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Garden advice request (GAR)
at 09:36 14 Jun 2019

This place seems to have a few savvy gardeners, so here's a story and a question.

My greenhouse tomatoes (two different varieties) are all stunted/curled/twisted after about eighteen inches or so of good growth. This applies to leaves and stems, which look otherwise OK (nice colour, and lack of blotchiness etc).

A bit of of poke about on the RHS site strongly suggests that this is herbicide damage, and although I'm pretty sure there's not been anybody spraying that crap round here, I do have a mechanism for the contamination; I put a small amount of horsesh*t I had picked up on a bike ride into my compost in early spring.

Now I know that you should really leave manure for a year or so before you use it, but as it was such a small amount I took a chance. The fresh compost goes into cleaned fish boxes in the greenhouse (to isolate from any build of disease over the years). I guess that the initial growth was OK, until the expanding root system found the manure. Lesson learned.

Question: Has anyone had a similar thing and had the plants recover enough to set fruit? RHS suggests that the plants may recover with feeding (and mulching?) and that the fruit is safe to eat. I'm going to pick up a few potential replacement plants, but it may be a bit late to replant now, especially if there's a chance the affected plants might recover.
Anyone else watching State of Origin?
at 11:06 5 Jun 2019

If so, who are you on?
Nicky Hampbell
at 09:18 3 Jun 2019

It seems rather apt that Nicky Campbell has just made the classic slip of the tongue when naming the Foreign Secretary live on Radio 5 while covering the arrival of Donald Crump.
Genetically engineered interventions
at 09:06 31 May 2019 (link fixed)

This sort of thing just seems so desperately risky.

As technical capabilities rapidly advance, are we kidding ourselves that we have even a reasonable chance of controlling the consequences? One mistake, one unforeseen mutation and it really could be Goodnight Vienna.

I would have thought that a fungus (as a carrier) would itself be effectively immortal in the environment? I guess the toxin itself would probably be incapable of mutation within the fungus, but is the belief that it 'only' affects mosquitoes enough?

Edit: Of course, it's the fungus itself which is supposed to be mosquito-specific...

'The researchers say their aim is not to make the insects extinct but to help stop the spread of malaria.'

'Tests also showed the fungus was specific to these mosquitoes and did not affect other insects such as bees.'
[Post edited 31 May 9:51]
Stuart Watson's tweet quite funny...
at 14:28 5 May 2019

'FT: #itfc 3 (three) #lufc 2'
Greta Thunberg...
at 18:03 23 Apr 2019

...absolute inspiration.
On a lighter note...
at 15:57 20 Apr 2019

Which of these rozzers thinks the stupid bu99ers should all just go home?

Also, does he lead Her Majesty's Official Opposition in his spare time?
Do you intend to watch the Attenborough documentary tonight?
at 12:47 18 Apr 2019

Do you intend to watch the Attenborough documentary tonight?

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140 litres per day
at 10:10 19 Mar 2019

Those figures for the average bod are amazing:

Bathroom: 56L - perhaps a shower and how many bloody hand washes!?
Bog: 31L - understandable, unfortunately (piss outside when you can!)
'Cold water': 31L - drinking, cooking, what else?
Washing machine: 13L - apparently a load uses 30-70L so a personal load every 2 to 5 days makes sense I suppose.

UK population to grow by another 8 million by 2050: well, hopefully not.

It's not my fault, because I cry about 140 litres a day when I think about what ALL of us are STILL doing to the world, whilst we squabble about relative trivialities.
BBC left wing bias
at 17:45 9 Mar 2019

"[WBA] had a string of chances to seal the points in the first half"
"[Town] held on for a point"
"Bialkowksi was instrumental in Ipswich's resistance"
"Town could have snatched an unlikely win through Kayden Jackson"

At least 52% say Town bossed that game today, yet all we hear is Baggies, Baggies, Baggies.


Pleasing acronyms
at 20:56 5 Dec 2018
Dr Marc Pacifico, a consultant plastic surgeon from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), said dermal fillers are a "complete wild west in the UK".
Any signs of progress?
at 11:00 22 Nov 2018

Climate change: Warming gas concentrations at new record high
Not surprising is it, but the older I get, the less I understand the dominant species on this planet.

What's your basic position?

---A--- It isn't real, don't worry about it.
---B--- It might be real, I don't care, I'll just enjoy myself.
---C--- Technology will save the world.
---D--- If we all change our behaviour we can do it. Rule by the prudent can displace rule by the greedy, worldwide.
---E--- Only large-scale human population reduction could possibly save the world. Everything else is window dressing, flannel and an excuse not to face the cold hard facts, however depressing they may be.
---F--- I'm scared, I don't want to think about it. Why did you post this?

Or something else?
Today on freecycle...
at 13:21 6 Nov 2018

WANTED: One condescending tumble dryer

That was a coffee-spurter
[Post edited 6 Nov 2018 13:22]
OT: Reliable Li ion battery suppliers?
at 16:36 25 Sep 2018

Looking into buying 18650 batteries and USB charger for bike torch and its a minefield! The 18650 spec seems not to be a real spec, with different lengths which may or may not fit your device.
Seems like a lot of the batteries available on Amazon could be dodgy re-brands so I was wondering if anyone has good advice for a reliable UK supplier? Cheers.
at 23:36 21 Sep 2018 all 'changes' have to be made in the direction of 'up' these days?

Similarly, when did a load which had been shed, presumably from a lorry on a road, cease being a shed load, and become a shedload?

I think there are also other things like this which get on my goat, Godber.

I'm grumpy tonight.
Has a keeper played as an outfield player?
at 09:25 20 Sep 2018

Obviously outfield players have played in goal, particularly in the good old days of one sub (or no subs), or if all subs have been used and a keeper sent off, but can anyone remember a sub keeper coming on for an outfield player, or even a keeper swapping with an outfield player? Is this even allowed?

Not a pi55 take, just a question engendered by a comment on another thread, and I'm talking about pro football, not non-league or parks football - we've all been there!
Rhodes on Chambers
at 10:55 3 Sep 2018

At the time it looked like a clash of heads, but just looking at the highlights for the first time, you can see that Rhodes led with the elbow into Chambers' gnashers. Not saying it was intentional, but doubling over and looking like he might be injured himself might have saved his bacon there. Happens all the time I know, but had that been the other way round with the way things have gone recently could have been our third red in three.

Whinge over.
at 17:43 2 Sep 2018

Of course the lack of a win yet is concerning, as are the lack of goals and maybe the compromise in formation and personnel today. But given the overwhelming changes at the club, which were arguably vital given the stagnancy we had, being in this position after the first month was always likely or even inevitable.

What we do definitely have in our favour compared to other teams currently near the bottom of the table, is headroom in this team's performance levels and consistency, as players get used to each other all over the pitch, and grow into the system(s) we play.

I've personally seen enough positive signs scattered amongst these first few games to be at least cautiously optimistic that we can build something good here. Good enough to be safe this season, and better next.

What we as fans need most now is the unfashionable trait of patience.
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