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A tory-led Cabinet almost twelve years and now their first sensible policy
at 16:30 17 Aug 2022

A "large Tory party donor" is only about £500,000.
That's a small price to pay for such a bonanza.
So, Ipswich is pretty much undrivable at the moment
at 16:18 17 Aug 2022

Similar happened in Bristol last week.
Roadworks on the Monday but gone by Tuesday.
When I drove up the road I couldn't believe my eyes.
They have actually filled in the potholes.
I know none of you will believe me but it really is true.
I wouldn't make such an outrageous claim if it wasn't true 'cos I don't want to get a reputation as a bullsh*tter.
Hand on heart. hope to die and all that - it really happened!!!
Another question - Barclays business online banking
at 16:05 17 Aug 2022

With a name like Lord Lucan, phishing for info on other peoples banking activities, I'd be careful if I was you.

A tory-led Cabinet almost twelve years and now their first sensible policy
at 16:02 17 Aug 2022

Agreed. It's just Grant Shapps being a d*ck.

From the Independent.....

Quite simply, this is not going to happen – and Shapps knows it. No need to take my word on this: the transport secretary’s own department looked at the question as recently as November 2018.

In its report, the Department for Transport concluded: “The government has no plans to introduce a registration and licensing regime for cyclists because the costs and complexity of introducing such a system would significantly outweigh the benefits.”

The review found the safety case for such a system was not strong because “bicycles involved in collisions on the highway are far less likely to cause serious injury to other road users”, and “cycling has clear benefits” for wider society, which a registration and licensing system would "significantly reduce”.

Shapps is trying to position himself so he gets to keep his job regardless of who gets to be the next PM. I think Shapps knows that both the PM candidates, like everyone else in the country, thinks he's an odious man
How the eff did he miss that?
at 19:55 16 Aug 2022

They've hit the bar and now the post.
The guy who headed against the post has been subbed.
5 mins gone and Burton are hogging the stats.
I think my fave guy Sone should step up and show 'em how it's done.
FGR game off
at 19:37 16 Aug 2022

Lots of rain in Bristol.
Thunderbolts and lightning - very, very frightening.
The front was moving north towards Nailsworth - they didn't stand a chance.
Walton or Bart?
at 18:59 16 Aug 2022

My last missus was the one who hankered after something/someone else.

Some say she was a popular girl but she really was a slut.
Don't get me wrong, her slut qualities were why I dated her.
at 18:44 16 Aug 2022

Whatta guy.
Walton or Bart?
at 18:24 16 Aug 2022

Love the one you're with.
at 18:21 16 Aug 2022

Well duh.
But you're not reading this are you?
You're already on your way to the Perelli.
Trivial Arguments........
at 16:16 16 Aug 2022

I once had a girlfriend who nagged me.
She always said there were 2 things about me that drove her mad.
The first was that I didn't listen.
I can't remember what the second reason was.
As above, so below.
at 16:07 16 Aug 2022

£200 and community service.
I wonder why the magistrate was lenient with a defendant who is known to bribe people to escape her deserved punishment.
I have an odd feeling. I'm not sure what it is
at 15:59 16 Aug 2022

I'm not going to take the bait Vic.
Were you fooled ?
at 13:19 15 Aug 2022

Yep. Brexit is a sh*t show.
Project Fear said it would be and it is.

There is one easy fix that would make a lot of problems go away.
Re-join the customs union and allow free movement of trade.
We don't have to be member of the EU to make that happen.
NI problems solved in a flash.

However, as I said, Brexit has been a sh*t show.
There are only 2 things that Brexit has actually delivered with any success.
We've left the EU and ended free movement.
If you think being delayed trying to leave the country is a success that is.

Oh yea, because of the currency dip we pay more money to the EU than when we were a member and we still have to follow 95% of EU rules 'cos they're our rules too.

...and the 2 major political parties have ruled out rejoining the customs union because they might lose votes.

There's one bright note Harry - it gives you something to moan about.
I beg to differ with McKenna
at 23:26 13 Aug 2022

While we have this good start and are top, we can dream, at least till Tuesday.
I know what the sensible heads are saying but it's been a long time to get to this moment and I say to the sensible heads don't kill the buzz.

The Arsenal Invincibles didn't get that nickname by losing matches.
They started winning, kept winning and finished undefeated.
Norwich fans
at 19:42 13 Aug 2022

I think it deserves a snigger or 2 as well.
Paddy Power have paid on Ten Hag being first EPL mgr sacked (n/t)
at 19:41 13 Aug 2022

We musn't laugh at a Man U 4-0 away defeat to lowly opposition.
That said, Brentford are above them in the table.
Snigger - Every team is above them in the table.

Waiting for a bus
at 16:41 13 Aug 2022

You wait all that time for a bus (sub) and 3 come at once.


Nodge bottom!! We're one place behind them!
at 16:34 13 Aug 2022

Nodge One point from the first 3 games.
What's changed? That's close to last seasons form.
Score predictions for today?
at 16:31 13 Aug 2022

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