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Tyreece Simpson update
at 10:03 28 Jan 2022

From what I understand...

Tyreece was recalled as he has refused to discuss/sign new contractual terms with town.

He has been moved into the u18s to train. So don't go expecting him to be given match time any time soon.

Understand from source this is a power play/punishment for him refusing to initiay speak with town.

Haven't scanned the board in a few days so this may already be posted and will remove if covered elsewhere
The assistant manager debate
at 07:47 12 Sep 2021

There's a couple of threads on here trying to pave the way to blame for yesterday and Iargely agree with points made. Players need to take some responsibility for woeful defending and a lack of clear leadership, while as fans many are right to question the coaching staff. What have they been doing, and are cooks mates and trusted circle influencing adequetly behind the scenes to create the correct psychological environment for players to thrive. Harper seems to dissappear, and it's quite clear Evans doesn't show the leadership qualities we would expect (I posted yesterday doubting the fact he wouldcontinue start games.)

But in the midst of all this it's clear that cook uses plan A, and when that's failing we do more of plan A, and in what seems to surprise him when that doesn't work we do plan A some more and critically evaluate how we fail afterwards before saying "we do hard work now and go again next time."

Im not sure I know of any other clubs at this level that don't carry an assistant manager. We're at a point in football where top clubs are hiring multiple assistants. I'm beginning to reflect and ask questions about cooks attitude to bekmg challenged on his ideology. His boys club of coaches around him will have the position of suggesting tweaks, but we lack a defensive leader in the coaching department and we clearly lack an assistant that can challenge the thought leadership of management at times of trouble.

Will an assistant manager change the course of the club? Single handedly no, but having someone connected tightly to the players with higher level leadership nous would go a long way to challenging Paul cooks own attitudes and instructions to the level where making an appointment now could save his own skin before the hole is dug to deep. A quick scan of twitter shows the cook out movement has attached its wheels. Some ownership and humble leadership could pave the way to showing a fan base that the need for additional ideas and direction is recognised.

Im not cook out yet, but I'm questioning someone that's been given every toy that he circled in the Argos catalogue but still can't make play time more fun.

And let's be clear, a win Tuesday won't be a remedy. We're now at a point where until we start stringing a run together we're not only no better than last season but we are worse. It's time to bolster the management setup and own the development and tactical ressiliance of this team of strong individuals.
Transfers, a new approach
at 12:09 10 Aug 2021

Long gone are the days of us just letting players who we bought for good sums wind contracts down and leave on a free. Of all the new eras we have entered into the one concerning the transfer market may be our most significant to date.

Questions raised at the end of last season as we offer deals to the likes of drin an now seem to be masterplans. The evidence is clear that we were offering contracts wherever there may have been a little bit of value to be had, and while the treatment of some of these lads being frozen into the "bomb squad" has been put in to question, it's clear that the amounts of money being raised are funding the moves we are making.

Simply put Ashton is a shrewd businessman that this club has lacked since the very start of the calamatous Evans era.

That one forray into the playoffs stands out as the only moment of note in the Evans era, I already feel like I've had more excitement for town in the last 3 months than in that entire spell. We haven't even delivered results on the pitch yet.

But what for the future. Signing younger players, not splashing cash using those highly rated, utilising the enormous wage chop were benefitting from as a result of last seasons offload were putting a side together with strength in depth and resale value in key areas.

The goal is promotion and with that success could see big value returns on some of those signed. I don't want to say we will become a selling club, but I feel we are signalling the start of some tidy business returns.

My advice would be don't get a name printed on a shirt just yet, and try not to get to attached to players. I feel record incoming fees will couple success at the club joined with many years of exciting transfer window.

2 more in and we're sorted till januarary. 4 if we're lucky. Expect the outgoings to continue to rack up in the meantime.

ITFC is getting an upgrade
Darren Ferguson at Colchester v Ipswich
at 22:49 28 Jul 2021

I know there was talk that he may be looking at members of our team still in the offload list but understood he left before half time.

Peterborough lining up 1m pound bid in combined attempt to sign Poku and Chilvers from Colchester.
[Post edited 28 Jul 2021 22:53]
Extended highlights of last night
at 11:20 14 Jul 2021

These are up on YouTube if any one is interested.

Away kit
at 10:41 14 Jul 2021

Is this still on track for a mid July release if so it should be announced any minute.
Norwood conviction
at 19:20 12 Jul 2021

Considering the new era at the club it will be interesting to see how the club play this. Pleading not guilty then getting hit with a hefty ban and fine after having previous makes me just wonder what stance the club will take. Not suggesting they should tear his contract up but you would assume there would be in house consequences due to conduct and expectations of what he should represent. Difficult time for him now in my eyes. Few fans will have any sympathy, and let's all be honest, despite him be far and away our greatest threat there was already a group of clowns on socials baiting him and giving him a hard time before this.

