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Democracy. What is it good for?
at 08:07 12 Jun 2024

I found the primer for the Moral Maze tonight on Radio 4 8pm really struck a chord with me:

Michael Buerk (Radio 4, 07:34):
"It's a paradox of our times: Like us, half the World's population is voting this year in some kind of election, yet everywhere surveys show a loss of faith in democracy and its institutions. It's accused of polarising societies both sides of the Atlantic, of failing to respond to long-term problems like Climate Change, of losing ground to autocracies like China, and losing faith amongst the young. Democracy, it's said, ends up with the wrong decisions, being made by the wrong politicians, who've been picked for the wrong reasons. Can we really still says it's the best, or at any rate least worst, most moral form of government."

Everything seems so corrupted and devalued and we've ratcheted our standards of accountability down so far as we furtively squirrel away individualistically and allow society and environment to crumble, to die really, around us.

We have to stick with democracy, surely, but we need fundamentally accountable democracy which protects our people and our planet - there isn't any alternative. That's not what we get with more of the same, or a slightly different flavour of it, is it?

What can we do?
What's it for? - Request confirmation of an everyday object's purpose thread.
at 14:43 11 Jun 2024

Carbolic soap.

Is it that bar of soap that you can keep handy in the glove box, for when you've been a bit naughty in a lay-by and need to freshen up downstairs before you get home?
Anyone got any pics of post-season building work at PR? I'm bored and sober. (n/t)
at 21:03 10 Jun 2024

Hive: Phone SIM, actual Pay as You Go, no data = no data.
at 16:54 9 Jun 2024

The best place for all advice is here, and the usual comparison sites are just confusing me today, so:

I want to use an old smartphone as an occasional use mobile for calls and texts only.

So I want proper, old-school Pay as You Go, i.e. I bung a tenner on it and it stays on there, for years if necessary, until I use a bit of it (I know it's expensive but it sits in the car and does nothing until I need it).

I also want a SIM that the smartphone cannot use data on no matter how hard it tries.

Do such things exist?

Hive: Car tyre places
at 09:00 3 Jun 2024

I haven't bought new tyres in Ipswich for such a long time (low mileage, not running bad tyres) - and now all the places in Ipswich seem to push booking appointments.

Q!: Can you still drive in without an appointment and get seen to relatively quickly these days?

Q2: Any recommendations for places?
Anyone else getting withdrawal symptoms? Who we got Satdee? (n/t)
at 19:29 2 Jun 2024

Ireland select that Norwich centreback who was nicked for DD before play-offs
at 08:04 30 May 2024

I can understand that grubby little club up the road picking him for their play-off games given their lack of integrity and lack of quality and lack of options, but I'm a bit surprised that RoI have stooped so low.

Nodge probably thought they could get away with it as they were going to sack their manager anyway and had no chance of beating Leeds, and no-one would really notice what they were up to anyway (the same way that bloke with the box of matches round the back of their old wooden stand back in the eighties thought no-one would notice).

Bit disappointed in Ireland though - surely they have better squad fillers than Shame Dufty, and should be setting a better example than that?
Any (safe) suggestions for freeing a car wheel stuck to the hub?
at 18:03 23 May 2024

Have tried a rubber mallet - no luck yet (have bigger rubber mallet!)

Don't fancy the drive slowly down road with slightly loose wheel bolts method as the tyre is totally flat.

Lube (no-no I think)?
I have a flan.
at 08:18 23 May 2024

I'm seriously spending too much time reading KMc in/out posts on here
at 20:32 22 May 2024

I do mean seriously. So I thought, how 'bout a bit of comedy. Given the GE announcement, I wondered if 'The Thick Of It' was on iPlayer at the moment and lo and behold it is.

If you not seen it before I can thoroughly recommend it as a distraction from more important but stressful things.
Capo Compo
at 20:23 22 May 2024

"Why does it always rain on me?
Is it because I've fkcued up the country?"
Sainsbury's sell:
at 08:53 22 May 2024

Recycled toilet roll for '17p/100sht' which I find remarkably good value. At once a day that works out at a little over 62 pence for the whole year.

(for those who only speak Latin, the last two words mean 'annus cunctus')
[Post edited 22 May 10:56]
Water investors have withdrawn billions, says research
at 10:53 20 May 2024

No comment required except that this needs to stop. We need to ensure that this stops. This must not continue.
Smallbone has been pulled off.
at 21:49 17 May 2024

Hadn't realised that...
at 21:42 17 May 2024

Saints doubled Leeds,
Leeds doubled us,
We doubled Saints.

Them Budgies are talking about a new shirt sponsor.
at 15:18 16 May 2024

I'd forgotten who their current one is, so had to have a look on BBC for shirt pictures, but unfortunately I'd updated all my links to ...teams/premier-league/... now so it was a bit of a faff.

Anyhow, I got there in the end and was reminded that it's LOTUS, which if I remember correctly, stands for 'Lack Of Trophies; Up Sister'.

Any helpful suggestions for them?


Edit: swapped to Football category, which I think is right?
[Post edited 16 May 15:19]
‘Magical thinking’: hopes for sustainable jet fuel not realistic, report fin
at 19:05 14 May 2024

I think we all knew this really, didn't we, if we're honest.

We can't keep making excuses to carry on living the way we do, or the laws of physics are likely to really fk us over, and probably a lot sooner than most of us expect.
Tha vagaries of audio pickup.
at 19:49 12 May 2024

There's a (short) thread on the OinkUn forum entitled 'Fans were fantastic today'. I don't think it's supposed to be sarcastic? I'm going to be charitable here and assume that Sky had positioned their microphones in the bogs or under Daniel Farke's fat arse, because I couldn't hear anything from the Norwich fans all game on the telly. Didn't hear a great deal of Leeds either to be honest. Twas drab, visually and aurally.

To be fair the OP said 'The yellow reminded me of Wembley. Noise was immense before the game and Leeds were as quiet as I’ve ever heard them.' Now last time I looked Wembley had red seats and all the seats I could see today were yellow (albeit with funny arm and head attachments which I though was weird, although one or two of them did look like they were moving - was it windy?) and if the noise was 'immense' before the game, I'm disappointed that I missed that because the game itself was an utter borefest and I did nod off a couple of times until Goodman woke me with a witticism.

I think I'll give up watching lower league football now.
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