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The Beat
at 09:46 6 Sep 2019

Could one of you old codgers who remembers seeing the Beat in his pomp give some insight into what it was that made him such a special player?

For me having never had the pleasure of watching the truly great ITFC teams (other than some highlight reels), it can be hard to visualise exactly what was so impressive about certain individuals.

What made him stand out? Who would you liken his playing style to him from the modern day game?
Wimbledon view on last night
at 14:11 21 Aug 2019

Few slightly sarcy comments about us in there but not surprising as I'm sure last night stung. Other than that not much to disagree with really, i think they have good reason to feel aggrieved with the ref.
Most nervous/excited I've ever been for a non-ITFC game
at 12:02 11 Jul 2018

Having grown up in an underwhelming era for the national team (my football memory kicks in from France 98) I've always felt a bit apathetic towards England. Always been club before country by a country mile.

Feel properly invested this time around though, it's just 'different'. Objectively speaking, whatever happens this tournament has been a rousing success for the England team, and i genuinely can see a bright future for this crop. But god i really fecking hope we do it tonight.
Watching England game in Warsaw
at 11:37 4 Jul 2018

I'm going to be in Warsaw this weekend, does anyone have any recommendations of where might be a decent spot to watch the quarter final on Saturday?
Tips for getting out of Wembley
at 16:05 18 May 2018

Not just a thinly veiled "look at me" I promise - i have been jammy enough to get an invite for the cup final tomorrow. Prawn sandwiches and all.

However after the game I need to make a swift exit towards central London and was wondering if anyone had any tips on how best to escape the area among the crowds.

My knowledge is a little outdated given the last time I was there for a football match was May 2000.... but I'm presuming definitely best to avoid the tube lines, thinking Wembley stadium to Marylebone may be slightly better?

John Major
at 15:16 28 Feb 2018

Eloquently expressing the many gravely serious problems that we face with Brexit in his speech this afternoon.

I pretty much agree with everything he has said.

You can see full commentary here, i really think it's worth reading.
The lady from Norfolk Tourism really wasn't exaggerating
at 17:31 17 Feb 2018

When she said Norwich is coming into its own.
Just to cheer everyone up - Brexit economic suicide
at 18:30 11 Dec 2017

I'm as bored of Brexit as anyone but I'm going to keep sharing this sort of stuff because i think it's vitally important that we keep talking about the dangers and implications of Brexit for the country.

I found a good comment beneath the following article which concisely sums up my fears for the UK economy as a result of Brexit.

"Seeing banking jobs and manufacturing jobs relocate to rEU is only the start of it. What will kill the UK is the loss of tax revenue and foreign exchange earnings that will occur as a result of the relocation to Ireland and the Continent of financial services, as well as car making, aerospace, pharmaceuticals (all areas in which the UK excels – don’t believe the pundits who say “we don’t make anything anymore”. It is not true). No Government of any party will be politically able to make spending cuts or tax rises of the magnitude necessary to balance the books, so they will borrow and print money. This relies as Mark Carney once said on the kindness of strangers who will only lend for so long as they believe in the viability of the UK economy. Once investors see the economy fail, as exports tumble while imports continue to rise and the ability to earn vital foreign exchange declines, they will either stop lending altogether or demand extortionate interest rates which will only make the situation worse. An old fashioned Sterling crisis will follow.
How will the UK Government respond? Expect another IMF bailout, just like the 1970s. Expect also exchange controls to come back, preventing UK nationals for taking their money abroad, and expect new rules on pensions requiring significant proportions of savings to be “invested” with the UK Government in the form of bonds. Needless to say this will sold to the public as reducing “risk” to them from volatile investments, but the interest rates will be very unfavourable as they always are for any compulsory investments. Ultimately expect these loans to the Government to be turned into life time annuities so hard earned savings never have to be paid back at all. Anyone arguing against all this will be deemed "unpatriotic".
Expect benefits to be cut. The poor will suffer as they always do, but the middle classes used to a lifestyle of foreign holidays and German cars will be hardest hit of all. Read up about Britain in the 1970s, or Argentina 20 years ago, where living standards fell by half, people, were not able to access their bank accounts and US Dollar accounts were compulsory changed to worthless Pesos. The state will always survive, and they will happily destroy their people to protect the state. The current disregard for the interests of the economy by the current crop of politicians just goes to prove my point."
2 tickets to Day One of England vs West Indies at Lord's for sale
at 11:34 5 Sep 2017

• This Thursday 7th September
• Lower Compton Stand
• Face value, £70 for the pair
• Only looking to sell together
• Weather forecast currently looking good!
• Available for pick up in central London or can arrange courier (if you pay for it!)

PM me if you are interested
£350m a week for the NHS
at 17:21 20 Jun 2017

And on the day after Brexit negotiations begin. Davis, Gove, Johnson et al - You utterly repulsive lying b*stards.
[Post edited 20 Jun 2017 17:23]
at 10:42 16 Jun 2017

Off to Edinburgh with lady brum today for the weekend.

Any suggestions for restaurants/things to do?

Please & thanks
Can anyone remind me how this is a good idea again?
at 16:57 10 Jan 2017

Good comment below article which summarises:
"All part of the brexit adjustment, which is all but guaranteed to leave the country poorer. If there was something to show for it, I guess you could call it a trade-off, but what would it be? Less immigration? Nope, we are too close to full employment. Immigration is inevitable. No matter how many controls you slap on, the only way to prevent immigration is to crash the economy. "

Whyyyyyyyy are we doing this
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