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History buffs, World War enthusiasts, Documentary lovers, please check this out.
at 23:09 4 Dec 2017

An old friend of mine is taking on a huge project and needs your help, check out the trailer and read about the project on the link below.

John's a very passionate archeologist and a bloody good bloke too, he's dedicated years of his young life to supporting war veterans and I know this project means a lot to him.

Look East we're kind enough to have him as a guest a few weeks ago and he's been hitting the press hard in search of support to help him complete the project and find Patrick's boat.

He's a Bury St Edmunds boy, not big into football but if asked who his team was he'd certainly say Ipswich Town.
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I'm off to Prague next weekend with the missus...
at 21:07 4 Dec 2017

Any one been before?

I'm hoping it's not going to be exclusively Christmas markets and tat.
Aaron Cresswell
at 17:09 3 Dec 2017

Playing as a left sided centre back in part of a back three tonight against Manchester City.

West Ham United currently 1-0 up, that surely won't last, will it?!
30% possession today...
at 20:38 2 Dec 2017

Where's the bloke that claimed teams who can't dominate possession don't score goals?

Hot knife through butter, COYB!
at 23:32 1 Dec 2017

Thought I'd have a browse at Black Friday deals on Amazon before bed...
at 00:13 24 Nov 2017

Nothing to write home about unless you're after one of those devices that spy on you in your own home.
You can pick up an 'echo dot' for just over £30 now, that puts them in the reach of almost everyone, I guess before long it'll be considered weird to not have one in your house.
After reading all about how Google use the data they collect from their devices and the way in which it technically violates Google's own terms and conditions but nobody seems to give a monkeys I'm even more suspect of these devices.

How long until are toilets are recording the length and diameter of our turds just so they can sell the data to other companies for their own statistical analysis?

Is anything or anywhere private anymore?

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I bet TWTD have some opinions on this...
at 13:44 21 Nov 2017

I'm cringing throughout this interview, outstanding.
Reminds me of David Brent's 'biddly-bong' and a can of Lilt.
Watching 'Labour - The Summer that Changed Everything" on the BBC...
at 00:01 21 Nov 2017

There's still 25 minutes or so to go but I can't express just how much I'm enjoying watching the colour dash from Kinnock's face as he watches the results come in and he realises that Corbyn is king and he is cr@p.

Interesting programme so far, really shows how narrow minded and limited the party was in their thinking about how Corbyn opened up demographics and energised people.

Makes you realise why the Conservatives were so sure it was going to be a cake walk when you listen to some of the New Labour bellends whine on about Jeremy.

Sean Dyche, the low block, is football entertainment? anti-football.
at 12:19 20 Nov 2017

Superb podcast about Burnley's tactics and the surrounding idea of there being an alleged 'lesser' way of playing the game as well as thoughts on the idea of football being considered entertainment by supporters.
Are results more important than style of play? Is there a balance between the two?
Do you spend all your time watching the ball when you go to a game?

*the first few minutes is a bit of house keepinh as the website has recently changed name, skip forwards to the jazz flute for the start of the podcast*

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Intermittent chirping of smoke detector.
at 08:11 18 Nov 2017

Since around 3am our smoke detector upstairs has been sounding off a little chirp every 40/50 seconds.

I'm not good with this stuff but my guess is that the battery is running out and needs replacing?
Would have done it last night but didn't fancy getting on the step ladder on the stairs all drowsy in the middle of the night...
My wife's answer was to hit it with the handle of a broom, this sent the alarm off properly for a few minutes much to my dismay, also she ingeniously managed to blame me for this daft action.

Anyway, just looking for clarification from TWTD DIY savvy elder statesmen. It's the battery, right?
meme wars, internet culture and the 'alt right'
at 23:50 15 Nov 2017

I've been doing a lot of reading lately about the influence of websites like 4chan and individuals like Richard Spencer who are pushing the alt right movement in the USA.

Check out this great lecture, really eye opening, well worth listening to.

Poppy watch, the mood is tense...
at 07:20 8 Nov 2017
Computer Nerds, I beg a moment of your time...
at 17:57 6 Nov 2017

Does any one have any experience of recording gameplay from an Xbox One?
I know they technically record upto 10 minutes of game play using the consoles DVR but I'm looking at recording longer videos.

Am I going to need a capture card? I've heard about these things but have no idea how to use them, is it relatively simple?

I'd be using a Macbook to edit on, does this complicate issues? I'd just use something basic like moviemaker or whatever the software on the laptop already is.

We're investing in an Xbox One this Christmas as the missus is getting excited for the new Jurassic World game and I've been living in the past with my 360 with ever decreasing numbers to challenge on FIFA for quite some time, I'm also rather looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront 2 and fancy showing the whole internet how cr@p I am at various games.

Many thanks in advance!
Rommers mate, do you prefer a shower or a bath?
at 21:42 4 Nov 2017

Regardless, I've got a feeling you're going to be taking a few more baths in the future...
Who's finished Stranger Things 2?
at 22:51 1 Nov 2017

Watched the finale tonight, out-bloody-standing TV.

The acceptable face of memberberrie-esqe nostalgia and referencing.
[Post edited 1 Nov 22:52]
I hate to question a man's integrity...
at 01:22 1 Nov 2017

but did anyone else wonder if with the selections Mick made he was purposefully giving Warnock something of a softball?

I don't think many would have predicted that Tommy Smith, Flynn Downes, Grant Ward, Kevin Bru would start tonight...

Libero's Manager shortlist...
at 12:29 23 Oct 2017

In no particular order...

Danny Cowley - Lincoln City
Paul Tisdale - Exeter City
Darrell Clarke - Bristol Rovers
Gareth Ainsworth - Wycombe Wanderers
Nathan Jones - Luton Town
Neal Ardley - AFC Wimbledon
Gerard Nash - Ipswich Town Under 23's
Nigel Pearson - OH Leuven
Graham Potter - Ostersunds
[Post edited 24 Oct 8:24]
Lord Lucan and RKD look away now...
at 13:11 20 Oct 2017

Andy Marshall on crossing the divide...
at 11:15 18 Oct 2017

I hope someone manages to upload the full documentary online, does anyone know if Sky have any plans to show it again before Sunday?

Watching tonight's Newsnight, the opening story about 'safe spaces' has me SMH
at 23:37 17 Oct 2017

- safe spaces, micro aggressions, trigger warnings.

What a bunch of w@nkers.

They may think they're being progressive and academic but in reality they're being anything but!

Thought Evan Davis directed the discussion well after the VT and that the BBC offered a very good variety of opinions on the subject, but Christ, what a time to be alive...
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