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Many thanks to our esteemed closet Town fan yellowrider!
at 13:12 21 Feb 2024

Presume this is you too? Cheers, dude.

(We've all done it.)
Trident test fire failure
at 10:08 21 Feb 2024

'The missile's booster rockets failed and it landed in the sea close to the launch site, according to the Sun, which first reported the malfunction.'

Maybe we should sell Putin a nice little rowing boat and invite him to come and laugh at our rusty old sub, then hope that if it all kicks off and he's close enough the bloody thing might land on his head!
That was horrible, we were horrible, but...
at 21:57 20 Feb 2024 have to say Rotherham were excellent at what they do, and they were far, far better on the ball than I think we expected too. Coming through that we'll learn from.
Some good news
at 21:54 19 Feb 2024

Very cool: trees stalling effects of global heating in eastern US, study finds

We shouldn't be giving up just yet, but we have to do everything we can to try to put the brakes on, and we have to do it right now.
Hutchinson's progress.
at 17:30 17 Feb 2024

Hutch's all round game is really improving under KMc, is it not? Chelsea should be incredibly grateful. Hutch use his small frame brilliantly to lever their defender off the ball and put that through for Broady.
In honour of Lord Lucan and his newly acquired wall art...
at 15:26 16 Feb 2024

I have a picture, pinned to my wall,
An image of young Roger Osborne,
At Wembley, he's scoring a goal,

And now we've got Kieffer, he's seven foot tall,
We sing and we chant, as we watch our Blue Army,
Destroying them all,

Oh-oh, Kieffer Moore,
Whoa, score one goal,
Score two or three,
Town's in my soul,
Town's in my soul.

Looking forward to a Baggie Friday, and Muff Saturday lunch. (n/t)
at 23:32 14 Feb 2024

Hope Al-Hamadi gets a good run out and a deserved goal tonight. (n/t)
at 21:05 14 Feb 2024

Neil Oliver, Laurence Fox, Michael Grade, Jacob Rees-Mug...
at 16:40 13 Feb 2024

...all drive something called a Turbo Cancer, if I'm reading this right?

I presume it runs on an environmentally neutral biofuel and has software which automatically gives way to cyclists and old ladies?
Stats, last three games:
at 16:20 10 Feb 2024

ITFC figures first:

Maidstone - 78-22
Preston ----- 66-34
WBA --------- 65-35
mean -------- 70-30

Maidstone - 38-2
Preston ----- 25-10
WBA --------- 21-5
mean -------- 28-6

On Target
Maidstone - 13-2
Preston ----- 9-3
WBA --------- 7-2
mean -------- 10-2

On target as % of Shots
Maidstone - 34-100
Preston ----- 36-30
WBA --------- 33-40
mean -------- 35-57

Maidstone - 1-2
Preston ----- 2-3
WBA --------- 2-2
mean -------- 2-2

Goals as % of On Target
Maidstone - 8-100
Preston ----- 22-100
WBA --------- 29-100
mean -------- 19-100

"Extraordinary!" as David Coleman would no doubt have said.

Keep the faith.
Not a great performance, good signs towards the end, BUT...
at 14:36 10 Feb 2024

...looking at both attacking and defensive stats over the last three games we must be the unluckiest side in the world.

It will come good again, persevere everybody.

Economics: This might be too simplistic to answer in these terms but...
at 09:26 9 Feb 2024

Trying to keep party-specific politics out of it (please), why do many of us feel that this country (not exclusively perhaps) is falling apart?

Listening to R4 this morning hearing horrifying stories about waiting times for GP appointments, cancer appointments, ADHD medication supplies etc., etc., and then looking at infrastructure decay in general, I don't think that there's the slightest doubt that the UK is in a deep societal crisis - stating the bleeding obvious perhaps. It really feels like we are falling apart.

So why cannot the UK as an entity keep those basic health and infrastructure services functioning as a basic requirement of being and being seen as a civilised modern-ish country?

Simplistically, it seems to me that technological advances should have made and still be making it easier and 'cheaper' for the UK to provide all of that as an accepted base-level cost to the economic model of the country. Standard of living in terms of basic healthcare and infrastructure should always be increasing due to science and technology should it not?

So to my ignorant mind the fundamental reason for the decay, is that a higher and higher percentage of the fruits of 'the economy' is being creamed off by the already wealthy (or even the already moderately wealthy) when other UK citizens are suffering so badly and the basics are decaying. Essentially increasing greed at most levels of society is outstripping increasing economic activity.

All of this is blindingly obvious I suppose, but is any of it fundamentally wrong? Is there a genuine reason why things have to be this way? If not, then the consciences of those of us driving this overbalancing of the UK economy (at all levels) should be absolutely screaming out at us to force a different way of doing things.

It's up to us to force change.
I don't usually resort to this, but that was FKN AWFUL from the officials.
at 11:01 4 Feb 2024

Having seen the extended highlights:

I hadn't realised in real time how clear-cut the foul on Morsy was for the first goal - Keane just went right through the back of Morsy, hands out to push him too.

The second was (literally) at least a yard, probably a yard and a half offside - frame by frame it on youtube extended highlights if you're in ANY doubt. Attacker's right shoulder vs. Edmundson's right hand are the markers (Clarke was upfield of Edmundson at moment of delivery)

The outrageous thing is that in both cases the officials were in perfect position to see both events perfectly and there's absolutely no excuse for either of them. The ref for the first was static and had an unimpeded view from 20 yards and perpendicular to the contact so would have seen it VERY clearly. For the second, the linesman was bang in line and couldn't have failed to see the offside (maybe there was an orange jacket in the crowd is all I can think of).

Absolutely rank officiating, disgraceful. Not sure if it does any good at all, but I'd, for once, be thinking of an official complaint for those two events.

Edit: To officially gift Preston 2 goals inside the first 10 minutes effectively cost us the game and allowed the ex-Premier League monopoly to finally take shape.

Edit again: I'm gonna say 1 yard offside (not 1 ½) - those grass stripes are 6 yards (3 in 18 yard penalty box) - attacker's shoulder is one third of a stripe goalside and Fridge's hand one sixth at the moment the pass is made - nevertheless unmissable for a competent linesman in line.
[Post edited 4 Feb 11:29]
In spite of the calamity of the first half...
at 17:06 3 Feb 2024

...I'm weirdly taking a bit of encouragement from that. Some really nice new, fluid attacking play in the second half. Moore causes panic, and Al Hamadi has great power in his movement.

Luongo weirdly off his game first half, and Vas needs to select when to boot it (although Morsy coming into ridiculous receiving position screaming for it doesn't help).

Licking my lips at the thought of Davis>Moore & Al Hamadi perhaps coming on at 10 sometimes.

Defenders was fine. It was a rare midfield fail that cost us that. No doubt at all that will be fixed for next weekend.
ITFC environmental warriors team?
at 11:07 3 Feb 2024

Martijn Re-User
Cameron Thunburgess
New ways to fleece Great British public during death throes of the T*ry Party?
at 18:02 2 Feb 2024

What a sh!tty, greedy, scummy society we've become.
at 08:07 2 Feb 2024

Listening to David Henderson, chief executive of Water UK, shamelessly trying to justify further above inflation rises in water bills and the syphoning off of the wealth, health and future of British citizens to offshore 'investors' just makes me want to puke.

Why the hell do we put up with this sh!t? Why have we all sold our souls to hang onto the shirt-tails of the patently flawed fantasy of progress through perpetual growth? It's insanity. Please make it stop.

Nationalise fundamental infrastructure now!
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