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Fantasy football tips
at 13:11 4 Aug 2022

I normally have a stinker of a start to the season and come back strong over christmas - anyone got any hints and tips for the team selection for GW1?
Is tonight's game being streamed anywhere?
at 17:01 26 Jul 2022

N to the T
Exits still to happen
at 14:44 22 Jul 2022

It looks likely that Penney will still depart at some point, but it's all gone very quiet on Simpson.

Wondering if Harper might find his way towards an exit at some point too.

Any more for anymore?
Looks like Emyr Huws is broken again
at 19:55 16 Jul 2022

Receiving end of a pretty nasty looking tackle.
East-West Rail and HS2
at 13:42 12 Jul 2022

Heard Grant Shapps (or was it Michael Green?) on the wireless this morning saying how he'd cancel EWR. Someone really ought to tell him he's been in charge of Transport of the last three years.

But he'd keep HS2, because "they've already started building some of the tunnels in Buckinghamshire".

You, quite literally, couldn't make it up...
WiFi help
at 10:01 12 Jul 2022

Nerds of twtd, I need your techy assistance.

I've recently become terribly posh and acquired a summer house at the bottom of my garden. A blessing on these roasting hot days. However, the WiFi doesn't quite make it far enough to work from. I've got it rigged for power, so someone has suggested getting TP Link Powerline gizmos.

Does that sound like a suitable suggestion?

I don't particularly fancy putting dow a shtload of Cat6 cable down.

I run off a bt WiFi hub, if that makes a difference.
[Post edited 12 Jul 10:01]
at 21:19 7 Jul 2022

Can someone explain to me how they're suddenly spending?

Still not been bought yet, have they? Still in administration. Where's this money come from???
Shameless look at me post
at 09:35 27 Jun 2022

Last year, a lot of you generously sponsored me to do an Ultramarathon. Unfortunately I then got hit by a car and had to defer to this year. Just wanted to come back and say thanks for the support and your generosity.

Finished in just under 14 hours and inside the top 200, so really very happy with that.

Kayden Jackson
at 14:14 20 Jun 2022

I'm not quite sure about this one, but presumably he wouldn't have signed a new contract without some sort of assurance given in regard to game time. Obviously we've brought in Ladapo, so where would Kayden fit into this?

Gut instinct says we might be looking at a 3412 type set up?

JD - Fridge - Woolfie
Burns - Morsy - Evans/Ball - Leigh
Jackson - Ladapo

Or am I wildly out here, do we think?
Pizza trophy
at 14:10 20 Jun 2022

We only play against each side once, don't we?

Do we know when the actual fixtures will be announced for this?
Derby County - in simple terms
at 11:35 13 Jun 2022

Are we genuinely looking that they're likely to be ejected from the league?

Am I right in thinking that a Mike Ashley shaped swoop is pretty much the only game left in town for the club?
Channel 4 England coverage - Woke watch?
at 06:59 8 Jun 2022

Daily Heil is describing last night's coverage as being too "woke".

Obviously this passed me by - what about it was "woke"?
Move on
at 13:52 7 Jun 2022

It's really not much of a mantra, is it?

Especially when you consider the sheer quantity of scandals that this government has foisted on the electorate.

If they'd like us all to "move on", how about doing something that we can get behind?

Oh, and while they're at it, we'd quite like to see the Russia report that got quietly buried and the enquiry into the shambles that was the Covid response. Particularly around procurement and the £multi-billion farce that was the "world-beating" Track and Trace.

Then, maybe, I guess we could "move on".

Assuming you haven't made a complete, weapons-grade gnarls up of something else by then.
Disappointing to see Jamma
at 09:50 31 May 2022

digging out the tin foil hat.

All aboard!!!
at 13:57 18 May 2022

HMS Pisstheleague is boarding now!!!

*extracts tongue from cheek*
at 17:49 10 May 2022

Was wondering if he might fit the profile for the sort of "Wes Burns" role for the left side?

I see he only got 19 appearances in for Blackpool this season, wonder if that was due to injury or selection?

Either way, I figure our new shape would make better use of him than last time he was here!
Never thought I'd see the day
at 09:27 30 Mar 2022

when Man U become our feeder club :D

Reckon McK is targeting Rashford in the summer - you heard it here first.
Wes Burns
at 16:14 26 Mar 2022

Possibly our most critical player. Integral to so much of what we do well, irrespective of who lines up around him.
How long is McKenna's contract?
at 20:31 8 Mar 2022

And why are we not busy getting him tied down to a 10 year deal already?
Natives restless in Sunderland
at 16:57 20 Feb 2022

The replies are quite good fun.
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