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Afternoon all
at 14:30 7 Nov 2019

Sorry for lack of posts this season. Well actually I'm sure you're delighted lol.

But this new season since promotion has been manic.

League 1 then all. What we all thinking. I've brushed through some previous match reports and comments and see a general observation is that we are winning yet not really showing any real quality... Do you think this is alarming? Is it lack of quality in the squad or is it just the fact each game is a cup final for the teams we play against and we aren't getting the space to hurt teams more.. ( I say more. Clearly wins hurt teams) but you know what I mean. Be interesting to have an insight
I know it's league 1 and a random cup
at 23:29 8 Oct 2019

But..... How nice is it as a town fannto be able to enjoy waking up looking forward to a game

I know it's a lower league than most would want. But with all the money you guys spends following the blues you deserve to go home smiling and if that's what this league does. Enjoy every single moment.

Some oldies enjoyed the Robson years
I enjoyed the Burley Years

You current crop of youngsters just enjoy the feeling of winning football and celebration regardless of level. Nothing beats winning a trophy regardless of what it is and I can see us winning a couple at least

So enjoy it, every moment
Bit late to the party with this
at 18:56 16 Sep 2019

But. Watching nodge saturday. If they spend well in the future with Farke and he spends well. They could go very far this time around. I know it's great for us blues. But for them the football they play really is attractive and I can see it taking them far.

On the town front. Got to be happy with a draw. We are rebuilding and still unbeaten and 2nd with a game in hand and slowly and surely players returning who will add a bit more bite to us. I think we will finish top but I stil think it's too soon for us to then compete in the championship. We are kind of in a different stage to where nodge were under Lambert and footballs moved on and I can't see Evans opening up a warchest should we win the league. And we are back to where we were last year with a squad of league 1 players. I'm not sure what our future is. Feels weird and I know this is a random post and I don't really know what I'm saying but you might have a strange same thought process.

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This ed sheeran weekend
at 00:23 25 Aug 2019

Would anything stop him donating all proceeds to itfc.

Now I'm not saying he should in any capacity. But say he wanted to. Could he?
Credit to Town
at 18:12 24 Aug 2019

That was definately a game we would have drawn in previous seasons. Without a doubt. Massive banana skin that.

Got a very good feeling for this feeling especially hearing who we have signed ( announced Tuesday )

Yes I know I'll look like a twt if nothing happen stuesday but massive massive source in this one and I'll kill before you have the chance to kill me lol
Blimey. Some proper negative posters around
at 23:12 20 Aug 2019

And that's coming from someone who passed off the whole forum for months.

We've got a manager who is playing with the card his dealt. Playing youngsters. Slowly building a team whilst building support in the ground to help boost these youngsters.

Unbeaten league start yet moan moan moan.

How many players injured do we have? This squad is slowly showing signings of potentiallly growing into a flourishing unit. It will take time. Get behind them and enjoy the rebuild of a club.
Last season
at 13:27 11 Aug 2019

Do you think it may have ended differently with donacien and woolfenden in the team
Great description of Norwich tactics by Jamie there
at 21:22 9 Aug 2019

" stupid"

Spot on.

They could threaten our record this season very easily if that's their game plan this season
Right then. Now we've started winning again
at 21:02 19 Jul 2019

How are we all :). Long time no post
Frimley promoted
at 17:21 5 Jun 2019

For those following us. We won our appeal and have rightfully been promoted into step 5
For those who don't like Marcus Evans
at 10:52 8 May 2019

Take a look at some honest words but one of the best owners of a football club.

Absolutely spot on.
League cup champions :)
at 00:23 7 May 2019

Frustrating not to get promoted but not s bad season.

2nd. Just 1 point off top.
Unbeaten at home all season
2 X Q/F
Semi final
Division 1 cup champions.

I am knackered.

Honestly all. Love the town always but if you can you spare any time to help non league football. Do it. You'll never regret it.
Top v Bottom and yet a lot of crying
at 21:31 27 Apr 2019

What the fk were you lot expecting?

Jesus get a grip.

[Post edited 27 Apr 21:32]
FA are bstrds.
at 10:04 23 Apr 2019

A win tonight only crowns us champions and we get promoted

Sad thing is a draw and we lose out on GD.

Last season 3 went up including 5th place

Next season 4 go up

This season just 1.

Another game where we are almost competitive
at 16:57 22 Apr 2019

I actually don't think it will take too much in the summer for Lambert to be able to put together a competitive squad.

Apart from last week and yes I appreciate also only three wins.... We haven't been thrashed. We've had a fair share of 1-1s. It's fine lines between us being just completely sht and just not quite having enough fire power. I think we will be alright you know.
Erm. Is the game on red button? (n/t)
at 14:06 22 Apr 2019

Keane. Quaner. Up top I reckon. (n/t)
at 13:50 22 Apr 2019

at 16:42 21 Apr 2019

Now. I can only go by highlights so I'm asking a genuine question here.

Over 90 minutes do he look like a solid CB as in the past 4- 5 highlights I've watch him in he looks absolutely woeful.

As I say. Genuine question. Is he solid enough and just needs experience to take out the errors or is he genuinely looking like a rubbish cb.
1 to go
at 00:50 21 Apr 2019

Calling any town fans near London way

We have our last game of season Tuesday.

We win and we win the league and gain promotion to the Prem. Please pop over if you are free and help us achieve our ambitions.
Well played town. Well played (n/t)
at 11:00 17 Apr 2019

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