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Got my first Christmas present of the year today
at 20:51 22 Mar 2019

My neice was down from Wales, we dont often see her so she brought a xmas present with her.

Better still it was unwrapped and contained some welsh cakes with a usr by date of 29th March.

So we ate them.
Should Declan Rice be in the England squad?
at 08:23 22 Mar 2019

I know it was 4 years ago but expressing your support for the IRA and contempt for England with tweets like "my brudda. UP THE RA. Wait Till We Draw England" , whilst in the Irish youth team is hardly going to help team spirit.
Orwell Ahead
at 13:32 21 Mar 2019

Anyone seen this organisation?

Nice to have someone actually promoting Ipswich and the local area. There are too many Ipswich knockers around, so it is great to have someone standing up for the town.

That said, whilst I like a lot of what they stand for, I don't agree with pushing for the Northern Bypass, so I will give them a miss.
[Post edited 21 Mar 13:47]
UK Car manufacturing news
at 16:09 20 Mar 2019

There have been a few issues with car manufacturers pulling work fomr the UK recently.

Today there is some positive news for manufacturing of cars in the uk
Northern Bypass shenanigans
at 14:57 20 Mar 2019

What do you all think of this fellas

I know there are plenty on here who like the idea of a northern bypass but what about the cost, the houses that would be built in its wake, the wasting of the Fynn Valley, let alone the likeliehood that it will make sod all difference to traffic in the town, except when the bridge is shut.
bolton hearing adjourned until April 3rd (n/t)
at 12:02 20 Mar 2019

looking like they may have a buyer
[Post edited 20 Mar 12:04]
Where is the worst place to fart ?
at 21:57 19 Mar 2019

I am going to say the shower. All that moisture keeps the odour dense , contained and concentrated.

I won't be doing that again any time soon.
We are as close in time
at 21:31 19 Mar 2019

To Burley's promotion winning season, as Robson's UEFA cup winners were to Sir Alf's keague winners.
Quest TV EFL show
at 10:27 17 Mar 2019

What on Earth is going on. Half the show on the Leeds - Sheffield United game. A ton of pre-match and post-match bllx, They seem to have forgotten that the rest of the EFL exists.
Uh-oh - Possible Orwell Bridge Chaos this afternoon
at 12:03 16 Mar 2019

Head off to the game early folks
The telegraph's take on Suffolk pubs
at 20:01 14 Mar 2019

Mind you they gratuitously include a Norfolk pub and claim Waldringfield as being in 'Ipswich and Constable Country', so not too well informed.

Port Vale bother
at 12:29 13 Mar 2019

Fighting relegation.
Discontent with an owner once feted as a saviour.
Inexperienced manager overhauled the squad leading to poor results.

Is Kayden Jackson our only fit striker now?
at 09:32 12 Mar 2019

EADT are reporting that Quaner is on the mid to long term injury list.

Who else have we got?
Songs for the relegation party
at 15:10 5 Mar 2019

Any suggestions?

This seems to strike the right tone for me

I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never gonna keep me down
at 09:40 4 Mar 2019

They haven't been a spectacularly successful bunch of managers for us

Paul Goddard 4 games 0 wins 2 draws
Paul Jewell 85 games 29 wins 18 draws
Paul Hurst 14 games 1 win 7 draws
Paul Lambert 15 games 2 wins 3 draws

It's sad to note that Jewell has been our best Paul so far.

Of ME's 5 permanent managerial appointments 3 have been Pauls. I hope that the current Paul can, in time, turn things round, but if not ME needs to re-evaluate his Pauls first employment policy.

I hate it when we lose to Reading.
at 18:16 2 Mar 2019

Nothing club with nothing fans for whom 'sing when you are winning' could have been deliberately penned.

And to lose it that way was heartbreaking, late goal against the run of play with the ref missing a clear foul on Nsiala in the build up.

Still an enjoyable afternoon of football, nice to see us making their goaly work and work he did, they couldn't have won it if he hadn't been on his game.

Down we may be, but there is still plenty to look forward to.
I feel the urge to share some lesser known, but still excellent, punk rock
at 09:18 2 Mar 2019

This is what will set me on my way to the footie today.

Those of you who like this kind of stuff, enjoy.

Those of you who don't, you are missing a great pleasure.

You are kidding me!
at 22:48 18 Jan 2019

We finally have to pay up the £3/4million for Donacien, then give him straight back.

Accrington must be laughing their tits off at us.
Greatest Christmas song ever
at 14:43 21 Dec 2018

If your first thought was 'fairy tale of New York' you were wrong, if you were thinking 'Stop The Cavalry', nope sorry wrong again, if you were thinking of anything by Paul McCartney or John Lennon, very, very wrong.

Even if 'Merry Christmas' by Slade was on your mind, that's wrong too.

It's this

Anyone worked out where the 7 minutes of extra time came from?
at 19:32 15 Dec 2018

Baffled me.
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