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Wonder if this local news will make the nationals?
at 18:12 19 Oct 2020

Just heard from a friend who runs a B&B
at 12:37 16 Oct 2020

up in the Forest of Bowland. She took on a semi derelict building and has done it up, as well as converting an old barn to a bunkhouse. She offers B&B and has worked hard targeting MTB cyclists and walkers.

Just been put in tier 3, no financial help at all (as she isn't being told to close) but many of her clients are now cancelling on her (due to the Tier 3 status)

Am sure there are many other small businesses in similar positions. Oh and where she lives there is very low rates of CV.

Surely we can do better?
These younguns in Liverpool partying last night on the streets
at 13:49 14 Oct 2020

The fault of...

A. Selfish / ignorant youngsters showing little regard for the more vulnerable members of society?

B. Our government's abject failure to communicate effectively the need for everyone to maintain social distancing in the interests of the more vulnerable in society?

C: Both A and B?

Any other explanations?
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TWTD's Cycling massive
at 15:55 13 Oct 2020

Winter riding is looking a tad unpleasant (Was today for sure and it's not even winter yet)

So, thinking of either a turbo trainer (you put yer bike on it) or a normal exercise bike. Any recommendations / thoughts etc?

Fcks sake
at 15:17 8 Oct 2020


Edit: See this is old news / an update - think I missed it first time round.
[Post edited 8 Oct 15:18]
Ipswich foodbank fundraiser
at 06:18 23 Sep 2020

Promised a proper write up so here goes :-)



The cause we are fundraising for is the Ipswich based foodbank. All donations appreciated and going to the foodbank, not funding my trip! These guys are very much in need of help so please dont be shy if you are able to. (Appreciate many people are struggling at the moment)

The trip itself was 17 days riding. The total milage was around 1200 and we climbed close to 90k feet. That is well over 300 miles more than the direct route (876 on the sign) as we went via Wales' highest road, the pennines and the Lake District. We also Island hopped up the Scottish west coast riding briefly on Mull, Skye and Arran before crossing from Ullapool to do a coast to coast day ride on the penultimate day.

Shortest days ended up as 60 and my longest was recorded as 87 miles, most are now on Strava so the cycling nerds can check out the details.

I managed 2 low speed clipon falls and 1 puncture. George had 4 punctures and 2 clip on falls, sadly the second had him hitting his hip on a curb and he ended up visiting A&E and is now hobbling and cursing his bad luck.

Weatherwise we got lucky, first day we rode in light rain for 5 mins but it soon cleared and we didn't get a raindrop until the last day. Yesterday we took a bashing around midday which drenched us but still able to ride, even with the winds and lorries flying down the A9.

Few observations.

Our roads and cycle paths are shocking. I know much maintenance was stopped during lockdown but much of cycling network seems to be on gravel strewn and pot holed roads that would be treacherous in the wet. Some serious invesstment is needed as a few blue signposts doesnt cut it. Wales' roads were particularly badly maintained, Scotland's far better. The Scots were more Covid secure too.

Driving standards were generally very good. In 17 days I think I only gave 3 people a mouthful, 2 campervans and a caravan on tow on the NC500. Have read previously about how unpopular these tourers are and can see the exact issue now. They don't help the b&bs or rsstuarants often bringing their own food. All they do is clog up the roads. The locals are getting fed up with them and I can see why tbh.

On a personal level, fair to say I've done alright, lockdown offered the perfect opportunity to use safe traffic free lanes to build my bike fitness and I have learned a lot about touring. But I was regularly beaten up hills and in sprints (for the hotels) by 60 and 70 year olds. One 70 year old made it up Applecross, I didnt even consider it such was the state of my ar5e. But given that in February I was struggling to do 26 miles and my first cycled marathon took 2 hours 35 mins, I guess I have done ok.

Anyhow for those inspired I'd encourage you to get on your bike. It is great for your health (physical and mental) and of course an environmentally friendly mode of transport. And one day you will find you can do 20 milers which soon become 25. Small steps and who knows where it ends :-)

Apologies for the essay, thanks for the encouragement and the donations. And any more very welcome :-)

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Radio commentary tomorrow?
at 21:44 12 Sep 2020

Any Nw blues know if the match is on a local radio station in the NW?
Quick favour
at 07:05 11 Sep 2020

My roomie isnt of the opinion that Bj is a complete fooking moron who waffles sh1te in the hope of making sence....

