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So, this new fella Bawl
at 13:41 1 Jun 2022

Never heard of him. Good shout though.
Forest this season
at 08:33 30 May 2022

Have done what we hoped we might have done after our bad start. Phenomenal.

Shows it can be done.

Given the set up we have now - investment, manager, structure, I’ll be absolutely gutted if we have another season of mediocrity. It surely can’t happen, can it?
Just realised that I no longer understand the offside rule!
at 21:35 28 May 2022

I thought the reds defender was plying Benzema onside!
Come on Trev,
at 17:04 14 May 2022

get a grip.
Retained lists 2022
at 12:56 12 May 2022

Some interesting names on here.

Dai Cornell let go by Posh (of no significance, but just that he was on our books.

PNE - looks like they have their own 'Demolition man'. 17 players released or loans expired!
[Post edited 12 May 12:58]
Less points and lower finish than last season
at 17:19 26 Apr 2022

Did any of us (apart from elephant and Frimley) expect us to finish worse than last season?

I do believe we're in a better position than this time last season. I really didn't like the way Cook ripped the old squad apart, but had to concede that the squad he and MA put together was better. So to finish where we have is underwhelming in the extreme.

Frimmers took a pelting for his provocative post but I do think several of us played the man the and not the ball! MA is safe, but given the investment if KM doesn't get us into a really strong position next year then he will surely have some explaining to do. I think the owners really wanted to go up this year, but I think they always knew it might not happen. I do think they'll be expecting promotion next year. Whether KM will remain if we don' time and circumstances will tell.

Personally I'm pretty confident that we'll balance the squad, get someone who can score a do a lot better. I'm disappointed, but have lot's of hope
We’re going to finish a max
at 13:06 20 Apr 2022

of 3 points better off than last season, and quite possibly a place or two lower!

I’m loving what KM is doing, but he really has got to get the team performing at a step level above what he’s done so far. I’m confident that he will, but really we’ve fallen a long way short and it’s not all Cooks fault.
How many times this season have we come from behind
at 06:46 20 Apr 2022

to take the lead?

I know we didn’t win in the end, but I don’t seem to remember many times that we’ve got into a winning position after we’ve been losing.
Really good to see.Walton’s optimism for next season
at 07:13 14 Apr 2022

But it will not be a walk in the park. We’ve been on the best form for years and have made no inroads into the top 6. There are 9 other teams that have done as well or better than us for the last few months so it’s not just the first few games that have undone us is it.

We will need to improve further if we really are to be in the top two and with those other teams who have been as consistent or better than us all looking to do the same it’s going to be a proper battle. I think KM and his team have a crucial, crucial summer ahead and I’m looking forward to seeing which forwards they bring into the club - because that’s surely where we need to improve most.
The people running our club
at 08:03 31 Mar 2022

It’s a pleasant change to feel that the people running our club actually know more about football than us lot on here!

Listening to the interviews we get, the fans forums, etc it’s just hit me how much these guys seem to know, how in control they are and how clear a strategy they have. For the last several years it really felt that we might know as much as those in the club - (owner, ceo - and sometimes even the manager!!)

I’m excited for next season and truly hope that this time, this time the results match the optimism.
Set piece specialist incoming in the summer
at 14:02 30 Mar 2022

Who's your money on?

Scott Twine has to be high on the list if we could get him.
Just watched the ifollow extended highlights
at 15:03 27 Mar 2022

Couldn’t help but wonder what Morsey said to the ref at the end. Ref had a smile on his face to start with but that seemed to change and he ended up shouting at Morsey. Have we heard?
So drone footage of training.
at 18:29 25 Mar 2022

How does that work then?

Is it just one drone filming above the trading pitch which they just look at or is it. Ore fancy than that? Eg, One drone, but lots of cameras, each set up to follow a different player?
Kieron to Col U? (n/t)
at 07:08 22 Mar 2022

[Post edited 22 Mar 7:10]
We’re on the best run of form for a few years
at 18:50 19 Mar 2022

And we’re all really excited. Rightly so.

But it’s sobering to realise that all the teams above us, bar Rotherham are on even better form!
Edmundson back for the PO’s
at 15:58 11 Mar 2022

Or just the final at Wembley?
Town playing well in front of a big crowd?
at 21:07 8 Mar 2022

I don’t believe it!
The difference in managers!
at 21:39 5 Mar 2022

Maybe other mangers d changed things during a match to affect the way the team played, but they never explained it like KM does. I just love this little insight to his thinking as the game is play8ng out:

“We felt like we needed that extra little link through the middle of the pitch with Santi [Celina] and Conor [Chaplin] in those pockets and also we wanted to get Sam able to run off a little bit higher and make the box, which he’s starting to add more and more to his game.

“Ty [Bakinson] came on and made a really good impact, the players all slotted into their roles.

“Good to be able to change our balance and our attacking structure in between games because it gives us that threat and I thought the players showed really good understanding by the way they adapted to that change so quickly.”
Are Spurs the ITFC of the prem?
at 21:36 4 Mar 2022

Antonio Conte says no manager would offer quick fix at Tottenham

Conte speaks of 20 years of problems to fix, continued inconsistency (beating city then losing to Boro, etc. The Beeb article (I don’t know how to link) goes on

Tottenham's story is this, many ups and downs," Conte said. Speaking before Tottenham's Premier League match against Everton on Monday, he added: "To be competitive and try to win something and try to fight for something important and to become a strong team, the first thing that has to happen is to be stable and to avoid these ups and downs.”

“To do this and to change this type of situation that has been for many, many years is not simple. In the short term it is impossible to do this, not only me but for every manager to come here.”

"This is the story of this club for the last 20 years."
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