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Championship relegated clubs
at 17:10 18 Jul 2020

Probably already been done somewhere but I will have missed it - apologies if a repeat.

They finish their season on Wednesday (and only Barnsley and possibly Hull can already be preparing for League 1). We start pre-season training this week. The relegated clubs are going to be at a disadvantage for not being able to give their players a decent break aren't they?
Putting aside rivalries this is sad news
at 22:59 12 Jul 2020

Apologies if already posted I haven't been on much this week.
Looking at bottom half of the Championship
at 22:44 28 Jun 2020

So many reasonably recent Premier League sides there:

Sheffield Wed, QPR, Reading, Birmingham, Wigan. Charlton, Middlesbro, Stoke, Hull, Huddersfield.

Only the bottom two Luton and Barnsley haven't been.

In our league we had Coventry and Bolton and still have Portsmouth, Sunderland, Blackpool, MK Dons/AFC Wimbledon (do they both count?) and ourselves.

Are Oldham the lowest placed former Premier League team? Although Notts County only missed out on it by one season and are now non-league.
Was interested to notice
at 21:09 28 Jun 2020

Iorfa, Luongo, Rhodes and Wickham all on the pitch for Wednesday this afternoon (and 2 of them scored their goals as well).

Does any other team in the top 2 divisions have the potential to field 4 or more of our ex-players currently?
When does the ISC reconvene so they can release the Russia report?
at 20:57 28 Jun 2020
Did anyone else notice the sign pointing to the Norwich dressing room
at 18:39 27 Jun 2020

that said "shower".

Fair comment really but probably should have pointed at both dressing rooms.
BLM Nascar
at 08:21 22 Jun 2020
According to comments I read BLM is a "hard left" movement
at 18:27 21 Jun 2020

If you couple this with the fact the last time this country voted in a Government remotely left of centre was well over 40 years ago, I take it we live in an openly racist country.

How can caring about black people being murdered by the police and institutional racism generally be a "hard left" issue? How can we repeatedly elect Governments that support this ideology?

Stephen Lawrence, Dalian Atkinson, George Floyd, I will not keep quiet. Tonight I am ashamed to be British. I want to be proud of my country but it has been taken over by racist xenophobes.
Roy Keane
at 18:56 19 Jun 2020

has had a Lionel Blair cut!
I trust Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage and all their mates ...
at 11:37 11 Jun 2020

are complaining about the leniency of this just as vocally as they do when the motivation is on the opposite extreme of the terrorist spectrum. (EDITED due to poor choice of phrasing. The point I am trying to make is that the individuals listed above only choose criticise when it suits their bigoted agenda.)
[Post edited 11 Jun 22:38]
A reminder that sometimes things do change
at 21:07 3 Jun 2020

[Post edited 3 Jun 21:51]
Nedum Onuoha quote on America, armed police and safety
at 15:38 3 Jun 2020

"If you worry about the man next door, why would you not worry about the person patrolling the streets who now has more power, more guns but the same views?

"I never go out and feel 100% safe."
Imagine not being as mature as Grealish
at 08:25 3 Jun 2020

and yet being the man who runs the country.

Grealish said: “I knew straight away that I had to come out and apologise myself, which I wanted to do; I didn’t want to hide behind a club statement.
"I am old enough now and mature enough to know that I’d done wrong."

As tempting as it is to put this as football thanks to the Grealish link I thought I would save Phil the hassle. I am sure some wisecrack will now report as abuse for putting it in general when it is football!
Been shopping this morning
at 12:45 30 May 2020

Social distancing is a thing of the past.

Yes, many people are still trying to do it but in the greengrocers they have a clear one-way system and only 3 in the shop at once but 2 different older ladies physically brushed past me because they couldn't wait for me to pick up a few veg.

Then at Morrisons the shop seemed busier and there were a lot of times where with shoppers in both sides of the aisle people just walked straight down the centre between them/us. Then outside there was a group of older men with scooters (at least 7 of them) and no social distancing at all between them.

If the second wave is not at least as big as the first it will be through good fortune rather than common sense and good judgement.
Is part of the internet down?
at 11:01 29 May 2020

Am having trouble accessing some sites but not others. Can't get Google and my wife's work site is not accessible either.

Anyone else having trouble or know what's up?
Maths question
at 18:21 24 May 2020

If every player in the Premier League is receiving 2 tests per week, how many of the Government's daily tests are separate individuals outside this private group?

Or do the Government not count those tests?
Extended play-offs
at 20:55 20 May 2020

Apologies if already done, I couldn't see a thread on this page and wasn't going to trawl through looking for one.

How do we think it would work? Some ideas I thought of:

7th plays 10th H and A, 8th v 9th the same and the winners play each other. Then 3rd plays 4th H and A while 5th play 6th. Winners of the latter play winners of the 7-10th rounds for right to play winners of 3 v 4 in final.

Mini tournament with leagues of 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th; 4th, 6th, 7th and 9th. Each team plays each other at neutral venue (1 venue for each league). Winners of the mini leagues play each other in the final.

Some variation of the above themes.

First scenario would see teams play different number of games but maximum of 7 matches - would need around 4 weeks minimum. The higher placed teams play fewer matches but does that mean they risk lack of match fitness when it matters? This format could be abbreviated if all matches are at neutral venues and so only 1 leg.

Second means all teams play the same number of games - 4 for the finalists. It could be done in less than 4 weeks.

I know it is highly unlikely to affect us but I wonder what sort of format it would take and what people would rather see happen.
Just had a power cut
at 20:41 9 May 2020

About a couple of minutes. Tried to come on again briefly but is back on now.

Not often they happen now.
at 12:39 2 May 2020

A very interesting article much more for who is saying it than what it says (which is interesting).
Shootings in America
at 20:40 1 May 2020

I just heard a thread on social media claiming the virus is a Chinese plot against Trump getting reelected in a golden era of no school shootings and a booming economy. Clearly a ridiculous conspiracy theory rant designed to keep the popular vote for him.

However, it made me decide to look into the school shooting comment. According to Wiki (so maybe not accurate), in April there have been 26 shootings in which 4 or more people were injured. A total of 23 people killed in these incidents.

The last time there was a school listed as far as I can see was Feb 17 Alcorn State University or for a school November 14 at Saugus High School.

If that is what Trump supporters call no school shootings isn't that part of the problem? CNN reported a total of 45 in 46 weeks when the last one quoted above occurred. New York Times lists one on 3 December as "at least the 13th this year" "which have resulted in at least 6 deaths". That last one missed Wiki's list presumably because despite a fatality fewer than 4 people must have been shot. Presumably the lack of school shootings coincides mainly with lockdown.
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