Can someone post me that video of him talking to the pupils about exams / returning to schoool he did recently. Was posted on here and the best example I have seen of what a complete out of touch fckwit he is.

Last post for a while
at 07:57 4 Sep 2020

Off tomorrow to Penzance to start Sunday morninng on a 1250 mile ride from Lands End to O'Groats.

After gettng to Bath we cross the Welsh border before skirting the Peak district on up through Cumbria before skirting the weat coast of Scotland via Oban, Ullapool and finally JoG.

So far have managed 3950 miles training, longest ride 72 miles, most challenging ascent 3000 ft in 30 miles.

The longest day will be 82 miles, the biggest ascent 9000 ft the day we ride to Skipton

3 crashes so fsr, only 1 at speed, the other two unclipping fails. Attacked yesterday by a wasp that got inside my mouth and left me looking like the Elephant man for a few hours. (Pic on the link)

Paying for the trip but seemed silly not to raise a few quid for a good cause too. Chose an Ipswich based foodbank that I know help the most needy, when they need it.



Thanks to all who have already thrown in a few quid and any more gratefuly received.

[Post edited 4 Sep 8:24]
Getting a refund out of a ferry company...
at 12:16 31 Aug 2020

Ditched the trip to Spain (Picos) for obv reasons and Brittany Ferries are refusing to refund a penny of the £400 I paid in early Feb for the return trip from Bilbao.

Booking was non refundable when made - anyone understand in the ins and outs? They state that as they are still sailing - my loss basically.

Big brother is just behind, infront and to the side of you
at 09:38 30 Aug 2020

And now being used by the police to prosecute you. On the one hand we want to see less dangerous drivers...on the other it feels very big brothery asking people to report xyz.

How long do Hurricanes take before they cross the atlantic and drench us?
at 18:43 27 Aug 2020


Starting my LeJog ride in 9 days time...
Genuinely good news to wake up to :-)
at 06:12 26 Aug 2020


Hopefully the link works. Nigeria has been declared Polio free. There was much resistance to the vaccine in northern Nigeria with stories that it was a western conspiracy to sterilise ordinary muslims.

There is a can of worms here, but conspiracies like this do untold damage to 1000s of lives. When I worked there, children with polio were a frequent sight. Indeed one co-worker of mine used walking sticks such was her struggle with polio.

Whilst here I recall the parasoccer played by young men, mostly polio victims, legs strapped to scate boards using their hands to manouevre and to strike the ball. They wished to get it recognised as an olympic sport, holding national competitions. Really competitive game, fast pace, lots of elbows missued, tumbles and posturing.

The spirit shown by these disadvantaged young men was admirable and the article shows they played a key role in the campaign to vaccinate.

Bit of a ramble but all good news and happy memories watching and meeting parasoccer players and coaches thrown in too. :-)
[Post edited 26 Aug 6:22]
Kids doing wheelies on paths...
at 09:53 25 Aug 2020

Saw a couple yesterday and smiled. Cos they werent mugging old ladies, shop lifting, taking any illegal substances, just kids having fun.

Plus you just know that in a few years, when they get a motorbike, they'll be the ones ragging it on the backwheel down a high street :-)
Young person, no mask in a shop...are you really due an explanation?
at 08:09 25 Aug 2020


Can you even begin to imagine her distress having to justify herself to a head shaking / tutting stranger?

More Motogp thrills today
at 15:09 23 Aug 2020


Enjoy :-)
Heading past Colchester today?
at 16:47 20 Aug 2020

A12 is closed North and South at Marks Tey at the moment. All roads around are proper fcked.

So might be worth checking before you set off....
Cricket bods. Anyone remember this?
at 14:48 18 Aug 2020


I was actually at the match - and left 2 overs before. What the article doesn't say is how cr*p he was bowling before he changed end. Could hear a few cheers as I walked back to the car, little did I know what I had missed.
Second CV wave?
at 09:56 17 Aug 2020


When you look at the 1st graph of number of new cases per day, it's hard not to conclude a second wave is on not it's way.

[Post edited 17 Aug 10:02]
In case you missed these yesterday...
at 09:48 17 Aug 2020

Thankfully all the riders involved in these crashes fared somewhat better than their bikes did.
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