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Underrated players
at 19:41 13 Apr 2020

I’ll start with two.
Richard Naylor. Anyone who thinks he was overrated should never post on this board again. There was a time when he and Scowcroft were leading the line for us. And making a success of it. I’d take them two over any of our current strikers. Wasn’t too shabby as a defender either alongside De Vos. Again, I’d take them two over any current centre half partnership we have. Nayls wore his heart on his sleeve. Yes, he had the game of his life against Barnsley. But he shouldn’t just be remembered for that day.
Jermaine Wright. Without a shadow of a d, THE most underrated player of that promotion side. Hard working. Did so much that went unnoticed which allowed Magic and Holland to flourish. Absolute bargain at £500,000. He should have scored more goals. Had a decent shot on him, too. Without him in the team, we would have conceded so many more goals. Wilnis was a much better player for having Jamma in front of him.
FAO Phil Ham
at 16:08 14 Feb 2020

Well done for having the balls to ruffle the feathers of Lambert today. I got the sense that here’s a man very much in the comfort zone. He needs to understand this isn’t good enough. Well done, you.
for a bit of fun amid all the depression.....
at 08:07 12 Feb 2020

Post your first ever TWTD, er, post in here including date and subject title.

I'll start off:

Mick's replacement ..... my three in no particular order
at 09:55 18 Jan 2017

Derek Adams (Plymouth)
Darrell Clarke (Bristol Rovers) and take his assistant Marcus Stewart with him
Uwe Rosler (Fleetwood)
Norwood today
at 18:54 1 Jan 2020

Great goal. Four Wycombe players around and he had the presence of mind to read that freekick. Great delivery for the freeKick, too.
And, er, that was about it from our No10.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want this to sound like a moan but I expect so much more from him.
He seemed to spend most of the game in a running battle with his marker. From where I was sat, he was lucky not to be booked. And then his theatrics after the ball (quite clearly) hit his arm led to a freekick which luckily amounted to nothing.
Am I the only one who found his walk back to the half way line slightly embarrassing- just like against AFC after scoring, he seemed to feign an injury before miraculously recovering.
Maybe it is the lack of service to him but his all-round play doesn’t appear to offer much and I fear his petulence will lead to a red card soon.
Rant over.
quick questions re: Wycombe away tickets
at 08:23 13 Dec 2019

regarding tickets for the game .... is it correct that Under 13s go free?!
Also, do you think it's okay to take my seven year old to such a game? It'll be his first away game. What's the vibe like in the away end these days ... Noisy? Violent? Too many peeps? Will he have to drink five pints beforehand?
[Post edited 13 Dec 2019 8:43]
I must be old skool
at 10:52 11 Nov 2019

On Saturday, I'd have played our strongest possible XI and gone for a 5-0 win. I just can't understand the modern day mentality of coaches.
you know those.....
at 08:43 6 Nov 2019

....charity games when you get a star-studded XI playing a mickey mouse team in order to raise funds for a good cause. We are that star-studded team. Albeit, of course, this is League One.
We have no discernible pattern of play, while our manager doesn't know his strongest XI (after 40-odd games in charge).
We are winning games because we have better players at this level than the other poorer teams we are facing week in week out.
Just like that star-studded team, we appear to play like a bunch of pros who have turned up for matchday on the back of a good training session.
Maybe I should just be enjoying the ride after the problems last season but I have serious doubts about Lambert taking us forward.
at 08:53 16 Sep 2019

that's 41 games in charge now. Let's forget last season. He has stumbled upon a system (4-4-2) which he won't be changing while it works. Once again on Saturday I couldn't really work out what we were trying to do ... it's almost like we should be winning because we have better players. Maybe I should just be glad we are second. I don't know. Judgey...27 games in a Town shirt and the boss is still trying to crowbar him into the team no matter what. Drop him. Start with Georgiou on the left and let's see what happens.
Question regarding Dozzell
at 00:21 1 Sep 2019

Just wondering the following so don’t bite m’ed off:
Who would take £1m for him and then buy a decent left back with the dosh - if Rambo was given the funds?
at 08:58 21 Aug 2019

We are fifth....players returning from injury....three new boys coming in to bolster the squad - it all looks rosy, doesn't it?
I can't help thinking, however, that if we do go up (and I had us down as mid-table before the recent trio of signings came in), it will be because this division is full of pretty poor teams rather than us being half decent.
Since Lambert arrived, we've been playing a 4-3-3 or a 4-5-1, none of which have worked. We can go on about personnel to fit either of those two systems and injuries but has it really taken 40-or-so games for our manager to work out that we need to play two up front?
I have only managed to see a handful of games over the past 6 months but, from what I've seen, we don't seem to have a structured style of play under Lambert. Which is worrying, given that he's been here for, what, nine months?

