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That genuinely was superb
at 16:02 10 Nov 2018

Thoroughly thoroughly superb.

Passing football, chances galore, high press, defensively solid.

One of the best halves I’ve seen from Town in years.
Cricket. England. Subcontinent.
at 04:45 6 Nov 2018

Same old story.

2 down within 3 overs.
Evans Out (n/t)
at 17:16 27 Oct 2018

When will our first attendance under 10k be?
at 15:40 3 Oct 2018

Can’t see it being much more than that for a midweek game at home to Rochdale next season.

Sad times.
Evans Out (n/t)
at 21:35 2 Oct 2018

Yeeeeeeeeeeee bluuessssssss
at 04:14 29 Sep 2018

Up the fecking Town.

1-4 tomorrow.
Evans Out!
at 17:21 22 Sep 2018

This was always going to happen. Though I did predict it would be the second season after Mick. Unfortunately, it appears it’ll be this year that his underinvestment comes back to bite us.

I couldn’t make today as I was ill this morning. But to see we had 2 shots on target? And played against ten men for that long. Disgraceful.

Is it true that Hurst went straight down the tunnel at full time and didn’t clap the fans?
We’re off the bottom
at 17:05 22 Sep 2018


I miss Waggy and Garner
at 12:52 21 Sep 2018

There. I’ve said it.
Does anyone believe we’ve deserved to win any of the 8 games we’ve played?
at 05:33 19 Sep 2018

If so, how many and which matches?

I don’t think we have deserved to win any of the 8 tbh.

The Scum game being the closest we’ve come to being deserving of all three imo. But even then, we say back at 1-0 and let them get a foothold and earn the draw.

Of the 8 games so far, for me:
Blackburn - Draw was fair. No way did we deserve to win.
Rotherham - I didn’t go. General consensus was a draw would’ve been fair.
Villa - Draw was fair.
Derby - We were terrible. Showed no intent. Derby deserved winners.
Sheffield Wednesday - I didn’t go. General consensus was that a draw would’ve been fair.
Norwich - Draw was fair. We perhaps shaded it second half but 1-1 was about right imo.
Hull - Compeltely destroyed from start to finish. Deserved to lose by more than just 2.
Brentford - Brentford were clearly the better side.
Rommy Report - Brentford
at 00:19 19 Sep 2018

Next time I say I’m not gonna go, I should bloody stick to it. That’s the last two games now in a week I’ve ended up going after originally deciding I wouldn’t.

I’ll be honest - I’m pleased with the point. But not with the performance. It’s alright people saying ‘well the second half was alright’. It was. But that’s not the point. Brentford should’ve been at least 3 up by the time we equalised. They played us off the park for 65 minutes.

Let’s start with the team selection...5 more changes? Ffs. No Edwards? Ffs. Donacien playing LB? Ffs. 5 at the back with two holding midfielders? Ffs. I wasn’t pleased. It’s a very negative selection and if this was done last year, the manager gets pelters. We are playing at home ffs.

First half... Why was we letting them have so much space and time? Where is the famous ‘Hurst high pressing game’? Where was our ambition to do anything other than hooooooooooof? It was like a more chaotic but less solid version of Mick yet again.

Second half.. some changes. Necessary. Gerken made two good saves at 1-0 that basically keeps us in it. We started to make it a scrap and it worked. We equalised and that was enough in the end. Not a lot to it but it was alright from Town at the end.

Is that good enough though? The equaliser paces over quite a few cracks that have shown again tonight both on the pitch and with Hursts selection.

A quick word on Brentford.. I thought they were very impressive. Brogs asked me at halftime what my bet was again for them for the title. ‘£20 at 14/1’. I personally think they will go very close this season and tonight has done nothing to change that view. The linkup play between their midfield and strike force first half was levels above anything we’ve done this season.

No hotdog tonight as I thought I’d get a chinese on the way in. Unfortunately the poxy trains were delayed so it’s now shut. So I’m cooking.

One final thing I’ll say is that it’s interesting to hear rumours already about Evans getting the ump with Hurst for treatment of players off the pitch. I did wonder if his treatment of Bart, comments on Knudsen/Chambo would go down well to the squad.

Another game without a win is of course a worry. Will we ever win again...
I’d take a point tonight
at 16:58 18 Sep 2018

Still think Brentford will win the league.

They are very good coming forward and the way we handled Hull makes me very very worried.

3-1 Brentford I reckon

Anyone, time to jump on the train. COYB!!
Rommy Report (Hull away) - albeit later than planned
at 05:53 17 Sep 2018

Morning all. Hope everyone is well.

