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How have we started?
at 20:26 26 Nov 2019

I'm working tonight - how's it going?
Just home from the match
at 20:55 23 Nov 2019

Initial thoughts:

* Enjoy having Wolfie while we've got him. Sadly, he's far too good for us. Composed at the back, deft trickery and read the game like a book. Sublime.

* KaiKai dived. Clear as day. Stevie wonder could see it, it was so blatant.

* Danny Rowe looked useful, but had a frustrating lack of end product.

* Nolan had spells where he looked outstanding and spells I had to check he hadn't been subbed and I had missed it.

* Donacian had clearly been replaced by a player who looked like him, but with some decent talent. Large improvement from last I saw him. He's not KVY though...

* Jackson tried and tried and tried, but he needs someone with him, otherwise he gets smothered, as he did today. Never stopped running though.

* Feels like a point dropped, but Blackpool were no mugs.

* Given there were only 500 of them, their fans were an impressively noisy bunch!

First Time Fans package
at 16:55 4 Nov 2019

Looking at taking junior ITFC_bucks to his first home game at PR - has anyone done the First Time Fans thing with their little'uns?

Any thoughts on it at all?
It really is a sign of how mismanaged we've been
at 07:45 27 Oct 2019

That we've had Aaron Cresswell and now Tyrone Mings leave us and find their way to the England squad, Adam Webster being hyped up as the next one to make that leap, Didz go and play well and regularly in the prem, Connor Hourihane do the same.

Genuinely seething at the sheer scale of the talent squandered at PR over the past 10 years or so. I really hope we've stopped the rot now, as I can easily see Flynn and Woolfy being at that level in the next few years, whether with us or not.
Thoughts from today
at 14:38 20 Oct 2019

Wilson needs his new contract sorted. Toto was a mile away from "it".

Dozzell needs some time out on loan. Needs to play every week, just not for us yet.

Jackson cannot act as a lone striker.

KVY can't came back quick enough.

Gwion is not a wing back.

Judge's head appears to have gone.

Did I miss much?

Lambo's best 11
at 10:59 6 Oct 2019

Pretty sure we saw it today, we went away from home, against a top level contender for the league title and relatively comfortably put them away. Not a lot to not be happy with there.

A few players coming back from injury, some reinforcements in the summer and then we see how much momentum we can take to the Championship.
Wycome boss Ainsworth to Lincoln
at 12:24 16 Sep 2019

Well, that weakens and unsettles another top-end team in the league.

The stars would seem to be aligning for us at the moment...
Things improving for Bolton then
at 16:43 14 Sep 2019

Never mind
at 11:37 13 Sep 2019

Just wondering - at what point do we get the deckchairs out and enjoy our coast back into the Championship?
Current Brexit polling
at 08:18 10 Sep 2019

So it seems that remain actually has a clear, if small, margin over leave now and its been consistent for quite some time now.

How on earth can it be undemocratic to have a final say on the deal/no deal vs remain?

There simply cannot be any argument against it now, can there? Nobody can claim they knew *how* Brexit would be enacted and the likely consequences. Now we know and should be allowed to have a say on that.

Paul Hurst seems to be developing a pattern
at 18:13 7 Sep 2019

I know this is a bit of a well worn theme here, but as I used to live in Lincolnshire and have some Scunny spring mates, I thought I'd see for myself what the locals were thinking, rather than assume just from the results.

Which brings me to this article from the Grimsby Telegraph.

Every single instance of Scunthorpe or a Scunthorpe player could be subbed out for us and our players last year.

He really has learnt nothing, hasn't he?
James Alabi
at 13:27 6 Sep 2019

Have we looked at this one yet?
Cowley brothers could be on the move
at 16:39 3 Sep 2019

I'm in the mood for some gloating
at 16:55 24 Aug 2019

Given there was only about 4500 home fans there today, the rest must be on a forum somewhere. Anyone know what the best one is?
Heathrow parking
at 16:30 19 Aug 2019

anyone got decent suggestions for Heathrow parking that isn't going to set me back more than a flight to the moon?

Terminal 5, ideally.
Yet more musings on Marcus
at 16:13 14 Aug 2019

The bloke has put money into the club every year since he took over, and seen little in the way of meaningful return. The argument that its a tax dodge is just stupid.

He's made it clear that he now wants the club to, wherever possible, operate within its means. We don't like have to like it, I don't like it, but it's his decision to make.

The argument that he should sell up keeps coming up, but who should he sell to? Who is going to want to buy a League One club? If such a person comes forward (huge if), why would they be more willing to commit funds than Marcus Evans?

We are where we are, and continuous sniping at him is simply not going to achieve much. Focus on the team on the pitch, where there's evidence that we should do alright this season. Yesterday was a non-event, the weekend will come soon enough and we need to exercise the ghost of August 2011 at London Road.
Early thoughts
at 20:11 13 Aug 2019

1. Luton are so much more composed on the ball than us.

2. Stonewall pen. Terrible from JE.

3. The ref hasn't improved since last time we saw him.

4. We've got no bite in midfield at all right now.
Luton Parking
at 15:22 13 Aug 2019

Anyone got a steer on where's going to be best to abandon the car?

Bonus points if it's NOT Gatwick...
Fantasy premier league
at 21:07 6 Aug 2019

Is anyone running a twtd league this year?
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