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So England win the Euros and the Jocks and Taffs
at 11:49 12 Jul 2024

get a day off too?

Surely any Bank hol should only be in England?
[Post edited 12 Jul 12:01]
Meanwhile Liverpool's pre season training is a little unusual
at 07:26 11 Jul 2024

Better 30 mins
at 20:33 10 Jul 2024

Than all the last 5 games put together.

Welcome back England 👍
England team
at 18:54 10 Jul 2024

Just the centre back reverting to Guehi...
Real lack of Euros buzz out there
at 13:59 10 Jul 2024

Are we just getting used to success such that a Euros semi final is all a bit - meh?

Is this what will happen when we reach our 3rd Champions League semi final in 4 seasons?

Unemployed bloke rants
at 08:22 7 Jul 2024

One for the libtards
at 11:01 6 Jul 2024

Starmer has just appointed this bloke as his minister responsible for prisons. He clearly goes against the "lock em up for longer" view of most of society.

We will see if he can actually make a change, and then whether those changes are positive for those in prison and by extension for wider society.

Timpson is unelected, untested in politics but clearly knows a thing or two about rehabilitating offenders.

Cheerio Therese
at 04:29 5 Jul 2024

Got to be worth a thread on its own.

Good.riddance to one of the most vile MPs. You won't be missed.

So under the rules no one is meant to campaign today - so
at 08:08 4 Jul 2024

In an ideal world who would you ban from voting?

I'd ban anyone who wears red trousers. W*nkers.
Tactical voters: Odds below: (Rommer's eat yer heart out)
at 09:58 3 Jul 2024

If you are looking to vote tactically but unsure who to vote for (to stop a candidate or party) - below are the bookie odds for each Suffolk constituency. You can see the candidates most likely to challenge.

Polls are a bit erratic at a local level, but the bookies will have looked at all of them before setting their odds.

Any seat can be checked here:

And don't forget your photo ID - you can not vote without it.

Ipswich - Labour are 1/20 on so that's looking nailed on tbh.

South Suffolk - Tory James Cartlidge's seat.
Tory 4-6
Labour 7-4
Reform 11-1
Green 150-1
Lib 500-1

Suffolk Coastal - Tory Therese Coffey's seat.
Labour 1-2
Tory 5-2
Reform 33-1
Liberals 50-1
Green 100-1

Suffolk Central and North Ipswich - Dan Porter (not standing) old seat.
*The Labour candidate has been disowned by the party for betting against himself here.
Tory 4-5
*Labour 5-4
Reform 25-1
Libs 100-1
Green 100-1

Suffolk West
Labour 8-13
Tory 13/8
Reform 33-1
Libs 150-1
Green 200-1

Waveney (New seat)

Greens & Tories neck and neck though Greens look favourites (see odds above)
Labour 12-1
Reform 20-1
Libs 250-1

If you don't bother to vote - you can't really moan if they winners do stuff you don't like.

And people literally died to get the vote, so it really is important to vote if you can. Ruined ballots get counted too - if "none of the above" is your thing.

Potential centre backs
at 16:23 2 Jul 2024

Reading that De Ligt is going for £50m which is clearly out of our range, but got me thinking who might be available.

All respect to Woolf and Burgess but I think a really experienced CB would be a great addition to the team - indeed they could both learn from the right player. Rather than the usual young up and coming future star, I'd be looking for someone you might only get a couple of years out of (before retirement) but comes with top pedigree/experience.

Any realistic candidates?

This election...
at 07:32 2 Jul 2024

Is there a valid reason why is takes 6 weeks when the French can do one in 2 weeks?

I like my politics but am well bored of it. Must be unbearable for those who don't like politics.

Has Jude been on Twtd?
at 20:23 30 Jun 2024

How comes Slovakia have 2 badges
at 16:57 30 Jun 2024

on their shirts?

One looks like a tribute to NASA. Wtf is going on there?
Power tools ...
at 15:41 29 Jun 2024

One of you clever sods might be able to help.

Am wanting to trim some brambles in a place where I won't be able to run a lead. I have a hedge trimmer but that runs off a plug.

It's a one off, so don't really want to buy a battery powered tool seeing as I can't see myself using it again.

So was thinking about some sort of power bank, that you can charge at home and then take outside along with my hedge trimmer to do the job. Is probably a 15 min job so doesn't need to be too big/powerful.

Any thoughts on a solution?
Who are the pricks on here who tried to argue the IOPC are unfair to the police?
at 14:13 27 Jun 2024

Just heard, first hand, that they dismissed a number of complaints from Hillsborough survivors about the fact that the West Midlands Police repeatedly quizzed survivors over their alcohol consumption at Hillsborough in interviews in the weeks after the disaster.

The IOPC have ruled it was a legitimate line of questioning for WMP officers.

The same WMP that didn't quiz David Duckenfield about his alcohol consumption and indeed he was unable to say where he was for 2 hours in the build up to the match at the inquests and his trial.

The police social club, Niagra was one of his possible hangouts, but no one established whether he had visited and at his trial he couldn't recall where he had been for 2 hours. His memory loss matched by his official driver who drove him somewhere but couldn't recall where.

So the IOPC have basically ruled it was all ok the WMP to try and collect evidence that fitted the SYP false claims about drunken fans.

Cover ups are now officially all good it seems.

IOPC are now firmly in the gutter along with WMP and SYP officers. And these are the guys that are supposed to keep the police in line.

Another bet on the election...
at 17:07 26 Jun 2024

Tonight I had flashbacks
at 21:57 25 Jun 2024

To our footie under McCarthy. Dog sh1t turgid bollox.

Now I know we've been spoiled the last couple of years but how can so many good players be so dull and ineffective?
win or bust?
at 18:53 25 Jun 2024

Cmon ingerlan.

Dont fancy Germany next
I see the Met were a bit put out
at 09:24 25 Jun 2024

at the Tories trying to pinch their crown for most blatantly corrupt organisation in the UK.

A "handful' of officers vs 4 Tories at the moment. Special prize for the first use of "bad apples" in the coming days.
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