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I’m surprised at the level of negativity about Hawkins.
at 21:46 13 Aug 2020

He will do well here.
Here's one for all you business owners/potential fraudsters...
at 11:06 11 Aug 2020

If you're the owner of a business that's participating in the "eat out to help out" scheme, what exactly is stopping you from putting through a bunch of fictional meal receipts, dropping the requisite amount of your own money into the till and claiming back the percentage due from the government?

Free money, no?

[Post edited 11 Aug 11:06]
Alan Quinn Podcast
at 14:40 3 Aug 2020

Have we all given up on finding a way of listening to it?

Did anyone actually offer an accurate summary of what was said?

Surprised you didn't run a story on it Phil, gentleman's agreement?
What hope have we got against Coronavirus when...
at 14:28 27 Jul 2020

I've washed my hands 4 times since I ate a pack of Roast Chicken crisps at lunch, yet my fingers still smell absolutely delicious.

[Post edited 27 Jul 14:35]
Man tries to claim nonexistent alternative context to disgusting bigotry.
at 20:17 24 Jul 2020

What an absolute blow hard coward, what is with these weirdos?!

Rupert Murdoch BBC Documentary series
at 11:15 23 Jul 2020

Any one else been watching this?

I've really enjoyed it, nothing in it is "new" per say, but it beautifully illustrates grip that Murdoch has held over British politics for decades and lays out in chronological order the inappropriately close relations between state and media and exposes the disgusting tactics employed by news international employees.

Next weeks episode steps into Brexit/Steve Banon/Trump territory.
[Post edited 23 Jul 11:16]
Kanye West - mental health issues
at 11:05 22 Jul 2020

I know the popular opinion from those who have a purely surface level knowledge of the man is that he's "just a d1ck head", but I find him quite a captivating individual. Musical genius aside, I especially find the reporting around him and his mental health issues interesting.

There's a long list of pain and trauma that Kanye's suffered in his life,
probably most notably his Mother passing away after complications from a cosmetic surgery that Kanye funded...
He's clearly a very complex individual that not only has his own highs and lows to negotiate but does so through the "Kardashian" gaze which will not only distort his reality when healthy but serve to further distance him from reality at times of an episode and augment events/people/situations/etc.

In my opinion Kanye West is a victim of regular manipulation and exploitation.
In the media in particular it appears that depending on the circumstance the MO is to mock his struggles and play his pain for laughs or potentially belittle and condescend him at times of mental health crisis.
Trump is clearly using him currently for nonferrous means regarding the election and while it's clear that he's going through something really difficult at the moment I've seen some pretty distasteful reporting over the last few days regarding West's latest public struggle.

What do the board think?
Is it okay to play peoples deepest darkest struggles for laughs and then wring our hands at how sad it is? Can you call someone "just a d1ck head" while also condescending them by making judgements about their capability as a functioning member of society?

Interested to hear what the general consensus is on how he's portrayed.
[Post edited 22 Jul 11:10]
Right wing radicalisation of former veterans
at 18:46 20 Jul 2020


Interesting piece written in September 2019.

Page 9, The United Kingdom, in case anyone wants to fast forward to “us”
It’s suggested the threat of this in the UK is significantly less than the USA, which I’m not sure is as reassuring as you’d like it to be.

I remember being shown this in my last lot of PREVENT training, It’s part of what the armed forces use to identify extremism from within...

Disturbingly I’ve seen a few individuals on TWTD display these behaviours/say these phrases from this chart in the past.
[Post edited 20 Jul 18:51]
Teddy Bishop is 24 years old today...
at 15:07 15 Jul 2020

He's been playing in the first team for six seasons, made 87 League appearances and averages a full 90 minutes less than once a season.

Always makes me chuckle when I see people listing him in their starting elevens.

He's back to full fitness next month though...

at 20:15 10 Jul 2020

Starting a thread about cancel culture and how a classic comedy from 20 years ago would be too much for the snowflakes today to take, only to report a direct quote from said show as abuse and have the person’s posts pulled from the thread in question...

He’s thrown a kettle over a pub, what have you done?
I didn’t realise Joe Royle and son are involved at Wigan...
at 23:01 9 Jul 2020

I just listened to this Tifo podcast explaining the whole bizarre situation, blow by blow.

