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Online COOKING spice suppliers, any recommendations?
at 13:19 24 Jan 2022

Getting fed up with rubbish quality supermarket spices, anybody got any recommendations for an online supplier, non-plastic packaging, postage applied to the order as a whole, not per-item!


Edit: Hey, this could be a good one for some puns as well, hoping for some mint responses.
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Lowestoft Town's keeper.
at 17:56 22 Jan 2022

Almost every Saturday I listen to the Town game and the aftermath on Radio Suffolk, and it always brings a smile to my face when the local reporter on the Lowestoft Town game mentions the name of their goalkeeper, 'Tibbles'. I always envisage a cat playing in goal for them. I bet he's really agile, and hangs onto the ball really well (although puncturing a few maybe), but prone to piss against his post when the play is up the other end.
Accountability - illegal sewage dumping
at 10:46 19 Jan 2022

Sewage regularly dumped illegally in England and Wales rivers

We just don't have any meaningful accountability for anything really do we? These kinds of crimes, if dealt with at all, just end up with a company fine passed on to the customers. All the water companies 'agree' that there is an 'urgent need' to stop it, but nobody is accountable. Individuals from Chief Execs downwards ought to be personally responsible for these crimes, whether that be salary-based fines, or in the worst cases jail time.

Nothing will ever get better until the corruption stops and personal responsibility becomes something to be proud of.

'It found seven water companies in England and Wales discharged untreated sewage into rivers and the sea more than 3,000 times between 2017 and 2021'

'Chairman Philip Dunne MP said self-monitoring by water companies had "allowed a blind eye to be turned" to unpermitted sewage discharges'

'Mr Dunne said water regulator Ofwat should look at its powers to review those water bosses who receive "lofty bonuses". '

'"In some cases, multiple sewage works are spilling into the same river causing damage for long periods of time, sometimes spilling as long as four months, six months almost without a break,"'

'Prof Hammond said the Environment Agency is failing to detect thousands of illegal spills because it is not scrutinising the available data closely enough.

''It's as if the Environment Agency is looking through a telescope and we're looking through a microscope."

Water UK, which represents the water companies, said all the water companies agree there is an ''urgent need for action to tackle the harm caused to the environment by overflows".'
Wish me luck!
at 11:12 17 Jan 2022

Just psyching myself up to go out for a 'starter' run. Not something I've done much over the years due to nervousness about whether my knees can handle it (too much footy in younger years), but I've done a lot of walking lately and a few little 'sprints' with nephews without too much grief.

Need to get a few pounds off, so I got myself a decent pair of running shoes and some courage. I'll try to limit myself a bit even if all feels good - if I don't post for a bit, you'll probably be able to find me down the knacker's yard. Been doing some stretches and psyching myself up. The muscles are strong, as is the will, just worried about the knees!

Here we go!
Mr Burns strikes the ball beautifully. Consistently excellent technique. (n/t)
at 17:19 8 Jan 2022

Happy Birthday Micky Mills!
at 16:46 4 Jan 2022

Thanks for the cups and the bits I'm just about old enough to remember!

Electric toothbrushes?
at 17:20 2 Jan 2022

Can anyone explain to me the massive range of prices for electric toothbrushes? My 4 year old 'Fairywill' rechargeable job has packed up finally and I'm looking at Oral B options from £7.50 to £560.00.

I don't get it, do the £400+ ones w**k you off whilst cleaning your pearly whites or something, or do they serve some other porpoise?
Happy New Year: You're 'avin a laugh.
at 21:24 31 Dec 2021

Who is the purveyor of the finest laff?

My favourite is Mortimer's delicious old Beano-style "tee-hee-hee", Bob being one of the only practitioners still performing this old classic. See here at 44:42 in response to Paul Gascoigne

...or perhaps here at 1:01 (a superb little cameo, btw.)

...although I am sure there are better instances around, which I am this evening in my whisky-befuddled state unable to find.

Mortimer also has an explosive "ARF-HA-HA!", which is the perfect vehicle for setting someone else off (if well-timed of course) as shown here at 0:39, where he deployed it at the expense of Matt Lucas, who had very nearly pulled together himself for a final 'Peanuts'.

A happy and mirthful New Year to all, and please post some other laffs into this budding compendium, if you will.
The boss is so coherent in his post match interview
at 22:29 29 Dec 2021

Open discussion and really well put together assessment and very considered and coherent answers to questions on the fly. If he talks as well as that with the players (which he surely does), I think he's going to be a really, really great manager.
A Very British Scandal
at 19:37 27 Dec 2021

Not watched it yet, but this looks good on iPlayer.

Just trying to remember who it was who impugned which goalkeeper, in 'Mr John' I think, with "He's had more balls through his hands than the Duchess of Argyle."
Ipswich Town players as aircraft
at 19:25 27 Dec 2021

Makes, models, whatever (© dominiciawful)

Cameron Carter-Vickers Valiant
Seasonal greetings to all fellow TWTDers.
at 12:24 23 Dec 2021

Here's a little ritual blessing for you, borrowed from some very high-brow theatre:

May the benevolence of the god Shivoo bring blessings on your house.
- And on yours.

May his wisdom bring success in all your undertakings.
- And in yours.

May his radiance light up your life.
Cold winter ahead.
at 08:58 21 Dec 2021

Not based on any new-fangled science or anything, just the old country lore that says "when the funny looking, brightly coloured birdies with the extra primary wing feathers keep turning up further south than expected, singing their strange irrational songs, we're either getting a lot more slush than we thought, or they're terribly unhappy about life in their 'normal' territory."

I know it doesn't rhyme, but it does hold water.
Building regulations advice if anyone can help; Westminster area.
at 09:19 10 Dec 2021

It's a terraced house and the neighbour has been making a lot of noise. Local regulations state that where a neighbour is responsible for 'unreasonable or bestial' noises, that neighbour should be responsible for soundproofing modifications to the party wall.

I have asked him to put these modifications into effect, but he has bewildered me somewhat by telling me that there is no such thing as a party wall between our properties, only what he calls a 'gathering wall'. Does this make sense?

I know for a fact that his rich Uncle X paid for certain modifications, designed by his Auntie Lulu, to his house last year, and yet now he claims that he doesn't know who paid for the modifications. Perhaps, he says, Auntie Lulu did it for him out of goodwill.

Anyway, I think there's a good chance he may be moving out soon. On the face of it this is good news, but I'm dreading the thought that his cousin Little Lord Fauntleroy might be taking over the tenancy.
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