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Iniesta on Paul Scholes
at 11:29 4 Dec 2017

Saw this doing the rounds today

Says it all really.
I know he's pretty well regarded generally, but he really wasn't appreciated enough was he? Lampard/ Gerrard/ Beckham, all that messing about, he was far better.
Or am I looking back too fondly?
Most common Ipswich players first names
at 12:16 17 Nov 2017

So we've established there were loads of unique first names.
What's the most common then?
Maybe a full team of the same name?
Tommy Smith,Tommy Miller, Tommy Oar, err......
Unique first name players for town
at 09:30 17 Nov 2017

In homage to Claus Thomsens rant, got me thinking, are there many unique first names who've played for town?
Has there only been one Claus?
I'm guessing there was only one Finidi?!
Any more?
Well do something about it then......
at 09:21 26 Oct 2017

So many people on here and elsewhere saying we are the most forgiving fans and we are all stupid for not protesting, and how if we were other clubs there'd be mass protests by now, and how it's the worst for 58 years.
It's really, really simple. There appears to be plenty of you.
Organise some protests.
Write to the club, the press, post on social media.
Organise boycotts, walk outs, etc.

Or admit you're exactly the same as most of the rest of us. Annoyed at the mediocrity of the club and the staleness, but ultimately realise it's not that bad, modern football is sh1t and plod along tutting.
Is it time for a thoroughly polite ongoing protest?
at 09:27 24 Oct 2017

I think we've all agreed that both ME and MM have run their course. I think we can at least vaguely agree that they've helped us through some difficult times in their own way, but aren't quite cutting it now for differing reasons.
Quite a few ranting raging people are f-ing and blinding about the whole thing when in reality we haven't had it that bad(boring, mediocre and pointless but not terrible), and that attitude tends to divide the support and annoy those targetted.
Could we not take the moral high ground and start a "thanks for what you've done, but lets move on" kind of campaign? This could still build momentum to the end of the season so Mick knows he was wanted but no longer is, and ME might think about selling. The supporters club and similar could publicly back this kind of campaign as it's hardly divisive. Plus the comedy aspect of not being the average modern football fan demanding sucess might be novel.
I know lots of people will deem it pathetic, but is it not a more constructive option than a few bed sheets and people telling Mick and ME to F off?
Things we can agree on
at 10:56 9 Oct 2017

In the name of board harmony are there universal things we can agree on?

Yellow and green is the most vile of all colour combinations?
Pablo and Kuqi were both good in their own special way?
Keane and Jewell were both sh1t in their own special way?
Cheese is the best foodstuff?
No one thinks a coffee and a hug will solve terrorism?
Mental health issues can affect anyone and are not a sign of weakness?

What else?
Pessimism, realism, optimism, believe!
at 09:37 27 Sep 2017

Just been looking at it purely stats wise. Points needed for:
Playoffs: 74
10th: 64
In the last few years on average.
Can we at least strike off relegation?We need 28 points from 37 games. I think we can manage that.
10th would be an okay return to normality, and we need to average 1.25 points per game to do that which seems pretty achievable.
6th needs around 1.5 points a game, now I know it's early days but it's hardly dreaming to think that's achievable.
All in all a great feeling at the moment, both on the pitch and on paper, so surely the most pessimistic fans can get behind us a little? It's hardly a Mick love in to think we might be at least comfortable mid table for starters, and then, who knows?
Who is our highest paid player ever?
at 10:42 14 Sep 2017

Was trying to think about this. Who has had the biggest wage for us over the years?
I'd guess it would be from that fateful second season in the prem, Finidi or Serini?
Did any of Keanes come close? Or any now? Gio?
Also got me thinking, who'd have been highest earner in the 70s, then 80's, 90's, 00's and 10's?
All a bit nerdy and pointless, but I'm bored and with all the talk of the big money in football, just made me think.
As there's still debate over blame ME or MM and money
at 09:48 4 Aug 2017

Many want new owners, many want a new manager.
Which of the following 3 scenarios would people prefer?

1. New owner, chucks money around, big fees, big wages, brings in 'big names' and mercenaries, very results driven, sacks managers on a regular basis, has a bit to say about the team, potentially messes with stadium name/ club name etc, etc, but we're challenging for play offs/ promotion. (Kind of Derby/ Forest/ Sheff Wed/ Hull)

2. As we are at the moment. Treading water, same owner, allows a bit of spending, but not enough to really push on. Patient with managers, doesn't meddle too much, may eventually change manager/ style but not priority. More or less guaranteed mid table or slightly lower. (Us)

3. New philosophy from current owner. Cheaper tickets, new manager, better football, youths coming through, but less money for players, bringing through lower/non league youngsters, lower wages. Sell players on to keep afloat. As a result of all that flirt with relegation and maybe drop to league 1, yo-yo for a bit. (Kind of Peterborough ish)

I know there are far more possibilities and nuances, but as a specific choice it's interesting. Some people think we can cherry pick the best of all scenarios, if we got a new owner or manager, but I don't know if that's possible. Every choice has consequences.
All hypothetical as ME and MM are going nowhere for the short term at least.
Why the relentless negativity from some?
at 09:52 28 Jul 2017

I'm not going to suggest we're going to win the league, or that we've had the most amazing signings in history. BUT surely people can see we're attempting to improve areas we were lacking, as well as bringing on youth and at least attempting to knock the ball about a bit. The signings we've made and squad looks pretty good, if not amazing.