Well that was a strange away day. Certainly not the kind I envisaged a month ago anyway. I was expecting to be at the game Saturday, sober, with my Grandad watching a free flowing Town performance with the Hurst Era well underway.

Instead I found myself cracking open the ciders on the 9:34 from St Pancras to Nottingham to the shock of the fella opposite me. 'I'm not an alcoholic - it's a football away day' was what I'd told the Tesco bloke who'd served me my beverages of choice (Strongbow Dark Fruits if anyone's remotely interested) an hour and a half prior to boarding.

The train was a piece of p*ss as it always is on that line. I got off at East Midlands Parkway just after 11 and, along with everyone else who got off, jumped on the Megabus Coach heading to Hull. The train and coach offer may have taken 4 hours in total but was only £9. Great value. Would've been £45 if I had got the train straight to Hull from King's Cross. The coach was actually quite comfortable. The only downside being I split half a cider at one stage. That and the driver speeding off when we'd stopped at Scunthorpe and I'd gone for a p*ss in the coach cubicle. Just my luck we'd go round the roundabout whilst I held on for dear life whilst attempting not to paint the wall..

Anyway, I was greeted by Newcy at the station and we made our way to the away pub. Well it had a mixture of Ipswich, Hull and even a few fake Liverpool fans watching their game so probably wasn't a designated away pub. We met with Bluewein and his brother (good to see you both) before the four of us jumped in a taxi to the ground whilst my lack of navigation skills came into question. Now, I can't really talk here because I live in Romford but feckin hell Hull is a sh*thole. It really is. Not quite at Rotherham standards but easily giving Barnsley a go as the second grottiest area I've visited for the footy. No Rommy hotdog rating this week as myself and Bluwein were in desperate need for a p*ss. Weirdly, Hull decided that despite my manbag having barely anything in it, it deserved a pink strap on it for 'security reasons'. Hmmmmmm.

A quick cider and chat with Mullet and then into the stands we went. The stadium itself is a soulless bowl. I haven't done Reading but apparently it has a similar feel to it. It was half empty that's for sure and reminded me of Cardiff when we played them a couple of years back and lost 3-1. I came away from that game with the ump as well funnily enough. Asides from the lack of a crowd, the player's came out to some applause from the home fans and a bit of noise from the 850 of us in blue.

On to the game.. and this is where it all goes downhill I'm afraid after what had been an enjoyable afternoon with good company. 'I really hope we start well here' was what I had asked for beforehand. Instead what I got was a totally gutless stupid unexplainable start from Town. We sat back early and won precisely zero midfield battles. Simple ball through the middle and their bloke just wandered through our defence (tracked by nobody from Suffolk) to dink it over Bart. I was shocked as much as anything. At best, it was naive from Town. Who was watching him? Terrible terrible defending. And that was just the start of things to come..

For a good half an hour, Hull were on top and carving the space between midfield and defence apart like a knife through butter. Every single time we got it back, it was being hoofed up to Walters. He would lose the header to the number 3 for Hull who had JW in his pocket to be honest. From there, Hull just walked through our non-existent midfield to run at the defence. It was almost as if the gameplan fo us was to get it as far away from our goal as soon as possible with no ambition to create a chance ourselves.

Nolan was poor. He showed nothing and, had it not been for the nonexistent display of Flynn Downes, would have earned my lowest rating. Edwards barely had a kick because of the lack of service. The half was summed up by the cheers as we got a freekick with about 5/10 minutes of the half to go only for Graham to put it 20 yards past the back post. I saw Mach at half time and he too wasn't impressed. Even the most optimistic of performers would have been angry at what hey had seen first half.

The second kicked off with the same team and the same stupid formation relying on Nolan to create a chance. For the first time, I was worried by Hursts appointment. His lack of energy pitch side (as pointed out by Blueweins brother) as he stood motionless was extremely worrying. For a few minutes we gave it abit of a go. A halfchance or two without really looking like carving out a decent opportunity and the game drifted by. Eventually, a change happened. 71 minutes in though. But Hull looked more likely to score and the chances came and went for the home side. Two good saves by Gerken (our best player for sure) before the settler came. It was only when I saw the highlights this morning did I realise just how sh*te that defending was from Spence. Wtf was he thinking? Sloppy isn't even the right word for that level of idiocy at the back - moronic is closer. Our end emptied quicker than I had seen in a long time as the game ticked into stoppage time. We saw Sitters who was equally as dissapointed as it sounded like Hull went close again from the noise inside the ground.

