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Just watched that new episode of..
at 02:55 24 Feb 2018

Crimes that shook Britain on last years Manchester Terror Attack.

Anyone else seen it? Terrible hearing all these people describe a situation like that first hand. Just utter carnage.

Two immediate questions spring to mind.. how the hell can someone come to the conclusion that blowing themselves and a load of children up is the right thing to do? And secondly how on earth did the homeless guy who everyone thought was a hero possibly have the mind to go amongst the panic and fear and root through the dead bodies to steal from them?

A fascinating but heartbreaking watch but I recommend it.
For the first time
at 23:44 23 Feb 2018

I’m absolutely delighted I don’t have train tickets for tomorrow. Was supposed to be taking my brother and his mates for his birthday but we changed the game to the brum away match instead. So I also decided against tomorrow.

I commend every single one of you travelling tomorrow. Long trip. Nothing on the game. Probably a loss too.

Not like me to be glad I’m not at a game. For me, that’s a statement on my feelings about the current situation right now in itself.
Rommy Report
at 21:59 21 Feb 2018

I left early. Only 30 seconds but still.

From seeing the team sheet, I regretted my decision. It was dull. And cold. We weren’t bad. I’ve certainly seen us play worse. But it wasn’t fun.

This will be a very short report. Not just because I didn’t have a hotdog but because there really is nothing to talk about. It was a 0-0 in everything but scoreline. Cardiff were just as boring as we were. Could we have had a penalty at the end? Probably. But who cares? I didn’t even bother appealing. What’s the point?

So there I was with 30 seconds left leaving early and running to make the early train. Which I did. By about 10 seconds I made platform 2. So I’ll be home for 11:15. More importantly before the Chinese shuts.

My lack of anger at the boringness worries me most. A combination of the cold, the boring football, the lack of crowd and the fact my ribs were hurting from standing up that long after Sunday, I found myself clock watching for a lot of that second half.

I’m not angry. I’m not even ‘just dissapointed’. I’m wondering why I bother.
Waggy is the only attacking player we have on the bench
at 19:10 21 Feb 2018

Literally no other attack minded players.

If we are 1-0 down with 20 minutes left, it’ll be Waggy, Iorfa and Bru brought on for attacking impetus.

Just seen our team
at 18:50 21 Feb 2018

Wtf is that?

Wtf is sears doing on the pitch?
Prediction Logged by at 17:50:32
Ipswich Town v Cardiff City prediction logged
Back by popular demand
at 12:14 21 Feb 2018

I will be doing my Cheltenham Festival daily previews again this year for all four days. They’ve been well received on here the last three years and I’m grateful for that.

As I’m going this year, I’ve done even more form study on it to share with the masses on here and across a few other places. Hopefully we can have some winners like with last years rand national meeting.

20 days to go until the festival
It could be worse..
at 21:20 20 Feb 2018

Forest haven’t scored a single league goal at home since the 9th of December!

Just under 11 weeks ago
Genuine question
at 20:16 19 Feb 2018

At what point does protests/chants/public dissatisfaction against Evans begin?

This season? Next season? When mick is gone and it gets worse? In three seasons time in league 1? At what point?

I just don’t get how a fan base can, in general I mean, be so against the manager but with such little anger towards the biggest cause of our problem.
As close as we came to the perfect execution of an away 1-0..
at 11:01 19 Feb 2018

Celina not getting a kick yesterday is absolutely unforgivable in my eyes.

Though the fans chanting ‘Mick McCarthy your Football is sh*t’ at Carrow Road ffs need to give their heads a wobble. Any other time would be better than in the away end at scum away.

But the fact Hyam, Didzy and Spence (though the latter was injury enforced to be fair) came on but Celina didn’t is absolutely mental
[Post edited 19 Feb 11:01]
at 09:15 19 Feb 2018

His best game for us by an absolute mile.

He was.. dare I say it.. competent defensively yesterday as well as offering something going forward.
‘Absolute scenes’
at 19:07 18 Feb 2018

Severe soft tissue damage. Possible cracked rib. No concussion.

See you all Wednesday
We were 30 seconds away from the biggest win in my 15 years as a town fan
at 15:29 18 Feb 2018

Has what happened before the game been spoken about yet?
at 15:01 18 Feb 2018

In the concourse?

Mayhem. The TV plasma screen got punched in and the lights hanging from the wall were pulled down - eventually. Meant the stewards had to shut up shop and the police held everyone in the concourse until kick off (I managed to get out just before they came).

Never seen anything like it before. Electric wires and glass from the lights everywhere.

Anyway.. the point of the thread is that there was a massive CCTV that none of the 30/40 involved seemed to spot. If RKD and Lucan can be banned for going a tiny bit on the pitch, there’s no chance they won’t geg hefty bans for that.
As a side note
at 14:36 18 Feb 2018

I’m probably off to hospital.

I was the closest seat to the aisle and there was about 30 people around me without a seat. As we scored, they surged forward and I went straight over. Landed on one of those poles the seats are attached to and have impaled my chest and hit me head.

Few people pulled me out as I was down. Missed the whole celebrations. Had to ask Steve who scored our goal after the game.

Gutting to get done like that. So so close to a win. With our only attack second half. Oh well.. there’s always next year I suppose.
[Post edited 18 Feb 14:36]
Nice touch from the Scum there
at 08:59 18 Feb 2018

at 06:27 18 Feb 2018

TWTD acca - Week 29
at 11:05 17 Feb 2018

Table after 28 weeks:
Bablue 15-9
Sitters 13-11
Rommy 13-15
Strikalite 12-8
Bluegold 12-9
Paris 10-3
Stenvict 10-8
BanksterDebtSlave 10-12
Denny 8-7
TonyTown 7-1
J2 5-5
ITFC_Forever 5-7
SE1 3-0
Springers 3-3
TractorCam 3-3
Archer 3-3
Bluewein 3-4
Portmanroadblue 3-5
MickMacTerry 2-0
Sprucemoose 2-1
Digger 2-2
TIB 2-5
Alex Harban 1-0
Reuser 1-0
SuperTommySmith 1-0
PaulJewellsCrown 1-0
Maysixth 1-0
Fredbarber 1-0
Admiral 1-1
Gainsborough 1-1
BlueCardigan 0-1
C_HealyIsAPleasure 0-1
Bluesym 0-1
Newcy 0-1
Ipswich1984 0-1
Waveney 0-1
ITFC1983 0-1
Blue442 0-1
Abingdon 0-1
Clive_Bakee 0-1
Lovestosponge 0-1
Wevegotjoeygarner 0-2
DropCliffsNotBombs 0-3
ITFCed 0-3
Rammo 0-4

Table of best priced winners:
Sitters - 6
Stenvict - 4
TonyTown - 4
Springers - 3
Bablue - 2.5
Sprucemoose - 2
Paris - 1.5
Portmanroadblue - 1
Admiral - 1
Rommy - 1
MickMacTerry - 1
Strikalite - 1
Archer - 1
BanksterDebtSlave - 1

TWTD aggregate score: 154-145
Hodgsons unaired MOTD interview the other day
at 14:28 16 Feb 2018

Apologies if already posted but that is brilliant

Normal things that freak you out
at 13:36 16 Feb 2018

For me:
- Cotton Wool. The thought of it ripping and going under my nails makes me cringe.

- Umbilical Cords. How do some people have the bottle to cut them when a birth happens. Can’t think of anything I’d want to do when my baby comes less than cutting that thing.
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