I really liked Norwood, he's a real handful for defenders but I find this really hard on my moral compass
Someone had a beer to many
at 00:15 8 Jul 2021

This is a bit weird, it's a couple of flags, we're seriously not going to have flag wars because brett Johnson is displaying the top one in his "museum" are we. Why can't we be as one for just a moment

Is it closer to coming home
at 22:58 28 Jun 2021

We haven't beaten Germany but that result must shorten the odds a bit surely?
Cut my grass this morning
at 15:12 30 May 2021

Was good to get an early start with the petrol mower.
8am sharp fuelling and cleaning the beast, the big trim started at 8:30, plent of time for the local lazy occupants to wake up and fill their bowls with bran flakes and mugs with coffee.

Just need to wait for the sun to go down to get the hedge trimmer out at around 8:30/9:00pm, feel like I've had a lot of heat this weekend.
Kit release day
at 11:32 24 May 2021

The club love an announcement on a Wednesday these days.

Some signs pointing to this Wednesday being kit release day ahead of Bank Holiday weekend.

Who's getting one ready for the new era...
Quick bit of research for a daunting interview
at 11:40 13 May 2021

Going through a major work change right now and have an interview next week.

Presentation on levelling up gender equality is required. As a primarily male audience I would like to run some rapid honest research with you all to include in a presentation. I would like to compare perceived industry opinion versus public opinion and highlight softer less data driven nuances in the topic.

Simply answer the following question and then enter which gender you identify as below where happy to do so.

Why is gender balance important in the workplace in your opinion?

Huge thanks in advance to anyone that provides any level of opinion. Rather daunting to me right now.
What a season
at 20:07 9 May 2021

Feels like every emotion has been encountered this year.

From 100 points 100 goals, HMS p1s5 the league at the beggining to paul Lamberts shambolic presses, Paul cooks inability to raise a performance, the takeover, Ed sheeran coming on board, the excitement of the januarary loans, the dissapointment of what the majority of those loans turned out to be, and every little thing in between.

Were not done yet, in the coming weeks the squad will be disassembled and thrown on the pile, that same pile where we wi assemble the next batch of hopefuls from.

The youth team have a unique opportunity to shine a light on the club as well.

There's a lot to be positive about, we're in a unique situation, but as has been proven success next year isnt a given, a bumpy ride may be ahead of us. It just feels good to be able to forget a good portion of what's gone before but take some of that good stuff forward and hopefully give the foundations for success.

So here's me raising a virtual glass to all on here, another one done, thanks for the company, and the laughs... Let's get at em
Controversial transfer opinion
at 15:11 30 Apr 2021

Can we please stop wishing, asking and chasing players that we have had here before. I want fresh faces not those that have been in this underperforming institution in the last god knows how many years.

And before any smart comments crop up about 'so you wouldn't accept mings back' let's be realistic, I'm talking garbutt, Rhodes whatever. Let's make it fresh
King's Of Anglia
at 18:26 22 Apr 2021

Take a bow, that is an incredible sh#thouse against talking town who absolutely slate your journalists on a frequent basis.

Feel sorry for those that went and paid for a talking town membership to ask a question. Pay walling question asking on the show that's by the fans, for the fans is beyond hilarious.
Players released
at 15:04 21 Apr 2021

Hearing rumours that the next stage of the clear out is awaiting announcement.

Jack lankaster among those names that I've been given as well as a large portion of under 23s

With all of the noise about improving academy when the takeover happened this seems surprising, I wonder if that u23 contingent includes more players that are in or around the first team than anything else.

I know we're seriously lacking quality but I hope in this clear out we don't make some hasty regrettable decisions on some of the younger talent we may have.

These are horrible horrible times as a town fan, where those you pinned your hopes on are falling so far short
A whole squad in the summer
at 21:43 13 Apr 2021

Can it be done, can we literally start from absolute scratch and flush this dirty water out of our club once and for all.
ITFC twitter is carnage
at 15:41 12 Apr 2021

Let's be Frank it has never been a fun place to be but today is just hilarious.

700 million dollars in cash in a pension fund, this probably isn't massively unusual but immediately we need a discussion about how all of the dollars will be spent here. News flash, the investment will be a tiny portion of that.

People claiming they broke the takeover live on air and have further exclusive info... Despite the takeover being broken with a copy of a what's app message

People claiming that cooks language used in the presser is a definate source to be concerned about

Yesterday I read someone speculating about lambert coming back.

Twitter is creating its own narrative and divide amongst fans, it's utterly chock full of ridiculous debate.
First non official outlet to interview the new owners
at 10:38 8 Apr 2021

With a huge abundance of people now producing their own content and the new owners being approachable, something that's been missing for 13 years what are peoples bets for the first outlet to be able to capture an interview with someone from the new ownership team.

Loading your Playford road pics instead of your stadium pics
at 20:21 7 Apr 2021

What kind of a pillock would do that
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