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Does that mean that Jack Lankester
at 18:29 19 Sep 2020

Can claim two assists for roughly half an hour of football?

Not a bad urn.

Edit:s/urn/return/ feck knows what happened with my keyboard.
[Post edited 19 Sep 20:13]
I havent seen the highlights posted yet, so here they are
at 08:23 17 Sep 2020

Fulham's goal wasn't quite the worldy I was expecting.
Hmmmmm.... our fans are the reason why we are shlt at home
at 11:56 13 Sep 2020

In the eyes of the sky commentary team.
My daughter's new bloke
at 11:20 1 Sep 2020


Supports them.

Was once in their academy.*

Anyone got a baseball bat I can borrow to persuade him to back off?

*hence footy thread.
A mildly interesting read
at 09:35 27 Aug 2020

Which I have posted as it does have a Town connection if you stick with it.

In other league one friendly news
at 15:26 22 Aug 2020

Foermer Town favourite Grant Ward scored to put Blackpool 3-0 up against Everton. Everton have got one back now.
Oil tanker spewing oil off Mauritius
at 17:08 10 Aug 2020

It's been a while since we have had one of these disasters


As a club we have shlt relegation timing.
at 15:10 7 Aug 2020

EDIT: Oops I see that Kiza made exactly the same point a little while ago.

Relegated from the premier league before parachute payments were a thing and the very season that ITV Digital went bust.

Relegated to League One just before ToyTown salary caps are put in place.*

*obviously we fwcked that up by being cr@p in the first season down here.
[Post edited 7 Aug 15:11]
A squirrel tried to break into my house just now
at 09:24 6 Aug 2020

It might have been fooled by the curtains which have a sort of leafy, floral design. It bonked its head on the glass of the door twice, then retired to the fence where it tried to look like nothing had happened.
Do women get the same clickbait as men?
at 11:38 3 Aug 2020

The reason I ask is that virtually all of my clickbait is accompanied by a picture of a beautiful woman in a pose that is usually, though not always, related to the headline.

"cost of solicitors might surpise you" - Blonde woman in wig and gown
"Unsold electric cars.." -- beautiful woman sitting in a car.

Do women get all that too? Or do they have pictures of muscular hunks in place of my young lovelies?
You'd have to be daft to go on a cruise right now wouldnt you?
at 22:10 2 Aug 2020

But people still are apparently


36 of the crew had covid and now the race is on to trace the passengers.
Space stuff - comet Neowise
at 10:02 13 Jul 2020

For them that like this sort of stuff here's a picture of Comet Neowise taken from my back garden. This was just taken with my camera phone, no telescope or top notch DSLR photography. It is a single exposure, no stacking or fancy stuff going on. Although the image of the comet is small, given that I just pointed and clicked I am pretty happy with it.

You might have to search for it, the comet is just right of centre.
today I was shocked to discover
at 16:16 11 Jul 2020

That The Queen owns my garden.

Back off birch you've got enough stuff already.
Passport Application
at 11:42 10 Jul 2020

I just had to apply for a new passport. I was a bit worried because papers have reported long waits for a new passport and the passport office have also said it might take longer than usual due to CV19.

Two weeks from application to delivery. Pretty darn quick all things considered. It might be because it was a straightforward renewal, done online with a code for a digital photo from a photo booth.

And it is a blue one, or black, not quite sure which, midight blue lets say. Actually it is quite beautiful, though not nice enough to give up visa free travel through Europe and the ruin of our economy. But still nice.
Just seen the MP for the Ipswich-Shotley-Sudbury Golden Triangle
at 11:38 10 Jul 2020

At the butcher's. Childishly I couldn't resist the urge to make a few secret w@nker signs at him. Only they might not have been as secret as I thought because he glared at me. The sort of glare you might give to someone who had just made a w@nker sign at you.
I found out a thing today
at 09:50 7 Jul 2020

My boss, who is from Bristol, know's Jeremy Goss' dad. They sometimes play golf together.

I have been pouring scorn on the Nodger's fetish with that goal since I found out.
Covid was the warm up act
at 17:27 6 Jul 2020

Bubonic plague is back!

Interesting business move by the UK government
at 12:50 4 Jul 2020


OneWeb filed for bankruptcy partially due to financiers panicking about CV19, and the government seems to have taken the chance to grab a bit of satellite technology.

Not sure how if will directly benefit thr UK since the manufacturing bases are all elsewhere and difficult to move, without putting OneWeb further behind SpaceLink. Interesting move nevertheless.
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