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Volcano eruption seen from space
at 09:12 15 Jan 2022

Check this out.
Scroll down to the GIF. The twitter a/c has a better recording.
Football Gods
at 22:06 15 Dec 2021

The Football Gods have decided we can't have nice things.

I think it's time for pagan sacrifices.

We need to lift the curse that has befallen us 'cos the trajectory we are on could result in Steve Evans getting the managers job as he's the worst and we deserve no better.

at 20:01 11 Dec 2021

Here's a blog from a doc I stumbled on a few months ago when I had Covid and wanted some facts and not opinions or government spin. The first vid I saw of his was brutal 'cos his interpretation of the facts had no sugar coating.
This vid is in the same tone but the message about Omicron is encouraging.
I wish this guy was my doctor.
Watch the first 90 seconds and you'll watch the whole thing.
Proper facts delivered concisely and with no fuss.

If you only have 30 secs then watch 4.40 onwards.

[Post edited 11 Dec 2021 20:10]
BBC4 - FA Cup Highlights @7.00pm
at 18:35 5 Dec 2021

Billed as the best of the action from the weekends FA Cup matches.
If it's the 'best' action it begs the question wIll we be on it?
Perhaps the focus will be on plucky Barrow.

I need a drink.
Begins with a P
at 20:04 4 Dec 2021

Peter begins with a P just like Paul does.
Peter Reid managed Man City, Leeds and Sunderland.
We could do worse.
He's in the building.
Tipping Point
at 16:54 2 Dec 2021

Wasting my afternoons watching TV quiz shows.
Which team did not feature in the 2019/2020 Premier League season?
Ipswich Town, Manchester City or Liverpool.
Contestant admits he knows nothing about sport but thinks he knows this one and got it right.
Ben said Ipswich haven't been near the Premier League in Seasons.
That hurts.
Dean Smith era at Norwich begins
at 15:06 20 Nov 2021

Oh dear.
Walkers Crisps
at 14:38 9 Nov 2021

Shelves are suffering a shortage of crisps apparently.
Microchips are also in short supply.
Crisps are called chips in the US.
Maybe they're not producing 'crisps' 'cos they won't contain the microchips so the govt. can track you like they do with the vaccine.

Whose Line is it anyway?
at 21:56 13 Aug 2021

Welcome to the popular Improv show.

First up, I'd like you to respond to the defeat of Arsenal by Brentford in the guise of a TWTD Flouncer.

Get rid of the owner.
Sack the board
Sack the manager
Sack the coaches
Shoot the strikers
Shoot the midfield
Hang the defenders
String up the goalie
Nuke London
Kill everyone in the entire world

Good effort. I can only give you 6/10 as no-one flounces like a TWTD Flouncer.
Has the bloody hamster fallen asleep again?
at 11:43 7 Aug 2021

Give him a kick Gav.
No sign of Eric
at 18:29 6 Aug 2021

So I'll start the Friday night music thread.
Due respect to Gamechanger and I think we all agree we got a good ting going.

[Post edited 6 Aug 2021 18:30]
Apparently the Internet is down?????
at 17:58 22 Jul 2021

So the question is why is TWTD still working?

What could possibly go wrong?
at 12:54 22 Jul 2021

From the BBC.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwateng said the government was "concerned about instances of shortages".

"I don't want people to get the impression that every shelf in every supermarket is bare - that is not the case but we are certainly concerned about instances of shortages, we are looking at the supply chains of critical industries and we are reviewing that situation," he added.

I'm off to the shops with a 'You can take this toilet roll from my cold dead hands' attitude.
What's the order of these words and phrases?
at 14:53 20 Jul 2021

Interested in.
In Contact with.
Keeping close tabs on.
Rumours have it.
A comment on twitter said.
Strongly linked.
Done deal.

Or are they all just another way of saying that haven't a scoobie-doo?
War has been declared
at 14:02 20 Jul 2021

I'm not sure if it's just sabre-rattling or a pre-emptive strike that misfired.

A completely unwarranted attack on my air-space has just taken place by a large buzzy thing. The patio doors were open because Smoker believes in open borders. However, I am only in my boxers and it seems the Buzzies took the opportunity to attack me when my defences were down.

The attack was short-lived but this has now prompted me to increase the Military budget in order to buy an anti-missile defence system.
Gone in 60 seconds
at 12:07 20 Jul 2021

at 01:56 18 Jul 2021

Just read an article on Football365 and this word cropped up.

"Scott Fraser ..... is the ultimate League One star to add to the Gatracticos that Ipswich are putting together"

A play on the spanish Galacticos but as we're the tractor boys - getit?

Some people have no shame.
Carl Sagan
at 09:28 13 Jul 2021

Short clip of him in 1990's predicting the future.

You had ONE job!!! (n/t)
at 22:50 11 Jul 2021

Refs Dutch
at 20:00 11 Jul 2021

Linesmen and 4th Official are German.
They're not going to hold Brexit against us are they?
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