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Home commentary seem to think that goal deserves a Puskas Award
at 13:13 6 Mar 2021

Had to turn it off.
Are we just glad to be rid of Evans, or genuinely excited about the consortium?
at 10:16 3 Mar 2021

Not a BCWYWF post, more a genuine question. Yes we know Evans has been at the heart of most of our problems for a long time now, but is this takeover just seen as a breath of fresh air and a relief, or do we genuinely believe that the new owners have the investment and the know how to push us back up the leagues?

I.e. are people just glad to get ANY new owners or glad to get THESE owners?

It’s a bit of both for me. They are clearly trying to establish a club model across their different teams, but at the same time perhaps don’t have the deepest of pockets compared to other owners around the country. Just got to hope that some smart decision making can compensate for not being billionaires!
Big commercial decisions in next few months....
at 12:58 1 Mar 2021

Season ticket pricing / incentives?
Club sponsor? (MV runs out in summer)
Adidas deal to be renewed? (May have already been extended)
Plan for return of fans and match day experience
Anything else?

Other than appointing a competent manager, there’s a few pretty meaty things the new owners will need to rubber stamp in the next couple of months. I’m only hoping they have time to influence all of these things and they aren’t another ME masterclass.....
Kieran Bennetts is still infuriating to watch
at 15:45 27 Feb 2021

As is Keanan. Some things haven’t changed!
Imagine the buzz there would’ve been at PR and in town today (n/t)
at 12:11 27 Feb 2021

Current staff then... stay or go?
at 00:32 27 Feb 2021

Taylor - Go

Gill - Go although I remember others suggesting before that he might stay after PL goes

Jimmy walker - Stay as he seems to have some passion at least

Dyer / Butcher / Klug - Stay

Jim Henry / Matt Byard - Our sport science and conditioning clearly needs an overhaul so go, if we can find anyone better

Dave Bowman - Not entirely sure what he does these days so I suspect he’ll be replaced for someone with a connection to the club to help get fans back on side

Lee O’Neil - Tricky one as he’s effectively had a thankless task as Evans’ puppet. Suspect he’ll move on but wouldn’t be adverse to him having some sort of role albeit I’m not sure what!

I’d probably have said the same to most of those to be honest, even if we were only looking at a change of manager!
Just get him out. 12 points off 2nd. 9 points off 5th.
at 20:58 9 Feb 2021

Nobody to blame for that other than himself.

Got the selection all wrong
Disrupted a wining team after our best performance of the season
Went against his principle of “if you’ve got the shirt, it’s yours to keep”
Another loss to a promotion rival
Pretty much only 6th place to aim for.

Just get out.

Edit: 12 points off 2nd who have a game in hand over us as well!!
[Post edited 9 Feb 20:59]
Post match interview bingo. £2 a card, three for a fiver.
at 17:20 30 Jan 2021

Effort was excellent
Can’t ask for more
Thought we played really, really well
Lads were brilliant
We controlled the game
We keep going
Crewe is a hard place to come
It’s a really good result
I can’t fault the lads
We’ve played so much football
I’ve played for some huge clubs

Dabbers at the ready....
Decent performance but that game was there for the taking.
at 16:55 23 Jan 2021

Scrappy game, but never looked like winning the sort of game which quite simply, if we want to go up we can’t be losing.
Late Luke Varney winner written all over this.
at 16:27 16 Jan 2021

A player we decided wasn’t good enough for us FOUR years ago, seems like fate.
Having no commentary adds to the pub league feel of this!
at 15:51 16 Jan 2021

Waiting for a Labrador to run onto the pitch any minute!
Could the next four games make or break our season?
at 12:08 15 Jan 2021

Burton (A) 24th
Posh (H) 5th
Sunderland (A) 10th
Crewe (A) 9th

If we have any serious hopes of going up, we need to start beating the teams around us and a terrible run of results here won’t give us much confidence for the second half of the season. A bad run could land us 7/8 points outside the top 6 or a good run could have us back in the top 4.

Then ahead further, and the end of Feb / start of March our run of fixtures is: Hull, Doncaster, Accrington, Gillingham, Lincoln. Crazy that we are even contemplating the thought of games against clubs like that being “big games” - so depressing.

Even worse as we know we need to fall completely out of touch with the play offs for a change of manager to be on the cards. What a ridiculous way of rubbing a football club.
IF fans aren’t back by august, how may ST’s will we realistically sell for 2
at 11:49 11 Jan 2021

Assuming we are in league one it’s got to be less than 3/4k? If we manage to go up then you’d hope for a few more. I’d imagine most renewed this year on the hope that crowds would be back by now. Interesting to see what happens if crowds are still restricted by the summer.

I think a massive decline in ST sales would be the final nail for a lot of teams.

Would love to know how many have actually been cancelled too.
Has the hot air tent been on the PR pitch this week?
at 22:55 7 Jan 2021

Insert joke here about hot air being blown from PR....-

Just seen the temperature is due to dip down to -3 Friday night / Saturday morning / Saturday eve in Ipswich. Although Sky obviously have history of forcing games on at Portman road no matter what. Any excuse for this comedy gold....

I know criticising players social media antics doesn’t always go down too well
at 22:35 30 Dec 2020

But Norwood (living in tier 4) having Paul Mullin (of Cambridge Utd, also in tier 4) over for dinner, and posting it on Instagram feels pretty dumb. Especially when your club is having games postponed four to a widespread covid outbreak in the dressing room.

Might be taking it too far, but shows a bit of a lack of respect and doesn’t do anything to help your club get its games back on. If we’re all having to abide by these new restrictions, why are footballers any exception? Yes I know they’ll probably both have been tested recently, but ffs man have some responsibility and set a good example. I’d be even more annoyed if I were a Cambridge fan seeing that, given all the cases we’ve got at the minute at playford road.

(Was posted jn his instagram story this eve, not sure how to link it from here)
“I didn’t hit the furniture....”
at 11:58 6 Dec 2020

What an absolute melt. Not sure if this chap posts on here, but just in case he does...... please, please, please stop embarrassing us all on the internet, with over the top, staged reactions and celebrations!

I’m all for itfc content and podcasts but come on man, get a grip.

How does the current mood compare to April 2018 under Mick?
at 23:47 1 Dec 2020

Fans apparently waiting to abuse him before getting on the team bus at griffin park, the booing of players / every substitution and of course “numbskull gate.” Versus now where we have a team lacking in any cutting edge or plan, being led by a clearly angry manager, taking swipes at the media, fans and players left right and centre.

This feels worse and more sour to me as PL is showing how disingenuous some of his PR narrative must’ve been. Underneath it all, I think most of us knew and respected that MM was a top coach and a great man manager, his time was just up. PL on the other hand has shown no such qualities in his previous 3(?) jobs before here and hasn’t delivered us any form of success on the pitch whatsoever.

Becoming more and more evident that this is past the point of no return. If Evan’s has any sense he’ll rip the band aid off now, and prevent further damage.

Time’s up, Paul.
That was worse than Saturday.
at 20:53 1 Dec 2020

Utterly awful game of football.
Time to find the mole....
at 17:59 28 Nov 2020

Who on here has been reporting back to the club to say the team has been leaked? Maybe a disgruntled banned poster....?

Hello Paul, Stuart or Lee if you’re reading this.
Downes and Jackson will be off next month won’t they?
at 17:27 28 Nov 2020

Assuming lambert is here anyway. As will anyone else who has an ounce of ambition.
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