Also (bonus).....why do we persist with Huws or, and I'm sorry to say it, Dozzell? Sell sell sell.
Why? I think Lambert has Downes and Skuse nailed on as his two central players. The back four is pretty much Kenlock, Chambo, Wolf and, now, Kane. Up front, it's Norwood and Jackson. That leaves the flanks. Rowe on the right for me...on the left, who knows? Anyway, my point is that I can't see either Dozzell or Huws pushing through to win a regular place in this XI unless we have more injuries. Would any of you prefer to sell Dozzell and bring in a half-decent left back if Evans releases the cash?
Rant over.
Ifollow advice pls
at 14:52 20 Aug 2019

1) is it any good
2) does it buffer
3) best viewing platform? Ipad? Chrone?
4) do I need to download any fancy pants software first or is it done by login and password
need advice please.....
at 09:38 14 Aug 2019

Looks like I'll be taking two five year old's to a game at PR next month.

Can someone advise on where best to sit.

Yes, I know all about the family areas but is there a particular section someone can recommend?

I've sat in FF before (next to tunnel) in Row D with one of the aforementioned five year olds - he couldn't really see much of the action at the Sir Bobby Stand.

Is it better to be further up in a non 'family' designated stand?


at 08:22 24 Jul 2019

What would it take for Lambert to play TWO up front?
Jackson must have boosted his claims for a starting spot with his pre-season form.
Surely, we are a better side with Jackson and Norwood up front (as a defender, I wouldn't want to face both as a strikeforce?
Or are we better with just Norwood playing as a lone frontman?
As things stand, if Norwood gets injured, I dread to think what might happen this season.
crystal ball
at 08:09 24 Jul 2019

....I know the future:
QPR use Darnell Furlong selling fee of £1.5m to raise Judge bid to £700,000. Town say f*** off.
Judge hands in formal transfer request.
QPR return with £800,000 offer.
Town say no again.
It's now close to transfer deadline day....
QPR place another bid of £850,000. Town accept.
No replacement for him is bought.
Hours before transfer deadline day, we sign Will Keane on a free.
Re: Judge
at 09:14 23 Jul 2019

What is his role in this team?
I would much rather see Rowe as our no10 with our new loan signing on the left.
It won’t happen, of course.
Re: Dozzell
at 09:09 23 Jul 2019

To those of you who have watched him regularly....

Putting aside the Norwich talk, has he done enough to justify a new deal?

Whenever I have watched him he seems too lightweight. People seem to be arguing he should be staying cos this league will be some sort of cakewalk for our talented youngsters.

Please enlighten me
Having read all the responses.....
at 22:26 5 Jan 2019

...to my Evans out thread and elsewhere, there are many fans who are saying that the exit of our owner will lead to the club going under. Whilst I disagree with this, do we as fans just have to accept then the slow decline of our once great club? That is until Evans does sell to someone who is happy to take on a declining business with huge debts?
if you want Evans out, read this (FAO Gav)
at 18:44 5 Jan 2019

If we are serious about getting rid of the owner, then action is demanded. This could be in the form of a protest. In the predicament that we are in, I'd suggest going on to the pitch after one home game and demanding the exit of Evans. I for one don't want to to see him go but there comes a time when change is required at the very top. And now is the time.

Gavin....you have a role to play here even though you are a journalist. You can help force a change for the good of a club we all love.

Local journos Stuart Watson and Andy Warren should also be contacted. I've asked them in the past to do an Evans, Enough Is Enough double-page spread. They haven't felt the need to go to such lengths. Perhaps now they will if enough of us tweet/contact them.

If we are serious about change, then we need to do more then vent our spleen here. I'd be quite happy to contact Stuart and Andy again and tell them we - as a group of fans - are in the process of arranging a protest after a forthcoming game.

Is that what everyone wants? Thoughts please.

Gav, what do you think?

I've written this with my hands shaking...I am so sorry with the way things have turned out at the club I have loved for 40 or so years. It brings a tear to the eye. It's got to the point where I doubt I'll ever bring my kids to PR.
new song from now on....
at 10:13 17 Dec 2018

all the fans sing the famous chorus from The Great Escape - you know the bit I mean - followed by the word Ip-swich. Repeat a million times throughout game.
Lamber chant for tonight....all together now:
at 18:29 23 Nov 2018

He once was a scummy Canary
His face was all battered and torn
He made me feel sick
But now I dont give a sh**
Cos Lambert’s a Blue through and through
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