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I have the Lurgy
at 11:11 29 Mar 2020

Oh well, c'est la vie.
Been feeling a bit different since Friday.
So far, warm cheeks, a few aches, dry cough and feeling a bit stoned although I haven't had a smoke in 2020. Not much of temperature and no headache.
It seems to go away for a few hours making me think I'm over it and then it come backs.
The symptoms are mild so far and if they stay like this then I've dodged a bullet as I have emphysema. My breathing is fine.
I have only gone out twice in the last 2 weeks so I'm wondering when I caught it and how long my incubation period was.
I have 10 cans of soup so that's my go to food at the mo.
Will post tomorrow with an update.
Horror movie on ITV2
at 21:32 26 Mar 2020

Contagion started at 9.00pm.
It's a heads up for what's happening to the world now.
I've never watched it so my critical eye is seeing if this is close to the truth or just Hollywood.
Police State? (n/t)
at 00:18 25 Mar 2020

This is the closest we've got to a Police state in my lifetime.
I always feared the Tories would do something like this.
Yet, they've given police unprecedented powers to arrest and fine people and it's a joke. People are just doing their thing and ignoring the authorities.
The Tories can't seem to do anything properly.
[Post edited 25 Mar 0:22]
Anyone writing their last will & testament?
at 23:21 20 Mar 2020

It's just a thought.
Might be advisable considering what's going on right now.
A different virus.
at 10:38 19 Mar 2020

I bought a new laptop 2 weeks ago.
I knocked my screwdriver (vodka and orange) over and it flooded the keyboard.
The fault code was related to the BIOS so the PC repair shop said why waste money on a 5 year old PC with no guarantee they could fix it when I could buy a brand new one with an SSD.
I started off with Windows update, getting the latest software and drivers to ensure the PC would operate at max efficiency.
I then loaded my favourite freesoft (Mozilla Firefox, Avast free antivirus etc.).
Then to my games.
GOG has my games in my account and as I have already bought them I get to download them free again.
I missed something because Chrome downloaded too. I didn't ask for it so I uninstalled it.
What I didn't know was that a bit of Malware had downloaded too.
It's called SAntivirus.
This POS created multiple SVCHOST activities and gobbled up all my memory causing my PC to crash every half-hour.
When I discovered it I googled what it was and how to remove it and this is where the sneaky stuff starts.
Some of the solutions on how to remove it were written by the same malware company which led to hiding the malware on the PC. Others suggested downloading freesoft to check and remove all malware but this was more malware.
I found a geek guide which was very comprehensive and involved REGEDIT and intensive surgery on the registry. One of the steps was to disconnect from the internet because this clever bit of malware actually reinstalled itself when I ran the Uninstall wizard by connecting to the Internet and downloading a file that would activate at start-up.

I now have a clean PC but this experience has been frustrating.
Anybody else had similar?
TV Soaps
at 17:37 13 Mar 2020

I believe Corrie and EastEnders are filmed 6 weeks in advance.
I wonder if they will do some story lines about the Coronavirus.
I also wonder if they'll stop recording shows for a while because of the virus.

Which leaves TV with having to show repeats and films.
They'll be showing stuff like that anyway to fill in for the sport programmes lost.
With Dave and UKGold having all the repeats already I wonder what we'll get.
Kids smarter than adults?
at 10:55 10 Mar 2020

In Wuhan, China where the Coronavirus has meant kids are stuck at home, the authorities have made kids use a homework app called Ding Talk.
Do kids like doing homework? No.
A feature of the App Store is that any app that has a really low rating gets removed from the store so all the kids gave it the lowest rating of 1.
And yes, the app was no longer available for kids to download.
Warnock on EFL Quest
at 21:08 7 Mar 2020

Will he be asked the question?
What will he say about Town?
Surfing other sites I came across this
at 21:44 26 Feb 2020

As I read the article which is here

I came across this sentence

"However, the former Norwich City boss has seemingly portrayed a cautious approach with regards to bringing in another striker, with the ex-Borussia Dortmund player stating the following to the East Anglian Daily Times:"

In one sentence he's mentioned the 2 things that wind up every Town fan.
TWTD most wanted
at 00:15 22 Feb 2020

My snitches (you know who you are) tell me that the Spruce has been seen on some threads.
Warning : Do not engage in comments with this poster and inform the Administrators immediately. We believe he may have information on the diappearance of wkj.

Anyone bought a mask yet?
at 14:43 28 Jan 2020

before some "wealth creator" corners the market by buying all the stocks and trebling the price.
What's our adjective?
at 22:38 25 Jan 2020

Are we......
Jordan has scored again
at 16:22 25 Jan 2020

Thats 2 now for Jordan
Rochdale 1 Gillingham 2
This is nuts
at 22:06 21 Jan 2020

A woman in the states drove at another car to test her faith!!!

I'm lost for words. Is this tragic/funny/sad or stupid?
Star Trek : Picard
at 23:49 15 Jan 2020

The latest offering in the Star Trek franchise.
I liked Next Gen but was luke warm about Deep Space 9 and Voyager.
I had no time for Enterprise or Discovery.
Most of the films were naff.
However, my 2 fave characters were Jean Luc Picard and 7 of 9 and it appears they are both in the latest offering Star Trek: Picard played by Sir Patrick Stewart and Jeri Ryan.
I won't pay for Amazon Prime but I'm sure I'll get to see it somehow.
Farage won't take a penny of EU golden goodbye
at 11:17 14 Jan 2020

That's big of Farage.
Oh wait. The payment is in Euros and cents not Pounds and pence.
I see what you did there Nigel.
There is no way he would pass up trousering 200,000 Euros.
He's yesterdays man as far as the UK is concerned.
From 01.02.2020 he holds no position except "Gob for hire".
Owner to sell club after fan pressue
at 23:34 7 Jan 2020

Lucky for us Marcus Evans is made of sterner stuff.
Wycombe wobbling
at 15:46 29 Dec 2019

1-3 down to Coventry at home.
That undefeated home record seems to be gone now.
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