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Bury AFC (grim Northern Bury, not our Bury)
at 10:27 24 Feb 2020

will be playing in the North West Counties League next year. That is the 10th tier.

Tough one for the fans to take.
Well gentlefolk, that is what happens
at 18:23 22 Feb 2020

When you don'take your chances.

We were actually alright for 40 minutes and made a number of decent opportunities, but no-one was clinical enough to make anything of them.

And once that ball dropped at Edwards feet, much to his surprise, right in front of goal early in the second half nd he let that one go, there was no way we were going to score. Not with us as hapless up front as we were, and as solid at the back as they were.

Top it all off with some decent quality shlthousing in the latter part of the game and it ended up a very unsatisfactory day.

The only decent thing was that Downes got off without a red for his part in that fight at the end, I thought he was going to walk.

Terrible Reffing decisions
at 09:18 22 Feb 2020

As a Town fan, it always seems to me that we seem to be on the wrong end of really bad reffing decisions, everything Alan Young did v Wycombe, McGoldrick getting castrated, Williams being scythed in half, both penalties against Villa last year, the Invisble man, Clive Thomas. The list goes on and on.

Clearly I have an utterly biased view of this and opposition fans* and even neutrals will have a different view of things, and also I am pretty sure that whilst the injustices against us will be long remembered, those in our favour will be quickly forgotten, I genuinely struggle to recall many really bad decisions that have gone our way.

John Wark hauling down Paul Warhurst as he ran clear through and looking as bemused as the rest of the crowd when he didn't get sent off is pretty much the only one I can remember, and that was back in the 90s.

So, who can remember any seriously dodgy decisions going our way?

* Bolton fans need not apply, you are just plain wrong and as most of you didnt see the game you are just parroting the crap that Elton Welsby and Lou MAcari spouted to make you feel better.
Jurgen Klopp's teeth
at 09:09 21 Feb 2020

Real or falsies?
All Derby's young black lads need pulling down a peg or two
at 12:05 19 Feb 2020

well, according to Craig Ramage they do

It honestly beggars belief what goes through some people's minds and even more so what comes out of their mouths.
I had two new and enjoyable experiences last night
at 09:55 18 Feb 2020

Firstly, having brought a bigger telescope at the weekend, I got my first telescopic view of the Orion Nebula, which is something that floats my boat.

Secondly, a short time later, I accidentally laughed at Mrs Brown's Boys.
Anyone here tried really expensive wine?
at 18:22 16 Feb 2020

The sort that you'd have to pay hundreds of pounds a bottle in a restaurant or bar.

Does it taste noticeably better than a bottle of plonk you can get from your local supermarket?
Well that was a funny old match.
at 20:26 15 Feb 2020

In the first half in particular we were pretty poor but if we had been able to finish the guilt-edged chances we somehow managed to contrive we could have gone in five goals to the good.

As it was, after Keane missed that chance on 4 minutes I thought it was going to be one of those days. Then we gifted them an opening a couple of minutes later, how he got so much space I do not know.

Then when Judge and then Jackson wasted a couple of glorious opportuntities I thought we were destined to lose.

I could have sworn that Judge's scuffed, deflected shot was going over, but somehow it dropped in and from then on in everything seemed to go our way.

Second half we were in tolal control but without playing anywhere as well as Ihave seen us play at times this year and again contrived to miss some relatively straightforward chances. If Jackson, who had another good game, had a left foot I am sure he would have done better with his one-on-one, and Freddie looked like he was so desperate to score that he had a go from a narrow angle when he would have been much better off laying it off for Jacky.

Overall satisfactory.
Looking like a decent crowd for Saturday
at 12:22 14 Feb 2020

to the extent that some Johnny-come-lately has bought my usual seat
The king of maps
at 20:00 13 Feb 2020

I love maps.

In fact I used to work for the Ordnamce Survey.

But I present to you gentlefolk of TWTD, the King Of Maps

Things that have been got rid of against much opposition
at 10:23 13 Feb 2020

And looking back now seem utterly bizarre

Different wage scales specifically for women
Stubble burning
Not wearing a setbelt
Smoking in public
Sexist motor insurance rates

All of them were fought against vigorously by backward looking people and they have all been good to get rid of.

What's next?
The Premier League winter break
at 13:51 12 Feb 2020

What a nonsense.

Already they are rescheduling games in the break for games that couldn't be played when the weather was actually bad.
I am beginning to think that I could do a better job of managing this club
at 09:56 12 Feb 2020

than almost every one of the series of inept managers that Evans has brought in, simply by telling the players just to get on with it and play football. I am convinced that ever since Keane rolled up at the door our management have actually made each team worse than it would be if they had just picked a team and left them well alone on the pitch.
I have only just been able to bring myself to watch Saturday's highlights.
at 09:19 5 Feb 2020

They have re-confirmed how utter guff we were.

One thing it didn't show was Jackson getting hauled down round his neck in the first half. As he was ahead of the defender and the defender was the last man, for a fleeting moment I thought there could be a red card shown.
I was amazed that we didn't even get a free kick so would have liked to have seen that incident again.

For what it's worth I reckon that even with ten men Posh would have held on to win so this is not a whine about being hard done by by the ref, but I was speechless that the end result of it was only a drop ball, if I recall correctly it was their uncontested DB too.
How long do we reckon Garbutt will be out for?
at 18:19 1 Feb 2020

He did exactly the same against Sunderland, sat down got treated, sat down and went of again and we didn't see him for another 5 weeks.

I have no idea what his injury is, but at a guess I say he won't play again until mid-March.
Complete and utter shambles
at 17:43 1 Feb 2020

I think Lambert is going to have to rethink this tactic of lumping it into the corner and then titting about down there. It's not very effective.
It was just too much to ask
at 14:31 31 Jan 2020

Huws and Bishop being injury free.
Car people. Dacias are cheap as chips, but are they any good? (n/t)
at 15:51 30 Jan 2020

It's very quiet at Manchester City
at 14:14 26 Jan 2020

You can here individual shouts from the crowd.

Yet for all their passing it about I haven't heard one shout of 'get it forward'.
Fynadine Zidownes
at 10:39 26 Jan 2020

According to EFL on Quest, that's his nickname.

Hadn't heard it before.

But I like it.
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