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Even in these tame iFollow interviews
at 10:13 21 Feb 2021

The players sometimes make revealing comments.

James Wilson yesterday :- "We didn't overplay it at the back"

That he felt this was worth commenting suggests that he at least thinks that is what we have been doing.

As well as everyone watching.
Held them!
at 17:08 20 Feb 2021

well done plucky little Ipswich.
What is the correct terminology?
at 19:02 18 Feb 2021

I currently use the term 'weather milf', but should it, in fact. simply be WILF?
Lambert 'outing' the club's lack of infrastructure.
at 14:24 18 Feb 2021

He was trying to put off potential candidates for his job, wasn't he. Paul Cook, Danny Cowley, Nigel Pearson et al who may or may not have spoken to ME about the post will be a lot less enthusiastic about it now they know the structure at the club is unworkable.
Something strange is happening at the club. Big internal changes underway?
at 21:52 17 Feb 2021

There is no PE with Bluey this week. Has he been sacked?
What's the infrastructure we are missing?
at 12:08 17 Feb 2021

Lamber thinks it's not there, Hurst thought so too. Bridges? Proper Sports Science ?
That's the first time I have listened to Talksport
at 12:06 17 Feb 2021

I don't think I will be doing so again. I clearly am not in their target audience. Way too shouty and it is about one third adverts to two thirds 'talk'.
That incident is making Radio 4 now
at 08:30 17 Feb 2021

Stuart Watson has just been talking about it on The Today Program.

This makes it BIG news.
good performance
at 20:57 16 Feb 2021

Change of manager made them unpredictable, held them for the first half, then really pushed on in the second half to get a shot on target. Playing with ten men made it hard for us, did well to hang on for the point. Really good performance.
Could he really survive defeat tonight?
at 11:10 16 Feb 2021

Well, to answer my own question he obvioulsy could given that Evans as stuck with him against the odds thus far. But defeat to Northampton, who are cack, at home, on top of everything else, surely that would make Evans think seriously about what is happeing here. Wouldn't it?
batten down the hatches
at 11:05 12 Feb 2021

unexpected snow storm in the Ipswich-Shotley-Sudbury Golden Triangle
Just out of interest, and to get into some dull detail
at 08:58 9 Feb 2021

What are the team logistics for a game like tonight's? Do the players all go on the team coach together? What time would they have to leave, especially given the potential vaguaries of the weather. When they they get there do they have a nice comfortable hotel or something to mooch around in for an hour or two? Or is it straight into the dressing room at the away end?
First time I have seen one of these - yesterdays goals from alternative angles
at 16:02 7 Feb 2021

[Post edited 7 Feb 16:37]
We are 9th after last night's results
at 08:25 3 Feb 2021

Kinda, sorta

I have lost track
at 08:28 2 Feb 2021

How many loanees do we have now?
Watching a documentary about BSE/vCJD on Prime
at 15:03 31 Jan 2021

Listening to Tony Blair attacking then Tory PM John Major about the government's response:

"Too late at every point in the crisis"

Not much changes does it? The party of the rich and powerful are so blinded by the short term interests of their wealthy backers that they ignore any wider consequences to the rest of us, and inevitably the long term consequences for everyone including their affluent supporters.

Furthermore there was a comparison with the UK's laissez-faire attitude to regulation at the time, not acting until something was proven dangerous, with the precautionary principal applied in the EU. In this case animal products were allowed into the cattle food chain without anyone considering the possible impacts of doing so, and that led to the crisis.

Worryingly Ian Duncan Smith wrote a piece in the Telegraph today in which he praised the virtues of a nimble, post-brexit Britain in which “We can ground ourselves in a common law system where the assumption is to allow things rather than prohibit them."

Oh, and incidentally, pressure is growing to allow animal products back into cattle feed.

Brace yourselves for more homegrown health crisis gentlefolk.
This goal was 6 years ago now
at 17:08 29 Jan 2021

Anyone know how the lads involved are progressing?
Pfizer jab side effects
at 07:49 28 Jan 2021

Anyone heard any more about potential side effects of the Pfizer jab?
In the early days I heard that there could be mild side effects much like a hangover. Since then I have heard little more about it. Until my niece had the jab.

She is in her early twenties and is working in a hospital performing tasks like proning covid patients. Because of this she had the pfizer jab last week and has been off work since then with fatigue, light headedness and an increased heart rate. She spoke to her GP after severa days of feeling like it and the GP put it down to the affect of the vaccination, and commented that she was their third patient like it that day. Which seems quite a lot for a rural GP surgery in North Wales.

I wonder if this was a bad batch or whether such side effects are more common than I was expecting
League it is unreasonable for us to expect to compete with
at 09:26 27 Jan 2021

Manchester City
Manchester United

League teams we should be able to compete with

Everyone else

League teams we can compete with

Burton Albion
League two teams
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