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Songs for today ...
at 09:49 17 Oct 2021

lets start with something positive

I like Brenner and Mick, there I have said it
at 16:42 16 Oct 2021

think Brenner is a much better commentator than people give him credit for and I much prefer him to the likes of Matterface and Green

Mick Mills is just a footballing God
TWTD Video excusive - when Ashy meets Fishers
at 09:50 16 Oct 2021

Anyone else hearing rumour about Mark Ashton
at 10:14 14 Oct 2021

apparently on point on resigning and seeking a restraining order
[Post edited 14 Oct 10:38]
Cheer up Peter Reid,
at 15:00 11 Oct 2021

Oh what can it mean,
To our brand new consultant
in a Paul Cooks dream team
Should I help this poor US soldier who has just emailed me??
at 09:17 11 Oct 2021

seems legit

i am captain John White, I am among American troops currently deployed in Syria,
my reason for contacting you through your email is that I have a proposal for you and I got your email address when I was seeking on the internet to see if I can find someone I can share this deal with and come across your email address.
I urgently need to safeguard some amount of money I have here in my possession which is worth the sum of eleven million five hundred thousand US Dollars (11.5 Million)
I came across this cash while on operation three days ago, as we were on the massive attack against the terrorist Group here in Syria and nobody else knows that I have this money here with me because I still hide it somewhere.
my colleagues here did not know about this money because I hide it out of other items that were confiscated from the terrorist hideout.
I deemed it necessary to look out for somebody that will keep this money for me until I complete my duty here in about 6 months' time, I want to know if you are willing to do that and I am going to share this money 40/60 with you.
I am still an active soldier and I personally did not want anyone to know about this and my plans of moving this money to you will be through a delivery cargo company that delivers food and medicine here.
I am going to reply back to you tomorrow if you agree with my proposal.
note that you can only communicate with me through my private email address.
i will wait for your reply

thank you
John White
Simon & Garfunkel documentary on BBC Iplayer
at 10:34 10 Oct 2021

really worth watching

Cant believe they are now both 80!!
My Geordie friend is very happy, and maybe having drink or 3
at 19:13 7 Oct 2021

he reckons Bruce will be sacked tomorrow and Eddie Howe is lined up to take over

he also think Newcastle will soon be as big as Man City and Barcelona

I did chuckle as that did

Bless him

(PS - if the artist Constable had been a Geordie what would his favourite pizza be .... a Haywaiain)
This made me laugh
at 10:11 7 Oct 2021

As it contains a few naughtyish words if you are at work with lots of people around you turn the volume up really loud so everyone can hear it

Ipswich Players as Historical Characters anyone
at 09:49 6 Oct 2021

partly cos out resident history buffs feel a bit left out and partly cos I'm bored can we do Ipswich Players as Historical Characters?

Admiral Kevin Beatty
Mick Church Hill
Allan the Hun-ter
We're going to p1ss the league!!
at 20:43 5 Oct 2021

We're going to p1ss the league!!
and now you're going belive it
and now you're going belive it
and now you're going belive it
We're going to p1ss the league!!
Anyone else watch the Blair/Brown prog on BBC2 last night
at 14:23 5 Oct 2021

very interesting

Blair looked like very slimey lying tory when trying not to answer the question about the deal with Brown.

Kier Starmer is more 'Brown' than Blair and I dont think Labour have anyone with the 'charisma' of Blair at the moment
A little history question I have been wondering about
at 11:02 5 Oct 2021

In say 1974/5 or 1980/91 who played in the town reserve team?

A lot is made of how thin our squads were and Ive been trying to think of who the reserve players were at those times?

Does anyone know if Cook is in the habit of
at 10:00 5 Oct 2021

Throwing his eyes at players?

I hope our players are better that the England cricketers at catching
Hey Super Coops
at 17:27 4 Oct 2021

I see Kielty (or however they are spelt) are doing well!!

Have you been to see them at all?
[Post edited 4 Oct 17:27]
Keno - The Voice of Reason .......
at 13:00 4 Oct 2021

there has been a lot of angst and bollox over the weekend and I thought it was time for a sensible sane poster to diffuse the insanity and bring an air of calm reason to the board, so here goes ......

It was always going to take time for a new team to sort themselves out and start playing and while I would like use to winning every game 6-0 playing exciting free flowing football realistically that was never going to happen so quickly. In effect 'this team; has players 2 games.

The one thing this team needs is time and there is enough quality for it to start to fly but, and there are two Jamie Peters sized buts,

- the club and players have to adapt in life in Div 1 and stop thinking we are 'too good' "too nice' and get down and graft
- they have to sit out individual errors for which we are getting punished

I really hope Paul Cook comes good, on paper he is the guy for the job but the quality of the back room staff does concern me. McGreal as a defensive coach wouldn't be a bad move.

I'm prepared to give the him the next couple of months and if things start dont turn round dont expect to he last into December.

In that case I'd like to see Mowbray, maybe Dyer.

So there you have it.

Remember you dont get promoted in October, you have to wait until April/May for that

Things that are more annoying than ITFC at the moment
at 10:10 3 Oct 2021

Ex wife's?
Tory governments

anything else?
[Post edited 3 Oct 10:10]
Gubernatorial - word of the day
at 14:19 1 Oct 2021

I just learned a new word - gubernatorial

TWTD challenge - who can get this word into a post this afternoon
QPR offer Bond secured against ground
at 15:39 30 Sep 2021

With a promotion bonus
So of all the things Angela Rayner said
at 13:49 30 Sep 2021

"homophobic, racist, misogynistic, absolute vile… banana republic, vile, nasty, Etonian… piece of scum.”

why is it only "scum" the only people have an issue with?

are the other accepted as correct
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