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UK quarantine
at 18:14 30 Jul 2020

Has anyone entered the UK and had to do the 14 day quarantine? Asking for a friend.
How's the UK pub thing going?
at 19:25 13 Jul 2020

Well organized or a disaster? Spoke to a few London dwellers who seems to think it was working quite well but I was very curious if the estate type pubs are bothering with all that stuff? Not sure if anyone on here frequents them. I mean inside drinking and dinning was going well over here for a month so they said.... and then it caught up with everyone.

BLM international protests, genuine question
at 17:51 6 Jun 2020

Ok maybe let’s narrow it down to the UK. Is this a show in solidarity with those protesting in the United States or is this challenging issues closer to home? Don’t shoot me down but I’m rather curious what has led people to the streets in such numbers during a global pandemic (if anyone knows or what coverage it has been getting). The government has been very under fire in the UK about its handling including the recent easing of restrictions.

In some respects there does seem to be a little vagueness surrounding the movement and objectives so please feel free to enlighten if you know.

If the answer is that the world has had enough of the evil United States and seeing its systemic racism on social media then I would happily debate some of those view points but I am not sure if that is actually the case or not. When you see what’s happening in Hong Kong etc its interesting that this is taking central stage, is it very much a youth movement?
A week in the city of brotherly love
at 19:47 5 Jun 2020

Finally some storms last night to clear the air and tension. Walking around my neighborhood Tuesday and Wednesday were private security armed with riffles hired by local businesses as the police have been so stretched. Just another week in inner city America I guess.

Let's look at a few videos from the last 6 days. Here we can surely agree that two things can be true at the same time. There are bad police who are badly trained and almost behave like high school thugs. There are also opportunist vandals causing absolute mayhem. The recovery effort here is going to be very tough. Over 350 fires in private property also attributed to the violence



Now some police videos


Interesting weekend here
at 19:26 31 May 2020

I see a lot of experts in the thread below. Being on the ground in a city that is literally burning I can tell you a lot this stuff has nothing to do with what happened in Minneapolis, unless they are smashing up local businesses and taking iPhones and designer clothes in his memory, which I doubt.

Remember Tottenham and that spread of opportunism?

Now it’s obviously more complicated over here with the history of race relations and oppressions. Systematic racism needs to be tackled by voting especially locally and with better community work. This is outright thuggery though and it’s pretty scary.
[Post edited 31 May 2020 19:30]
This Dortmund game
at 16:09 16 May 2020

Thought I’d give it a look, as some live sport in COVID times. I’m not sure what I was expecting. I thought it would be a bit strange without fans. It’s not that though, it’s the social distracting in a contact sport that is more weird to me. I assume everyone in that stadium has been tested? No touching teams mates in celebrations, subs spread out etc. Weird.
Good god Piers Morgan is loving this isn’t he!
at 19:37 2 May 2020

I used to give him the benefit of the doubt on some matters but his narcissistic fake self proclaimed heroism for “calling people out” is doing my head it and really coming to the fore. If 7M people unfollowed him over night that would be the most hilarious thing to come out of this. Same with his mate or ex mate over here as well. Attention seeking deluded idiots.
So has anyone on here actually had it?
at 15:35 2 May 2020

I’m pretty sure I did, whatever it was, it was something viral. Main symptom was utter fatigue. I put it down to not enough fresh air and a couple of unhealthy eating days. A few days later I could barely read a sentence, sent a text or finish an email. Everything was a massive chore and even after sleeping 7/8 hours there was no improvement, constantly wiped out for 10+ days. I thought the lockdown was either sending me mad or something was up. Towards the end started getting some aches and chills. Finally shock it off about a week ago. Was odd as not what you would associate with a normal virus as no cold. If it was it, luckily I had no respiratory stuff come with it. All that from just one trip to Whole Foods! I am not one to just get sick either.

Anyway now I’ve had I can surely find back to the office at the earliest opportunity! Jk
Shaking hands
at 21:12 26 Mar 2020

In like 18 months when this is all said and done do you think it will be the end of this greeting? Couldn't really imagine walking into a conference/board room doing the elbow thing.
[Post edited 26 Mar 2020 21:12]
Best Simpsons episodes
at 16:39 25 Mar 2020

Got some bundle yesterday with my Hulu package that included Disney +. It has the Simpsons, all of them

Have not watched that in years, since the Sky 1 days I think, so far found the series with

Bart annoys Australia
Homer goes to College

Give me some other classics, Mr Burns episodes encouraged, was never into the Halloween ones.

Also am I the only once consuming 3500 calories a day through this?
Might be out of the loop but please give me some good news
at 14:03 17 Mar 2020

Will this stop Liverpool winning the league?
Political point scoring in the midst of this really annoys me
at 20:20 16 Mar 2020

Challenge the response fair enough but no one asked for this and to think that governments around the world are not doing what they think is best or being advised for the safety of the nation is daft
UK Approach to this crisis
at 13:07 16 Mar 2020

Seems to be getting a lot of stick (apparently on twitter everyone now has a degree in medicine). However, the idea to not fight and mange this outbreak seems sensible to me and if it get's some kind of immunity into the population all the better for down the track.

It's basically impossible to lock a population down anyway. Interesting to see what happens in South Korea and if they get a second major outbreak it will be trouble
[Post edited 16 Mar 2020 13:09]
Stock match cancelled and I go can on a sabbatical
at 17:45 13 Mar 2020

Exciting. Been wanting to go on one of those for a decade.

Where should I go? Upstairs or downstairs?
at 17:16 6 Mar 2020

Is everyone going about business fairly normally still in the UK? Doesn't seem as much chat about it on here.

I feel the impact more than most in my business but it's everyone has gone into full panic mode and business is not operating anywhere near normal. Economically this will be a 9/11 style hit if it lasts until the early summer. I get the feeling no one is really being tested this side either as the gov tries to play it down in an election year.
All this politics talks is getting people into trouble as usual
at 17:41 8 Nov 2019

What's your favorite Indian dish?

Call me boring but I still love Tandoori if done in a clay oven to perfection.

Lamb Rogan josh is decent as well
Three pages in 20 minutes
at 20:16 6 Nov 2019

Good to see TWTD is still live and well!

Up the Town.

Socialist types
at 19:34 6 Nov 2019

are some of the most annoying people ever to walk the planet. Especially those who all get the benefits of living in a capitalist society.

Why should people feel guilty for working hard being successful and earning lots of money? Not to mention they pay a lot more in tax. Listening to Corbyn makes me want to throw up.
How is our pre season gonig?
at 19:43 30 Jul 2019

Division 3 champions in waiting?
Iceland trip update
at 19:42 30 Jul 2019

It was very good, 5 days camping all round the south and 2 in the city at the end. Hiked the Fimmvorduhals in one day. 16 miles. Incredible hike

600 road and 55 hiking miles, fantastic place once you get out of the touristy bits. Recommended.
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