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Prince Charles
at 10:51 25 Mar 2020

Diagnosed with CV19. Mild symptoms apparently, but must be worrying given that he's clearly in a risk category.
Town's best matches - YouTube
at 09:51 24 Mar 2020

My son is only 6 and wants to see some of our best games on YouTube - I know, back in the day, the excellent ItfcVideo used to have loads of classic highlights, but I can't find them now.

Does anyone have a few links to games to share. I'm working and YouTube is blocked here, so can't do it.

The obvious ones - PO semis and final, the demolitons of Norwich, Haynes' handball winner etc.
5 Point Plan/Facebook group
at 20:10 10 Mar 2020

Christ, what a bunch of room temperature IQs.

Complain about Evans, all you like, but the fact remains, without significant investment to replace him, the club would fold and disappear into the depths of League 2 very bloody quickly.

Until and unless they can come up with some sort of plan to mitigate this, they really ought to keep their heads down and chops shut.
Keep having to just check
at 07:09 4 Mar 2020

Have we really just lost at home to Fleetwood???

"Evans must go"
at 12:34 24 Feb 2020

Forgive my ignorance here, but, with the exception of our inevitable purchase by the Godolphin operation, I'm at a loss who would go out and buy a small, regional, loss-making football club.

Perhaps some of those calling for his exit can tell me who will buy us?
My son asked me last night
at 12:52 12 Feb 2020

"dad, who are Ipswich playing tonight?"

"AFC Wimbledon", I answered.

"Who's best?"

And I had to stop and think. Jeez, how bad is that?! In my own lifetime, we've rubbed shoulders with European giants and humbled English champions. Now I genuinely have to consider if we're better than a team who were formed less than 20 years ago and held trials on a Common.

Fcuks sake...
Junior Blues free tickets
at 13:57 10 Feb 2020

I'm looking at redeeming the free tickets my boy got with his membership, does anyone know how specific you can be with the seat requests?

Says you can ask for specific stands, but he loves sitting RIGHT at the front - are they likely to be able to give us that?

Have phoned the ticket office and they haven't really been that helpful on this front...
Fans, not criminals
at 20:18 3 Feb 2020

Wow, what a collective of wet lettuces and room temperature IQs...

I've been following Town for 20+ years, been home and away and only had any grief once, and that was from the plod at Carrow Road when they tried to herd us all onto trains back to Ipswich, and I'd driven.

Keep your nose clean, don't be a melt and I find stewards are quite happy to leave you alone.
Their crowd
at 20:33 1 Jan 2020

Absolute embarrassment. Almost certainly their biggest gate of the season and didn't hear a peep from them all afternoon.

Thoughts from Wycombe
at 19:15 1 Jan 2020

Let's get a few bits straight.

Norris - bad mistake, gather it looked worse on TV. Going some, as it looked awful in the flesh. Holy needs to come in now.

Edwards - got forward well and tested their fullback. Not defensively minded by nature and got away with losing his man for their glaring miss early on.

Chambo - got caught wrong side early on for their big chance. Performed reasonably thereafter.

Wolfie - did OK.

Wilson - look up "professional foul" and their ought to be a video of his booking. Took one for the team there. Did OK.

Garbutt - is not a left back. Is not a left wing back. Must play out and out left wing. Was effectively neutralised playing so deep.

Huws - clearly has ability, but needs a run of games now. Showed his class in flashes.

Judge - the attacking version of Skuse? Anonymous for 80 minutes, turned up in fleeting moments. Should have scored.

Downes - absolutely everywhere. The pick of the midfield. Looks up for a battle. Looks up for a fight, and not particularly choosy about who to have thst fight with. Needs to have a team built around him.

Jackson - never stopped running. Shefki-esque. Couple of nice touches but needs to add composure.

Norwood - remember that snarling, sh!thousing pain in the whatsit we had in the first few months? Well, he was back after half time today. Before half time, my 6 year old could've marked him out of the game. Took his goal well. I know it was from 3 inches, but you've got to be in the right position to finish those.

Wycombe were alright, but came to defend a point.

Tinpot fireworks were rightly given grief as was the yank doing the speech on the pitch at full time.
at 16:49 31 Dec 2019

Are we expecting a decent turn out tomorrow then?
How have we started?
at 20:26 26 Nov 2019

I'm working tonight - how's it going?
Just home from the match
at 20:55 23 Nov 2019

Initial thoughts:

* Enjoy having Wolfie while we've got him. Sadly, he's far too good for us. Composed at the back, deft trickery and read the game like a book. Sublime.

* KaiKai dived. Clear as day. Stevie wonder could see it, it was so blatant.

* Danny Rowe looked useful, but had a frustrating lack of end product.

* Nolan had spells where he looked outstanding and spells I had to check he hadn't been subbed and I had missed it.

* Donacian had clearly been replaced by a player who looked like him, but with some decent talent. Large improvement from last I saw him. He's not KVY though...

* Jackson tried and tried and tried, but he needs someone with him, otherwise he gets smothered, as he did today. Never stopped running though.

* Feels like a point dropped, but Blackpool were no mugs.

* Given there were only 500 of them, their fans were an impressively noisy bunch!

First Time Fans package
at 16:55 4 Nov 2019

Looking at taking junior ITFC_bucks to his first home game at PR - has anyone done the First Time Fans thing with their little'uns?

Any thoughts on it at all?
It really is a sign of how mismanaged we've been
at 07:45 27 Oct 2019

That we've had Aaron Cresswell and now Tyrone Mings leave us and find their way to the England squad, Adam Webster being hyped up as the next one to make that leap, Didz go and play well and regularly in the prem, Connor Hourihane do the same.

Genuinely seething at the sheer scale of the talent squandered at PR over the past 10 years or so. I really hope we've stopped the rot now, as I can easily see Flynn and Woolfy being at that level in the next few years, whether with us or not.
Thoughts from today
at 14:38 20 Oct 2019

Wilson needs his new contract sorted. Toto was a mile away from "it".

Dozzell needs some time out on loan. Needs to play every week, just not for us yet.

Jackson cannot act as a lone striker.

KVY can't came back quick enough.

Gwion is not a wing back.

Judge's head appears to have gone.

Did I miss much?

Lambo's best 11
at 10:59 6 Oct 2019

Pretty sure we saw it today, we went away from home, against a top level contender for the league title and relatively comfortably put them away. Not a lot to not be happy with there.

A few players coming back from injury, some reinforcements in the summer and then we see how much momentum we can take to the Championship.
Wycome boss Ainsworth to Lincoln
at 12:24 16 Sep 2019

Well, that weakens and unsettles another top-end team in the league.

The stars would seem to be aligning for us at the moment...
Things improving for Bolton then
at 16:43 14 Sep 2019

Never mind
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