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I'd of snatched your hand of for a draw with WBA at the start of the day
at 16:59 9 Mar 2019

We looked very good.
The irony that we sold a proven League One goalscorer just last year
at 15:49 4 Mar 2019

Kieffer Moore anyone?
The level of blubs on here tonight
at 17:12 23 Feb 2019

"Knudesen is a ****"
"Garner is a ****"

Get a grip on yourselves you melts.

a) We're down. If we stay up, it'll be an utter miracle that they'll still be talking about in 60 years
b) At least neither of Rotherham or Reading won.

The quicker some of you accept that its all over, the better you'll feel.

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We've not deserved this
at 13:48 10 Feb 2019

But our problems this season all come down to allowing McGoldrick, Waghorn and Garner to leave and not replacing with a proven quality Championship striker.

We are creating stuff, but we could play all night and I don't see how we would ever score a goal.
3 things are clear from ME's 'interview'
at 14:40 23 Jan 2019

1) His perception of ITFC 'being competitive' is vastly different to ours, and to anyone elses in football.

2) He is dwelling on the past, 'Continue a strategy that nearly worked under Mick' - Yes, it worked, ONCE in 11 years

3) He still hasn't the balls to face anyone who will question him more fully. Preferring agreed questions, stage managed by himself and the club.
Paul Lambert
at 11:00 19 Jan 2019

I don't know what it is about this guy, but he has finally got me excited about Town for the first time in years. I'm at the point where if we go down, its more palatable with Lambert in charge next year.

Today reading about the letters on the coach, the guy made me well up. He just gets us, and gets the history of this club. I can only imagine what we might of achieved if we had a manager who put the club at the heart of everything a few years ago.
We'd better win/Pray for me
at 10:24 12 Jan 2019

I've got to shoot West Brom v Nodge today and will have to sit in front of the carrot crunchers.
Not sure I can bear the cheering if we lose.
I'd totally forgotten we signed Sean St Ledger
at 20:59 11 Jan 2019

5 years past his best, mind you. If only we had signed him from Preston instead of Leicester.
My Timehop from 10th January 2011
at 21:08 10 Jan 2019

"The team formally known as 'Roy Keane's Ipswich' is now to be known as 'Spanky Jewell's Ipswich'"
I've got an Evans protest that'll keep everyone happy
at 17:44 7 Jan 2019

On 10 mins to signify his 10 years at the club, everyone should 'tut' loudly.
I will bet that the club will be sold
at 11:48 6 Jan 2019

almost as soon as we are relegated. And at that point they might as well re-colourise 'Sunderland til I die' and re-badge it because it will be us, utterly and completely.
Thinking more on Lambert's interview
at 10:44 6 Jan 2019

Have we just had our very first experience of an ITFC manager openly criticising the owner? Certainly sounded that way.

"The club should never be in the state it’s in”
"It’s an absolute disgrace what’s happened here. It should never have happened, it's too big a club. But it does happen to clubs if you take your eye off the ball."
Pre Tax Profit/Loss - Evans 'saving' us year in, year out.
at 20:11 5 Jan 2019

I see so often on this site, posters stating that Evans puts in £6m a year and thats all that keeps us afloat etc etc.

Below is the pre-tax profit and loss schedules from 2015/16.
23 clubs recorded a loss, over half recording bigger losses than Town. So my question is this.

a) If we need Evans in particular so badly, why have none of these other 23 clubs gone bust?
b) Whats so bladdy special about Marcus Evans?

Wolverhampton Wanderers +£5.8m

Blackburn -£1.5m
Rotherham -£1.5m
Huddersfield -£1.6m
MK Dons -£1.6m
Nottingham Forest -£2.2m
Preston -£4.4m
Bolton -£4.6m
Birmingham -£5m
Burnley -£5m
Ipswich -£6m
Leeds -£8.9m
Cardiff -£9.5m
Sheffield Wednesday -£9.8m
QPR -£11m
Brentford -£12.6m
Fulham -£12.9m
Charlton -£13.5m
Derby -£14.7m
Bristol City -£14.9m
Reading -£15m
Hull City -£20.7m
Brighton -£25.9m
Middlesborough -£32m
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Another Cardiff player we should go for
at 19:01 5 Jan 2019

Also out of favour and with no Squad number and could dig us out of this mess -

Lee Tomlin.
One thing about our previous Chairman
at 17:44 5 Jan 2019

At least we knew where he was. And we could find him.
[Post edited 5 Jan 18:09]
If we go down Evans will slash all budgets
at 17:26 5 Jan 2019

not just the wider club budget, but transfer and wage budgets. The man wouldn't spend anything to get us in the Prem when we had the chance.

Stop thinking that PL will get a budget to rebuild in League one, he won't. He'll be expected to do it on frees and loans just like now.
Time for 2 up front?
at 16:59 5 Jan 2019

Or at least someone dropping into the hole.

Our movement at times is bladdy awful. Says something when the only option available when 25/30 yards out is to shoot.

That said, Sears electing to pass to Keane or Harrison instead of picking the worse possible option and shooting from an impossible angle would of made us look a bit better.

One player I’ve always liked, and is out of contract
at 20:42 3 Jan 2019

In the Summer. Joe Mason, now at Wolves, could do a job for us.
Lot of threads on Spence and the corner
at 19:51 1 Jan 2019

Is no one going to mention Pennington's back pass?
The funniest thing about this board
at 19:32 1 Jan 2019

Is that even after 11 years, in which we appointed 5 managers.

Three of which were abject failures, one who wasn't backed when he could of got us promoted and one too early to tell, that a few of you still think this is the managers fault.
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