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Some relatively good news from Australia
at 12:46 21 May 2022

Labor is projected to win 2022 federal election

...oh, and the Cowboys have just thumped Melbourne 36-6, which was rather superb.
Wanna kick 'em, anyone?
at 18:08 18 May 2022

Amazon Prime recommendations
at 10:56 18 May 2022

Anybody recommend any decent films or bingeable TV series I can watch on Amazon Prime before I bin the free subscription I was stupid enough to sign up to again?

There's so much on offer there, that I don't know where to start looking!

For guidance: I'm very much NOT into crash-bang-wallop 'American' action films. I like things like Wolf Hall, Ealing comedies, spy films, Breaking Bad, courtroom dramas, anything slow where the characterisations are more important than the action. Thus, no Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel, Jean Claude van Damme, Jason Statham etc. etc.

Many thanks
Bloody hell!
at 09:04 18 May 2022

'The region should now expect a heatwave that exceeds the record temperatures seen in 2010 once every three years.'

'The extreme pre-monsoon heatwave the region has suffered in recent weeks eased a little after peak temperatures reached 51C in Pakistan on Saturday.
But the heat looks likely to build again towards the end of this week and into the weekend, the Met Office's Global Guidance Unit warns.
It says maximum temperatures are likely to reach 50C in some spots, with continued very high overnight temperatures.'
Insect of the day (props to BDS)
at 11:59 13 May 2022

Just seen me first Orange Tip of the year - oh what joy!

Budgie Ultras are kicking off north of the border.
at 19:19 12 May 2022

Climate change: 'Fifty-fifty chance' of breaching 1.5C warming limit
at 12:06 10 May 2022

This, of course is the news which should be at the top of all of our minds, but of course we're all pretending it's not happening, aren't we? (intentionally abrasive)
AOP Photography Awards
at 11:07 5 May 2022

Food and Drink, Silver, 9th photo down.

Is this any of you lot?

Edit: Wot no downies?
[Post edited 5 May 11:24]
We have to stop kidding ourselves.
at 22:13 4 May 2022

Very good 'Costing the Earth' on Radio 4 tonight examining the conflict between the perception of progress towards sustainability in one of the 'most green' countries (Sweden) and the realities of the impact of expanding green industry on the vestiges of established forest and the traditional occupants, specifcally Sami reindeer herders.

The seemingly noble idea of using wood (biomass) for energy production under 'consultation' with the Sami was all very well until the state-run industry pushed beyond acceptable limits and then began to ignore the consultation process in the blinkered pursuit of their targets.

Intentions to produce 'green steel' using electrolytically produced hydrogen rather than coke are creating huge demands for electricity, which in theory can be 'green', but in practice is creating unsustainable demand on that environment.

As the Sami herder at the end said, "Green industry is still industry" - the superficially well-intentioned policies in that region are crushing the established people and ecosystem, and the so-called green industries are still profit-led, murderous monsters.

As another of the interviewees said "When will enough be enough?" - will we look for nice 'green' ways to take more and more from the Earth and smugly convince ourselves that because in theory an industry can be green, then on the balance sheet we can ignore the actual effects of that industry, which are NEVER REMOTELY AS GREEN as the theory might suggest.

Government and industry are still 'growth-led' and will keep doing their thing. The only hopes are for us as individuals on behalf of our children and the future, to radically reduce demand. So for fcks sake think again every time you decide to build an extension, or buy a bigger telly, or a bigger 'safer' car, or fly to France for a football match.

The idea of technical solutions to impending environmental catastrophe without a radical reduction in what all of us consume, is frankly a load of ballocks, and it's our kids and grandkids that will pay the price.
[Post edited 4 May 22:14]
Who's in fourth place?
at 10:32 1 May 2022

The EADT article with a list of previous Supporters' Player of the Year award winners refers to the award as 'prestigious' which it clearly is, and well done to Sir Wesley Burns for winning it.

I think we might well pretty much all agree on who the 'best' three Town players on that list are (for me a (very!) early winner, one who has won it twice, and one who has won it four times in no particular order), but who would be your fourth best player on that list?

For me, Taricco, narrowly ahead of two or three of his near contemporaries.
As if any confirmation was needed...
at 14:30 30 Apr 2022

To see the way Norwood and McKenna embraced at the end there, for a bloke who's been told he's leaving to have still have such a good relationship with the manager, just confirms what a good job KMac is doing with not only the footballing side, but the man management side too.
Is there one particular word that you would like added to the swear filter list?
at 19:05 23 Apr 2022

I'll start with 'narrative'.
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