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Fantastic to read reports of young people
at 14:59 16 Apr 2019

refusing to stand by and do nothing as climate change continues to devestate our precious environment
Florida suggestions
at 12:18 14 Apr 2019

Couple more weeks and I'll be in Florida for
2 to 3 weeks.

Aside from a run to the Florida keys, any tips.

Not one for theme parks except the Kennedy space centre.

Any tips greatfully received
Made it to Colombia
at 12:45 9 Apr 2019

Real eye opener yesterday crossing from Eduador to Colombia.

First up was the sight approaching the border of Venezuelan refugees being 'escorted' by Ecuadorian police through the country. The refugees were not being mistreated as such, but they were clearly not welcome to stay.

At the border itself large numbers were moving both ways. The red cross reception had the longest queues. Families, young people, old people with their posessions in their bags.

And then the odd non refugee, like us, sent to a different queue, with our western passports. A different colour passport, meant a different reception, a different future, all because of where we happen to be born.

Have no idea of the resaons behind the Venezuelan crisis but I do know 1 thing. On a human level, people who slag off refugees or who object to our helping them, wherever they come from, our ignorant pricks imho

Enjoy your nice meals,,hot showers and warm beds tonight. There are many who won't be getting one...
Fao People who actually know me
at 06:16 5 Apr 2019

Only a handful on here. Just had my phone knicked and not home for another month or so...

Ignore any dodgy calls or texts asking for money.
I wont be on phone or whatsapp for at least a month.
Will keep number as/when i get,home but will have no numbers.

Technical advice
at 16:10 3 Apr 2019

Anyone ever setup a Tripadisor place/company for review?

Had some very good service from a motorbike hire company and promised them a good review. They are very new and dont seem to have a tripadvisor presence or the first clue how to get one...

Really nice wife/brother setup who deserve all the help they can get...

Any idea how to help get them started?
Alianza Lima v River Plate - match report
at 04:10 7 Mar 2019

What was good:

50 soles (£12) to watch the South American champions.
Good seats, well behaved but noisy fans
93 mins of footie with Lima taking a famous win home (nearly)

What wasnt:

Arsehole security refusing my e-ticket and insisting i go to an internet cafe to print it out thus missing a chunk of the first half.
Arsehole security stealing my hat as a security risk
The 94th minute equaliser by RP
Hope this works
at 00:30 6 Mar 2019

Tix sorted for River Plate visit to Alianza Lima tomorrow night. In the cheap seats too :-)
[Post edited 6 Mar 0:32]
Match Alianza Lima:
at 01:03 4 Mar 2019

1. Getting there: Right kerfuffle getting in. No cash sales and needed web accesss, a printed ticket and ID to match. Given only 1 of us had ID, no one had a printer and none of us had web access, it wasnt looking good. But bloke on gate called his mate who found a bloke with web access, a mobile printer and £25 later we had freshly with our names on.

The 5 security checks seemed ott, but have no experience.of the locals. myself. Either way, we got in and bagged some top seats with shade in a 90% open stadium.

2. Atrmosphere:

Whilst it doesnt compare to Argie footie, it is still a long way better than English footie. Loads of singing, bouncing amd best, the waving of scarves in circles.

3. Footie:

Alianza play River Plate on Wed and on that performance id lump on RP. The opposition no 7 was good.

4. Getting out

Been to Maine Road (Moss side) and the Victoria ground (Stoke) so know a dodgy ground but today's walk was genuinely through a ghetto. Not the place to get lost and look foreign :-)
[Post edited 4 Mar 1:23]
Mare it to Nazca
at 03:13 28 Feb 2019

And no, I wont be doing any lines.
Andean Friday poo thread.
at 01:28 23 Feb 2019

Still Friday in Peru so here goes.

Have hired a motorbike for a few days (hippy truck is transporting my bags) and found myself in need of a dump. Hadn't seen any cars for over 30 mins...and needs must.

So, can report that leaning back, and letting gravity do the rest, as we must have done in centuries past, is still a viable option where no other options are available.

Arequipa tomorrow after watching some condors at a canyon.
Any Peruvian links?
at 21:38 12 Feb 2019

Cusco tomorrow then a hike to M.Pichau. Ink trail closed in feb so will be doing a similar one with 4700m peak.

Found myself talking Nobby Solano as I couldnt think of any other footie players..
Salt flats at Uyuni
at 02:38 6 Feb 2019

Had a few rain problems (blocked roads / border crossing) but finally got to the Bolivian salt flats.

Absolutely blown away by the beauty. Seriously townies, life is too short. If you can afford a trip to California, get your arse down to South America instead. Amazing place, plus they love footie.

Any Bolivian town connections greatly received.

Banstersteve and other lefties
at 17:23 29 Jan 2019

You' might be interested to hear I went to the childhood home of one Che Guevara a few days back. Got a nice photo of his motorbike (A Norton)

Nicely presented and open to all to visit. Small town called Alto Gacia or something like that.

Made it to Treacleland
at 20:24 23 Jan 2019

Though the locals hadn"t heard of him or the mighty
Ipswich. Stunning scenery (today took a motorbike
into the Andes from Mendoza)
Siesta time
at 17:45 18 Jan 2019

34 in Santiago, so cooling off for a coup,e of hours:

1st vote gets an answer/description...

Santiago coffee shops or the Museum of memories (about the military junta of Pinochet)

Think this covers most of what needs covering
at 08:25 16 Jan 2019

See you guys in 3 months (off traveling) - play nice Twtd :-)
Hillsborough manslaughter tŕial starts tomorrow.
at 20:31 13 Jan 2019

Would recommend following David Conn for updates. Not sure what will be reported/what will be restricted but he will report as allowed.

Reminder that any comments on the ongoing court case could get both the poster and TWtd in hot water for contempt of court so please don't be tempted into any online discussions.
Gilet jeunes target speed cameras
at 06:55 11 Jan 2019

Think we're seeing the death of No deal...
at 14:14 9 Jan 2019

In what other leisure activities
at 12:17 9 Jan 2019

Would it be acceptable for a club to go down the route of...

"Please note that in order to increase levels of Safety and Security we will be changing the way in which tickets are sold and issued. The ticket must be purchased in the name of the person attending the match. These customer details will be added to the ticket. The ticket cannot be transferred to somebody else for use on match day. If you cannot use the ticket yourself, you should not go ahead with the purchase.
Photographic ID for over 16's will need to be taken to the match and shown alongside the ticket on entering the stadium.
Norwich City FC have stated that all Ipswich fans arrive no later than 11.30 am as their extensive safety checks will take time.

I hope that you can appreciate the need for these measures to be put in place"

Am struggling to see how 2 clubs unilaterally implementing an ID card policy will improve levels of Safety and Security, as claimed in the letter sent out today...

Surely dickheads will be dickheads either way?
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