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Our new signing in action
at 17:33 25 May 2019

Yet Another Jeremy Corbyn Thread
at 15:27 24 May 2019

Remember how tenuous his hold on the labour leadership was back in 2015. Plots upon plots to oust him, the media dead set against him, all sorts of attacks upon him from all quarters, some spurious, some furious.

And here we are now and he has seen off two Tory leaders, a Green Party leader, several UKIPs, a Liberal Democrat and Plaid Cymru.

Still he stands.
I am terrified
at 10:58 24 May 2019

Looking at the list of potential runners and riders for the Tory leadership and thinking that either Jeremy Hunt or Michael Gove would be the best outcome.

That is how bad things are.
Here's an election thought which will SHOCK* you
at 16:43 23 May 2019

Once the votes are all in and counted it is conceivable that the Brexit party could get more votes than any single party across Europe.

The UK is the third most populous country in the EU, and only Germany has a significantly bigger population. But it is way out in front in the UK, so depending upon turnout and whether any German party is similarly dominant, there is a decent chance that Farage and his cronies will really have something to crow about when they enter Brussels.

at 13:37 20 May 2019

Heard my first one of the year today, better still I succesfully tracked it down and watched it calling untill it took off and flew right past me.

What with the brown hare, swifts, courting skylarks, green woodpecker, whitethroat that I swa en route, along with the sound of a tawny owl calling in the middle of the day - not a time I have heard them do so before, what a lunchtime walk I enjoyed.

Also, I saw various types of bee, but was careful not to put any in my mouth.
Ipswich to London in 60 minutes
at 10:20 20 May 2019

Today's the day the fast service begins.

The first one left Ippy at 09:33 should be arriving at 10:30, my national rail app claims it is on time.

Who needs HS2.
Singing the blues - sweat peas
at 09:35 19 May 2019

Anyone recall the free sweat pea seeds we were given at a Portman Road a few years back?

I have just found one of the packets, it says sow by October 2013 on it. What do you reckon the chances of any of them germinating if I sow them now are?
Elections: anyone ever had a candidate knock on their door and talk to them?
at 18:25 16 May 2019

I've just seen a Lib Dem activist on the news saying that Liberal Democrats knock on people's doors and talk to them.

This has never happened to me in any election or byany party, the best I've had is someone stuffing a flyer theough my letterbox.

As anyone actually had a campaigner knock on their door and talk to them?
BBC Fa Cup Final advert
at 19:06 15 May 2019

I notice that they describe it as a "unique British occasion".

It is an E English occasion not a British one, the other nations of the UK have their own FAs and own cup finals

The BBC just can not bring themselves to say England or English.
As decent employers go, this is really decent
at 10:03 14 May 2019

Richer Sounds was a big part of my life in the 90s, I could rarely pass one without popping in to see what they had on offer.

It is a shame that there was never one in Ipswich, but that hi-fi place at the top of Bramford Road benefitted as a result.
I saw a trailer for the new Aladdin film the other night
at 15:12 10 May 2019

Spence's Mrs was looking pretty good. Shame he's leaving.
This is, though not literally, old school
at 14:32 10 May 2019

As a lad my school was supposed to be having a fight against the local secondary modern every other week, and yet I can never recall one actually happening.
Greater Anglia Vs Customer Service
at 10:43 9 May 2019

Anyone on here had to deal with Great Anglia Contact Centre before?

In my view the first rule of any customer care organisation should be that you feel at least no worse, and preferably better, about the company after having spoken to their care people.

This lot have riled me right up, and over something fairly trivial.

Anyone else had any experience, good or bad, of dealing with them.
Where do you think ITFC ranks in European Competition?
at 15:44 7 May 2019

UEFA have a ranking system for clubs that have appeared in european competition (the system includes 'number of participations'). There are 942 ranked clubs in this year's All-Time Club ranking.

Without looking it up, guess where Ipswich are.

You have 30 minutes gentlefolk, go for it.
Musical Surprises
at 14:08 7 May 2019

Yes, that Christopher Lee
Our second goal on Sunday was a thing of beauty
at 13:08 7 May 2019

Played out from our own penalty area, everyone composed, some lovely passing.

I am hoping to see more like it next year
Man Alive! Fisons Ablaze!
at 14:35 6 May 2019

In keeping with the 'there is a light that never goes out' theme of the weekend

I genuinely have cause to thank God
at 10:22 28 Apr 2019

I have pre-booked train tickets to Edinburgh today and it was only because the religious programs came on radio 4 that caused me to switch to Ipswich 102 and by chance discover that there was a disrupted service between Ippy and BSE meaning that had I rolled up on time for my booked train I would have missed my connection from Peterbrough.

Praise be to The Lord.

No thanks to Greater Anglia
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