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Scott Fraser or prime Zidane?
at 10:42 31 Jan 2022

Reading the backlash of Fraser going has got me confused. In 15 or so games here has there been 1 where he's looked top 6 quality? He always looks leggy to me and not interested.

Might regret it but based on Cook, McGreal & McKenna giving him limited minutes I'm not sure we will. The only club willing to pay money for him are 15th in League One.
After 15/16 games last season
at 10:47 31 Oct 2021

The top 6 was:


Blackpool in 12th
Oxford in 21st

So two gate crashed the play offs.

Blackpool & Oxford stuck with their managers. Both doing OK right now.

Depends what glass you drink out of I guess.
Sing up Cabbages
at 11:30 8 Aug 2021

Move the away fans to the other side of the Cobbold. No over 55s allowed in north lower. Will immediately be rocking.

No one cares you sat there 40 years ago, you're boring and quiet so move....
Why can't you blame him?
at 00:37 12 Jul 2021

Odd losers mentality that. Because the handbrake worked for 6 games, on the 7th game it had to come off. From 30th until 120th minute we were way off and his choice of subs and who was wrong. Like 2018 we take an early lead and management not good enough to react when we can't get the football.

Grealish should've been on 60 minutes or just before.

It's a weak stiff upper lip mentality saying "well at least we got to the final.'

Odd and bizarre penalty takers choice too.

I'm in the minority but thought Southgate got pretty much everything wrong tonight so yes he is to blame.
Total guesswork but we will keep these I think
at 21:06 15 Apr 2021


Not saying they will start but in terms of say a manageable squad of 22 for Cook, these lot will be kept on. Meaning could be up to 15 incoming!

Get £500,000 for Dozzell, "debt free" and everyone is happy.
£3.6m down the drain
at 09:34 10 Feb 2021

Didn't we have roughly 9,000 season ticket holders this season? 9,000 x £400 = £3.6m. I appreciate some will pay more, some will pay less but add the revenue from ifollow and Ipswich fans pay I'd say pay a minimum £4m per year by just supporting the club.

What I cannot get my head around and I find it dangerous is that Evans is willing to see at least half of this revenue disappear in order to protect a man that has lost 48 games in 109.

It's just so odd. Even if it's £1m to release him from his contract you're then protecting your £4m no?
Cops shirts
at 16:30 4 Feb 2021

Ordered the 1996-1998 away, the sexual cream and black one. Large as per all my tops. Doesn't fit. Have I become more of a mess than I thought during these lockdowns or are Copa generally go one up from the usual?
Which stat hurts you the most?
at 10:16 27 Jan 2021

a) 47 defeats in 106 games as Ipswich manager
b) 4 wins out of 28 against top 10 sides
c) Played 7 lost 7 against the current top 7
d) 6 defeats in last 7 at home (5 where no goal scored)
e) No one has passed these stats on to Marcus Evans
f) He's under contract earning a reported £550,000 a year until 2024
45 defeats in 103 games (n/t)
at 19:43 11 Jan 2021

You can cry all you like about the owner or manager
at 20:00 9 Jan 2021

But time and time and time again no one says a single word about Chambers. A complete mess of a leader who dared to act like a 12 year old and put his fingers in his ears to block out outside noise.

Horrible fraud of a man.
You probably all know this
at 19:25 4 Dec 2020

But I've just briefly watched one of the Podcasts and Supporters Club Chairman Mark Ramsey is it? Just confirmed after numerous requests they still haven't met Marcus Evans or even had a reply from him after "numerous attempts" over the years.

I'm begging you, boycott ifollow and every single Marcus Evans revenue stream.
at 19:44 3 Dec 2020

"There's too much negativity at this club"
at 22:37 1 Dec 2020

Says the man who has lost 43 of his 99 games in charge. Some of those 99 games you got to play against some club's kids and still you have this record.

43 defeats in 99. Disgusting.
Physically sick
at 19:42 28 Nov 2020

I don't want to rant but I don't know where else to turn. Mentally it's always good to write down things so that's what I'm doing.

Ipswich Town Football Club has been my passion since I was 6 years old, I have 2 young kids now and I'm not ashamed to say it's still a huge passion and I think about the club every single day. I feel it's possibly more because of lockdown but I feel so low that we don't have a voice and it's sinking the way it is. Even if it's going mad at the end of the game and then ranting in the pub, I then feel better on the Sunday. But this is all getting so on top of me that this site is vital. Anyway I'm sure you're all feeling the same but what the hell have we done to deserve a club like this?
The kids have to realise it's a job not a hobby
at 22:32 24 Nov 2020

What the hell does even mean the piece of sht.
So the flowers still don't like it when a good team fancies it
at 21:05 20 Oct 2020

Bring on the fingers in ears celebrations.
£1.2bn spent by Prem clubs this summer. £1.2bn. (n/t)
at 11:18 6 Oct 2020

1 more year for Dozzell
at 12:22 5 May 2020

Extension taken up so we can get a small fee for him or Lambert serious about playing him?

I would love for him to get a run of 10+ starts in a row to see what he can/can't do.
PJH - Keep Right on
at 09:21 28 Apr 2020

Brilliant to hear your 1962 memories. Sir Alf is my football hero and the Class of '62 are criminally overlooked (look inside Planet Blue, not a mention of them). In reality it's probably the top 3 biggest shocks in English football history. Sir Alf and his men seemed to get overlooked by Sir Bobby and his stars which I think is a shame.

Anyway, you mention the song Keep Right On To The End Of The Road which is obviously Birmingham's anthem now. I was there in 2001 League Cup semi and it sounds incredible when all 4 corners of the ground belt it out.

What I want to know, why the hell did it fade away as our anthem? And do you remember when it stopped being sang?
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