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Town to move out of Portman Road?
at 19:13 4 Jun 2020

Looks like we have 30 years to find a new home though :-)
Fao Twtds budding mountain bikers
at 06:25 4 Jun 2020

Alton water is now open. Cafe doing taekaways, toilets open, car park open.

8.2 miles track, couple of testing climbs but largely flat with some lovely views of the water. Plenty of walkers too, is a shared track/path.

Also, the Harwich harbour feŕry is Fri to Mondays only for June.
Spain and Greece opening up for tourists
at 15:56 1 Jun 2020

But not British ones...
This thread is interesting.
at 10:02 1 Jun 2020

Shows the divisions in attitudes in America - given the number of likes given to comments supporting this form of policing.
Fao reluctant/nervous shoppers
at 07:23 1 Jun 2020

Think I have finally sussed out tesco home deliveries. They have slots for the whole week beginning June 15 free now. Am guessing they release a week at a time on a Monday?

Anyhow, get in now and you'll get a slot and can amend it nearer the time. Doubt they'll last long as is the first home delivery I've seen free in 10 weeks.

Watching skynews on the American riots
at 07:33 30 May 2020

They just reported an SUV drew up and someone fired on protesters in Detriot and killed a protester.

Looks like things could escalate even more. There's an awful lot of pent up anger clearly and it doesn't seem to be going away...
[Post edited 30 May 7:34]
FAO TWTDs new to cycling massive
at 09:15 29 May 2020

Aldi gave just got their cycling special buys in. Dirt cheap, good value stuff from gloves, tops, shorts, and some bikes bits too.

Lidl's was last week - happy to recommend their tops - they zip all the way down which is proper handy when it's hot :-)
Supporting your local businesses
at 07:57 29 May 2020

So yesterday I caught the Ferry from Shotley to Harwich (he also links Felixstowe to Harwich)

Poor bloke is on 10% of usual trade and is running at a loss. He is hoping it picks up but is clearly unsustainable at present. He qualifies for no govt help (cant remember why)

So if you having a long cycle his ferry makes for a lovely way of extending your ride.

Do check if he running as he said he might shut for a few weeks if it doesnt pick up. Lots of easy social distancing, I was the only one on it yesterday :-(
How can this badboy have passed me by?
at 06:57 28 May 2020

Discounted too. What's not to like?
How to priorise
at 06:47 28 May 2020

So lets pretend the Scunny chairman is right and next season goes ahead with limited number of fans at the start.

So say we can only get 6k fans in. How should we decide who gets a seat assuming we cant get all our ST holders in?

Family groups first? This would enable you to squeeze more in as they could sit next to each other.

Younguns first? Less vulnerable than the oldies.

Length of ST ownership? Rewards loyalty but is hardly a younguns fault they are young. And the oldies are more vulnerable.

Thoughts? Is our role to even consider who is/isnt more vulnerable?

Doing the zoom footie quiz shortly
at 20:00 27 May 2020

Cheers for the help.

My favourite question. At the World cup in 2010, England goalie Robert Green helped destroy a nation's dreams when fumbling a weak shot into the net in England's opener. But where did he start his career?
Meanwhile, you may have missed this
at 08:35 27 May 2020

Sunday Times insight team report into the back modelling that demonstrates how the virus spread whilst Boris Johnson dithered about implementing a lockdown.

By implication, 10s of thousands of people have died because of this..

It is anyone who wants a read, will need to google it....
[Post edited 27 May 8:43]
More dishonesty?
at 19:59 25 May 2020
The sky is yellow,,with bright orange polka dots
at 17:30 24 May 2020

If I say it enough times, does it make it true?
Prediction press conference
at 16:39 24 May 2020

So BJ is on in 25 mins time.

Put your credibility on public display with a prediction...

I reckon he will ask the civil servant bloke (Sedwell?) to do a quick assessment of whether DC broke any rules. Gives BJ a way out without losing face.

What u predict?
[Post edited 24 May 16:46]
Twtd quizmasters
at 08:29 21 May 2020

So my turn to do the questions for the Whatsapp footie quiz. Anyone got any good sources for questions / footie facts that can reduce the workload?

Today's scapegoat?
at 08:08 20 May 2020

Scientists or teachers? Suppose they can't really be blaming immigrants any more...
The more I read about the NZ PM
at 07:50 20 May 2020

The more I like her. Progressive, insightful, decent and above all dedicated to doing good things for her citizens. She shows to those of us thoroughly disillusioned with our politics that there is a better way :-)

Have a good one Twtdrs. Off motorbiking to a few beauty spots today. #thinkbike
Public information for the novis cyclists -2
at 16:23 18 May 2020

Gravel and two wheels are not a good combo.

Neither is TCP and gravel rash.

Get orf my land...
at 08:29 18 May 2020

Ok, so it's not actually my land but...

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