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I don't know about anyone else
at 16:46 12 Feb 2020

but I for one am sick to death with hearing our management and players saying, "we go again on Saturday", or Tuesday, whichever applies.

It so meaningless and easy to say unless we see a change.

Well, look at it this way.
at 17:04 8 Feb 2020

With the exception of Holy and Norwood, the team that starts most games for us is the exact same team that got relegated by a long way, a very long way, and yet somehow, a lot of people seem to be under the impression that we were going to walk the league and return triumphantly to the Championship.

It was death by a thousand cuts at the hands of Evans in the Championship, and now get ready for death by a million cuts in League one.

Without real investment, we are going nowhere and Evans, who throughout his tenure has a track record of trying to do everything by only spending 50% of what it actually will cost to make it happen, will insist on freebies from L2 and trying to get the kids to be world beaters in a team.

I've given up, this isn't about Lambert, Hurst, McCarthy, Jewell, Keane or Magilton, this is all on Evans and no matter if you were a Lambert or a McCarthy inner or outer, whoever comes next will struggle too, and 50% of us will want him out.

Sorry, but sick of watching us doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different result.
Are we finally realising that this squad isn't good enough to get promoted?
at 12:25 2 Feb 2020

Start again with KVY, Norwood, Downes and Wolfie, if I'm honest, thats probably about it.
The rest can go.

However, that would mean that Evans is going to have to find some money and thats not happening.

We'll never play in the Premier League again, we will likely never reach a competitive level with Nodge again, the best we can hope for is somehow getting back into the Championship, where I suspect we will become a Champ/L1 Yo-Yo club, like Rotherham.

All of this has happened under Evans, but somehow I'm told by many on here that I must be happy that we've sunk as low as we have, because he puts in £5m a year, offsets his funding of the club with player sales, isn't an Oyston or Sisu, and somehow has employed six managers, five of which have failed.

Thanks Marcus, god knows where we'd be without you.
If it meant ITFC owning their own ground.
at 16:32 31 Jan 2020

If it meant ITFC owning their own ground.

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Put very simply
at 21:51 28 Jan 2020

1. We don't have any method to beat teams effectively who put 9 or 10 men behind the ball.
2. Long ball never ever works for us, our passing isn't accurate enough.
3. We get bullied too easily.
4. If Evans thinks we can ever challenge for the Prem on the cheap, he's deluded.
5. This squad is nowhere near as good as a great deal of us lot think.
6. This team will 100% be relegated from the Championship if promoted unless big money is spent.
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Ipswich Town v Lincoln City prediction logged
at 19:13 10 Jan 2020

Has anyone ever seen
at 09:16 10 Jan 2020

Marcus Evans and Dominic Cummings in the same room at the same time?
Evans new year message
at 08:59 10 Jan 2020

If he wants us to play a more technical game, that's great.

But for me, there's a lot of 'I' and not very much 'We'. Surely it shouldn't be the owners decision how we play, but the managers, else the manager already has one hand behind his back.

If you want the team to play in a technical style as an owner/chairman then surely you go and get yourself a more technically minded manager, probably from Europe, and sign more technically minded players, (probably from Europe).

To then say you want a more technical style, but we are on a bad run because the style in this division is more direct and aggressive, was the most mind boggling thing I've read, he's basically saying we don't currently have a defence against that style of play and it will take time, at least a couple of years.

Some people on this board are near orgasmic about this statement from our Fuhrer, but i only see this.

1) Evans is dictating to the manager, rather than getting a manager to suit what he wants.
2) We probably won't sign the players we actually need.
3) He's warming us all up for not going up this year.
4) All of his eggs are going into the Academy players.
5) He thinks we can become Championship challengers on the cheap.
[Post edited 10 Jan 9:02]
Robson's win percentage when he came in.
at 09:37 6 Jan 2020

In each of Sir Bobby's full seasons after being made Ipswich manager -

1969/70 - 24%
1970/71 - 28%
1971/72 - 27%
1972/73 - 41%
1973/74 - 47%

Now I'm not saying Lambert is doing things right, nor am I saying he's the next Bobby Robson, far from it. But what I am saying is that under our current fan base, Robson would have gone sometime around Christmas 1970, and maybe we wouldn't be talking about our 'proud history' now.

