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EFL trophy fan boycott
at 09:54 12 Nov 2019

Anyone informed and care to share what it is about, is it still happening, how come we arent involved?

Shame as it will definitely make tonights game a bit stale with regards to the atmosphere.
at 22:30 6 Nov 2019

I see the Met decision to ban all XR protests in London was ruled unlawful...

Still can't get my head round how they ever thought it was legal/sensible/proportionate...
Plan D for Rochdale
at 15:51 4 Nov 2019

Should be home tonight but too fcked to ride up 2moro.

So if anyone is driving and has a spare seat, please pm.

Happy to pay towards petrol. Can get to anywhere Colc, Ips area.

Offline til late tonight so won't be replying to any pms till late tonight / morning.
Dropped a bol*ock re Rochdale...
at 17:37 31 Oct 2019

Left me ticket on the side, now away and not going home before the match.

So, any chance in hell the club can reissue? Fcked anyway as wont be able to pick up.


So,,are there cash admissions Tues?

Hitchhikers....would you?
at 08:20 30 Oct 2019

Was chatting last night to someone who was adamant they would never pick up or ask for a lift by hitchhiking.

I have done both a few times, never huge journeys but never really worried me in terms of my safety and thought they were paranoid in assuming the worst of people.

My friend was amazed at my attitude, me at theirs. Who's the crazy one here?
Qn for Twtd cyclists
at 10:08 29 Oct 2019

Trying to step up a bit from 2-3 15 milers a week, so Sunday I did a 25 miler, yesterday a 30 miler with some (for Anglia) hardish climbs in there. Think I did 650 ft of climbing each day..

Went out this morning and my legs feel proper fcked, so headed home early. Is this my body telling me to have a day off? Or is this normal - something to push through?

Oxford away date change
at 10:15 27 Oct 2019

Do we know when the decision to postpone/or not is likely to be made?
[Post edited 27 Oct 10:18]
Traffic offences thread
at 08:39 25 Oct 2019

How good/bad are you?

Aside from the usual, I got tickets for

Parking on the wrong side of the road.
Driving with my arm out of the window
Illegal advertising on my car

Also got pulled for but got away with

Driving without a door
Not driving close enough to the car in front.

One of the above was in Suffolk :-)
Question for the Eco warriers on here
at 10:17 20 Oct 2019

Understand there are lots of ways to reduce our Co2 emissions / carbon footprint, but how can we ever be carbon neutral?

Just by eating say plant based diets, we still have an impact, tools for farmers need to be made, food needs to be moved. We need clothes. We need heating in winter.

So even after we go as green as possible, surely we will still generating a carbon footprint? Whaf am I missing?
Anyone at Foxhall?
at 20:12 15 Oct 2019

Quite a big crowd, hot dogs galore, what's not to like?
So if wraparounds and lycra don't cut it with the Twtd fashion police...
at 16:57 14 Oct 2019

Curious to know what should I be wearing when venturing out for a cycle ride?

Preferably items that can protect my eyes and my gonads, albeit both are failing and in need of any protection going...
Might apply to some of us on Twtd?
at 08:16 10 Oct 2019

Enjoy your day...
[Post edited 10 Oct 8:33]
Retrial of Duckenfield starts today
at 07:38 7 Oct 2019

Please keep all comments off social media until the trial has completed. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial.

Those wishing to follow the trial, I'd recommend the Echo online and David Conn on twitter.
Think we need a Dolly sweepstake
at 14:51 4 Oct 2019

Leaving Brixton at 5pm tonight for the drive to Clitheroe.

I am going for 11.12pm arrival.
Price to paint a house
at 12:01 1 Oct 2019

Just got quoted 1450 to paint the interior of a 3 bed house...

Sound right? Expensive?

(includes the paint for walls and ceilings, not skirting boards)
This court case tomorrow
at 18:48 16 Sep 2019

Can someone explain why it matters?

Given Parliament got their law through ref asking for extention...does that not make the perogation a bit meaningless?
Rommy got off lightly with his medical mishap...
at 15:38 12 Sep 2019

Makes my eyes water just reading it.
[Post edited 12 Sep 15:41]
Sod the cricket, anyone see this yesterday?
at 11:20 26 Aug 2019

If not, enjoy. That was one hell of a finish!
So Woolfenden
at 07:15 21 Aug 2019

Has he got a popular nickname yet?

Wolfman? Woolfy? The Wolf?

So did the a12 close last night?
at 07:12 21 Aug 2019

I heard the announcement, but the Manningtree road was flowing no issues.

Getting in was way busier.

Funny game, we only seem to be able to put 45 mins together atm. Get both halves as we did 2nd half, or 1st half v Sund & Ports and we'll be flying...
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