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Twtd must be looked at daily then
at 23:28 1 Dec 2020

Only yesturday was a poster talking about the squad pic and suddenly it's brought up today.

Surely the players know the fans are behind them but not PL
Your the owner of a business
at 22:56 1 Dec 2020

Your manager slags of the customers and suppliers

Do you support them or sack them for gross misconduct
All town fans should unite and get PL done for slander
at 21:44 1 Dec 2020

If anything the fans have been major supporters of youngsters even more so this season.

Are any of the cobbold family still around?
at 21:03 1 Dec 2020

If so. On behalf of itfc. Sorry for ruining your legacy's and turning town from a well known football club worldwide to one that'll easily be forgotten about in the future years.

Havent kept a clean sheet all season
at 19:49 1 Dec 2020

And we have had what a few shots?
at 18:37 1 Dec 2020

So influential during the first stage of the season. Now not getting in.

I know he's not a massive goal scorer but he brings others into the game.

Surely it would be better to have him there
Judge has been dropped. I repeat NO Judge
at 18:02 1 Dec 2020

Victory is ours
Testing new avatar
at 17:42 1 Dec 2020

Nothing else to see here

Delete Gav...

Or let's continue the Lambert out threads lol
A twtd post that made the news
at 16:07 1 Dec 2020

Dont know if it's something that can be found. But what was the forum post that was totally made up that made it to the news.

Who's actually in charge do you think.
at 18:53 30 Nov 2020

I don't mean of the club itself as obv that's Evans

But. We've had Nash removed from u23s and into a position that Lambert didn't even understand what he would be doing

Head of fitness on gardening leave

Mr Ham on a ban

All Lambert. Is it O'Neill. Evans. Taylor.
I miss the days of Hurst's triple training sessions
at 18:47 30 Nov 2020

No wonder we have so many hamstring issues
at 13:26 30 Nov 2020

Our club staff are looking at legs via zoom.

" It feels a bit tight from the last game"

" Can you lift you leg up for me"

" Yeah you're fine"

Manager bans Phil. GK coach argues with fans
at 21:44 29 Nov 2020

What a backroom team we have
Forum power
at 23:56 28 Nov 2020

Now I hope Gav doesnt take offence to this and I don't know who does what at TWTD HQ

But imo. By banning a person such as Phil from PR really is a dangerous game by Lambert.

What he doesn't understand is this site isn't just a football forum. Many times I have used it as well as seen others use it as an escape from reality. Sometimes seeking help from others. Sometimes just using it as a place to forget any personal issues they have in their lives and dare I say it.

Me personally. I've shared personal stories. Worrying stories and used it alot to escape reality and forget some deep personal thoughts and it's also been a place that has really helped me with depression when I was in a dark place.

Now.. I'm not saying Phil being banned is the end of twtd and I hope Gav doesnt take offence to this post. But can I just say to ITFC The work these guys do to provide a free twtd site is appreciated more than anyone at ITFC will ever understand.

So I hope Phil will be welcomed back to ITFC soon and this whole ugly situation can be forgotten about.

But to Phil and to Gav. Thank you both for what you provide.
I reckon it's to do with the poll
at 18:37 28 Nov 2020

Lambert doesn't like the poll. He doesn't like the blue action news piece etc.

Defo not banned for the sake of a posters post. It's Lambert throwing toys out of pram.
Cornell. Nsiala. Judge.
at 14:24 28 Nov 2020

Fills you with confidence doesn't it.
[Post edited 28 Nov 14:24]
Got to love lambert
at 19:08 27 Nov 2020

" people saying I've only used 4-3-3. Ive used 4-2-3-1 twice.

Yes Paul. That's the formation off the ball. When you have the ball it turns into a 4-3-3
I know it's all about supporting itfc
at 18:59 27 Nov 2020

But with no meeting mates. Having a few beers etc. Watching town at PR will be a very boring offering for a few
Blood tests for cancer
at 18:49 27 Nov 2020

Just seen on the news trials underway for blood tests that could show cancer before it gets into the 'danger' period of its growth.

If this trial is successful what a wonderful piece of news for our children's futures
Lambert contracts
at 13:06 26 Nov 2020

He's very good at getting pay offs isn't he

Got a 4 year deal at villa after one season

5 year after a season at town

He's done well there
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