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Much much much better performance
at 14:30 17 Apr 2021

Until the substitutions, but lets be honest, if we were flying, that still wouldn't have been very good.

1) Edwards is not a footballer, he did nothing, and when he did, it was overhit.
2) Kenlock is not very good if everyone is honest
3) Dobra will be a really good footballer in time.
4) If we play like that Tuesday, we'll win
5) We probably won't play like that Tuesday
Bennetts Shoots......
at 13:12 17 Apr 2021

......Oh dear me

......and it goes for a throw in

......and fails to make a good connection

......but he rather scuffs it, and it dribbles toward the goalkeeper

* delete as appropriate.
Started well, but
at 12:56 17 Apr 2021

If you watch, we’re slowly playing deeper and deeper.
Hopefully, Cook will get them playing higher
[Post edited 17 Apr 12:59]
I know twitter isn't the best place for reasoned debate
at 16:40 16 Apr 2021

or even reason, but the number of apologists for this squad of players is astounding.

"Its a risky play by Cook, if there are a few unhappy player next season........"
"This could all be done with a lot more class"
"Cook needs to be careful what he says, look what happened to Paul Hurst"

Not good enough from the players,
Nor good enough from the staff,
Maybe not good enough from us either.

We should never have clapped them off at the end of our relegation season, it just set them all up for, "Don't worry about the fans, you can get away with anything with them, they just go after the manager and the owner"
Mother of God......
at 20:37 15 Apr 2021

There seems to be a lot of sources, spilling their guts in the club today.
Is there something in a loan manager
at 12:01 14 Apr 2021

being part of the new set up? We don't seem to do very well with getting the kids out on loans that really help their development.

Very often we seem to loan to clubs who are operating below their levels too. I find it hard to believe that there aren't any L2 clubs that they would benefit from the experience of.
10 Games
at 08:52 14 Apr 2021

Is that what we as Ipswich Fans have been reduced to now? Giving managers 8-10 games before turning on them? And to think there are posters on the Bristol City fan's post about Ashton calling Bristol C fans 'entitled'.

Forget this season, it's a bust. It's not about Cook, it is everything about this set of players being unable to raise their game in a play off push.

We haven't 'got worse' under Cook, we've stayed exactly the same, just like we were against Northampton and against Swindon. No difference, the same. Anyone thinking that this squad of players, with the possible exception of 3 or 4 players is good enough for the top end of L1, never mind the Championship is seriously deluding themselves.

Just in January, a good number of us were, quite rightly saying IMO, that under Evans and Lambert we were headed to L2, that's certainly what the performances and the results indicated; save for our purple patch at the beginning of the season.

But now, with Cook having 10 games, and a bit of money coming in, apparently everything is different and we should be whooping sides like Wimbledon, with the exact same set of players and the exact same club structure. Aside from Cook, Zero Changes.

Some of you need to get a grip. New ownership structure now, Ashton in June, this club won't fk about any more, if the results don't come, Cook will be gone, I've no doubt of this.

But for fans to start raising significant doubts on probably the best manager in the league at this level, with a record that absolutely supports this?

Entitled. And utterly, utterly classless.
[Post edited 14 Apr 8:55]
Something I’ve been thinking for a few weeks
at 21:55 13 Apr 2021

Why is it you hear cook shouting and encouraging, and sometimes Holy.
But never our senior players, not Chambo, Ward or Judge.

There’s no fire there, no fight.

I’m convinced they’ve all convinced each other that they are better off not going up.
1. Under Evans. “If we go up, we’ll come back down and badly”
2. Under GC20. “If we go up, every single one of us will be sold or in the Ressies.”

Maybe, just maybe
at 21:25 13 Apr 2021

The players are just thinking about all these new grounds we haven’t been able to visit because of the pandemic.

Once we’re back in and get to visit them all, they’ll go for 100 goals and 100 points.

The sh it cook is getting off some of you already
at 21:07 13 Apr 2021

Is laughable.

It’s all right, we’d rather get another manager in again.

Better that than having to admit some of our fabled youth just aren’t cutting it and the squad just isn’t good enough. Cooks fault.

Wait, Leam Richardson’s fault, and therefore Cooks fault.
So, stop me if i'm wrong
at 19:39 13 Apr 2021

but, I make this three seasons on the trot now that pretty much this squad of players have effectively downed tools, before the season was up?
Every. Single. Time.
at 12:13 13 Apr 2021

Hopefully now Evans has gone, this will all get sorted out by the new lot.

Who on earth changes their name
at 12:05 13 Apr 2021

to match their work place?

I'm sure by the time he gets here, he'll be called Mark Portman.

I'd change mine, but Paul Hardwick Campus doesn't exactly scan.
at 12:47 12 Apr 2021

Dobra and Nydam to start tomorrow??

I wouldn't rule it out given Cooks comments.
So at the end of all that, and reading between the lines.
at 10:36 12 Apr 2021

It seems like Cook skipped his pressers, because he didn't want to talk about the takeover, which would have dominated all the questioning. Nothing more nothing less.

“But we’ve got some here-and-now issues that we want to address and as a football staff and a football group of people, we’re in a push for a promotion and we’ve got to stay with it.”

I think we've had, "That's typical of ITFC", in our heads for so long, that we are all constantly waiting for things to go wrong now.

Rest easy lads, all is well. Enjoy the ride, from the summer obviously, the next 7 games are going to be sh it, definite info.
Dog food
at 11:35 11 Apr 2021

Anyone got experience with having 'Tails' dog food delivered?
FWIW I don't think it will be Ashton as our CEO
at 09:34 11 Apr 2021

He's on £550k at Bristol City, its one of the reasons that Bristol City fans don't want him. £500-600k in this league would be massive, wealthy backers or not.

I think he 'was' their first choice, but he decided he wanted to stay where he was, I think he alluded to as much saying he liked his job, or similar.

You'd imagine if he was coming here, his notice would have gone in as soon as he knew it was happening, now it's a 'process' according to MO'L and it could be '2 days or 2 months' that doesn't sound like they know who their man is, but it's not Ashton.

Not yet anyway.
What should be on Cooks shopping list
at 09:17 11 Apr 2021

Striker x 2
Left Back
Right Attacking Midfield x2
Left Attacking Midfield x2
Central Defender

Anything else?
Evans owns 5% of GC20
at 01:00 11 Apr 2021

That’s more than Johnson and co, who own 5% between the three of them.
If Cook IS pis sed off, it’s on Evans to fix it.

If he doesn’t, or won’t, it should tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about Evans.
Interesting line from Gill
at 18:32 10 Apr 2021

When asked about KVY, Norwood.

"They'll be assessed tomorrow when everyone is back in. As you can imagine everyone in the squad is fighting to get and to try and add some value over the run-in."

So they're in tomorrow training is that normal? I would have assumed day off after a game.
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