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First non official outlet to interview the new owners
at 10:38 8 Apr 2021

With a huge abundance of people now producing their own content and the new owners being approachable, something that's been missing for 13 years what are peoples bets for the first outlet to be able to capture an interview with someone from the new ownership team.

Loading your Playford road pics instead of your stadium pics
at 20:21 7 Apr 2021

What kind of a pillock would do that
Inside the ground
at 19:23 7 Apr 2021

Just posted this on another thread. However thought I would share this from a short while back. There's a lot of work needed to get the ground ready for fans. Sorry can't embed this. The link will have to do, I've quickly uploaded it.

Prediction for the weekend
at 12:56 7 Apr 2021

We missed the new manager bounce, will this be the start of a new owner bounce.

Despite uncertainty, and the fact that this is quite clever from a marketing perspective with season tickets officially announced within a week or so as reported by many on here, I finally feel like we have a chance to start afresh and go again.

2-1 win for me. MK dons will be a challenge though, possession based football could be a difficult thing for our fragile bunch to come against
at 20:38 3 Apr 2021

Happy Easter one and all.

Hold on to your hats and refresh every 5 minutes throughout Wednesday and Thursday, the deals been done and completion confirmed.

As Paul Cook hinted we are in for a very exciting summer. Its dragged on but now we can focus onwards and upwards.

Burning of the Paul lambert poster
at 13:06 21 Mar 2021

Apparently mind have branded it as a creative way to raise money.

I don't think I believe that for one moment, good to hear the talking town folk strapping there suicide vests on again and calling those that raised this concern lemons and sour.

The arrogance beggars belief
Great non league piece
at 12:34 1 Dec 2020

Got recommended a show to watch last night featuring local Ipswich wanderers footballer Matt Blake who some of you will be aware of. The interview was pretty outrageous. Funny, emotional and hard hitting showing how deeply money affects the game and the players within it. The interview starts at 48 minutes. Think its also on a podcast as well.

Talking town podcast
at 10:44 29 Aug 2020

During lockdown I've kept my ears on the various podcasts very impartially. But as time goes on there's one town one mentioned above that's really grating on me.

The ideas are great. Half time ticket is a brilliant idea, live show as well is really interesting though its not a podcast format as opposed to live video broadcast.

The host used to do shows with a couple of other lads which didn't seem to gain traction but quality wise were better.

The point of this thread, why the heck are they constantly starting beef and conflict in twitter with other pod groups. Pushing themselves as the number 1 town podcast, the global podcast. It's all nonsense and is putting me off being bothered with good content.

I don't want to single anyone out but the guy running the show seems to be the least involved in all the stupidity, while matt Phillips turns it into a circus.

Really annoying for a show with good ideas
at 23:53 24 Sep 2018

Anyone on here do it.

Got an interview lined up. I'm currently full time employed with a very good benefit package, but money on the 18 month contract is a 75% increase.

Just interested in some risk vs reward experience from people. See. S like a huge leap. No holiday pay etc
Complete squad rebuild each year?
at 00:09 6 Aug 2018

It's looking more likely that by the end of this window we may see 8-10 new faces in the dressing room. That number could be reduced significantly if medicals fail or deals fall through.

On the flip side were not retaining fresher faces either. Compare this to 5 seasons ago where everyone was leaving at the end of contracts on a free. We can maybe get some simple insight into direction that hurst has been given from this. I never expected waggy, garner, and Webster as well as knudsen all to go in one window but the talk is there that it may well happen.

And while I was initially sceptical about this approach, taking time to look back shows that our best signings based on profit and performance may have all come from lower leagues over time or the peripherys of teams where they are not deemed to be at the right level. In my mind that's as good as a lower league signing.

Going forward I wouldn't mind betting that Marcus Evans has said that the money will always be there to spend but hurst and doig have got to create there own wealth. A small injection each season to kick start this process with the rest of the business done on quick profits. In football you have to strike while the irons hot. We got offered 7m for mcgoldrick, he never added that amount of value to the team after the date of that bid and we lost him on a free. He's still a good player, sheff u will be delighted. One poor season from waghorn could turn 5m into 1m quite easily on an expiring contract.

For me if the club is able to keep a good balance sheet and head in the right direction I will couldn't care less about the names of who comes in or out. What I care about is what the backroom staff can get out of them. Case in point omar bogle. For all intents and purposes he's poor, but if he fits the system, and we can do something let's give hurst ET Al the chance to make it so. Waghorn wasn't setting the world on fire before he came here last year now we're looking at a mark up of 20x his purchase price. Football is a business, and while losing strong regulars from Mccarthys regime can look strange, we struggled last year, so clearing out, taking a profit and building the team the manager wants year on year makes perfect business sense to me.

