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You are kidding me!
at 22:48 18 Jan 2019

We finally have to pay up the £3/4million for Donacien, then give him straight back.

Accrington must be laughing their tits off at us.
Greatest Christmas song ever
at 14:43 21 Dec 2018

If your first thought was 'fairy tale of New York' you were wrong, if you were thinking 'Stop The Cavalry', nope sorry wrong again, if you were thinking of anything by Paul McCartney or John Lennon, very, very wrong.

Even if 'Merry Christmas' by Slade was on your mind, that's wrong too.

It's this

Anyone worked out where the 7 minutes of extra time came from?
at 19:32 15 Dec 2018

Baffled me.
With the news that Town will be scouting the french leagues
at 20:52 11 Dec 2018

Which decent french players have we had in the past?

Monica was alright, but getting on a bit.
Ulrich Le Pen made an impression for one reason or another.

HAve we had any other frenchies?
A second referendum is looking more likely by the day
at 16:10 11 Dec 2018

Since parliament can't sort this out for themselves.

But what will be on the ballot paper?

My bet is that it would be May's deal vs No Deal.

There is a magnificent man in his flying machine
at 12:51 10 Dec 2018

going up tiddly up up
down tiddly down down

above the fields over the road.

It's like a free airshow
Must Watch - Watership Down - The weekend before Christmas
at 08:59 10 Dec 2018

Apparently it is a Brexit allegory:

"I think it’s an important story for kids to watch, it shows the struggle to keep the Watership Down warren (the UK) free from being taken over by General Woundwort’s Efrafa (the EU). It’s an important piece of allegory to counter the constant pro-EU propaganda kids are getting from their leftist teachers"

From the Torygraph comments.
The Infallible Brexit Plan of Mr Geoff Sentence (remainer)
at 10:10 9 Dec 2018

Brace yourseves, it's radical, it would take a little more time, but it would work.

Step 1. Cancel brexit. Cancel clause 51 and get back in the room.
Step 2. Veto everything, disrupt everything and make such a general nuisance of ourselves that they will be glad to get rid of us.
Step 3. Invoke clause 51 again, negotiate a good deal with the implied threat that if we don't get it we we could come back and be naughty again.


Now what's Mrs May's e-mail address?

Kick Off times vs goals - and a fallacy put to bed
at 13:05 7 Dec 2018

Lifted from the Torygraph:

It is often suggested that players look 'half asleep' after a slow start to an early kick-off, and given many of us probably feel like we could do with an extra couple of hours in bed at 12.30pm on a Saturday, it is easy to assume that footballers might not be ready for the intensity of a top level match.

After midweek evening fixtures that produced 33 goals and saw every single team scoring in a single round of Premier League games for the first time since November 2010, it felt easier than ever to presume that matches under the lights produce more drama than those early on in the day.

It turns out, though, that this, just like many more of football's great assumptions - such as the attestation that "two-nil is the most dangerous scoreline" or "a team is never more vulnerable than just after scoring" - is a fallacy.

Breaking Premier League fixtures down by kick-off time reveals that lunchtime matches average more goals than afternoon, early evening or late evening games.

In the Premier League era, matches kicking off between 11am (yes - one match started that early) and 1.45pm have seen an average of 2.81 goals per game. That drops to 2.64 in matches starting at 2pm or later and before 5pm. Over the course of thousands of matches, such a difference is significant.

There is clamour (mainly from the television companies, but also from fans who want to be able to watch even more football) to include more late kick-offs over the weekend, with Friday night games now a semi-regular feature in the Premier League, Saturday night football introduced this season and some talk of late games being added to the Sunday action.

This weekend, Leicester host Tottenham at 7.45pm on Saturday night, having shared a nine-goal thriller at Wembley on the final day of last season.

However, there is no reason to assume that game will supply any more goals than Bournemouth versus Liverpool at lunchtime, with Premier League games starting at 7pm or later producing an average of just 2.56 goals per game.

So when you wake up tomorrow and feel rather too relaxed before the early kick-off, don't assume the players feel the same.
Bobby Robson: More Than A MAnager
at 20:16 1 Dec 2018

It's on Netflix now for those that are interested.
[Post edited 1 Dec 2018 20:44]
Bin off the entire first team
at 17:28 1 Dec 2018

Replace them with the under 23s, get the loanees back as soon as possible.

Tell them not to worry about results but to play with freedom, since we are getting relegated anyway they will benefit from the experience to mount the League One title challenge next year.

Honestly, ME wasted his money employing Paul Lambert, as good as he is, I'm what this club needs in charge at the moment, and I'm cheap too.
vegheads - recipe me up
at 09:43 28 Nov 2018

I would like to add a few vegie recipes to my repertoire. There are only two requirements, they should be delicious enough to want to do regularly and simple enough to rustle up easily after work.

Do your best.
at 08:52 27 Nov 2018

My mother died from an asbestos related disease so I am fully aware of how pernicious this stuff is. But I have professional asbestos removers in today, replacing the asbestos concrete roof on my garage and the extent of the protection that they are using is gloves. I was expecting them to be fully kitted out like the hazchem guys who were searching Salisbury for more evidence of novichuck.

They tell me that the panels are only 4% asbestos so they don't worry about it.

I am not sure whether to be concerned that they are not treating it sufficiently seriously, or re-assured that I wasn't taking my life in my hands every time I entered the garage.

More than 22K expected tonight
at 08:43 23 Nov 2018

according to the EADT.

Even at a tenner pop, with the game on TV that's a blinking good showing.

Probably means Sky's viewing figures will be low as half their prospective audience will actually be at the game instead of watching it on telly.
Foul throw?
at 13:37 19 Nov 2018

A number of papers are suggesting that Lingard's goal should not have stood because it was a foul throw, based on this photo

What do you think?

The laws of the game say this:

At the moment of delivering the ball, the thrower must:

have part of each foot on the touchline or on the ground outside the

It looks absolutely clear to me that Gomez has his heel on the touchline, and so in accordance with Law 15 , GeoffSentence rules that the throw was valid and that the papers and the muppets on the highlights show last night are ll wrong.
Hurst to Notts County?
at 21:02 18 Nov 2018
Chimps > Penguins (n/t)
at 20:33 18 Nov 2018

Jungle Thread
at 18:50 18 Nov 2018

Apparently three of the celebs are excluded from the eating challenges
because they are VEGANS!

Buzzkill or what.
Two semi-finals in a matter of months
at 16:00 18 Nov 2018

Gareth Southgate can be satisfied with his start to international management.

The Daily Telegraph must be feeling quite satisfied too.

I wonder what Sam Allardyce makes of it all.
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