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One benefit of covid
at 18:13 24 Oct 2020

With the upcoming home games and the predictable losses that will come with them..

None of you loyal folk will have to get cold by sittingand watch it for 90 minutes.

For those who watch the u23s etc
at 16:32 21 Oct 2020

Well follow it due to Covid.

But anyway. Surely we must have some upcoming striker talent that should be getting some first team opportunities.

I know we've got a rotten Injury list at the moment. Do we have potential gems part of this list?
Let's be honest so we aren't to upset
at 20:34 20 Oct 2020

No one really thought this season was going to be any different did they?

2019 again I think
at 19:50 20 Oct 2020

A starting 11 that can compete at the top end

But when that starting 11 isn't available. We won't have the squad capable of competing at the top end.

Fingers crossed we can get through these injuries quickly. But we need the likes of bish. Hawkins etc as much as possible.

My opinion only of course.
Internet help
at 18:56 15 Oct 2020

This place has always been great for random help.

So.. trying to help the in-laws.

They're have issues with their WiFi disconnecting when using house phone.

I've checked filters. Router etc. They're standard non cordless phones so definately not using same channels as the router.

What else could be causing the internet to drop?

at 22:40 10 Oct 2020

Bloody love this player.

That is all.

at 00:16 4 Mar 2020

The best way to get things changed is for no one to attend a home game.

What is the point in attending yet moaning about the results... Protests in songs etc don't do anything. Clapping players off at the end won't do anything. Just all agree to not go until our worst manager in clubs history had been sacked
So. What league 2 players will we get in the summer
at 08:59 2 Mar 2020

We'll be priced out of champ players.
We aren't a big club in league 1. So others will get in before us.

So that leaves league 2

Right then. Time to build AFC Ipswich
at 21:29 29 Feb 2020

Bye some land . Build a ground. Go to step 6 and let's build a proper club.

Won't be long before we play this version of itfc
Mick went as it was time
at 17:24 29 Feb 2020

Hurst went as he was well over his head in a higher league.

Lambert needs to go. Just on the basis he is shte.
Where we are is painful
at 20:07 23 Feb 2020

If you're old You've seen Europe. League and cup wins

If your middle aged. You've seen Europe. Shock Orem finish and play off excitement

Yesturday we lost 0-1 at HOME to Oxford in league 1.
Fken Oxford. League 1 and we aren't even fighting for top two and may even finish in the 2nd half of the league at this rate.

What a sht time to support Ipswich
Well done Phil.
at 16:57 15 Feb 2020

Those 3 points are down to you.
We need an ex blue in charge
at 20:57 14 Feb 2020

Bit of a random post but I'm waiting for dinner.

But was just having a look at sone old town games from burley years and seeing the old fa cup final replay too.

Whilst the years of Sir Alf and sir Bobby will never be repeated. The way Burley managed his town team came from the passion he had for the club. The fans and town.

For all the PR Paul Lambert gives out. I still don't see the fire burning in him to make something of the club.

The acceptance or what appears to be acceptance of failure and using budgets and the 'modern football way' meaning town can't do anything.

We need a Burley again. Not him specifically. But a Mcgreal, mowbray. Herman. Kuqi. Someone to put some actual blues passion back into the squad not the club not the fans but the squad.
If only Wright didn't join Arsenal
at 22:56 8 Feb 2020

All these years of hurt wouldn't have followed.

We wouldnt have bought sereni and upset the other players.
We then wouldn't have ended up with Marshall when Sereni needed a break.

So Mr Wright. Fk you!
Good news for a Sunday morning
at 10:53 2 Feb 2020

Weve got another 5 years of Paul.

Woop woop.
Toto mystery
at 22:44 10 Jan 2020

What I'm puzzled about. Is why has he been so heavily involved yet we appear to have been desperate to get rid ...

I'd understand if a fee was paid. But a loan move for someone Paul has relied on. Bit strange for me
If anyone fancies something to cheer on in football
at 19:22 4 Jan 2020

My Frimley. Promoted last season. Target this season was just stay up.

Currently 5th. 2 points off 2nd and only 5 off top.
Unbeaten in league since beginning of November.

Woop woop.
Exeter Reserves
at 19:17 4 Jan 2020

Are they taking the fken piss???

I really so feel sorry for you lads that part with hard earned money to watch our shower sh it
Not saying you shouldn't. End of day I would be if I stil lived there. But Jesus mother of a sh t shambles. Exeter fken reserves.
at 19:32 1 Jan 2020

There has to be something in that loan contract regarding minutes.

He is a terrible keeper isn't he. I noticed on every floating freekick he would start making run towards the edge of the box. His judgement was way off.

Granted as always I've not been at games this season and can only go by highlights and games on TV like today. But from what I have seen of Holy and Norris there's only 1 who should be starting.
Watching so far
at 15:33 1 Jan 2020

We are at least trying to pass the ball around but our movement is shocking imo. Jackson amd Norwood offer no openigs to each other and judge is awful at findig space behind them.

We are almost a good side. We play the ball out amd give it to midfield but there's nothing Infront of them
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