I guess I just don't understand why some just chose to see the absoute worst in every little thing we do. What's the point in being a fan if you can't even attempt to see a positive, and there are definite positives if you chose to see them. Even if it only lasts until the end of August, surely this is the time to be slightly positive.

I'm not going for superfan status and saying everyone needs to believe we'll win the league and put on our blue tinted specs, I'm realistic enough to think top ten/ flirting with the play offs would be a good season. But a few saying relegation is likely and we'll do worse than last season just seems bizarre.
Bart staying or 3 decent players in?
at 12:22 29 Jun 2017

I know it's not as simple as that, and the pessimists will say we'll just sell him and not reinvest, BUT.....
Would people prefer keeping Bart and the squad pretty much as it is now, maybe swapping pitman and bru out for cheap punts aside. OR
Sell Bart for, say, £4 million and get 3 in for around the million mark to improve the squad.
Would a chunk need to be spent on a new keeper or could we cope with Gerken?

All completely pie in the sky hypothetical, just got me wondering.

I think I'd risk selling Bart and getting 3 good additions in, but it would be a risk. I might even risk keeping Gerks in goal, though ideally a cheap/ good/ young new keeper(loanee) would be better.
Twtd tech people: broadband question
at 14:32 7 Jun 2017

I'm thinking of downgrading my whole tv/phone/broadband package to save a few bob.
We currently have the top virgin broadband up to 200mb. The cheaper packages have the 100mb as standard, but we could pay a bit more and keep the 200mb.
My question is, will the wi-fi still have the same range on the 100mb as it would on the 200mb? As in, it may be a little slower, but will it still reach the same areas and not drop out?
As I type it sounds a bit of a stupid question, but I'm not sure and it's really not my area of expertise so help would be appreciated.
TWTD car experts or C4 picasso drivers
at 09:28 1 Jun 2017

Looking to get a second hand family car as the old Focus has finally gone kaput.
Need boot space and back seat space for one/ soon to be two baby/child seats, plus dog. Want reliability and decent economy, not worried about flashiness or performance besides basics, want it to last so we don't NEED to replace it for years.
£10k budget.

Were originally thinking Skoda Octavia but the rear seats are limited especially with 2 car seats. Now thinking of the Citroen C4 picasso. Looks a decent option. 3 proper back seats and a boot, plus decent kit.

Anyone have anny experience of the C4, Octavia, or any other recommendations.
Many thanks in advance.
YOUNG player of the year?
at 15:01 13 Apr 2017

Keane is 24
Kane is 23
Lukaku 23
Pickford 23

Fair enough Sane and Ali are both 21.

Seem a bit old to me, has it always been under 24 ish?
I assumed it would be u21. Don't suppose it matters, just seems a bit of a stretch.
Replacing Marcus Evans
at 20:24 19 Mar 2017

So pretty much everyone has agreed that Evans should go and he's clearly not doing enough, but how much will it cost a new owner to do "enough"?

Evans has been (rightly on the whole) criticised for lack of investment in the stadium, the catering, behind the scenes generally, the scouting network, the ticket prices, the season ticket prices, the academy in terms of category 1, and then obviously the big ones of wage bill and transfer fees.

So the big question being how much will be enough to keep a club like ours ticking over in the championship, and then pushing on towards the top six?

It's got to be well over 10 million a year, surely? Especially as the done thing is for owners to subsidise ticket prices by a couple of million a year, and any significant transfer activity will also mean wages go up.

We need to find someone willing to part with over £10 million a year to keep us more or less where we are/ mid table, and probably double that to push us on. Anyone any idea where to find someone who'll be fine with that? I know it's a luxury but anyone not completely dodgy and/or not going to p1ss about with the team and manager every 5 games too?

And all this when Evans is not actively selling.
modern football/ who'd be an owner
at 12:59 18 Mar 2017

First I'll say I'm no apologist for Evans and think he has been ridiculously bad and clueless and the way he has done pretty much everything could and should have been better. I think it's time for him to go and he seems to have lost the plot in many respects. He has under invested and he knew what he was getting into buying a football club etc etc.

Having said all that it does show how bat sh1t mental football at this level has become.
A few years back would people be talking about club owners effectively subsidising the ticket price? Our entire turnover doesn't even equal the wage bill ffs. The fact that ME has let the stadium go to sh1t and underinvested potentially behind the scenes shows that he should have been spending even more money.
All these things are not unreasonable to ask for step by step but when you add them all up, and also factor in the costs of little things like transfer fees/ players wages/ investment in the academy then it truly requires tens of millions of pounds a year from an owner to run a club "well".
I know that getting little things right does help attract fans, and to a certain extent more money, but in the overall scheme of things wont actually help to do anything major like pay for a player, or massively further the club.
Yes ME should go, and has been bad in many ways, but who'd be an owner now? F#ck modern football.
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