Gerken - 8 - Did well. No chance for either goal.
Spence - 4 - Poor.
Pennington - 6 - Meh defensively. Hoooooooofed every time he touched the ball.
Chambers - 6 - Same as Pennington really.
Knudsen - 5 - Ok in parts. Positioning poor too often though.
Downes - 3 - Nonexistent in midfield. I like him but he had a mare.
Skuse - 5 - Offered nothing on ball and was opened up by Hull's midfielders.
Edwards - 6 - No service at all. At least he tried to take his man on.
Graham - 6 - Same as Edwards. He gave it a go i suppose.
Nolan - 4 - Awful. The formation relies on him to create but he looked lost.
Walters - 5 - Beaten by Hull's CB in the air most times. Had no help though in fairness.

Back through the ugly streets of Hull, after another p*ss break (poxy ciders) and we were in the car and heading for home by half five. Shoutout to Newcy for the lift to Peterborough as planned. The first train out of Hull wasn't until 6:34 and we were only a few dozen miles from Ipswich by that point.

I got the train from Peterborough and my dream about my Indian was interrupted as I got a call that my aforementioned Grandad that was planning on coming to the game until getting ill last month, was rushed to hospital in an ambulance and is now in intensive care. This report was actually being written this afternoon but then plan changed as my nan had a mini stroke (so the doctors believe anyway). So apologies if anything has been repeated here in this post but i cba to read back over it if it has.

Asides from that news of the last 36 hours, I'm all good. My break from TWTD was all good. I start uni next Sunday which I'm looking forward to so have been busy sorting that out. As a result, I will miss the Brentford game midweek as I expect to be shopping a bit this week as you'd expect. I did chuckle at the idea I had left becuase of the Waggy sale. As much as it annoyed me that we would sell our best player, of course that had no relevance to my absence. I'm sure give it a few months and I'll be back full-time on here balls deep in the Corbyn threads like everyone else I just thought I would have a quick 'return' for a Rommy Report on the scarcely populated Hull game from a Town perspective. It's just a shame that it's a negative one.

Saw the news on here this afternoon about Kevin Beattie. Even though I obviously hadn't seen him play, you grow up reading about the good days of Town and he was at the forefront of that. Certainly seemed like a proper Ipswich Legend from what I've read and I hope Town give him a proper acknowledgment in some way (maybe a statue is something our widely regarded best ever player would deserve).

A final word on Town and I will admit I'm worried. Saturday looked like a typical Ipswich away performance under Mick at his worst but without the fight and desire in the middle to win the individual battles and the solid defensive line. Tough times ahead this season I fear.

Stadium - 6
Hotdog - N/A
Town's performance - 2
Awayday - 7

Keep safe out there lads.
Lack of creativity and chances
at 19:43 15 Sep 2018

Seriously though... we missed a creative influence today. The void left by Waggy certainly isn’t being filled by Nolan.

The lack of creativity has to be a concern. Genuinely at no stage today did we have a decent chance.

I’m seriously underwhelmed by Nolan. He looked very very poor if I’m honest.

I’ll give a full report tomorrow but..
at 17:30 15 Sep 2018

That was absolutely dreadful. One of the worst performances I’ve ever seen from Town.

I think we won about 20% of the 50/50 headers.

Coming forward, we showed nothing. Zilch. Reminiscent of the last few season away from home but just without a Waggy, Lawrence, Celina or Fraser to create something brilliant from nothing.

Defensively though, we lacked the solid look that we did under Mick. Very poor on that front.

Hurst looked clueless. Where was the subs? Too late when they came. Why was we punting aimlessly - more even than a McCarthy away game.

Without being too overdramatic, it was very very poor. We play like that many more times this season and we will absolutely be relegated. It was worse than under Mick. And I honestly mean that.
Anybody else find this quite an uncomfortable watch?
at 21:14 30 Jul 2018

And the hashtag itself is so wrong.

Prediction Logged by at 17:24:27
Ipswich Town v Blackburn Rovers prediction logged
Just seen about the Team GB snowboarder - Ellie Souttter’s death
at 05:22 27 Jul 2018

A really tragic story that. On her 18th birthday too.

Very sad.

[Post edited 27 Jul 5:22]
One thing i really hope we will change this season...
at 19:58 26 Jul 2018

Is the weird way our fans are seen by the press/journalists/pundits.

Every day towards the end of the Mick Era we’d have nobodies like Chris Sutton slagging us off (and of course the ‘be careful what you wish for’ comments). I think we got a generally bad press as it was nowehere near as hostile as was being made out (Brentford away asides).

Hopefully we can show Paul Hurst how good it can be at FPR like it was for that Villa Home game under Klug last April - even at 4-0 down.

For all my moaning lately, I still can’t wait for the new season. Only 9 days to go! Just 9 more sleeps!!! Roll on Saturday week!
[Post edited 26 Jul 20:00]
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