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Rees-Mogg using the Cricket win to play the Brexit card.
at 11:38 15 Jul 2019

He tweeted....
“A d..n close run thing, we clearly don’t need Europe to win… #CricketWorldCupFinal.”
and someone replied....
“Captained by an immigrant, batting led by an immigrant, fastest bowler an immigrant, leading all-rounder an immigrant, main spinner son of an immigrant.”
Eoin Morgan is Irish.
The tweet was stupid and so is Rees-Mogg.

Is this satirical name for Boris Johnson fair?
at 19:12 30 Jun 2019

After all, he might be our next PM.

Boris Piccaninny Watermelon Letterbox Cake B*mboys Haircut Inconclusive-Cocaine-Event Wall-Spaffer F*ck-Business Get-Off-My-F*cking-Laptop Johnson
Do you think Posters should be allowed to do the same poll twice?
at 13:13 25 Jun 2019

Do you think Posters should be allowed to the same poll twice?

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A wise man once said.....
at 23:29 15 Jun 2019

Don't believe anything you read on the internet.
Except for that bit above.
Well OK, that bit too.
Real Madrid agree £88.5m for Hazard (n/t)
at 22:41 5 Jun 2019
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Tory Leadership
at 16:52 2 Jun 2019

I've just read an article in the independent discussing the runners and riders in the tory leadership contest. The article was posted an hour ago and names the 12 contenders as enough for a cricket team. I went back to the indy's main page and the top story - posted 27 mins ago - was the entry of Sam Gyimah (me neither) as the 13th candidate.
All this talk of "uniting the party" seems to be bogus if there are that many candidates.
However, it appears that 5 are genuine contenders and the other 8 are just in it to raise their profile. What a bunch of willy wavers.
Another Willy Joke
at 13:21 31 May 2019

2 guys leave the Steamboat at closing time and decide to relieve themselves in the harbour.
A bit cold tonight?
Yea, deep too.
New rules for next season
at 20:13 29 May 2019

I've just stumbled across this article

At first glance it seems if the referee gets in the way then its a drop ball if the ball went to the opposition.
+ goal kicks don't have to clear the area anymore - I like that.
+ Opposition can't stand in a defensive wall - I like that too.
Brexit extension beyond October 31st?
at 08:35 28 May 2019

Juncker said last week that he thought that the UK may ask for another extension because the new PM would need thinking time or have to decide quickly for no-deal, the WAB or revoke article 50.
With the Brexit party making up a large chunk of far-right malcontents in the EU parliament, the EU now wants shot of the UK and Farage. This will reduce the number of far-right populists within the EU parliament which suits the EU centre parties.
Those in the EU that can grant a further extension don't want to anymore.
That means if the next PM is for no-deal then a no-deal on Oct 31st will more than likely happen.

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Peak Hypocrisy
at 11:05 24 May 2019

Last week they were all saying she had failed, she was rubbish and she should go.
Now she's gone, the outpouring of tweets saying what a great, dignified and successful PM she was shows what a bunch of *******s they all are.
That Blub at the end
at 10:30 24 May 2019

where she almost burst into tears will be the picture on the front pages.
Not a good look.
Trump not coming
at 18:37 22 May 2019

Ian Duncan Smith reckons that Trump will "pull his trip" (not my words) because that's the week when a leadership contest is taking place.
Win-Win. Got rid of May and Trump.
Knife Crime
at 14:26 22 May 2019

Should I phone the Police?
I believe that there is a strong possibility of a back-stabbing happening in the vicinity of 10, Downing Street in the not too distant future.
That interview this morning
at 14:47 17 May 2019

Went for an interview this morning.
I assumed it was me and 1 interviewer possibly 2.
There was 20 of us with 3 assessors.
They gave us tasks to do and they just watched.
The last one was to choose 3 descriptions from a list to describe the actions we would take for a given scenario. The group I was in waffled a bit and talked nonsense and then "1 minute left". I took the role of chairman and said "lets focus".
Me : Who agrees "Remain calm" is most important?
Them : Yea. Ok. 'spose. Fine.
Me : What about "keep focussed" for 2.
Them : What. Wasn't listening. Yea - Put that. What are we putting down?
Times up!
I was taken to one side and told the purpose of the exercise was not to actually complete it but for the assessors to see what each persons character traits were and how they interacted with their colleagues.
They said I would make a good team leader but they weren't looking for team leaders today so bye bye.
WTF was that all about?
A new low from the DWP
at 00:49 15 May 2019

An article in the Guardian tonight really rattled my cage.
I posted a comment but they'd closed the article for comments so I'm putting it here. I've calmed down in the last 2 hours so it's more of an observation than a rant.

The DWP have a problem with UC. The money they give people is simply not enough to live on. That is the cold hard fact the DWP will not admit to.

This article shows that they had a choice.
(1) Fix the problems with UC
or (2) Make the public believe that there are no problems.

The DWP chose option 2.
This is propaganda in its purest form. This has echos of 1930's Germany.

Demonize and persecute the handicapped, minorities and religious groups - tick.
Undermine democracy so that you continue to hold power.
The Tories are still working on that one.

Blame foreigners for your problems - immigrants/EU - tick.

Claim that white nationals are the only true citizens - tick.

And some Tories are saying that a coalition with the Brexit party might be necessary after the next GE.

So, an observation not a rant. (The rant was good though).
April 9th is Unicorn day
at 23:00 9 Apr 2019

I had to google it to check, but it really is.
...but no sunny uplands.
Guess I'll just "leave" that there then.
at 15:10 25 Mar 2019

..and todays contestants are...The Drag Queens.
All dolled up and wearing their best gowns.
Daytime TV really does throw up some odditties.
And its no good shouting "it's a bloke!" at the TV because they all are.
Sunday papers front pages
at 08:10 24 Mar 2019

The Peoples March didn't get a mention on...
Mail on Sunday
Sunday Times
Sunday Telegraph
Sunday Express
They concentrate on some Tory MP's wanting May to resign.
It seems that some Tories want another vote even though they lost the No confidence vote in December and can't hold another one. They lost so they should get over it - right?
So, the only vote that is sacrosanct is the narrow Referendum result held almost 3 years ago, based on lies and misinformation.
Go figure.
Delay to Mays statement to the Nation is the EU's fault
at 20:37 20 Mar 2019

It can't be that May can't get off the toilet surely.
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