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A proper marathon record, good egg
at 18:06 13 Oct 2019

Not like that manufactured tosh the other day.

And as for 'overseas recruits' in 'national' sporting teams what a load of old ballocks...

[rant, rant, rave, rave, grumpy old git fades out..........]
Fetch a stout rope... (n/t)
at 10:44 24 Sep 2019

They're doing masturbation on Radio 5 at the moment
at 10:48 18 Sep 2019

Blinding discussion.
Poetry please... more uplifting than Brexit.
at 16:23 10 Sep 2019

They gave me a box of tin soldiers,
to play with when I was in bed.
I got tired of my Sergeants and Corporals,
so I played with my Privates instead.

[not mine own, just heard on 4Extra]
Warner (see/you) (n/t)
at 14:34 7 Sep 2019

Roy Keane, go away (see/you) (n/t)
at 13:17 5 Sep 2019

Warner gorn n/t (n/t)
at 11:03 4 Sep 2019

A load of garbled political questions from a div
at 12:48 3 Sep 2019

What would happen if Boris got a big paddy on and just quit after hypothetically losing the vote on the stop No Deal bill, and Labour refusing to take the bait on a no confidence vote, thus allowing him no election with or without the ousted rebels?

As far as I know there's no formal Deputy PM role, so is it a party matter and a case of the Tories voting someone in to a caretaker role? If so how long does this take, and what can happen under their purview?

Would this be a possible mechanism to block intervention in No Deal? How much can the Government or Parliament do without an incumbent PM?

Or is there some constitutional convention that covers this?
Just in case you didn't know...
at 12:23 30 Aug 2019

...the Great Barrier Reef is dying, due largely to rising sea temperatures, due largely to human activities resulting in greenhouse gas emissions.

I don't like talking in absolutes, but there really is no doubt that our activities are the cause of this.

Do what you think you can, then do a bit more.
JoJoJo trying to yoyo BoJo
at 13:43 29 Aug 2019

'The legal challenge launched in the Scottish courts last month is being led by SNP MP Joanna Cherry and Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson, aided by Jo Maugham of the Good Law Project.'

I'll get me coat.
Best way to react quickly and effectively to a serious threat?
at 08:17 23 Aug 2019

Assuming you believe this is a serious problem, what would be the most effective and immediate way to, if not stop, then radically intervene in what could in some (misguided in my view) sense be portrayed as a sovereign issue?

How can you bring IMMEDIATE pressure on either the Brazilian government or those who are setting the fires, if you assume that it could potentially be too late within an extremely short timescale?
Lovely job
at 09:26 20 Aug 2019

I love to see this sort of thing, especially the co-op bread and the bare feet. Wouldn't fancy the M25 on/in it though, or a windy day.

Are binary opinions good or bad?
at 10:12 11 Aug 2019

Are binary opinions good or bad?

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Forum debate temperature gauge
at 09:01 7 Aug 2019

I wonder if there is a way of measuring the 'temperature' of a thread, and representing this in the forum index with a colour-coded thermometer? There's probably an algorithm or site/user set AI that could handle this.

What I mean is that where a thread starts as a decent discussion or debate, the thread temperature would be nice and low [blue].

As the trigger phrases such as 'show your workings' or 'calm down' start to appear we see a mild warning of a rise in temperature [green].

Then we see strings like 'idiot', 'tvvat' and so on, and we see a little [yellow] jobby.

And so on, and so forth to the thermonuclear [red]. Could even have a little thread temperature timeline plot beside the list item in the forum index.

Obviously the algorithm would take into account the bouts of singles insult tennis rallies that indicate a pretty high temperature.

Then when a thread such as...
Pathetic stuff from some members of the French parliament by StokieBlue 25 Jul 23:11
Nice to see them all taking it so seriously, after all it was only 42.6C in Paris today.


...degenerates to such a point that its no longer worth reading unless you're only interested in ego wars, we could all save our time and do something else instead.
[Post edited 7 Aug 9:22]
Garden advice request (GAR)
at 09:36 14 Jun 2019

This place seems to have a few savvy gardeners, so here's a story and a question.

My greenhouse tomatoes (two different varieties) are all stunted/curled/twisted after about eighteen inches or so of good growth. This applies to leaves and stems, which look otherwise OK (nice colour, and lack of blotchiness etc).

A bit of of poke about on the RHS site strongly suggests that this is herbicide damage, and although I'm pretty sure there's not been anybody spraying that crap round here, I do have a mechanism for the contamination; I put a small amount of horsesh*t I had picked up on a bike ride into my compost in early spring.

Now I know that you should really leave manure for a year or so before you use it, but as it was such a small amount I took a chance. The fresh compost goes into cleaned fish boxes in the greenhouse (to isolate from any build of disease over the years). I guess that the initial growth was OK, until the expanding root system found the manure. Lesson learned.

Question: Has anyone had a similar thing and had the plants recover enough to set fruit? RHS suggests that the plants may recover with feeding (and mulching?) and that the fruit is safe to eat. I'm going to pick up a few potential replacement plants, but it may be a bit late to replant now, especially if there's a chance the affected plants might recover.
Anyone else watching State of Origin?
at 11:06 5 Jun 2019

If so, who are you on?
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