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Remember when Cheltenham and LFC v Atletico went ahead...
at 17:39 15 Oct 2021

Seems they have worked out a number of deaths from CV as a result.
Update on policing re Hungarian hoolies
at 07:14 14 Oct 2021

Seems clear that the plod got it right imho. Deescalated a situation that would have ended in multiple injuries (including police officers) and then made their arrests in a timely manner before key people left the country.

Whether the courts have the resources to quickly see them processed is a different issue, but those in charge got it right imho. The alternative (from the pics we've seen) would have made the riot in Dublin l(Match abandoned after England hoolies rioted) look like a picnic imho.
[Post edited 14 Oct 7:18]
I find myself in full agreement with Priti Patel
at 14:55 11 Oct 2021

Yep, that's not a typo on my part.

(On this one issue before anyone thinks I've gone full on Daily Express level loon)

Women's Tour of Britain
at 19:01 8 Oct 2021

Saw a couple of bits today in north Essex. Tomorrow is the final day and it's going through Suffolk North of Ipswich.

Expected times on the link, there's also a map of the exact route.

ITV4 for highlights.
How not to go to the cinema
at 18:25 7 Oct 2021

Went last night to watch the new James Bond film. Went in the wrong screen and instead watched the last hour and 20 mins become realising - then watched the first hour 20 mins.

Can recommend you watch the first half before the second half, a lot easier that way.
Be honest - what you do / say to your kid?
at 12:20 6 Oct 2021

Where to start?
at 08:37 6 Oct 2021

Veganistas of Twtd
at 08:14 3 Oct 2021

So I tried the Oatmilk on my weetabix this morning. Was quite apprehensive if truth be told, and there is a slight non-milky tang, but all in nothing that I don't reckon I'll get used to fairly quickly.

So sold, reckon I'll be sticking with it for now. Couple of qustions, when I bought it, there were like skimmed, semi-skimmed, full fat (my words) versions like cow's milk. So are they materially less healthy or is it just style/flavour?

And if I go for 1 change each fortnight - (if I go all in on day 1 just can't see it sticking) - what would you recommend I switch next? I eat very little red meat, plenty of poultry, dairy products are yoghurts and flora margarine.

Some of these are amazing!
at 14:32 1 Oct 2021

Outstanding interview by Naga Manchetty
at 07:59 1 Oct 2021

With Kit Malthouse (Policing Minister) on BBC breakfast just now. Sure anyone can see it on catch up if interested.

Her calm yet forensic questioning around the consequences of the conviction of Wayne Couzens, of the ongoing failure of the police to deal with cultural issues, including the failure to whistleblow where they come across misogynistic colllegaues, shone a light on the failure of the police to address these issues, tragically ending in the murder of Sarah Everard.

She also clearly highlighted the awful position a single woman may find herself in, if stopped by an individual male officer who wanted to arrest her.

And the question of whether Crissida Dick is the person to oversee any changes given her role at the head of the very organisation that continues to demonstrate a failure to address cultural issues around institutional sexism and of cover up.

Right - time to change bad habits
at 09:34 29 Sep 2021

Important to listen to those around you, take account of their informed opinions, be open to improving your life choices etc.

No, I am not about to join a huge queue of sodding cars ;-) Oatmilk about to be purchased in my weekly shop.

If it tastes sh1t, I'll expect everyone of you Twtd veganista hippies to eat rare steak in penance.
Queue jumping on two wheels...
at 11:37 28 Sep 2021

Seen some debate from fellow two wheeled users whether our usual station queue jumping is acceptable when it comes to the current petrol queues.

Obviously tempers are high and the usual resignation/shrug from car drivers might be replaced with confrontation if we are seen to be taking the mick.

The justifications given are that

1. We only have a short range so need fuel like every 130 odd miles.
2. We are filling up like £15 vs £80 for a car
3. By jumping the queue we rarely hold anyone up. (We can usually use a pump not being used as we can manoeuvre in/out cars and pumps where cars can't)
4. You are sitting in cars with A/C and a radio...we are sitting boiling out tits off and breathing in your fumes.

So Twtd car users...Would you expect a motorbike to join the back of a long petrol queue?

And would you challenge one who nipped in to fuel up?

[Post edited 28 Sep 11:52]
Anyone shed any light on this?
at 14:25 27 Sep 2021

Upsides of the fuel shortages
at 13:51 27 Sep 2021

1. Those muppets who do their shopping at the petrol stations, making motorists wait for ages to get to a pump are now getting some of their own medicine.
2. The roads were lovely and quiet today, bit like lockdown 1, perfect for cycling.
3. Brexiteer politicians might finally realise that simply removing freedom of movement (and creating labour shortages across a host of sectors from agriculture, transport, to caring, hospitality and medicine) without addressing those shortages isn't going to end well.

Any others good people of Twtd?
I hope all our Haverhill fans were out queueing for petrol on Friday...
at 14:57 26 Sep 2021

The alternative doesn't bare thinking about.

Is there a UK record for how long someone has been left on hold?
at 09:42 24 Sep 2021

Eddie Grant playing now so not all bad I guess. Electric Avenue quite appropriate considering it's an energy company...

Now it's this bad boy, which ironically is live on the radio too :-)

[Post edited 24 Sep 9:47]
Unusual drinks
at 10:50 22 Sep 2021

So on another thread I explained how Nigerians often mix yoghurt with Guinness to make it a bit more palatable.

As a teenager, discovering alcohol in it's many forms, I once put lemonade into a glass of Baileys - that didn't end well.

What you got (to relieve today's boredom...) ?
Integrated supply chains
at 14:30 21 Sep 2021

When I studied / worked, we were told "just in time" supply chains were the gold standard. You limited/eliminated stock holding costs, reduced wastage (from obsolete/perishable stocks) - you ended up with cheaper and higher quality product and that was then moved to the consumer, again, with shortest possible lead times.

Every one is happy...the manufacturer, the retailer, the customer.

Except it seems it's complete bollox. One thing goes wrong and the whole supply chain grinds to a halt. Whether it is shortages of drivers or Co2 - queues at borders - delays from Chinese factories - whatever causes the various shortages - our supply chains are so lean and integrated that we are clearly exposed the minute one link goes to tits.

And if you think I am being over dramatic, if the Co2 runs out, you won't get beer in the pubs (apart from hand pulled ales) as Co2 is used to pull the beer to the dispensing points. Gravity only works where the beer is above the pumps and 99% of pubs have cellars, so that isn't an option...

No way to dispense beer in pubs, due to fertiliser factories closing down. Fookin great.
Worst penalty decision ever?
at 21:22 20 Sep 2021

A lovely clip of Jimmy Greaves
at 19:34 19 Sep 2021

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