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About time we had a decent new chant….
at 11:26 14 Jun 2024

Here’s one sorted for August, inspired by summer 2018….

Looking back on when we first met
I cannot escape and I cannot forget
Kieran you’re the one
Straight up from league one
Tractor boys are home again
Tingly Teds front of shirt sponsor?
at 07:43 6 Jun 2024

Heard a couple of people now suggest that Ed’s hot sauce brand could be the front of shirt sponsor next season, given his current tour is due to end just after the season starts, and the fact he’s been heavily pushing and marketing the sauce.

Anyone heard anything along these lines and think it could be feasible?
Where have we seen this chair before…..
at 16:37 30 May 2024

2+2= 25m?

Wembley 2000: “Reuser….. offside!”
at 10:58 29 May 2024

Would VAR have ruled this out in the current day?

Would we have never gone up that day? Would we have ever gone up? Would we ever make Europe? Would we go into administration? Would the banter era ever happen? ITFC butterfly effect.

This image has it frozen at 6 seconds, as the ball leaves Naylors foot. Put it this way…. I’m glad there was no VAR!!

John Heitinga - Not a replacement I’d have thought of
at 07:10 25 May 2024

Reading this, he ticks a fair few boxes (the most important one - being Dutch), although his first team coaching experience is relatively short.
Steve Watson has spoken…. Kind of
at 16:13 24 May 2024

Fair enough for addressing it. Can imagine he (along with Phillip) have definitely had a lot of info over the course of this week, but fair play for wanting to verify anything before generating a few more clicks!
“We’ve been used…. We’ve had our pants pulled down!”
at 23:39 23 May 2024

People can’t be naive enough to actually believe this - heard on a town fans Twitter chat thing earlier.

Yes it’ll be absolutely gutting if he goes, but he’s the hottest property in football management right now, so were we expecting there to be no news at all (regarding some of the biggest clubs in world football) until an announcement out of the blue that he’s signed somewhere else?

Having our pants pulled down would have been leaving half way through our season to go to palace (an established PL team), but leaving now at the very start of the summer, after giving us our two best season for two decades certainly doesn’t count as using us.

Football is a cruel game, but we can’t let disappointment turn to bitterness.

Also just think, he came close to the Palace job in Feb so Ashton has had a solid four months of succession planning under his belt.

I’ll be gutted to see him go (if he does), but this is modern footbal.
[Post edited 23 May 23:50]
Always loved this podcast….
at 22:15 16 May 2024

They’ve also been tipping us to go up since August. Uppa tractor blues.
Rank these close season events in order of preference….
at 16:42 7 May 2024

My order would be:

Fixture release day
Kit release day
First pre season friendly
Opening of the transfer window
Players reporting back for pre season training
Clubs’ retained lists released
Anyone watch the end of the awards stream?
at 23:59 6 May 2024

Good old Janoi could barely stand up! And even Matt Holland joined in with the final rendition of Leeds are falling apart.
Just seen it’s the awards dinner tonight…
at 17:19 6 May 2024

Genuinely think some of the players might report for pre season with liver damage.

Good on em.

Chances of Clarke rocking up in the ITFC Hawaiian combo?
Parade and/or park tomorrow?
at 22:29 5 May 2024

Straw poll: Who is heading down for it?

SBRU Upper incident just after HT…
at 09:01 5 May 2024

Does anyone have any concrete info on how the guy is? Was a really scary moment in amongst the celebrations of the second goal. Stewards seemed to indicate a fairly positive outcome - hope the bloke is ok.

Massive hats off and respect to the fans and stewards who jumped into action straight away without a second of hesitation.

(@Phil - please delete this thread if deemed insensitive to ask the question here!)
Operation ‘top tier to pitch’…
at 15:20 2 May 2024

I’ve been going to town games for 25 years but have never been on the pitch other than for a birthday party (those really were the days).

I’m assuming lots of others sat in the top tiers would want to get on the pitch IF(!) we have something to celebrate but there’s not a realistic route there. Too much of a risk to exit the ground and hope to get back in!

Any chance we can turn the north stand into a one tier Kop by Saturday?
One tier stadiums 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼 pitch invasions
at 11:48 28 Apr 2024

Must be the only benefit of the soulless bowls….
Please, no bedwetting if we don’t win tonight.
at 19:50 27 Apr 2024

We need a maximum of five points. 3 will do it if Leeds fail to beat Southampton on the last day. We obviously don’t want to rely on that, but it’s still in our hands if we slip up tonight.

Uppa Towen.
Most of Suffolk tomorrow night…
at 23:06 25 Apr 2024

Leicester not selling out their ground tonight….
at 21:56 23 Apr 2024

Is worse than all of their FFP breaches.

And that “atmosphere” At full time? WTF. I genuinely think there was a bigger reaction at the end if our 0-0 with Watford.

Was surprised to see Hull tickets on sale at 10….
at 10:06 16 Apr 2024

Must have only been a couple though as shown as sold out by 10.02.
Going up again ole ole…
at 15:07 12 Apr 2024

Did I hear a murmur of this on Wednesday? Love it, if so.

But please please please can we not speed it up and ruin it? Ta.
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