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Things that you wonder about part ..... black & white films
at 17:06 6 Jun 2020

I’m watching the Longest Day film which is in Black and White

How did they know what colour grey to make the uniforms so they look right in the film?

There must be at least 50 shades of if
Breaking Bad - what am I missing?
at 15:52 6 Jun 2020

just starting watching series 2 and cant see what all the fuss is about

does it get better?
Boycott leaving TMS
at 10:18 6 Jun 2020

not sure how I feel about that, but it is probably time for him to retire
this made I chuckle
at 07:11 5 Jun 2020

Is Town wanting to expand play-offs almost as embarrassing
at 16:03 4 Jun 2020

as Norwich trying to scrap relegation?

On the day 1993 Warnes first ball in test cricket to Getting
at 14:04 4 Jun 2020

It was too shabby either

Happy Birthday George Burley
at 15:05 3 Jun 2020

we still love you now you are 64
Following my emails I had a personal phone call from my MP yesterday
at 15:38 2 Jun 2020

after some discussion we 'agreed to disagree' over the Cummings affair with the issue of fake news being the main defence.

It was an entertaining 20 minutes with common ground over some of it.

All in all credit to him for calling me, was very unexpected
Ha!!! Yet again we beat the Budgies
at 12:46 1 Jun 2020

30) Ipswich - 1.11

31) QPR - 1.11

32) Norwich - 1.10

[Post edited 1 Jun 12:46]
Dominic Cummins - what else could come that would make him seem even worse?
at 16:52 31 May 2020

he’s a closet Norwich fan?

He doesn’t like cheese?

He posts on here as J2Blue?
Some of lot are in Aus aren't you?
at 20:01 30 May 2020

which one of you paid for this then??

"It was a commercial agreement to tie up and stroke a semi-naked man in his underpants with a broom"
The seven dwarfs aren't pleased about the lockdown changes
at 09:37 30 May 2020

one of them isn't happy

[Post edited 30 May 9:41]
Friday afternoon Songs for different posters
at 13:11 29 May 2020

Here's a little ditty just for Bluefish .....

Feel free to add tunes that you may feel are benefitting any other posters

Keep it nice pop pickers, keep it nice
[Post edited 29 May 13:12]
Reply from my MP to an email (and chase) about Cummins
at 15:34 28 May 2020

Thank you getting in touch to share your view of the actions of Dominic Cummings.

I am grateful for the many constituents, yourself included, who have made their views clear and I wish you well. It is easy to understand the strength of concern many share over the actions of Dominic Cummings and the Government's reaction. I have not met Dominic before nor would I wish to defend him.

There is quite a volume of correspondence relating to Covid19. We are trying to deal without delay with urgent casework. Responding to you may necessarily have taken longer than usual. For this we ask for your understanding and thank you for your patience.

As a nation, we have taken the necessary actions to reduce the peak and throttle back the transmission of Covid19. We now must work to restore normal life as much as possible whilst remaining vigilant and careful to take the precautions needed to prevent a second wave of illness.

As Member of Parliament, I will continue to do all I can to help those who come to me for assistance.

My team and I do our best to highlight policies that need correcting to the Prime Minister, Chancellor and other responsible Ministers whenever appropriate, to push for fairness for all. I could list a number, mainly in the health field, that were successful. We have had a number of successes.

Many have concerns about the situation with Dominic Cummings, with condemnation of his actions and some with. I appreciate all who have taken the time to write and I wish to assure you your views are taken into consideration. In my life of public service, I do not recall asking for a resignation, regardless of party. It is not my intention to start now. This will disappoint some calling for resignations.

I share sympathy for each household that has been affected directly or indirectly by COVID-19. The pain of this pandemic has touched us. My doctor daughter volunteered to pause her hospital consultant role to help on the frontline. Friends of ours have died; parents of colleagues have died. None of us are immune to the far reaching effects of this disease.

Some have been forced to make heart-breaking decisions during this lockdown period, with painful separation from loved ones whilst they are at their most vulnerable. We share in gratitude and understanding that these have been vital to reduce the spread of the virus.

This has been particularly difficult for those who were alone during illness or left to grieve alone at their time of greatest need. Many still face dreadful hardship. They need help. My team and I want you to know that we are ready to do all we can to try to assist you.

We can give a general thanksgiving for our communal resolve to abide by the guidelines to keep those around us safe and healthy. Some may join a general confession that they inadvertently acted beyond the guidance or the advice in a stressed or panicked situation, or out of fear for a loved one believing this was necessary.

We can review the overall figures and ascertain that even with some actions at odds with the rules, the overall task of helping to combat the disease has been working. This is down to all who stayed at home, protected the NHS and practised social distancing when making necessary journeys.

The role of the media in this story has received some attention and criticism. I remain a vocal supporter of the BBC and our national and local media in their efforts to hold public figures and government bodies to account. I share in trust for our Civil Service and local government.

It is a wry thought that the success of the messaging when lockdown came owes something to a person who is now the news story. Sometimes on cases like this, we might trust in our own individual judgements rather than any trial by media.

I try to offer balanced opinions and understand all points of view. It is not always straightforward or easy. I will fight for causes that are just. When needed, I hope to be someone you can trust. All the time I aim to be a representative for everyone, regardless of whether or however they vote.

We will slowly return to some semblance of normality. We must build confidence in our Government and trust in those making decisions which so greatly impact our lives, particularly in these unprecedented times. I continue to do what I can to represent the wide-ranging interests and views of constituents, pursuing decisions that are beneficial for our shared lives.

Constituents are reminded to include their full name, address and telephone number in correspondence. Time allowing, I am pleased to be able to listen directly to those sharing their views over the telephone. Do share your telephone number if this is your preference and indicate in any email.

Thank you for reading this response and for sharing your views.

Yours sincerely,

What would TWTD posters of days gone by have been posting
at 09:54 26 May 2020

about events in their times?

How would an 'average' TWTD poster reacted to historical events?

A virtual prize for the winner?

(bear with me I'm bored and just trying to think of an entertainingly stupid thread to pass the day)

IceniBlue - Bleeding Eyeties coming over here stealing our land, what will they ever do for us the?

Uber have just asked Stevie Wonder and Clive Thomas to become drivers (n/t)
at 17:07 25 May 2020

The Instinct Precedent - I have been musing overnight
at 10:04 25 May 2020

Following the debacle that was Boris's 'press conference' yesterday if I get caught sat speeding can I just use the defence that "I was acting in instinct"

Seems clear cut too me

Maybe Lamburke is 'managing the team by instinct' and we should cut in some slack
Although I refuse to buy or use this
at 11:42 24 May 2020

this is quite sad for the city
What have Lambert and Cummings in common? (n/t)
at 10:30 24 May 2020

[Post edited 24 May 10:56]
A little song written for Mr Cummins
at 10:49 23 May 2020

It made me chuckle

[Post edited 23 May 11:08]
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