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Climate change: UN warning over nations' climate plans
at 19:08 17 Sep 2021


If this plays out as suggested, we really must be the most idiotic, suicidal life-form which has ever existed, lemmings notwithstanding. What worries me is that there seems to be less and less discussion about climate change as the news gets worse and worse, as if we have given up on behalf of our children.
I would have thought he was a bit on the young side...
at 14:53 17 Sep 2021

...to have moved into management already?

Climate change: Young people very worried - survey
at 09:16 14 Sep 2021


Whilst obviously highly distressing for the young, perhaps this is the angle that might just be the one to shock us adults who have the power to do something into actually reacting on behalf of our children, rather than just p*ssing about and pretending it will all go away?

'The authors say the young are confused by governments' failure to act. They say environmental fears are "profoundly affecting huge numbers of young people".'
Tongue twisters.
at 18:41 4 Sep 2021

The BBC News sports presenter just got into a bit of a pickle talking about the WSL, when he tried to say "Manchester City's summer signings shine".

Yes, it's quite hard isn't it.

Any other footy tongue twisters?
Hurricane Ida
at 09:59 30 Aug 2021


14:00 and no team news!
at 14:00 21 Aug 2021

Thanks for all the fish.
at 20:27 19 Aug 2021

I'm not on here much at the moment, as I'm not down with the angsty vibe, but I did just notice that I have gone over the 2000 uppies event horizon, 2001 to be precise, which is an Oddity, or something like that.

I would just like to suggest that any of you who have contributed to that figure really ought to take a long, hard look at yourselves. Is encouraging the sort of drivel I often spout on here really what you want to be doing?

Oh yeah, and this is what we should all have...
A thing of beauty...
at 19:43 16 Aug 2021

Actually bought a tear to my eye seeing that, I'm sure many will understand.
I like the cut of this fella's jib.
at 14:51 16 Aug 2021


Good use of a moped.
BBC news home page, Guardian front page:
at 15:33 10 Aug 2021

One day after the release of the most important scientific / political report ever, and there's barely a trace of it left on the front pages of even these two institutions.

Have we just given up?
Maths problem I am struggling with:
at 18:42 8 Aug 2021

What is the minimum number of posters you can have on ignore which results in a positive value for the experience of reading this forum?

I reckon four.
Any side-effects lingering?
at 17:45 1 Aug 2021

Just wondering what Covid vaccine side-effects people might suspect/believe that they are having perhaps a month or more after the jabs?

I had my 2nd AZ jab at the start of June, and I seem to have been suffering from slightly sore knee joints for most of the period since then. I'm a fairly fit if a bit overweight cyclist, and wouldn't expect these sorts of aches in both knees as most of my exercise is non-impact since I gave up football. Feeling quite lethargic for the last month or two as well.

Obviously any self-diagnoses are difficult and subjective, but just wondering whether we can collect a bit of interesting information here?

Perhaps a quick entry in a format like this might be informative:

Vaccine: AZ
Doses: 2
Time since last dose: 2 months
Mild side-effects suspected: Knee ache, lethargy
Severe side-effects suspected: None
We look tasty now. (n/t)
at 18:22 27 Jul 2021

Clubs' main forum list?
at 11:00 27 Jul 2021

Is there a semi-definitive list somewhere of the main, or busiest, fans' forums by club, obviously covering the third division. I sometimes fancy a gander at what our rivals are saying, but often the forums I find are rubbish and underused compared to this glorious vehicle, and I guess I've not hit upon the happening place.
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