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at 17:14 1 Mar 2021

Very specific toolage there in the second photo. We just used to kick 'em off the pitch when I used to play. Wonder if there's a tool of specific radius for each size of dog?
Feelings about a possible takeover? Which fits your hopes best?
at 14:26 25 Feb 2021

Feelings about a possible takeover? Which fits your hopes best?

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This quote from the East Anglian really makes you think.
at 11:38 24 Feb 2021


The following quote from Stuart Watson's piece in the East Anglian...

'You have to go way back to the 1-0 victory at Fleetwod (sic) in October 2019 for Ipswich's last 'statement' win like this.'

...has really got to me, in the sense that:

i. We see a 1-0 win at Hull as a 'statement' win.
ii. We see a 1-0 win at Fleetwood! as having been a 'statement' win.
ii. That there have been 16 (sixteen) months between these two glorious events in the timeline of Ipswich Town Football Club, notwithstanding Covid.

Will somebody please wake me up.
fao Suzy Dent
at 15:10 21 Feb 2021

Hancockian adj. - eponymous adjective:
1. Being simultaneously of juvenile and patronising form;
* "We couldn't publish the contract award notices, because we were all too busy buying faulty equipment through our unqualified mates to not save your lives with."
2. a Hancockian half-truth
- A half-truth childishly believed by the teller to be effectively disguising a bigger issue;
* "We have now published the contract award notices." (The contract award notices were published in redacted form.)
Bit of moonflower action to cheer us all up.
at 13:22 21 Feb 2021


The bit at around 0:37 reminds me of dancing in barns in the early hours of the morning, just lacks a beat if you know what I mean.
I was under the impression that they always used the woods?
at 11:55 20 Feb 2021

Alaska woman attacked by bear while using toilet

Would probably be a good cure for constipation, but.
[Post edited 20 Feb 11:56]
Another day wasted Marcus. (n/t)
at 20:03 17 Feb 2021

Amusing car number plates, or things of a similar ilk.
at 11:46 16 Feb 2021

I once saw a car bearing the handle...


...which rather tickled my fancy at the time.
Strategic drift > Transformational change, or death?
at 13:04 12 Feb 2021

FAO Marcus Evans (!)

The linked information may be of some assistance.


I think it is fair to say that we, the fans, generally consider that the club is now in the Phase 3, 'Flux', stage, and pretty close to end of it. This resource talks about a 'change management strategy', by which they require a strategy to manage change. It could perhaps be better interpreted at ITFC as requiring a strategy of changing the management.

So, transformational change, or death?

Goal drift.
at 11:57 12 Feb 2021

So now it's officially a play-off push, is it?
An absolute insult to ITFC.
at 22:11 9 Feb 2021

The current situation is an insult to this club and all the great people who have built it.

Tonight, I have the same sort of feeling I get if I step in some dog shịt in my favourite shoes.

It's a shambles, Evans, and an absolute disgrace.
Embarrassing. (n/t)
at 21:02 9 Feb 2021

45 minutes of hoofing it to their defence...
at 19:47 9 Feb 2021

...and watching third division Peterborough play decent football on a difficult pitch. Tactical nous of a fkn moron. Utter fkn rubbish.
What a goal! What a goal!
at 17:35 6 Feb 2021

Totally unscientific survey of opinions on ITFC injury situation
at 10:01 5 Feb 2021

If you have any firm opinions on if or why we have been suffering a lot of long-term injuries, pick up to five numbers from below, most important first. If you are strongly convinced by one of the reasons, you can repeat it in your set of up to five. e.g. 2,2,2,7,1

1. Inadequate medical staff
2. The club is cursed
3. Returning players training or playing too soon
4. Unsuitable recruitment of injury-prone players
5. Players feeling pressure to play or train
6. Inadequate training regimes
7. Bad luck
8. Injured players playing on in games
9. No worse than average here

Personally, I haven't a scooby doo, so I'm not responding to myself! But it's clear that many on here have decent information and or pertinent experience. I'm fully aware that this will be heavily biased but would still be interested to see what the balance of our opinions is.
When I'm feeling blue,
at 22:18 3 Feb 2021

all I have to do, is take a look at youtube, then I'm not so blue...

Tabloid story generator
at 13:12 3 Feb 2021

In my head today, the tabloids are creating their headlines by concatenating players names, and then writing a story to fit.


In the Old Bailey today, at the trial (for an unspecified offence) of the Bishop of Bognor, the residing magistrate was the subject of a fierce verbal attack from the Bishop's lifelong avian companion, a Norwegian Blue named Percy, who had taken offence at the manner of the questioning to which the Bishop was being subjected...
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