The flip side of all of this is if we get relegated we have taken a low risk approach, with lower wage assets that have the quality and experience in the league we would fall into. Again business wise it makes sense and is quite a shrewd safety net as opposed to just signing a couple of huge names that want 20k a week to play.

I expect the rebuilds to be big and often, but when we can finally brush away the pain of losing Murphy in the way we did and trust judgement in recruitment I think the mix of rebuild and youth really could keep us prepared for whatever league finish we have this season.
Watching the game with friends today
at 10:38 22 Oct 2017

All three of them are Norwich fans. Never have I wanted to beat them so much. Think we can do it but I'm expecting quite an ill tempered game.
X factor
at 12:01 15 Oct 2017

Not a post for the haters. Is anyone else watching this year. I have picked it up since boot camp as I don't like watching the tosh in room auditions. There are some seriously talented people doing original material. Unfortunately the show will be won by a media puppet that looks good through the make up department. Feels like Simon will have rich pickings for other artists to bring him success that won't neccesarily win the show.

In terms of my hate for the show. Louis and sharon now feel so irrelevant to current pop music culture. They need replacing with 2 people with the same presence as Nicole. Although she can be annoying she feels relevant.
North Korea stating us have declared war
at 10:02 26 Sep 2017

What are peoples views on this. Trumps tweets are certainly slack jawed. He doesn't act in the professional manner you would expect. The fact that nk are alluding to the fact war has been declared on Twitter of all platform shows how dangerous trumps words can be. It's scary when social media becomes a threat to world peace. I check the BBC news site almost hourly now waiting for something major to happen.

While it looks like the UK are not getting involved I find the prospect of 2 countries with the largest military forces in the world provoking each other horrific. Something needs to be done to settle it all down because neither have any respect for one another which is how a catastrophe could happen in my eyes.
Gareth southgate
at 20:10 4 Sep 2017

If we were to lose tonight do you think media would crank some pressure onto him. It feels like there is quite a bit of hostility towards him. This may be a biased opinion however as I do not believe he is the right man to take the team forward into the next World Cup and I would certainly hope he is gone by the euros as another golden generation will enter its prime.

We have a lot of players developing at the moment, but with that I don't know if Southgate knows who the best team are, or to a lesser extent how to get the most out of them.

England's failure to sweep opposition aside annoys me essentially
In London tonight
at 16:06 4 Sep 2017

Staying near tower bridge anyone with suggestions on what to do
What's everyone's favourite chocolate bar
at 21:25 22 Aug 2017

I'm not fussy but caramac are awful 😂
When will we break our transfer record
at 15:08 4 Aug 2017

With some clubs getting relegated but still breaking records it's obvious how upside down football has become.

If memory serves me sereni was our highest fee paid out at 6 million but that was 16 years ago. 16 years on clubs are paying that for fun but it sounds like the sort of money that would buy our squad 4 times over with enough to spare for the wages.

Were desperately far down the football food chain now, but it makes me want us to prove we can compete even more. After all money doesn't buy you trophies just the players that have better odds of winning them apparently
When football brings fans together
at 21:57 17 Apr 2017

Today was mental at times. As the second goal poundedbthe back of the net someone literally jumped over 2 rows of seats and embraced those whose arms he fell into none of which he knew.

When we scored every celebrated within each other it was tremendous. The unity a performance like that brings us incredible. To see the south stand all give it the big one to the away fans when huws broke the back of the net was a delight.

It was topped off when a random elderly gentleman walking alongside me near the crown court discussed my opinions of the game. He admitted that at the final whistle he had a tear in his eyes. I found this quite harrowing. I guy who had clearly been through the robson era, wearing his colours and feeling so emotionally connected to the game in this way.

The passion for the team runs deep. Why can't we feel this every week. It brings me full circle to the problems of the club I guess. Expensive tickets keep people away, so only when we have the big occasions the cheap tickets, the affordable local football can the fans pull together and celebrate as one. Marcus Evans should realise that today is how football should be done and he should make whatever changes neccesary to make it happen far more often.
Things I'm looking forward to today
at 12:35 17 Apr 2017

1.a good atmosphere
2.the potential to guarantee championship safety
3.a big crowd for the first time in ages
4.quality away fans, they always make a game better
5.celebrating the magnificent sbr and everything he achieved with those that understand it and have the most passion for his success.

Today we shall stand united put footballing differences behind us and roar the boys on in the name of the great sir bobby coyb
Jermaine jenas on bt sport
at 16:35 11 Mar 2017

Very uneven facial hair looks like he missed a spot on the right side of his face when shaving
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