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1 on 1's
at 18:49 27 May 2022

Just finished reading the news piece from our new coach and he mentions 1 on 1 situations.

When was the last time we saw a striker played through who rounded the keeper and slotted it home.

I've been thinking back to some of this seasons games, but I can't think of 1 in the box

Not that it matters in anyway. But is celinas v stockdale on the halfway line the only one?
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Pension pot not messing about are they...
at 21:35 26 May 2022

Not a cheap job...
at 22:20 24 May 2022

Nice to see plans aren't just talk..
Kit announcement tonight?.....
at 17:34 23 May 2022

Some tweets showing Adidas content removed from club shop.
Least that's one of the big clubs out of league 1
at 16:45 21 May 2022

We gain Derby. But no idea what shape that club will be in. But glad to see the back of Sunderland tbh.

Burnley Draw last night
at 07:28 20 May 2022

If you were a Burnley fan. Would you have been happy to get a point?

I was quite surprised to see them sitting so deep into the final 5 minutes and even when they had a freekick in the last seconds they didn't fill the box.

Looking at the two games.. I'd have felt they could have won last night compared to Sunday coming.
at 20:07 17 May 2022

Got to be a target.. everything KM would want isn't he?

Free transfer too.
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Newcastle for top 4 next season..
at 21:41 16 May 2022

Got to be worth a bet.
Important question asked at work today.
at 18:28 16 May 2022

And one that's opened up all sorts of opinions.

What are there more of... doors or wheels in the world.

What do you think there are more of?
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Ashton/ Media request etc
at 17:08 13 May 2022

Based purely on Ashtons comments last summer. Are we to assume that any media talk about signings are made IF they are close to being finalised?

I'd always thought no... after all clicks win prizes. But if he was requesting stories not to be let out as it hurt deals.. how are we to take them ( EADT TWTD ones etc not the random twitter account ones)
Man city game over after 6 minutes then.
at 20:23 11 May 2022

KDB next season with Haaland is going to be the best combo to grace the prem isn't it? ( by prem I mean the 92 onwards version) can't really say how they'd compare against the older players.
Looking forward to Talkingtown tonight
at 18:16 10 May 2022

Interview with Ashton.

Possibly not much to find out that we don't know of but even a few updates on things is nice to hear about.

Morris.. striker
at 16:47 8 May 2022

I see he's had an extension to his contract.

What sort of striker is he? I remember he got a horrible injury but is he one that could come into the picture next season?
Harsh on Northampton.
at 17:20 7 May 2022

"They just said on 5Live that Scunthorpe manager Keith Hill picked 6 players in his starting XI who had made 5 career appearances or less#


What is our limitations on signings?
at 14:42 7 May 2022

Lots of threads recently about who we think we would like as targets. But what do we all think is our limitation on the level of player we can get.

I know we got the likes of Morsy. Walton. Chaplin. But lots can be said about the links to PC and in Waltons case the GK Coach.

Do you think we are relying on the potential pull of Pert who has done the rounds in the UK and abroad?
You'd imagine KMs pull would be those youngsters he once coached, so could be some potential promise there.

We've heard we didn't really have 2 lists of targets depending on league we were in. But do you see us being able to attract top half champ players... or are we looking at bottom end and unknown ( or forgotten) foreign players.
Magic Police Vans
at 14:19 7 May 2022

Well done Mcgreal, u23 league champions
at 14:58 3 May 2022

Well I'm guessing that's how it is after today's win.
New Venue Director
at 14:11 2 May 2022

Stuart Cox. Recently Norwich Head of Venue Management

Joins town for 22/23 season.

That's the new catering sorted for the stadium. Especially hospitality. Under his stewardship they were up for many awards.
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Town - prem comparison
at 14:12 1 May 2022

If ever you could see the perfect comparison of what we've tried to play under KM to what prem clubs do.. Chelsea at the moment is the perfect comparison.

Defending freekicks.. highline outside the box
Gks...short, players waiting just by 18 yard box
3cbs. Splits into 2 when they attack, either one of the 3 goes forward depending what side the ball is on.

For me, it helps see what sort of players KM could be after in front of the defenders and what we don't have ( of course forgetting the actual class differences of the levels)

Just thought it's interesting viewing.
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Goal differences
at 13:34 1 May 2022

As we've seen, this season to finish in the top 6 needed a record points total.

Have a look at the goal differences of those from 12th downwards. Kinda explains how there's been such a record breaking season with a clear difference between top and bottom half of the tables.

Hopefully the post covid season is a one off and it's a bit more neutral next season. If it is, we might not actually have to find a way to get past deep sitting sides as they'll actually have an interest in winning games.
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