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Norwich is now officially bigger than Ipswich
at 11:36 28 Jun 2022

The first results of the 2021 Census were released today and the big take from it, the thing that everybody across the country will have been looking for, is that Norwich has grown faster than Ipswich over the last decade and has bigger than Ipswich.

Ipswich grew from 133,384 people in 2011 to 139.700 in 2021
Norwich grew from 132,512 people in 2011 to 144,000 in 2021

Now for the big disclaimer.

That is just the population within the City and Borough boundaries, both places spill over into the neighbouring authorities, Norwich more so than Ipswich, so in reality it has always been slightly the larger of the two places.
Colchester @ home ! (n/t)
at 14:45 23 Jun 2022

[Post edited 23 Jun 14:46]
Bloony Toons
at 09:48 18 Jun 2022

How about some blue themed tunes, careful though, anything too obvious could lead to a loss of face on TWTD and who would want that.

This is one of my favourite Blue Tunes

law of cricket question
at 22:10 14 Jun 2022

What happens if a batsman attempts a run but the non-striking player refuses to move and they both end up at the same end?
Here it finally is
at 13:44 13 Jun 2022

A genuine benefit of brexit

"The protection of Dogger Bank is that rare thing – a Brexit dividend. There are multiple ironies to it, though. The Dogger was theoretically protected a decade or so ago by the UK government under the EU habitats directive – written by the prime minister’s father, Stanley Johnson, when he was an EU official. Then nothing happened, because there is an unhelpful conflict in European law between nature conservation and the common fisheries policy that has yet to be resolved.

When the common fisheries policy ended in UK waters after Brexit, ministers from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs were – our charity had to remind them – obliged to enforce the nature laws we had inherited from Europe. There was no longer any conflict in law."
If Germany had scored from the breakaway
at 11:54 8 Jun 2022

after the ref had initially not given the penalty.

That would have been thrilling wouldn't it.

Imagine the mayhem. German fans and team thrilled about putting the game to bed. Ref going back to var, goal disallowed and England scoring the subsequent penalty.

I almost wish it had happened.
Why is England Vs Italy at Molineux?
at 09:11 8 Jun 2022

It's great that an England game is being played outside of London, as when Wembley was being built, but it is unlike the FA to move a money spinner away from the national stadium. Is it already booked up for something?
Russian vanguard approaching Odessa
at 19:21 21 May 2022

Saw that in a Daily Mail headline today.

It was from 1944.

I would say things don't change do they, but further down the front page there was a story about a women being convicted in a witch trial, and the DM didn't have any bikini shots of her.
Vlad is cool about Finland and Sweden joining NATO now
at 15:25 17 May 2022

Which is a bit of a change of tone. I wonder if that is because he doesnt think Turkey will let it happen anyway.
Turtle Doves
at 08:12 17 May 2022

They are making an appearance now. First one of the year in this little patch of the Ipswich-Shotley-Sudbury Golden Triangle was perched on my neighbour's house this morning.

Just waiting for a cuckoo now, though the previously resident cuckoo went awol a few years back and I only catch the odd one passing through now.
I hope to see another benefit of Brexit
at 16:32 15 May 2022

Just put a driving licence renewal application. For those who have done this recently, do new driving licences come with a union jack on them instead of the EU flag as the old one does.

Here's hoping.

Yet another brexit win.
First swifts of the year
at 13:33 13 May 2022

In the Ipswich-Shotley-Sudbury Golden Triangle. At least the first ones I have seen. Summer truly marching on.
Did anyone else spot
at 16:21 20 Apr 2022

that we changed the kick off routine last night.

a goal up with five minutes to go
at 08:25 20 Apr 2022

Every team is this league would lump it into touch and find their keeper sitting on his @rse with a bit of a twinge. Or take an age to decide who was taking a throw in. Or move the ball from one side of the goal to the other for a goal kick.

Every team except us, we played ourselves into trouble instead.

We need to work on the dark arts a bit more.

Snoasis is still delivering
at 16:11 14 Apr 2022

by not delivering

will it go ahead, wont it go ahead, it is a multi-decade roller coaster ride of indecision.
First Swallow
at 11:06 13 Apr 2022

and first house martins of the year that I have seen over my part of the Ipswich-Shotley-Sudbury Golden Triangle this year.

Huzzah! Summer is truly on the way and GB is definitely safe to unpack his speedos and the rest of his summer wardrobe.
It's been a lovely morning in the Ipswich-Shotley-Sudbury Golden Triangle
at 12:13 10 Apr 2022

And with a south-westerly ser to dominate for the next lieelt while, bringing warmer temperatures, and the year marching on towards May, now is the time to swap your winter wardrobe out for your summer one.
Edwina Curry still on the alert?
at 12:40 4 Apr 2022

You have to give Kinder credit for making their eggs as close to the real thing as possible.
Poor today
at 18:22 2 Apr 2022

No penetration whatsoever.

Most games we rely on balls whizzed across the box from out wide for out threat, but there was none of that today at all.

Lots of sloppy wayward passes, giving the ball away needlessly.

Cambridge looked much more up for it and they looked like they could score more wheraeas it looked like we could go all day long without seriously threatening.

Need to work hard on breaking down good solid defences.
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