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Fao,Twtd leftie bumfesters
at 21:21 9 Aug 2020

Bbc 2 at 10pm.

The Austrlain dream. Made by Dan Gordon and comes highly recommended, story about an Aboriginal AFL star racially abused at a match and the subsequent fall out.

Who suggested putting yer feet in a bowl of cold water?
at 17:56 8 Aug 2020

Fookin genius whoever it was...
Grizzle bloke
at 15:39 8 Aug 2020

So - If - as reported France ends up on the list of quarantine countries and off the FCO list of places to go to....what are the implications for travel?

Can you still travel - but at your own risk?
Presume UK travel insurances wouldn't cover any claims?
Would the EU health card thing (for emergency treatment) still cover you?
Would car/motorbike insurance be valid?
14 days q. on arrival back home if fairly self explanatory.

Have a trip booked where we are transiting France only* not worried about the CV risk itself as are flexible and can easily avoid areas with high outbreaks.

(*If we headed to Belgium - it could literally be for 30 minutes... - if Belgium were not also on the list too)

**I fully accept 99% if people wouldn't consider this. Which is fine - good luck to you. Don't need a lecture, just wanting to understand the implications so we can make an informed decision on what is the best thing to do.

Tips for keeping cool thread...
at 06:54 7 Aug 2020

Seeing as how it's going to be a schorcher today...

For me, summer jacket, summer gloves, kevlar jeans and rag the tits out of the motorbike :-) Cromer fish n chips are a calling or maybe the Brancaster crab hut to avoid the crowds.

How you lot gonna keep it chilled?

Leave those car keys on the side
at 06:32 6 Aug 2020

Sustrans have a huge network of cycle routes including a few local ones, well worth checking out if you wish to venture a bit further. Harwich ferry loop for me, 32 miles minimum to/from home.

You know it makes sence :-) #reclaimthelanes
Anyone had a half price meal yet?
at 15:46 3 Aug 2020

Lots of pubs seem to be on the scheme.
Hey Glassers
at 15:32 3 Aug 2020

See you are about.

£20 bet is (over)due, with no USA trade deal in place 6 months after Brexit. Think you said refugee aid?

J2 coughed up last week :-)
Person, man,woman
at 19:30 2 Aug 2020

Camera, TV

Still got it :-)
Straight choice of pubs or schools?
at 14:23 1 Aug 2020

Could happen, we might get a choice of keeping pubs open or reopening our schools in a month's time.

So anyone brave (or foolish) enough to go on record and state the hospitality sector should be prioritised over opening schools?

(As frustrating as it would be, I cant see how the hospitality sector could be deemed more important, but open to persuasion...)

Proper hills for cycling
at 11:32 1 Aug 2020

Was suppowed to be cycling Ditchling Beacon in Sussex today but a dodgy tummy means I am going nowhere, all day. Shame as it is a tasty climb....

Anyone know any Suffolk based climbs they can recommend?
Wondering what the guy's defence will be?
at 06:17 30 Jul 2020

Obviously we shouldnt comment on the actual case (or risk us or Twtd getting in trouble)

So let me ask, given that the police found the remains of 2 dead women in the freezer, what possible reasons could there be for them getting in there?

Someone else slipped them in when he wasnt looking? They were both trainee contortionists?

Any other reasons why the guy might have 2 dead bodies in the freezer?
Cats' lives matter
at 18:42 29 Jul 2020

Saw a couple of signs with that on approaching Great Bentley earlier. (Encouraging people to slow down)

Made me smile. :-)
Reluctant Suffolk cyclist?
at 13:25 26 Jul 2020

Might be worth a few hours and completely free too :-)

Anyone off to (Or in Spain?)
at 18:45 25 Jul 2020

Quarantine for returning to the UK just announced on BBC breaking news.

[Post edited 25 Jul 18:45]
Any of the TWTD cycling massive got a half decent camera
at 17:35 25 Jul 2020

One of those bullet ones you can stick on your helmet? Must have 7 to 8 hours battery life. Not looking to make or edit clips - is just in case of an accident (think dash cam for the car)

Another cycling crash earlier...
at 15:32 24 Jul 2020

Crash might be over playing it but as predicted, managed to fall over at a junction when I took my foot off the left pedal and fell the other way! Luckily mate never had camera to hand so got up before he could get a photo :-)
Those blue/white face masks
at 16:29 22 Jul 2020

The ones that lots of people wear.

Bought a pack the other day as I needed to cover my face on public transport. Seems silly not to use them now.

So - are they reuseable? Can you wash them? If disposing of them - recycle bin or other bin?
Any MotoGP fans
at 15:47 20 Jul 2020

Fck me Marquez's crash was bad. 110 mph highside and then gets hit by hit own bike.

Quest at 6pm tonight for anyone who doesn't have BTSport.

[Post edited 20 Jul 16:29]
Cycle ride is back on :-)
at 17:53 17 Jul 2020

My mate has found an alternative company offering the support (Hotels, move bags, grub etc.)

Going to be 17 days instead of 14 - so a bit easier too ;-)

Edit - Just read Is 250 miles longer so harder....though we are gong via west coast of Scotland which seems worth it.

Did another 35 miles today so am close to 3100 this year in training...
[Post edited 17 Jul 18:30]
at 20:15 16 Jul 2020

Think you were the only one to donate to my Lands End ride? Fckers have just cancelled it - not sure if I can get donations returned? But will assume you are ok with it given that it was a bet anyway?

Well fcked off but that's another story.
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