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Delay to Mays statement to the Nation is the EU's fault
at 20:37 20 Mar 2019

It can't be that May can't get off the toilet surely.
Collins subbed (injured)
at 15:49 2 Mar 2019

...and Luke Wolfenden scores for Swindon.
We need him in our team next season.
Oyston kicked off Blackpool Board
at 22:35 25 Feb 2019

Great news for Blackpool fans.
The receiver got rid of Oyston and appointed proper football men to run it.
The receiver has also appointed a fan to the board as an observer but no voting rights.
Their next home game may see the return of all those fans who said they'd stay away until Oyston was gone.
I wish them all the best. Oyston makes Marcus look like a saint.
That Ferry company
at 14:02 9 Feb 2019

Failing Grayling has cancelled Seabornes contract.
It was a shame as the Tory party were always supportive of small businesses.
He accused Labour of hating samll businesses even though he'd just taken a contract away from a small business and you don't get much smaller than Seaborne who had declared assets of £66.
The Thick of It writers would have thrown this script out.
Bolton v Reading
at 17:38 29 Jan 2019

I hope they share the points tonight.
For Town to survive, 3 other teams must die in the relegation battle.
Blow the effing whistle ref (n/t)
at 16:53 15 Dec 2018

at 20:01 13 Oct 2018

Its a bit early - Nov 5th is 3 weeks away.
I've heard the distant sound of fireworks going off all evening.
30 minutes gone and not 1 shot by Town
at 20:21 2 Oct 2018

...and they're playing at HOME!!!!
Hurst Quote in EADT interview
at 23:05 27 Sep 2018

‘I’ve had a player say they think it’s the best squad we’ve had’

That's a non-attributed quote flattering the leader.
That sounds a bit like what Trump would say.
Too early to panic?
at 08:28 27 Sep 2018

Good page of stats from EADT this morning.

It suggests (to me) that 16 games (1/3rd of season) is when we can hit the panic button but even then teams have survived (just).
Squires on the Dark Lord
at 12:31 11 Sep 2018

Easy-peasy Movie Quiz
at 01:16 8 Sep 2018

Who said it (Character or Actor will do) and what was the movie.

1. I haven't felt that good since Archie Gemmil scored against Holland in 1978.

2. Doc, are you telling me my mother has the hots for me?

3. We've gone on holiday by mistake.

4. Yeah, it's getting him to shut up thats the trick.

5. It's just a flesh wound.

6. I'd ask you to sit down, but you're not going to anyway - and don't worry about the vase.

7. Gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is the war room.

8. Is it safe?

9. She said the answer is "Every day".

10. How could I forget you. You're the only person I know.

11. You maniacs. You blew it up. Ah, damn you. Goddamn you all to hell.

12. I'm pretty tired....I think I'll go home now.
Off the Bottom 'cos I comes before R
at 15:18 1 Sep 2018

Reading have same GD but alphabetically are below us.
Straws and clutching ?
Well yes.
MOTD Paul Ince
at 22:49 19 Aug 2018

Man Utd were a horror show weren't they?
Ince "They weren't THAT good"
Worse than a horror show from an ex Man Utd player.
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