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Phil - The Bart article
at 17:37 15 May 2019

Surely any Championship clubs in for him will have to wrap the transfer up by August 8th don't they? Not September 2nd?
I like O'Neill
at 15:45 14 May 2019

He's definitely a step above what we've had before in that kind of position. But I am worried about his clear avoidance of stating that we intend to get promoted straight back to the Championship.

Theres lots of "As soon as we can", "It could take time", "As quickly as possible" but the phrase "next season" seems as though it is being very deliberately avoided.

Now I hope that no one would be taking aim at the club if we failed to go up by missing out in the playoffs for example, but the language coming out of the club isn't filling me with confidence. They're as good as saying "We're going with our youth, but it might take them 2-3 years to be good enough"

Does anyone else get this? It seems strange to be non committal when you are trying to sell as many season tickets as possible. I would of expected at least a line about the play offs.
Jonny Williams
at 16:16 12 May 2019

Only missed 3 games for Charlton and out of contract in the summer. Worth a go?
So half way to the target amount for The Beats statue
at 16:12 12 May 2019

You would think that ME could find a sizeable donation toward it. Would definitely help with his charm offensive on the fans.

I'm very surprised that he hasn't already if I'm honest.
If you were in any doubt of the level of officiating in League One
at 20:58 11 May 2019

You've just seen it. Never in a month of Sundays was that a straight red.
Do you think some of our current and former players
at 11:04 28 Apr 2019

Who are in the RoI squad, McGoldrick, Alan Judge, Will Keane for example.
Will get pi$$ed off with Mick's constant sniping and referring to the situation at Town?

I think I would if I were a player.
From now on we should stop calling it 'League One'
at 17:38 25 Apr 2019

and call it the First Division instead. We can pretend its 1981 all season long, what with the extra cup games and all.
I wish people would stop mentioning clubs that came back stronger
at 15:49 25 Apr 2019

from league one and referencing every club that ended up with new owners and investment as an example.

I've seen Leicester mentioned, Swansea, Wolves and Southampton on several occasions. What happened to all these clubs happening to us is as likely as The Queen adopting a Pit Bull cross and declaring it Prince of Scotland.
Its mutual consent roulette
at 09:43 23 Apr 2019

It's clear Lambert will need to shift players out to get players in. My guess is 4-5 new signings, but who does he move on.

My guess (excluding out of contract players) -

[Post edited 23 Apr 9:43]
at 14:08 18 Apr 2019

Who is Ndaba lodging with? Lambert?
U23's Who's on the bench?
at 20:18 15 Apr 2019

Its the kids then, and pretty much only the kids
at 12:11 14 Apr 2019

"Where we don’t have talent in the building that is ready for developing in a particular position and it’s clear that we need to invest to improve we will do so but we will not bring in anyone who blocks our own players’ development and we will ensure we give our young homegrown players a run of games"
There isn't really much to be said tonight
at 20:58 13 Apr 2019

I accepted it all in February, felt better, can't believe how much it hurts tonight.

But, our pre-season starts on Good Friday, now is Lambo's time to make good.
[Post edited 13 Apr 21:00]
I'll tell you what I'm not looking forward to
at 11:44 12 Apr 2019

once relegation is confirmed, beyond the actual relegation of course.

The inevitable interviews with Mick and Paul Hurst.
Lets make no mistake, when we go down
at 18:02 11 Apr 2019

Probably on Saturday, maybe the following week.

Marcus Evans did this.

Yes, he's put in £100m, Yes, he saved us when Sheppy's mis-management was dragging us under, I get all that, and it was what we needed at the time.

But this season is 100% on him. You can blame every manager you want, but the fact that we have been through 5 managers in his tenure and only one has been successful, and by successful, I mean not flirting with relegation; this speaks volumes.

The lack of re-investment when players were sold, the lack of a clear strategy to get us back into the Premier League, the lack of being visible to the fans, instead rolling out a mouthpiece everything something went wrong, or alternatively leaving the manager to clear up the mess with the media.

For everything that Evans has given us, he's taken away far more. He's to blame, and I don't trust him to do whatever it takes to get us back up at the first attempt. He'll move the saleable assets out use the kids, and 'hope' for that bit of luck he always hoped for in the Championship.

I suspect there will either be a carefully choreographed 'interview' with the club or with Stuart 'The Rottweiler' Watson, (think more Mary Berry than Jeremy Paxman) and plenty will be soothed by it before Evans disappears back into his lair for another year, presumably writing more non disclosure agreements for his ex managers or dropping them into shark infested swimming pools.

Of course, half of this board will think I'm wrong and Saint Marcus will do something different, the same people who think next season will be a walk in the park.

Meanwhile the feel good factor is back, and Saint Marcus is using it as a smokescreen to escape.

[Post edited 11 Apr 18:11]
Relegation at home then, probably
at 21:39 10 Apr 2019

Lets hope Evans isn't planning on the kids getting us promoted.
I rather feel he is.
We're pushing too many forward for my liking now
at 20:27 10 Apr 2019

We keep giving it away cheaply and then they are all over us before players have got back. Our lack of mobility is an eternal problem that never seems to get addressed.
Its been mentioned a couple of times
at 15:09 7 Apr 2019

that we could sign a 'typical' Lambert No9 in the summer. So here are Lambert's striker signings, I've not included loans or players described as a no 10.

Libor Kozak, Villa, 6ft 2in
Nicklas Helenius, Villa, 6ft 3in
Christian Benteke, Villa 6ft 1in
Jordan Bowery, Villa, 6ft 0in
Steve Morison, Nodge, 6ft 1in
James Vaughan, Nodge, 5ft 11in
Aaron Wilbraham, Nodge, 6ft 2in
Simeon Jackson, Nodge, 5ft 10in

I had it in my head that a typical Lambert No 9 was a big, strong forward who could hold the ball up, but looking at this list, maybe there isn't a 'typical' Lambert centre forward?
Gav- the iPhone pop up ads are back.
at 12:40 7 Apr 2019

And for me they seem to be pretending to be from Sky, who are my internet provider.
It feels like a phishing attempt, but hopefully I’m wrong
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