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This court case tomorrow
at 18:48 16 Sep 2019

Can someone explain why it matters?

Given Parliament got their law through ref asking for extention...does that not make the perogation a bit meaningless?
Rommy got off lightly with his medical mishap...
at 15:38 12 Sep 2019

Makes my eyes water just reading it.
[Post edited 12 Sep 15:41]
Sod the cricket, anyone see this yesterday?
at 11:20 26 Aug 2019

If not, enjoy. That was one hell of a finish!
So Woolfenden
at 07:15 21 Aug 2019

Has he got a popular nickname yet?

Wolfman? Woolfy? The Wolf?

So did the a12 close last night?
at 07:12 21 Aug 2019

I heard the announcement, but the Manningtree road was flowing no issues.

Getting in was way busier.

Funny game, we only seem to be able to put 45 mins together atm. Get both halves as we did 2nd half, or 1st half v Sund & Ports and we'll be flying...
And that is why you should never, ever
at 22:17 20 Aug 2019

leave early :-)

at 16:17 13 Aug 2019

Is he alive and well? Not seem him post in a while...
Confession time
at 16:01 13 Aug 2019

Eating cold pizza is small fry for most of us who lived as students...

So what's your worst TWTD? Most disgusting, did I really, was I that stupid...story.

Mine was after going football training, followed by a swift pint (that became half a dozen), later I picked up a Chinese on the way home. Sat down, starving, grabbed the metal tray thing and went for the "flip" onto the plate (Always found that strangely satisfying when done successfully) Sadly I missed the plate and managed to spill the Chinese into my stinking trainers instead. Chinese now closed, too p*ssed to drive elsewhere, no internet.

Tbf, I was very hungry as I'd been in the pub all night, had built up an appetite, and hadn't eaten for around 12 hours. Only remembered what I'd done when I put trainers on in the morning only to find bits of Chinese in the bottom.

Some of you reprobates must have done worse?
Fao Glassers / J2
at 07:34 13 Aug 2019

Looks like our charity bet is back in the mix. 6 months post Brexit for a Uk US trade deal...

Sat predictions.
at 10:25 9 Aug 2019

Score and crowd, cyber pint for winner.

21,247 and 2-1 Towen.
[Post edited 9 Aug 10:34]
An insiders take on Brexit
at 08:09 9 Aug 2019

Had a catch up with a mate last night, whose current gig is at the home office.

Picked up the following opinions, not going to argue the toss, just relaying what I was told...

The plan is to focus on the backstop, knowing the EU wont materially budge. That means no deal (they want this) with the govt able to point the blame at EU intransigence.

They know this will likely mean an election (just before or after Oct 31) Either way, they are confident they would win an election (brave or stupid) and see this as the way to lance the Brexit Party and take Labour seats oop north.

They believe that by leaving with 'no deal' this will force the EU to give them a better exit and future deal as they will be desperate to get s good deal in place after we have left.

Mate (who thinks they are basicially mad) says there is a religiious like zeal, determination, focus on acheiving 'no deal' as they believe this is the best way to get best deal, and to hell with the consequences. He was clear they are not ready for 'No deal' as the level of preparations would be huge for it to be manageable.

**All the above is just one opinion, and I did point out that the last time we caught up, he was adamant BJ would never be PM as he was disliked by too many MPs, so he was well off the mark on tbat one...

Difficulty with the online ticket office?
at 16:42 5 Aug 2019

Struggling to buy a Peterboro ticket atm. Payment keeps getting rejected...anyone having similar problems or just me?

Edit: Scrap that - just made the payment ok on 5th attempt :-)
[Post edited 5 Aug 16:45]
Someone was going to Edgbaston this week...
at 17:43 30 Jul 2019

Any inside tips on parking? Safe roads near by? Will be on the motorbike so ideally somewhere secure and/or with lampposts to chain to if street parking...
Thx whoever posted about 13 minutes to the moon
at 17:44 26 Jul 2019

Finished it yesterday, really facinating, informative, well put together.

For what it's worth, my twopenneth on the coverage. Was saddened to realise that the CBS anchor, Walter Cronkite is better known for his announcement of Kennedy's death over the coverage of the moon landings. That 1 man (or more) doing a bad thing can get more coverage than literally 1000s of others doing an amazing thing...

Yet literally 1000s did all help do an amazing thing. The final episodes brought that home and it really should be rememmbered, celebrated.

If you havent listened, give it a go. Think you'll enjoy it.
Day at the beach then?
at 06:19 25 Jul 2019

Trains fooked due to heatwave :-)
Anyone else wish they'd tried harder at Latin?
at 06:12 24 Jul 2019

What an indictment on the state of our politics when bumbling away in Latin is deemed more important than honesty, integrity or abilty.

I despair, I really do.
Any of you good people been to Paris recently?
at 18:49 17 Jul 2019

How does the metro / bus thing work? Is there an Oyster equivalent? Any weekly tickets to save cash?

FAO Jeera
at 16:51 10 Jul 2019

Remember the "flag man" from Liverpool I put you in touch with a while back?

Top man in Peter, he's done so many flags it's scary :-)
Those high horse anti undertakers...
at 22:26 9 Jul 2019

A1 bit by Alconbury. Car in outside lane (of 4) doing 60...

So ok to use lane 1 or 2 but not 3 to undertake, or still the dangerous act of a deathwish wrongun?
I did some Benters like behaviour today
at 15:29 5 Jul 2019

50 miles through the Essex lanes on 2 wheels with just my legs to help.

Bit whacked now but well chuffed with that :-) What you guys doing to look after yourselves?
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