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I only watched this to see how Przybek played
at 16:23 25 Jan 2021

But it was hilarious. The 2nd commentator doesn't offer much, and what he does offer is a fusion of David Brent and Alan Partridge.

Cheer yourself up.

[Post edited 25 Jan 16:27]
We're expecting a mortgage offer this week
at 09:40 25 Jan 2021

and as such we've had a bottle of bubbly on standby for that night. If Shambert goes the same day that happens, that will be a stunning start to the year.
Just as a reminder
at 22:22 24 Jan 2021

Evans sanctioned the loan and wages of Gio just four games before binning Jim off.
Harrop and Thomas are no indicator that PL is safe.
First things to do if we did get a new manager next week
at 21:35 24 Jan 2021

Make Downes captain if he’ll sign a new contract.
Sign a central defender to play with Wolfie (Whatmough looks a great player)
Start to move Chambers and Skuse out of the club, they are both part of the rot.
Get real about our youth, they aren’t all developing as well as we thought and may not save us
Sign a striker, if we ever needed a 20 a season player. It’s now
Give Harrop the no10 role, get Doz off corners and free kicks.

Lots more, but that’s a start.

This statement is from the club
at 21:16 24 Jan 2021

Not Evans. And it looks to be prepared.
Surely none of us expected the club to stay quiet in the build up to a big game?

If we lose to Sunderland and play poorly, he’s gone.
How telling is it of our current state
at 20:54 23 Jan 2021

That whilst I was watching today on about 80 minutes, the wife came over and stood next to me.

When she said, "This is a dangerous place for me to stand", I instinctively replied, "Don't worry, we won't score"
Since Evans gave Lambert his backing
at 20:49 23 Jan 2021

Plymouth Argyle (14th) Won
Portsmouth (4th) Lost
Burton Albion (24th) Won
Swindon Town (23rd) Lost
Peterborough (3rd) Lost

I assume he'll still be backed on Monday morning.

Basically, we are a mid table L1 side. Get used to it lads.
Still, all those new stadiums though.
I've got Tourettes I think
at 16:25 23 Jan 2021

Every time the ball comes near Toto I feel compelled to shout "NO FOUL" at the screen.
[Post edited 23 Jan 16:25]
The goal aside
at 16:57 16 Jan 2021

does anyone think McGuinness is pretty bad at heading?

Seems to constantly mis-time his headers or let the ball bounce and let opposition players in. He must have jumped 5 or 6 times in the last couple of games, only for the ball to sail over his head.
** Lambert press conference prediction **
at 16:05 16 Jan 2021

"The boys may be back, but they've been out a long time, a hulluva long time.

Its nae normal to expect them to make any difference for a while yet, maybe 6 or 8 weeks until they are back to where they were at the start of the season"
Good god
at 15:07 16 Jan 2021

And we thought Brenner and Mick were bad?
Things that will keep Lambert in a job no matter what
at 09:36 12 Jan 2021

1. The contract, obviously

2. Games in hand, Evans won't pull the trigger if he feels we have games to win. Remember the ridiculous assertion that we could still make automatic promotion last season.

3. Injured players, so long a Skuse and Wilson are out, Evans will talk about how we are 'missing experienced heads'

4. The playing style. Given Evans instance on this playing style, I think this is why PRP is sticking to it so ridgidly, if it goes wrong, then Lambert can always turn it back on the owner. "We're playing the style you wanted. I tried to warn you that without X player and Y player"

Of course, 2, 3, and 4 are just fillers to deflect us from Evans clear error in giving Lambert a 5 year contract just when we were tanking.
It’s this BS that really gets me.
at 20:50 9 Jan 2021

“It’s hard sometimes to shuffle across and be in the right position but it’s a learning curve“

What’s to learn? Having played this formation and run these drills all season long, relentlessly. What exactly is the fking learning curve?

Wolfie and McGuinness too young? Donacien is on the bench play him. I’m sick of this “they’re only young lads” excuse. They’re either good enough or they aren’t. And if they aren’t, why are we spending money on McGuinness?

Fk me.
Ultimately we aren't good enough
at 19:19 9 Jan 2021

to play out of the back like this. We struggle to see a killer ball, with the exception of Dozzell, who for some bizarre reason wants to play as a DM even though his attacking threat is greater.

Our forward players, lack any movement at all which means we aren't moving their defence around at all and creating space.

I'm sick of seeing the same damn thing on the pitch week in week out. Lambert needs to go, but not without recognising that Evans tenure has reduced this club to a production line of OK kids that he can sell at a profit and very little else.
at 17:50 9 Jan 2021

Is chambo doing in the CB position enabling the cross?
Its pointless
at 09:19 13 Dec 2020

Evans won't do a thing regarding Lambert whilst we have a whole team out injured. He just won't, it's been nicely framed as the reason for our poor performances.

And it'll continue until February, by which time, it'll be too late.
What really sticks in the throat is that
at 16:36 12 Dec 2020

Evans and Lambert are mis-managing Town, whilst they are wearing the 81 commemorative shirt. What on Sir Bobby would have made of all this I can only imagine.
How many more headers is McGuinness going to mis judge
at 16:08 12 Dec 2020

or miss entirely today?
But we're not in the fecking Championship, are we?
at 16:23 10 Dec 2020

"In the Championship this year alone there are seven clubs with over £40 million each of parachute money. This makes a huge difference and a gap which we will only bridge through the continuing patient redevelopment of every aspect of the club and hopefully a fairer, more sensible system for revenue sharing across the game for its own good at all levels."
Irrespective of who the manager is, when Town play
at 18:47 5 Dec 2020

I want them to win. I desperately hope Lambert turns this around and we get back into the Championship, irrespective of whether or not I want him to stay, I just want us out of this shi tty league and I don't care who is behind the desk at Playford Road.

But my god, Evans is some level of genius, how many managers is it now that he appointed that just haven't done it? And yet here we are again, with the owner as slippery as an east end crook, and yet we barely look at him. His wording in his statement this week is the only mistake he's made which has ended up with people looking at him.

Now he'll go silent until we all start looking at the manager and players again. Genius.
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