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De Bruyne
at 18:28 7 Aug 2022

I watch a fair bit of PL in the background, generally because it’s over nice and early for me at the weekend. Every time I see City play, he looks absolutely world class. That is a phrase that gets thrown around too often these days as well.

Has there been a better player to watch at the top level over the last decade? He can break up play and tidy up in a deeper role but still is a goal threat and generally creates from all over the park. Has it all for a midfielder.
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The Industry Season 2
at 00:46 4 Aug 2022

Just arrived on HBO Max. First episode of the new series and it’s off to a flyer. Think it is BBC your side?

Makes me miss London town and my twenties. And to think a lot of that generation now want to work from home!!
Has Sky had it’s day?
at 04:05 24 Jul 2022

I was curious about television and sports in the UK. Cable television is only being held up by sports over here but even now streaming services such as YouTube TV (that cover all the local channels of whatever market your in) mean you don’t need a Comcast/Direct TV etc subscription. Can also get rid annoying cables everywhere in your living room.

It’s for sure becoming el a carte steaming subscriptions on smart TVs to have all your needs. NBC now have their own steaming channel Peacock, which you need for all access Premier League. ESPN+ gives you all you need for that service. So really it’s just a load of $10 monthly subscriptions alongside your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video etc replacing $150-$180 cable bills.

Amazon Prime Video just brought Thursday night NFL games and this kind of thing will only continue globally I imagine.

Surely we can’t be far of an Amazon or Apple TV buying all Premier League rights and everyone in England being able to watch Premier League at 3pm on Saturday’s? The money in that would be insane and probably widen the gap of top flight and lower leagues. It just seems the natural step. What kind of protections are there against that happening?

Also what population of the UK have Sky now? Is it still a must for sports or is it becoming diversified as well? I was just curious as the last 5 years everything has changed here but when I lived in the UK, Sky was always king. I remember buying something called Now TV to stream some Footy the other year when I was back for a few weeks so I assume everything is following suit?

YouTube TV is the best recent thing to hit the market, free cloud included in the subscription as well for any recordings. Don’t think it’s outside the US yet though.
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So two days of above 35 degrees up coming in the UK
at 07:40 17 Jul 2022

And the media is reporting ambulances might catch fire, LOL!

They can’t get enough of hysteria. I was in the UK for 6 weeks last summer and literally didn’t see the Sun. August was god awful. This is going to last 48 hours!

Of course climate change needs to be addressed globally but the absolute melt down (exude the pun) is a bit ridiculous. Look out for the people that need it and make sure they are ok in advance goes without saying. Many places deal with this week in week our every summer. It was 41 here for for 4 days in a row in June.

BBC’s highest earner extra vocal again, while a lot of people in his circles I’m sure have a bigger carbon footprint than the average UK family.

Get the BBQ out and have a beer!
So as an unvaccinated visitor Djokovic won’t be able to play in the US open
at 18:19 10 Jul 2022

- One of the healthiest men on the planet
- Vaccinated people still get it
- Vaccinated people still transmit it
- Rules don’t apply to citizens or residents who can travel freely whatever their vaccine status

No option to test out of it either. Make it make sense…!
Wishing everyone a healthy and happy weekend!
at 16:19 2 Jul 2022

Including all my favorite posters that never see eye to eye with me, life’s too short to spend it arguing on a message board after all.

Enjoy the down time and unwind.

About to work out, grab lunch and then I’m off to the baseball in the early evening and might even enjoy a birthday beverage or two in this fine 26 degree weather. I’ll also take the rare Monday off.

Up the Town.

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World Cup host cities 2026 for anyone that cares
at 21:52 20 Jun 2022

Not sure if anyone saw the confirmed list for four years time but interesting that there’s no;

- Chicago
- Denver
- Vegas
- Nashville

Two Texas stadiums, one of which is in the middle of nowhere, one stadium in Santa Clara, no where near the city and a small market like Kansas City with no international flights and not that much hotel capacity. I read into why Chicago and Vegas didn’t and it bid was rather interesting what FIFA demand of host cities these days. Vegas had no interest, even with that brand new stadium.

Nashville stadium is a brilliant location for bars. Chicago the third largest city in the country and a great city in the summer and I’d take Denver over KC all day.

48 teams I believe, so hopefully we make it!
Ah so airports across Europe are a mess this summer it appears
at 18:15 18 Jun 2022

I guess everyone cheering on international restrictions for two years while happily working on their laptops to are now going to be all angry when it takes them 5 hours to get their luggage this summer.

Funny how that all works when an industry gets decimated eh.
Couple of decent questions from last nights Trivia
at 13:49 16 Jun 2022

That’s pub quiz to you and me.

Name the 5 EU cities that are not capitals with a population over 1M….

The largest margin of victory in a World Cup is 9 goals. One nation has achieved that feat twice but also not qualified since 1986… Name the country

We were doing quite well until the entertainment round.
Hold onto your butts
at 03:32 12 Jun 2022

Here comes the correction. Anyone who has been following the markets closely knows that when the Feds turned the tap off things were going to get interesting. I have been very curious about the US housing market thoughoutt the craziness.

I think we could be in for another 2008 in some respects. Although the global financial systems are not at as much risk compared to the ridiculousness of the sub prime days, peoples property values certainly are. Not sure if same could be said for the UK but it but starting to already see some similarities, happening faster than many people thought. I wouldn't call it a bubble but it's not been far off.

