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Anyone clock Wonder Roy's pre-match moment of genius?
by BigManBlue at 11:40 15 Oct 2019

Q. "Ross Barkley, what's his best position?"
A. "On the bench".

As if we needed another reminder that he lacks any understanding of the game beyond being a bully and a loudmouth.
For lovers of Rock N' Roll and the birth of rock music
by PJH at 11:34 15 Oct 2019

there are a couple of programmes on SKY Arts on Saturday night.

Two hours of Buddy Holly followed by two hours of Chuck Berry.
The sinking megacity
by StokieBlue at 11:21 15 Oct 2019

A good (but long) read about Jakarta and how it could be the first "megacity" claimed by climate change:

It's essentially a catalogue of errors in both infrastructure snd bureaucracy coupled with the rising sea level from climate change. There is serious talk about having to build a new capital and relocate 30m people at some point in the future - the numbers are simply huge.

Football who's hot/ who's not list
by Tommyparker at 11:16 15 Oct 2019

Liverpool won 20 of last 23,
Glasgow Rangers won 15 of last 17,
Cowdenbeath won last 6,
Ipswich won 7 of last 8,
Bristol City unbeaten for 11,
Motherwell won 5 of last 6,
Bradford won 5 of last 7,
Inverness won 5 of last 7,
Oxford United won 5 of last 7,
QPR won 4 of last 6,
West Brom won 4 of last 6,
Nottingham Forest won 4 of last 6,
Cheltenham won 4 of last 6,
Raith won 4 of last 6

Bolton lost 14 of last 17,
Southend lost 11 of last 14,
Mk Dons lost last 6,
Morcombe lost 8 of last 10,
Barnsley lost 8 of last 11,
Lincoln lost 8 of last 11,
Norwich lost 7 of last 9,
Forfar lost 6 of last 8,
Partick lost 5 of last 7,
Reading lost 5 of last 7,
Luton lost 4 of last 6,
Grimsby lost 4 of last 6,
St Mirren lost 4 of last 6

Sunday acca 12/1
Liverpool won 20 of last 23,
Nottingham Forest won 4 of last 6
Ipswich won 7 of last 8,
Glasgow Rangers won 15 of last 17
Has Russell Osman contacted the FA yet
by Bluefish at 09:59 15 Oct 2019

To ask for a finders fee?
Big up to Tyrone Mings
by chicoazul at 09:30 15 Oct 2019

Takes big balls to do that in your first international match. His comments about being a voice for the voiceless are powerful and excellent. I hope he has a long successful England career, and becomes Prime Minister in 20 years or so.
Joys of the internet
by wkj at 09:09 15 Oct 2019

Badly designed websites are quite fun to stumble across from time to time and I am sure some will be familiar with this example.

Amazingly chaotic, and a great use of Boris Johnson holding a sign saying "Brexit Risk Free".

The real hidden gem of this website is the source code. Ctrl+U and a short scroll down will reveal the sheer magic of why this badly designed website, is actually quite brilliant.
So they can renegotiate the deal....
by BanksterDebtSlave at 08:11 15 Oct 2019

.....who woulda thunk it!
The Bulgarian manager is actually deluded..
by chrisswailes at 06:20 15 Oct 2019

Bulgaria coach Krasimir Balakov 'didn't hear' racist abuse in England loss

‘Bulgaria captain Ivelin Popov had been seen talking to a group of Bulgaria supporters at half-time, prompting England striker Marcus Rashford to praise his "courage".
Balakov says he was unaware Popov spoke to some fans at half-time, adding: "It is probably because the fans were unhappy with the way the team was performing." ‘
Oxford away 16th november
by airliner at 05:37 15 Oct 2019

Is this game going to be rearranged? International call ups?
Amidst the valid criticisms of racism there is still some self-reflection needed
by Steve_M at 00:12 15 Oct 2019

Barney Ronay is correct here, there is an unpleasant xenophobia around some England fans still.

Moire ITFC players need tube stations named after them
by factual_blue at 23:50 14 Oct 2019

We should all propose Kevin Beattie for Old Kent Road 1.

Old Kent Road 2 should of course be Trainy McStation.
by Guthrum at 22:47 14 Oct 2019

The first clashes between Turkish-backed forces and Syrian military units (some reportedly with Russian air support) have broken out.
Mings at Centre back
by Vic at 22:41 14 Oct 2019

Old Git was right after all then! He always maintained that would be his best position and moaned that Mick wouldn’t play him there.
Observation about tonight...
by Marshalls_Mullet at 22:33 14 Oct 2019

When talking about the abhorrent behaviour of some football fans in Bulgaria, a lot of people on twitter etc write off the whole nation (and even eastern Europe as a whole) as racists.

Slightly hypocritical!

(I'm not aiming this as TWTD).

Yes, the behaviour tonight, and on other occasions was disgusting, but that doesnt mean it's representative of a whole nation.
This Villa fan has just posted this hot take on Mings
by Mullet at 22:02 14 Oct 2019

Frustrating game
by Dubtractor at 21:31 14 Oct 2019

We should have got double figures based on the chances and attacking opportunities we've had.

Bulgaria are one of the worst international teams I've seen in years. Perhaps they have been more effected by the chants than we have?
The odd thing about this game is
by Guthrum at 21:13 14 Oct 2019

I thought Bulgaria were at least a half-decent team. But not on the evidence of tonight. Maybe i'm thinking three or four decades ago.
Ipswich shirt swap
by HatStand at 21:11 14 Oct 2019

I have two size L home shirts one is the play off 2000 Greene king shirt, other is txuenergy. Wondered if anyone had medium size they'd like to swap. Would take an e.on
Mine have only ever been worn half a dozen time, in vgc, pet/smoke free house, looking for similar.
Calling all Excel bods
by Rob88 at 20:53 14 Oct 2019

I would like to create a macro that would import my bank statements into excel from csv files and format by bank statements and then update pivot charts.

csv files would be in a folder on the c drive.

Where does one start?

I’ve tried the available budgeting apps such as Emma, money dashboard and YOlT but they don’t report as I would like.
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