Turns out Joe and son, Darren, are involved in the early stages...
[Post edited 9 Jul 23:01]
"I was there when Cole Skuse scored"
at 12:31 7 Jul 2020

I remember someone doing a line of T-Shirts when Skuse got a wonder goal once upon a time? Does any one know if you can still purchase these anywhere? Or does any one have one in good condition that they wouldn't mind flogging?
"Lockdown a disaster for problem gamblers"
at 12:08 29 Jun 2020


You mean to say that all those "professionals" betting on the Hawaiian table tennis and Belarusian football might not have the insight that they think they do?
Food for thought after yesterday’s lengthy discussion...
at 07:25 22 Jun 2020

Should we engage or ignore?

Interesting experiences shared and points made in this article from the BBC website this morning that reflects various things I’ve seen on TWTD in recent weeks.

[Post edited 22 Jun 7:36]
"Working from home" moan
at 09:49 18 Jun 2020

It should go without saying that I am of course incredibly grateful to be in safe employment currently but I'm really bloody fed up of working at home.

I've worked roles previously where I've had the option for home working and I've always enjoyed it, taking advantage to either crack down on a piece of work or take my foot off the pedal a bit when needed.

However this feels like something completely foreign to previous experiences.
I just can't shake the feeling that I haven't worked hard enough/done enough - this is despite my line manager repeatedly stating she's very happy with my contribution.

I'm lucky in that I get to go to the office twice a week but the days I'm working from home are as much a mental challenge as they are a professional one currently.
Mrs. Libero is working from home also 3 days a week, two of those cross over with when I'm working from home, this obviously presents challenges as our childcare is currently shielding.

Such a blurring of personal and professional time at the moment, it's not good for someone like me who requires a clear cut off in order to allow myself to relax.

I'm just interested to hear other's experiences of working from home currently, I'm sure many people are experiencing issues that are in some way similar.
[Post edited 18 Jun 9:50]
UK BLM protest images
at 07:19 8 Jun 2020

I’m having a look through various photos and videos from the UK protests over the weekend, there’s some really powerful and moving images and unlike most “awareness” campaigns I’m pretty sure this is going to create real change in public mindset as well as tangible change moving forwards for BAME people.

However, I can’t look at the protests in London in particular without feeling a queasy discomfort at the closeness of proximity of so, so, so many people in one place.

I fully support everyone’s right to protest, I’m right behind the movement and I understand why those who are angry are justifiably angry but I am concerned about the potential of a second peak being accelerated by the sheer number of people and the closeness of proximity between them.

It’s a bit difficult for me to square away that anxiety without feeling like I’m being a bit subversive.
Is it reasonable?
[Post edited 8 Jun 7:28]
Ipswich Black Lives Matters Protest, 14:00 tomorrow, Christchurch Park
at 14:22 5 Jun 2020

Mate of mine who now lives in Oz just posted this online.

Thought I'd pass on the good word.
[Post edited 5 Jun 14:40]
Shout out to all the pious berks on Instagram
at 15:21 2 Jun 2020

telling people to remove the black lives matters hashtag from their blackout posts.
It appears to always be a variation of "take out the black lives matter hashtag, you're blocking educational content" - Instagram, educational content?!
God lord.

What an outstanding coalition of tw@ts, cringey, the whole thing.

Any way, next week I'm going to start a a campaign, Icebucket challenge to combat human trafficking, anyone? Gonna really stick it to them.
Paranoia enhanced by experiencing Covid-19
at 15:06 2 Jun 2020

I've been told that it's a particularly 'bad year' for hayfever sufferers, I've no idea how valid a statement that is, it sounds like something trite that I hear repeated most years but I must admit that ever since experiencing the virus I have been waking up most mornings with hayfever like symptoms and often around this time in the afternoon find myself getting a rather sore throat. I've never previously suffered from hayfever...

I've spoken to the Doctor, who appears unworried and has attributed it to hayfever but the anxiety levels are bubbling away nicely despite being controllable right now.

Anyway, it's got me thinking.
Come November/December once enough time has gone by for me to be concerned about any potential immunity wearing off I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be hyper vigilant with any cold or flu like symptoms and that my anxiety and paranoia levels with be somewhat enhanced.

Something's going to happen before then? Right? We're not going to have to lock ourselves away for two weeks every time we get a sniffle, are we?
[Post edited 2 Jun 15:12]
Nice to see the local pond scum are outing themselves...
at 14:32 1 Jun 2020

on the clubs latest Instagram post.

What an embarrassment.
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