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Luke Wolfenden's accent
at 11:24 13 Sep 2019

For an Ipswich boy he doesn't have the olde worlde Ipswich accent does he

That said I have noticed more and more of the local youngsters with this sort of accent so maybe the typical Ipswich accent is undergoing a change.
at 09:21 12 Sep 2019

Forgive me for being 6 months behind the times and I am not sure if it has been mentioned on here before, but I am appalled, nay horrified by this news.

A remake of Escape To Victory is in the offing.

Why was the England game played at Southampton
at 11:16 11 Sep 2019

and not Wembley last night?

I think it is great that it was taken out on the road again, like they did when Wembley was being built, but I was under the impression that the England team was contracted to use Wembley for home games.
If you fall asleep in a driverless car
at 10:58 11 Sep 2019

They are programmed to stop wherever you are even if that is the fast lane of a motorway!

That's a no thanks from me for the time being.
I know it is all a bit of a pantomime
at 09:02 11 Sep 2019

and is scripted and no-one really gets hurt, but I hope nothing goes wrong with Norwood's wresttling night. It would be a right bvgger if he picked up and injury doing it.
Now that parliament has been prorogued
at 15:18 10 Sep 2019

What do we reckon that our inept PM will do with his free time?

Throw himself into brexit negotiations with the fervour and vigour to be expected of a man determined to get us out of Europe with a deal by the end of October?

Attend to Carrie Symonds emotional needs?

Or perhaps build some model buses out of ornamental wine bottle cases?
Speaker confusion
at 12:42 10 Sep 2019

It is a bit of a moot point now tht John Bercow has announced his intention to step down, but isn't he a conservative MP? How would the Tories' plan to put up a candidate againt him at the next election have worked given that.
New Bolton signing, Joe Bunney
at 16:02 9 Sep 2019

who was signed on deadline day, was in a bit of an accident over the weekend, crashed his car into a tree.

He has broken some ribs and a collarbone.

Looks like their curse hasnt quite run its course just yet.
Can anyone recommend any sunny films?
at 18:16 8 Sep 2019

Going on holiday soon, and WifeSentence and myself like to get in the mood by building up to it with a few sunny films.

Normally we go for The Talented Mr Ripley, The Inbetweeners, Kevin and Perry Go Large ( WifeSentence will also try to chuck in Mama Mia, but I hate those juke box musicals with a vengeance)

Any one got any other films with a nice sunny setting that they can recommend?
Should I divorce WifeSentence?
at 16:30 8 Sep 2019

Need some advice from the impartial folks on here. I think my relationship might just have hit rock bottom.

In answer to a query from me rgarding the right number of eggs for yorkshire pudding batter, WifeSentence referred to Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course!

In all other respects we have wonderful relationship, but surely even the most reasonable person would consider that intolerable behaviour and grounds for divorce?
Dangerous mumbo jumbo or powerful placebo?
at 14:24 6 Sep 2019

Homeopathy is clearly scientific nonsense, especially given stuff like this

but I think there is a case for it as a placebo.

The placebo effect is pretty powerful, so if people are willing to bypass sense and reason to get that, I am going to go out on a limb and say no harm done.
at 10:34 6 Sep 2019

What a shambles this lot are for customer service.

They have done the right thing in offering compensation for the delay in returning from Peterborough after the football game the other week but.......

They have offered different amounts for me and my buddy, we bought the tickets together on the same card and travelle on the same trains yet somehow they think we suffered different delays.

Instead of crediting the compensation to my credit card they have debited it again, meaning that instead of them paying me compensation, I am paying it to them.

And they have no phone number on the website so it is fooking difficult to sort this one out.

B'stards, nearly as bad as Ryanair.
More good news
at 19:55 5 Sep 2019

Overnight closures of the Orwell Bridge coming up in October.

Should mean we dont have a situation like this

in Ipswich
Talk about leaving it late
at 13:32 5 Sep 2019

Josh Emmanuel's move to Bolton was signed, sealed and delivered with 60 seconds of the transfer window left.
This is a new one
at 15:39 4 Sep 2019

Apparently making racist chants at footballers is a sign of respect
Any fans of Pink FLoyd out there?
at 10:01 30 Aug 2019

Nick Mason is one of the financial backers for the Bolton takeover.

Thought you might be interested.

Also maybe of interest to fans of The Damned as he produced Music For Pleasure
I'm sorry, but I did chuckle at Bolton's ongoing obsession
at 10:25 27 Aug 2019

This is from the match report in their local rag.

"Their goal came from a soft James Norwood penalty awarded for handball against Harry Brockbank by referee Kevin Johnson, making full use of the new rulebook.

The Somerset ref played the role of pantomime villain perfectly, if not quite as well as Barry Knight once did. His inconsistency in the first 45 minutes raised as much noise from the home supporters as anything else on the day. "

[Post edited 27 Aug 10:25]
Playing Bolton at this stage of the season gives us an unfair advantage
at 20:25 22 Aug 2019

We do still have to take advantage of it and rack up some goals and we know that isn't a foregone conclusion, but nevertheless we are playing them at their weakest. Sunderland and Pompey have another month to go before they play them, that is time for the takeover to go through and assuming it does Bolton should have strengthened by then.

I am pleased that things have fallen our way for a change, but it isn't right.
The league should have booted Bury and Bolton out right at the start so that everyone else had a level playing field.
If Ipswich Town went out of existence
at 16:23 22 Aug 2019

What would you do for football?

I think I would probably lose interest entirely, I don't pay much attention to the football world beyond FPR anyway, so if that was gone I would probably find other ways to spend my free time.

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