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Glass Half full or Half empty
at 12:13 13 Mar 2019

" Southgate's England are great, playing young players, building a team, might not win anything for years but the foundation are there great to see, futures bright

" Boo Ipswich won't do anything with kids, we need additions, next years going to be difficult, boo lambert out

at 11:52 12 Mar 2019

"we’ll hopefully get everybody onside, everybody will know shortly what’s going to happen and hopefully everything goes right."

Seen this a few times.

Does he just mean, we will know soon relegation is confirmed. OR are there plans that are coming out to the public for us to digest?
at 23:00 9 Mar 2019

Sorry know it's not town related but buzzzzzzing.

Top of table clash. We won 5-1
FFS. Stop with the Lambert hate
at 11:53 9 Mar 2019

Bloody polls on if he's the right man.

This is how fans become split.

The answer is no one knows. We have to see.

Can we not just go with it and see what happens.

Are we reading posts about training ground issues.. no
Are supporters turning up at PR. Yes

Just go with it. End of next season is a time to discuss this sort of thing. Not this season. After taking over a team to league 1 players in a higher league.

I had my gripes about Hurst... But his was not about results it was about the club.

Nothings different. The club as a whole is a better place with Lambert in charge. And so are the fans.

So please these few individuals. Wake up. Forget what Ipswich were in the 80's. And realise we need a rebuild from top to bottom.
ITFC Behind the scenes
at 13:06 8 Mar 2019

It would be really interesting to know how our set up compares to other clubs.

Yesturday, a lot of people were saying how we don't need a good sort out as Mick worked wonders. However I remember Mick at times saying some things weren't right. Keane said them, Hurst said them and now Lambert

We'll never know, but things like scouting networks, or cat 1/cat 2 decisions, sports science, double gym sessions. Blanc turning us down etc. There has to be something missing for all our previous managers to comment on the set up of the club as an issue.

Cheaper season tickets on way then
at 14:49 7 Mar 2019

"Says would sacrifice transfer budget for full stadium"

Mr Lambert 07/03/2019
Selfish Thread alert
at 13:36 7 Mar 2019

Calling any non league fans who aren't travelling to town games

Need any extra support over next 7 weeks

Starting Sat as we play Bedfont

Then a cup Q/F
Then Cup S/F

followed by another Q/F;jsessionid=9813E8E36ACA2

All ground hoppers welcome, bar, food, and a great day.
Time to see what we've got for next season
at 23:06 2 Mar 2019

I can't not see any reason to continue to select those that aren't going to be here next season.

It's not like results are going to get worst. If anything it gives everyone a chance to see exactly what we have Inna competitive environment rather than training or an u23 game.

So for me. If recalls can be made. Get wolfy back. Play him rather than Pennington. Get Emmanuel back instead of bree. Kenlock instead of Knudsen. Jackson In place of quaner.

Football is a rollercoaster isn't it
at 17:56 24 Feb 2019

Hoping my beloved town can stay up. Whilst knowing its more than likely we are down.

And then in personal life. Being 2nd chasing the 1 garenteed promotion place.
Good work by ITFC regarding season tickets
at 12:58 22 Feb 2019

I think they have their prices down on paper. but before releasing details, they're actually interested in seeing how these potential prices might go down with the fans.
Gives them chance to make a change depending on the survey
Lamberts seat for next 2 games
at 12:22 22 Feb 2019

Can he just sit behind the dugouts, or is their a certain measurement on how far away he has to be?

Is Walters still contracted on loan but just back at parent club to recover?
at 12:15 22 Feb 2019

couple of players last time talking about him and that he might be close to being able to play again....
Pretty rich coming from me, after the Hurst Era
at 13:18 21 Feb 2019

But fk me there are some negative bugers on here.

You know I am desperate for Lambert to do well for us over the next few years. The guy has overseen the club/fan bridge building this season and for that alone, I'm thankful.

There's a lot of scaremongering going on about finances etc of going down. And no I don't think we will bounce straight back up. But I am of the opinion that we will play exciting football, have great atmospheres at the club and a lot of our own players involved in the rebuild of ITFC. It's painful to drop down a league, but I think it's needed. But I think more fans need to have the rebuild mindset, that' is exactly what's happening at ITFC, its needed, and has been needed for years.

Have they finally reverted back to the old walk old music btw
at 12:57 19 Feb 2019

Was it 2limited or something?

Reminds me of the Burley years
at 11:21 19 Feb 2019

Doig watches u23s
at 21:38 18 Feb 2019

And we lose.

[Post edited 18 Feb 21:39]
at 12:47 14 Feb 2019

Promising future for the lad, but he's got to look over his shoulder a lot more hasn't he. Very ball only viewing imo
Haha, twitter
at 12:46 14 Feb 2019

Just read a derby fans tweet

" We are punching about our weight" ( About themselves!)

Sorry, how much money have they spent??
Judge Contract
at 10:53 14 Feb 2019

So we have the option of extending........ Can judge say no? or is it in our own hands?
Didnt' even win,
at 10:45 14 Feb 2019

But still got a buzz about last nights game.

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