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Takin a break
at 03:55 23 May 2018

Some things more important than this place.

Thanks for everything

Exactly a year ago in five minutes
at 22:26 22 May 2018

Was the moment the bomb went off in the Manchester attack. For me, that’s the saddest national event in my lifetime.

I watched it knowing that it was kids being targeted. Not afraid to say I watched it last year on the news with tears in me eyes. Devastating stuff.

RIP them all
Happy Friday TWTD
at 23:30 18 May 2018

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals
at 05:36 17 May 2018

To be cut to £2 maximum per spin. On the whole, it’s the correct decision imo.

It’s a killer blow for the greyhound industry and a hammer blow to horse racing with the latter losing an estimated £50 million of funding.

For me personally, I’ve said on here on the past I don’t use the machines as they are, to sports gamblers like myself, a disgrace to the entire gambling industry. I’m pleased they have been limited as a massive percentage of gambling addicts are addicted through these machines rather than sports betting.

The only tint of sadness for me on the decision is that it may be the final nail in the coffin for the Greyhound scene in the UK. With Sky dodging the sport this year, the main income to the industry was bookmakers sponsoring tracks and competitions. Many beloved Romford Dogs is owned by Coral for a start.

That’s my for and against argument but in the end, it’s the right call I think.
[Post edited 17 May 5:41]
at 15:55 15 May 2018

Is the pitch being dug up that 6-figure fee that’s been needed for 10 years you mentioned previously?

Or is a routine seasonal repair?

Hopefully the former.
‘Derby County, it’s happened again’
at 21:45 14 May 2018

thankyou and goodnight !
The St Mirren forum
at 17:11 13 May 2018

They love us don’t tbey. I think they will be team to look out for in Scotland after this. They’ve come across well.

I did chuckle at this post though on theat thread:
‘Most racist taxi driver I ever encountered took me to Ipswich station a few years ago. He sounded like he wanted to remain in the 1950s. Couldn’t get out the taxi quick enough. Sample of one right enough.’
at 18:11 10 May 2018

Do they kill injured birds when they come to collect them.

Saw an injured pigeon in my garden this morning. But it scarpered into the bushes and is assumed was gone. When I’ve come home a few minutes ago, it’s at the end of my garden and seems to have a broken wing.

We’ve looked for a rescue centre online but ended up only calling the RSPCA. Do they look after the pigeon or will they kil it? Genuine question. I feel really sorry for it. If I did t have a dog, I’d take it in and nurse it back to health if it saves them killing him/her.
Watching Britain’s Darkest Taboos
at 03:35 8 May 2018

On the murder of Kelli-Anne Bates.

The parents of the murdered girl were ok (let the bloke in their house) with their 14 year old daughter being in a relationship with a 48 year old geezer. 48! Wtf is that about?!?!? Absolutely baffling.

Can any parent on here genuinely say they’d not go to the police in the parents situation if you were in those shoes?? Three years later he’d murdered the girl.
Sweet Caroline
at 16:22 7 May 2018

That should be our new anthem. That is all.
Just scrolling through the internet tonight
at 21:18 6 May 2018

And came across the videos of street parties when Thatcher died. Literally thousands of people in the centre of London partying. I couldn’t believe it.

I understand the hatred towards her and knew people celebrated but actual parties?!? Blimey.

Did anyone on here go out celebrating? Just wondering really. +

*Fwiw, I didn’t like the woman from the bits of heard and knew of her.
I told you all
at 14:46 6 May 2018

In pre season that the value bet of the season is Ipswich Top Half at 11/4. Get in.

Thank you and goodnight.
West Brom
at 16:49 5 May 2018


If they stay up, that may well be the greatest escape of all time
A question - Uni halls
at 06:32 2 May 2018

I have searched elsewhere this morning but to no avail so perhaps someone on here would know.

I’m in the Uni halls from September and mates who are at uni now have taken consoles with them. This wasn’t in my thinking tbh but with ‘no satellite point available in the bedrooms’, I might do so and get a small tv. Hopefully get sky go on the Xbox and maybe Netflix in case I’m in the bedroom and bored at some points.

I can’t see myself being in the bedroom that often but with my lack of sleep, it’s something I’m considering.

1) Does SkyGo work if I set it up to my Xbox360?
2) Would it need a satellite point to work? There would be WiFi and Ethernet (whatever that is).

The latter question is relatively simple (I think) but I can’t find an answer anywhere and TWTD is my last resort on that front. My mates use their consoles for gaming but that’s not really my thing (other than a rare game of Fifa occasionally).
[Post edited 2 May 6:33]
10 years ago today
at 23:07 1 May 2018

The inbetweeners first aired. Iconic.

This thread sums it up really:
What is the world coming to?
at 19:33 1 May 2018

Look at this video from Sunday’s madness. We’ve had three stabbings within two miles of my house in the last few months.

That’s about 2 minutes from my house. This is a bloke I play cricket with. There’s kids in their all the time and there’s nutters running about with knives ffs.

Does anyone have a solution as to what can actually be done here because knife crime seems to be becoming more and more commonplace now.
Roll on next season
at 19:16 29 Apr 2018

The Donald
at 03:37 28 Apr 2018

Away from his bonkers comments through twitter (which can’t be ignored obviously), his leadership has been far less of a car crash than I was expected.

There will still a load of demonstrations in July I expect when he comes over here but I think postponing it for the last few months will have helped. The numbers will be less I reckon.

I’d say his actions with the diplomats in Russia and backing us up over that shenanigans was quite surprising and he deserves credit for that. Then today I saw that the Korean War has ended and Trump probably deserves credit for that too to some extent. His crazy threats could’ve caused a war but it’s gone the other way and worked.

On the whole, I expected a below average year from The Donald but he’s at a Satisfactory on the Rommy/Ofster rating. Surprisingly.
Who is out of contract for us this summer?
at 14:26 23 Apr 2018

Is carayol here for another year or was his a short term deal/loan? I can’t remember.

Who else is in their last few weeks?
As a fan base..
at 17:01 21 Apr 2018

..we’ve taken an awful lot of stick in the last couple of weeks.

But the shppprt today at 3-0 and 4-0 was absolutely superb.

So much so that my lasting by emotion from today’s hammering will actually be pride.

That is all.
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