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This swearing thing...
at 18:16 19 Feb 2018

I notice that rather conveniently nobody has cried about Luke Chambers flipping V's at the Norwich City supporters when he celebrated his goal...
Mick McCarthy say's a naughty word and it might have been directed at "us" :'(
at 14:23 18 Feb 2018

Talk about an over reaction...
Who's had a flutter on today?
at 09:01 18 Feb 2018

We're almost certainly going to see a tight and boring game where we defend solidly but are ultimately undone with a moment of quality, but what with it being the derby I felt I'd loosen the purse strings.

I've got a fiver on Ipswich to win, Garner to have 2+ shots and Connolly to win 2+ tackles at 18/1

Seen a few have got on the Knudsen any time goalscorer hype, I would have put another 50p down if they were offering the kind of odds quoted with who I placed my bet!

Have any others had a dabble today who wouldn't usually?

Has anyone committed the cardinal sin of betting against us?!
Hector Bellerin Oxford Union Q&A
at 12:13 17 Feb 2018

Just watched this, was really impressed with him. Obviously an intelligent and level headed young man.

He made quite an interesting comment on 'Arsenal Fan TV' too, asking how people can consider themselves 'fans' when their success is built on tearing the team down.

I like him.

Imagine being 'offended' by this...
at 07:42 12 Feb 2018

les bleus documentaire; une autre histoire de France -documentary recommendation
at 20:15 1 Feb 2018

Tonight the missus is out celebrating a friends birthday so I curled up in my comfy chair and put this on, it's currently streaming on netflix.

What an incredible footballing and political story, I thought I had a fair grasp of what the 1998 World Cup meant for France as a nation but I had no idea about the failed friendly with Algeria after 9/11 and how the next 20 years contextually played out, ultimately leading to events such as losing to Sengal at the 2002 world cup, Zidane's headbutt and the Anelka situation as well as seismic political and cultural shifts in France that ran in correlation as well as various terror attacks such as Charlie Hebdo, etc.

I highly recommend this to anyone that's interested in the marriage between football and politics.

Although I appreciate it's completely different it has left me pondering about our own current political battles in football with groups such as the FLA and how our nations identity in both a footballing and political sense is less than clear currently.
The recent history of Muslim extremist attacks in our countries certainly encourages a degree of parallel drawing.

Personally I love this political, cultural and sociological side of the game just as much as the game itself, football really is incredible and creates awe inspiring stories of human strength, unity, love and resilience.

Has anyone else on the board watched it?
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Interesting piece on the BBC website this morning about the 2017 election.
at 07:50 29 Jan 2018

I can't remember which poster it was but someone on here was adamant when I claimed that Corbyn's voters were not just students and young people that they were...
I've thought for quite some time now...
at 17:39 26 Jan 2018

Mick McCarthy bangs on and on about social media, supporters views and what might please or displease people so often that I really believe that he actually reads various titbits of guff, be that on here, comments on the EADT page or Twiter, etc.

It's a bit coincidental how he's always tapped into what the current consensus is yet simultaneously makes repeated claims that he's not bothered about social media, etc.

It's a case of 'the lady doth protest too much' in my opinion.
"The Shed - Dulwich"
at 22:39 22 Jan 2018

Outstanding japes!

Just goes to show A) what a load of toss 'tripadvisor' and the like really is and B) people in London really will eat anything and spend £££'s if they think it's exclusive/ironic/hip/trendy/quirky, w@nkers.

Just to add to the Tommy Smith speculation...
at 23:06 6 Jan 2018

I was having a browse through Colorado Rapids' squad and noticed two unfamiliar names.

Kip Colvey and Deklan Wynne, both Defenders, both signed for the 2018 season, both New Zealand internationals...
[Post edited 6 Jan 23:09]
We're in desperate need of a takeover...
at 17:52 6 Jan 2018

Any one know any super wealthy Ipswich Town supporters?

No, not Ed f*****g Sheeran, I mean actual supporters...
[Post edited 6 Jan 17:52]
I know nothing about today's game other than...
at 16:30 6 Jan 2018

The score and what I've read on the BBC Football page.

Skuse is on the bench? I'm assuming he's still recovering from injury? Seems odd.
I notice the young lad from Ireland is also on the bench from the off!

Can't say I'm too surprised to see us 1-0 looking at our line up, genuinely doesn't look Championship standard in my opinion.

Still, here's hoping we can push in this next twenty minutes and get something out of the game.
FIFA 18 on Xbox One...
at 16:47 5 Jan 2018

Any of you gorps play? I've enjoyed playing as Ipswich so far, counter attacking as a holding 4-4-2 with Waggy and Garner upfront, Celina and Ward on the flanks, Skuse and Connolly patrolling the midfield and your standard back line from this season.

Usually bring on McGoldrick or Huws to open the game up a bit and Adeyemi to solidify if I'm holding onto a result.

Currently league 5 in Seasons, always looking for people to beat in friendly competition though, post or PM me your gamer tag if you fancy a game.

The Muppet Christmas Carol
at 15:31 24 Dec 2017

Is the greatest Christmas film of all time.

It's on channel 4 this afternoon if any of you wrong un's haven't ever seen it! Enjoy!
Watching Chelsea Vs Bournemouth
at 20:17 20 Dec 2017

This 17 year old lad, Ethan Ampadu is impressing me!

I'd heard he was decent but he's playing a very classy deep lying playmaker/half-back/libero role. Very classy indeed, maturity well beyond his years!
[Post edited 20 Dec 2017 20:18]
The new series of the league of gentlemen is great!
at 10:18 20 Dec 2017

Just watched the first two episodes, they've absolutely nailed it. Really looking forward to the rest of the season, would have been easy to balls up but really enjoyed it.

Proper rank and unsettling at points, perfect.
Cheese advice...
at 10:37 18 Dec 2017

I purchased a plethora of cheese for boxing day just over a week or so ago and it's been honking out the fridge something chronic.

Now, I thought brie kind of didn't go off? It just matured? However I'm starting to suspect from the stench that maybe I'm taking it a bit far.

After inspecting the best before date I discovered that technically it had passed, after a bit of research on google it suggested that I can consume it up to two weeks after the best before date but should be careful there after.

It will be 13 days over it's best before date come Boxing Day, that's fine? right?
I seem to remember my Dad keeping brie in the bloody cupboard for weeks on end, literally cutting bits of mould off and still eating it! - he is rum old boy mind you...

Cheers in advance cheese fans. xoxo
[Post edited 18 Dec 2017 10:42]
Cole Skuse top interceptor in Europe.
at 13:30 15 Dec 2017

I thought he was rubbish? Doesn't do anything? Anyone can do what he does?

I bloody love Skusey, well done that man on such a superb season, long may it continue!
Old acquaintance of mine is the sidekick on a podcast with Ricky Gervais...
at 10:20 13 Dec 2017

I'm now giving it a spin, so forgive me if it's cr@p. Nozza usually does a decent podcast with this chap though!

[Post edited 13 Dec 2017 10:21]
History buffs, World War enthusiasts, Documentary lovers, please check this out.
at 23:09 4 Dec 2017

An old friend of mine is taking on a huge project and needs your help, check out the trailer and read about the project on the link below.

John's a very passionate archeologist and a bloody good bloke too, he's dedicated years of his young life to supporting war veterans and I know this project means a lot to him.

Look East we're kind enough to have him as a guest a few weeks ago and he's been hitting the press hard in search of support to help him complete the project and find Patrick's boat.

He's a Bury St Edmunds boy, not big into football but if asked who his team was he'd certainly say Ipswich Town.
[Post edited 4 Dec 2017 23:23]
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