Maybe we give Lambert a bit of time to get it right? Me included.
Lee Martins goal
at 17:43 4 Jan 2020

Was it a miss hit cross? I can only imagine it was.
Jesus Christ......
at 15:12 31 Dec 2019

The start we had has done us no favours
at 10:46 30 Dec 2019

and Chambo has called it in his interview, “The second goal to equalise - celebrate! I’ve said that in there. We’ve wasted opportunities, we’ve just run back to the halfway line as if we’re like Man City playing against [a League Two club]."

For me this is what it all comes down to, we got a great start, were 3 or 4 points clear with games in hand and we stopped respecting the clubs in this league, that's the players, PL with his constant rotation, and postponing of games due to international call ups and the fans too with our expectation that we should be sweeping clubs aside.

This is not an easy league, its blood and thunder and we need to respect the teams in it, not start playing the 'big club' bullshoite. Back to basics, defend and work your openings.
Team for me against Wycombe
at 19:58 29 Dec 2019

GK Holy
LB Kenlock
CB Wilson
CB Chambers
RB Donacien (If Fit)
LM Garbutt
CM Skuse
CM Downes
RM Edwards
CF Keane
CF Jackson

When we were relegated, it wasn't by a little bit
at 19:33 29 Dec 2019

It was by a whole lot. And yet we've pretty much kept faith with the same players who got us relegated.

Now I don't know if this was PL's doing or ME's with his 3 point plan to use academy players, and therefore cut costs, but, whoever is ultimately to blame, it's clearly not working.

It hasn't taken L1 teams long to figure out how to play us, get behind the ball, press the play quickly and then move through the thirds at speed.

The players aren't streetwise enough, we panic every time, and PL doesn't have a plan to counter it.

I think we'll move out more players than we bring in during January and thats likely to include Downes I'm afraid. But the statements from PL about 'togetherness', 'lots of football to be played' and 'it'll come good eventually' has terrifying hallmarks of this time last year.
I don't know if it just this board or wider culture
at 00:54 27 Dec 2019

but, irrespective of recent results, and they have been bad. I'm a little sad of the general lack of respect for a manager, who has done more to galvanise this club with its supporters than ANYONE involved with this club over the last 20 years.

Tactics aren't great, team selection isn't great, but the players are letting him down here. It's not all on him.

If he goes, he goes, but realistically, we're L1 now, who do you reckon we could attract? Is this squad good enough to stay up it we went up? No, but that's not necessarily Lamberts doing is it?
Starting to think the only thing
at 15:37 22 Dec 2019

that gets some people on this board aroused is the thought of Evans sacking managers.
at 21:19 10 Dec 2019

GK - Holy
LB - Kenlock
CB - Chambers
CB - Wolfie
LM - Garbutt
CM - Skuse
CM - Downes
RM - Edwards
CF - Norwood
CF - Jackson

s1 - Norris
s2 - Wilson
s3 - Donacien
s4 - Nolan
s5 - Judge
s6 - Dozzell
s7 - Keane

Now stop f'ing about.

If we've got players that can't play 4/5 games on the bounce then we're in real trouble. Yes change 2-3 players when we have Sat/Tuesday/Sat/Tuesday games, but not 7 or 8 in every game.
[Post edited 10 Dec 2019 21:38]
How much does the worrying about us at the moment
at 22:35 26 Nov 2019

boils down the fact we are worried that this squad isn't good enough to stay up in the Championship?

I know I'm worried about that.
[Post edited 26 Nov 2019 22:35]
The guy talking in the background on the SkyBet feed
at 20:50 26 Nov 2019

Started off by talking about his National Express coach and is now moaning about the team selection. I'll bet he was a Jewell inner.
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