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Strongest XI once everyone’s fit?
at 16:55 15 Aug 2021

Mine is:





Paul Cook
at 22:43 10 Apr 2021

For what it’s worth, my view on what’s going on - take it or leave it...

Cook genuinely wanted to work for Marcus Evans. He wanted time, a long-ish contract and zero interference from Directors of Football, Sporting Directors or anyone else he perceived might overstep the mark into his territory. He knew there wouldn’t be much of a budget, but he’d get the other stuff, which he valued more, and with a fairly decent squad by League One standards (or so he thought) already in place and lots of out of contract bargains to pick up in the summer due to COVID, he was confident this was the right job. So he turned down shorter contracts in the Championship and joined us.

Did he know a possible takeover was in the works? Of course he did, he’d have to have been a complete idiot not to. But much of the detail at that point was speculation, often on social media and forums that he will probably have had little engagement with. And there were equally other sources saying the deal was either dead or going nowhere. So perhaps he went to Evans for clarity, and was told that these kinds of discussions often happen, or that it was an attempt to get more investment into the club, or that Evans would still be playing a significant role, or some kind of line like that.

I suspect the speed with which it all happened took him by surprise (as it did a lot of people). Maybe he feels let down by Evans, maybe he doesn’t. But for now, he’s getting on with the job and waiting to see what happens. His initial chat with O’Leary sounds like it was positive, but the real test will be the CEO appointment and what that means for Cook and his role. He’s probably avoiding the press conferences because he doesn’t want to be drawn on any of it just yet, and because he doesn’t feel like he has all the information he needs at this point. The fact that a tumultuous week and another disappointing result gave him reasonable excuses to skip them is a bonus for him.

I really don’t think it’s any more complicated than that. I don’t think he’s about to walk, and I’m sure in many ways he’s very excited by the position he’s ended up in, particularly the prospect of having money to spend next year.

But it will all hinge on the CEO appointment, I think.
Just looking at some of those England training camp pictures
at 11:46 31 Mar 2021

With the motivational messages everywhere, ‘This is our time’ etc.

It might be a bit cheesy, but it shows how you succeed by setting the highest standards everywhere all the time.

I’ve never been to our training ground, but I’m assuming we don’t have anything similar...
What on earth happened with Tom Adeyemi?
at 14:17 17 Mar 2021

Of all the many long term injury problems we’ve had over recent years, his was the oddest.

Just looked him up on Wikipedia and he’s still a professional player, but has never found another club. Doesn’t appear to have played a competitive game since 2017.

This team needs a new spine
at 13:46 17 Mar 2021

Both literally and figuratively.

We need a new keeper who can organise and command his box.

Central defence is OK, but we could do with an experienced, commanding centre back who can also organise and put himself about (as with Mowbray and De Vos in the past).

We need a ball winning midfielder who can set the tempo in midfield.

And above all, if we are going to play 4-2-3-1, we need a powerful striker who can score goals, hold the ball up and bring others into play, much as Holt did for Norwich and Lambert did for Southampton.

Oh, and some decent wingers too!

Not much to ask...
This formation doesn’t work for us
at 21:09 16 Mar 2021

And Jackson cannot play as a lone striker.

I’m not sure how many more times this has to be demonstrated.
That wasn’t great
at 13:48 6 Mar 2021

Couple of decent chances created at least, and we’ve looked a bit better towards the end of the half.

But generally we look half asleep. Losing all the 50-50s. So many misplaced passes.

Doubt Cook will find this acceptable. Couple of changes due at half time I reckon.

Have to say I think we’re missing Judge - Harrop has been a bit disappointing so far.
Going to be really interesting to see what Cook does now
at 22:43 2 Mar 2021

Stick with the (sort of) 4-4-2 with Norwood and Parrott?

Or is his going to change a winning team and formation and revert to his favoured 4-2-3-1?

Will be very interesting to see which way he goes.
I wonder if Joe Royle could work as DoF alongside Cook?
at 22:31 28 Feb 2021

Didn’t they have a similar setup at Wigan?

Wouldn’t be the worst idea.
It’s such a weird situation now
at 21:59 9 Feb 2021

I mean, it’s basically over now isn’t it?

Lambert is done. We know it, the press knows it, the players know it, Lambert himself surely knows it.

And the season is effectively over too. Even if by some miracle we were to scrape into the play offs (which in itself is an unacceptably low target for this squad), we’d be turned over by whoever we met in the semi final given our record against the top teams in this division.

So when will Evans act? What is there left for him to cling onto?

If not now, when?
Gill’s comments on 4-4-2 are just bizarre
at 14:53 5 Feb 2021

So 4-4-2 is now an option because Parrott is here - but it wasn’t when we had Norwood, Jackson, Hawkins, Drinan and Sears available at various points? Is he being serious?

I imagine one of two things is going on:

a) Gill knows refusing to play two up front is insane and has spoken out of turn, or

b) Lambert is finally considering switching to two up front because he knows his ludicrous tactics have failed and is using Parrott’s arrival as an excuse rather than admit he was wrong

Either way, it’s pathetic.
Send McGuinness back
at 19:42 23 Jan 2021

And not just because of the OG today. I think he seems like a good lad and he’s clearly going to be a decent player, but not with us - all he’s going to do here is learn on the job and make some mistakes (along with some decent performances), but we just can’t afford that with someone who isn’t our player and never will be.

If we’re going to get anywhere in this league we need a couple of old hands at centre back to provide some stability. Starting McGuinness and Nsiala against the top teams in this division is suicide.
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