of a religion. Especially after that religion had screamed and screamed at a cricket club for celebrating a victory.

So, Essex CCC are allowed to be slammed by a person of religion but said person isn't allowed to be criticized?

Dammit I want my uppies back!!!
by chrisswailes at 19:18 29 Sep 2020

Greater good I suppose.
Cricket has gone mad.
by hampstead_blue at 18:46 29 Sep 2020

Seems like the woke mob have got into cricket now.

One of the Essex players had beer poured over his head. It's a cricket thing and he was loving it.
Turns out he's a muslim and low and behold they go and complain!

What makes it worse, Essex should have told them to get over it but no, they bow and make some apologetic statement.

Sorry but this is NOT a muslim country. We drink alcohol It's YOUR responsibility to remove yourself from these situations if you want to. It's not up to Britain to change for your religion.

This is bonkers!


Sajid Patel, co-founder of the National Cricket League in Essex and East London, described the pictures as "offensive".

"It was diabolical to see there was no sort of planning, no compromise and no cultural awareness," he told BBC Essex.

"We want it to be a celebration for everyone, but when you see scenes like that, I don't know what to say. It left me speechless.

"Is it so hard for Essex to say sorry?"
I had a rumour
by giant_ullaa at 17:19 29 Sep 2020

And forgive me for being a gossip, but London's about to get locked down. Maybe not that surprising, but announcement coming soon.
ITFC sign A White from AFC Wimbledon?
by BLUEBEAT at 17:18 29 Sep 2020

My free Nest Mini arrived today
by hype313 at 14:37 29 Sep 2020

Anyone want to buy it, can do mates rates...
The prime minister has apologised after failing to clarify the detail of new
by homer_123 at 13:41 29 Sep 2020

tighter coronavirus restrictions in north-east England.


Boris, getting his words wrong? Not understanding what he was talking about? Never...
The world according to Gooch
by Sharkey at 13:38 29 Sep 2020

This headline, you're going to half like it.

Latest government public information video
by factual_blue at 13:38 29 Sep 2020

Although I'm sure many of you have already seen it on the WhatsApp etc

Chocolate Hobnobs
by clive_baker at 13:17 29 Sep 2020

Forgot how good they are.

Something about a chocolate hobnob with a cup of tea on a rainy Autumnal afternoon innit. Absolutely sensational.
iFollow long term
by RobTheMonk at 13:16 29 Sep 2020

Obviously not a substitute for the matchday experience, but a adequate alternative for people like myself who can't get to many games.

If game streaming carried on being available I know I'd personally watch the vast majority of games and would probably spend more money that I do going to games.

Do we think that there would be a dip in attendances if iFollow was a more permanent thing or would the allure of the matchday negate that?
A plee to good suffolk people re the Geldeston Locks
by giant_ullaa at 12:14 29 Sep 2020

It's for sale! Don't let it be bought to be turned into a house.


I don't have nearly enough spare money and have made serious efforts to get the family to gang together to buy it, but frankly, they think I'm chatting sh1t and mad.

Someone out there must fancy running this absolutely fantastic, near-paradise, place?!

buy it and keep it as a pub (pretty please)
Anyones company doing this to them whilst they work from home?
by homer_123 at 11:28 29 Sep 2020

Jet suit Paramedics!
by homer_123 at 11:15 29 Sep 2020



The only thing missing is a bule flashing light on the top of the helmet.
Refereeing seems better this season?
by WeWereZombies at 10:33 29 Sep 2020

Impossible to tell from the Match of the Day highlights (or any highlights for that matter) due to all the VAR kerfuffle but the two games of ours (Fulham and Rochdale) I have watched felt like they flowed much more smoothly. I don't think the standard of refereeing has improved necessarily but put it down to players being a bit more cautious and respectful.
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