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at 14:27 6 May 2021

I have to admit that I occasionally have a look at that budgie forum. What amuses me is the number of times I genuinely miss the 'p' key on my keyboard and try to visit oinkun.com, which somehow seems rather apt.
Kieron Dyer
at 21:36 4 May 2021

Kieron speaking very, very well on BBC Suffolk at the moment. We must make sure, whatever the pathway, that he stays at ITFC.

Edit: spelling corrected, sorry, (ashamed).
[Post edited 5 May 8:57]
Online mechanical simulator, can anyone tell me where I saw it?
at 09:29 1 May 2021

I seem to remember seeing a web application once where you could simulate a mechanical situation and test various simple designs, seeing what forces and moments would exist in your system. It would have allowed for levers, mechanical advantages, pulleys etc., and shown numerical values for force vectors in different setups.

I can't seem to find it now, can anyone help?
NthQld's top tips #1
at 19:00 25 Apr 2021

When your marmite has almost run out, leave the jar overnight laying on one of its flat sides. Then the hard-to-scrape-out lovely, sticky, yeasty goodness will collect on the flat side, and be readily available for your toast in the morning.
EADT: 'Brilliant turnout' as volunteers clean up Suffolk beach
at 13:18 25 Apr 2021

If any of you were involved in this or anything similar, thank you.


The amount of litter and small-scale fly tipping I see on the verges when I'm out on my bike makes me want to cry.
Dare to repair (BBC radio 4)
at 09:44 22 Apr 2021


Heard this advertised earlier, and might be of interest to some. Talking about electronic gadgets, disposable culture thereof, pollution and waste, programmed obsolescence, and ways to oppose this and choose better / repair stuff yourself.

Starting next Tuesday, 11am, for three weeks.
The pathetic, childish, egotistic attitudes of our human leaders.
at 13:00 15 Apr 2021


I know that it is a journalist here who is saying things like 'Biden blinked first' and 'the fact that it was Biden who suggested they meet does give Putin the edge', but you just know that those in power usually put image and ego before practicalities when it comes to crucial world issues. Who gives a sh*t that it was Biden who suggested the meeting, it was a meeting that needed to be arranged.

And of course the same moronic egotists are the ones who have to be selfless enough to take superficially 'bad economic decisions' in order to take positive action on much more important issues like climate change and habitat destruction.

We really are a terribly flawed species, and it is unfortunate to say the least, that the most short-sighted egotistical (and greedy and corrupt) are the scum that tend to float to the top of our governmental systems, and fiddle away merrily while the world burns.
Vive la France!
at 13:19 12 Apr 2021


Bravo! Let's see if Blue Boris has really got any Green in him, and can put his money where his mouth is and follow suit.
Some beautiful birds here
at 08:57 9 Apr 2021


The third one down has extraordinary potential for punsters, but I shall resist the urge, not wanting a ban in these 'exiting' times.
So, how do feel about this in musical terms, Fred?
at 13:46 7 Apr 2021


Miss Peniston is from Phoenix, AZ, by the way.

Nice early 90s vibe for me.
Body language / Radio Suffolk.
at 17:13 2 Apr 2021

If that's one of you lot on Radio Suffolk at the moment, talking about body language and making an early statement in games, I couldn't agree with you more.
Actors as puddings, anyone?
at 18:11 31 Mar 2021

Alfred Semolina.
Spotted Dick van Dyke.
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