It was far too easy to borrow money in an unstable world.

Every man and his dog decided to leave the city in 2020, interest rates went to 0.5% and the sunbelt boomed with work from home workers. I predicted at the time it was unsubstainable. I suspect people championing work from home might be singing a different tune in a few years when they see how replaceable they are but that's another topic. They will be the first to sell their houses when interest rates spike, inflation hits home and the 401k they took out for that downpayment without penalty now has tax due on it. I don't think people will default but I do think a lot will try and get out of their loans quickly.

I am sure it as been similar in the UK but houses were not lasting an hour on the market, the basic supply and demand during the pandemic was insane. However, there is really interesting data especially over here right now spells out big trouble.

- Home prices are higher relative to income wages than 2007 in many markets
- Austin/Phoenix and many other places could see a 40% correction coming
- The feds actually purchased $3 trillion in mortgage backed securities during quantitive easing

All this combined with inflation huge COL increase means very interesting times ahead. Those who waited it out to buy during covid will be the smart ones. I think people lives during the pandemic were so turned upside down they lost a sense of reality. People seemed convinced they will be able to work in the middle of nowhere forever on New York wages. It just doesn't work like that.

Having quite a few friends who lost their jobs and done the 'real estate" thing over the last year they all seem a bit worried. Obviously the US market rather affects the global markets so let's all hope the best I guess.

Are we seeing similar patterns in the UK?
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at 18:22 29 May 2022

I watched a CBS documentary yesterday about one of their football reporters from Brooklyn, he had Italian heritage, his dad arrived as an immigrant 50 years or so ago. The network sent him to Italy for a month touring the country, going to Serie A and national games (including the loss to N Macedonia).

I’ve been a few times myself, including a trip to Sicily but not seen anywhere near enough of the place. What an absolutely stunning country with so much to offer. Culture, beaches, food, sports, climate, scenery and just the lifestyle. Unfortunately, historically corruption seems to be at the heart of it all. I can only assume that’s why there is literally no new stadiums in the country which stops them hosting a major tournament? They haven’t had a sniff since 1990 if memory serves?

I was in Rome for England v Ukraine last summer and what a city to go for a football match (especially as it was only ex pats and not 50k England fans in town). But the stadium and facilities are so so dated. I guess they’re not holding a tournament anytime soon. Shame as what a summer that could be. Anyone on here make it to 1990? I know they put us on Sardinia for the entire group stage.
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Canelo absolutely outclassed
at 06:21 8 May 2022

Don’t punch above your weight - I guess that saying really does hold merit.
A meaningful PL game and the final round of the Masters
at 14:49 10 Apr 2022

Not a bad Sunday afternoon. Off to enjoy breakfast and a few pints of the black stuff, hopefully accompanied by some fake Liverpool fans looking glum.

Would be nice to see a couple of twists and turns in the golf as well. Only a 3 shot lead now I believe.

Happy Sunday TWTD posters, yes to all of you!
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Took a deep dive into the analytics and I have worked out what the problem is!
at 22:12 2 Apr 2022

We are not scoring enough goals to win football matches.

Joking aside as positive as everyone is under KM and I still believe we have truly got our man, we really struggle to create if teams stick 8 or 9 behind the ball. Something is missing there. Outside of the Morecambe game it's not like our strikers are missing dozens of chances. Interestingly our best effort was a ball over the top that Norwood chested down and struck. As pretty as it has looked at times, are we overplaying with this neat and tidy stuff?

Sometimes to beat them you've got to get on their level a bit. Either way, forgetting what happened under Cook and taking out the dropped points against the sides around us recently, to just score 1 goal in must win games against Chelt/Morecambe/Cambridge isn't going to get it done in a playoff race.

Other teams are giving the bad teams pasting here or there and one goal against should not be death sentence against Cambridge, that's worrying. Still confident it will come good next year.

At least have a World Cup to look forward to this summer. Oh, thanks Fifa.
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England USA on Black Friday
at 18:38 1 Apr 2022

That will be a fun TG holiday this year. We better smash them, it was bad enough in 2014 when they got out of the group and we didn't. We have moved on from the Rob Green days though!
at 16:56 27 Mar 2022

Does he get his place back? That’s debatable now for me.
What’s done is done from earlier in the season
at 18:06 26 Mar 2022

but if we get 6 points from the next 2, which I think we will, how far back do people anticipate we will be from 6th? I think we will narrowly miss out but there clearly is still hope yet. Some of these teams will stumble at some point and a few play each other yet.
Who would you play up front today?
at 13:24 26 Mar 2022

I thought Bonne was excellent when he came on last week, does he get the nod? Curious to see how he plays it against a form team.
Plane Crash MU5735
at 16:08 21 Mar 2022

China Eastern . Much improved record over there since the 1990s and a new plane. Was 737-800 series which most global airlines operate (not a max). Inverted apparently and dropped 20,000 ft in two minutes.

Not good
Without looking it up; Who were the last non top flight team to win the FA Cup?
at 21:57 20 Mar 2022

I couldn’t believe how long it had been. Considering everyone says PL clubs haven’t really taken it too seriously the last ten years or so it’s interesting to note which sides make up most of our finals.

Liverpool, Chelsea and City, 3 of the final 4 standing. League cup final, Liverpool v Chelsea.

Parity is so dead in English football.
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