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Aiden McGinley
at 12:12 8 May 2024

One for development if true?
The hardest thing I have ever had to write
at 13:02 15 Apr 2024


It's that simple, sign posting recommendations etc.

I have seen a few posts such as this over the years and the TWTD community has never failed to amaze me with its advise, compassion and understanding.

I have recently found myself struggling mentally, over thinking, worrying too much about all sorts, work, home life, life in general, pretty much everything. Feels like I'm spiralling a bit and can't pull out.

It's not depression, I have experienced depression before and this is different but if i don't fix it soon it may turn into that as well.

I am questioning almost everything, have lost all sense of self confidence and the ability to relax, switch off be in the moment. Its like whatever I'm doing there is an out of body me above whispering in my ear providing not very helpful analysis and critique of everything I do.

I find myself feeling pretty worthless and not deserving of the friendships or relationships that I have. I could and probably should talk to friends but the one friend that I would have reached out to (as a middle aged man I find my circle now greatly diminished) sadly passed away suddenly at the end of last year, I miss them greatly and don't think I have fully processed that yet. Grief council ing is probably in order there but this goes much beyond that.

I am of course looking at therapy, I have had therapy before and it helped a bit but clearly not as much as I thought.

There are some unresolved issues resulting from childhood and the hold that the Mike Hunt of an old man seems to still have over me feels relentless I wonder if it's him in my ear the result of his influence is that confidence does not come easy to me and is easily knocked.

I feel like a rabbit in tbe headlights, frozen through fear of getting it wrong. It being everything.

I'm so clouded I am struggling to think straight and have a nagging feeling my life is about to implode.

I feel like an idiot even writing all of this and though I know I'm not, it doesn't change that feeling of failure in doing so.

Feeling pretty inept and rubbish for not being able to help myself, again I know I shouldn't but I do.

Any advise, input suggestions or recommendations from anyone who has been through similar is very welcome below or in private.


Morgan Whittaker
at 09:44 2 Apr 2024

One we might go back in for (dividend dependent) if Plymouth go down?

Colin being linked as a 'firefighter', he's had little impact where he has pitched up recently
Kieran McKenna would probably win England the world cup
at 13:33 22 Mar 2024

If he replaced Southgate, given the attacking talent that would be at his disposable and his ability to get the most put of players


I think he'd have a real good crack at it personally
ITFC programmes
at 14:58 4 Mar 2024

I'm not a collector of such things though I do have a copy of our glorious FA cup victory on the wall.

This weekend I came across another 2 that sha join it, not quite as exciting but still cool IMO.

1. 1979 UEFA cup 2nd round 2nd leg Vs Grasshopper Zurich
2. 1975 1st round 2nd leg vs Feyenoord.

These were amongst a whole bunch of old programmes (many ITFC along with quite a few Leicester and Luton) in a vintage shop in Northampton of all places.

Mrs B and T thought it was hilarious I could get so excited about such things.

Quite a dull post really but I told her there would be a dark corner of the interest that would understand
Omari vs Gio
at 14:24 27 Feb 2024

Does Omani go down as the best loan we've ever had? Harsh comparison as we didn't have Gio for a full season but....
Thomas Frank/KM
at 13:56 15 Feb 2024

It's interesting that Thomas Frank doesn't get linked to jobs the way KM does. He's lead Brentford to the PL and established them there. Arguably (I wouldn't even say Arguably personally) a smaller club than us, taken to a higher level and consistently. Perhaps because Palace and West Ham are London clubs so he wouldn't do it but you'd think him poachable.....unless it's clear he knows he has a good thing where he is and simply isn't interested?

Perhaps KM could be of a similar mind?

De Zebri gets linked with any top 6 job that's comes up, Frank rarely if ever is, seems odd to me given what he's done.

Let's hope Spam go Potter.
Baggott to Bristol R on loan?
at 16:05 1 Feb 2024

No idea on how reliable said freelance journo is.
At what time tomorrow
at 15:44 31 Jan 2024

Will we see the headline quiet deadline day expected at PR? (hopefully we don't)
Will Phil ever confirm we are actually close on a signing ever again
at 09:04 29 Jan 2024

Will Phil ever confirm we are actually close on a signing ever again

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Friday Music thread.....
at 10:37 26 Jan 2024

Not sure if this is going to resonate with many but having recently watched (and loved) the Barbie movies I thought a Friday Music thread to make up for the Oscar 'snub' of the barbie movie.

In particular Mojo Dojo Casa house tunes for those who know what that entails but all things Barbie coz why not

This is the most mojo dojo casa thing I have ever heard

For clarity Mojo Dojo Casa would be anything trucks, horses, bikes, guitars etc

[Post edited 26 Jan 12:32]
Jordan Henderson
at 17:31 17 Jan 2024

Well that was a waste of time wasn't it? The £700k a week he's picked up over the last 6 months must cushion the blow but his reputation as an LGBT advocate has taken a battering and also his marketability in general and he must be asking himself it was worth it.

If my sums are right he's taken home Approx £17 mil in that 6 months so maybe he thinks that it wad but feels like he might regret the whole saga
Any BMW enthusiasts (or mini)
at 17:26 17 Jan 2024

Anyone with any knowledge really, I have mark 1 cooper s, had it 5 years and she's in good nick apart from the fact that i think one of the seals has gone. I'm getting substantial water in the passenger side footwell.

Have rang several garages and only 2 fancy their chances of fixing it. Local independent want £108 quid to try and find the leak.

Spoke to BMW who want £126 per hr and want the car for 3 days (won't be 3 days of solid looking) and then spoke to their parts department who said that the relevant part, depending on the leak could cost anywhere from about £150 quid to over a grand!

Anybody familiar with the issue and have an idea of liley cause?

Worst case BMW could take however many hrs to tell me I have to spend £1k plus labour at getting it sorted.

Otherwise it's a lovely car that I'd hope would be really desirable in another 5 to 10 years and it would be a shame to see her go ad it's the most fun car I've ever driven. None the less I'm inclined to make a change as feels like it could turn into a wild goose chase to ID the leak based on the mini forums I've looked at.

Brings me to point 2. I'm considering a 1 series convertable and whilst this may indeed make me look like a hairdresser I dont care however I'm interested to know what the chances are of encountering a similar issue on that down the line. Appreciate its always a risk with a rag top but from the research it seems a common ish fault with older minis but there is little on the beamer (other than early models where a pillar potentially seems to rub the material but I'd be looking towards something a bit later where that issue was resolved)

Any prior owners of either have any insight on either?

Thanks In advance TWTD hive mind

[Post edited 17 Jan 17:34]
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